Cooper Discoverer SRX Reviews & Ratings (Updated 2024)

Cooper Discoverer SRX

It is not difficult for you to find an all-season Crossover/SUV touring tire on the market. However, does one stand out from the rest among the dozens of options available? The Cooper Discoverer SRX is such an ideal product.

Cooper is a brand that receives a lot of trust from users with its impressive products. This manufacturer continues to conquer me with this high-performance all-season touring model.If you are considering this version, continue reading my Cooper Discoverer SRX review below to get the detailed review. Let’s check it out!

Highlight Features

This version has advantages to suit trucks, light trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers. There are a few factors that I would like to introduce to you right away.

The salient features below set the Discoverer SRX apart from the rest. You will easily visualize product performance by looking at the standout features below.

Wide range of size

Discoverer SRX is available in 36 different tire sizes, with the minor diameter being 16 inches and the largest being 22 inches. That’s the easier option for me. 

Since it’s a tire for trucks, light trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers, you don’t have to worry about too small vehicles. I have tested many times and found that the crossover series or small SUV still fits between 16 and 18 inches. 

For super pickups or large SUVs, 20 to 22 inches will be the right choice.

The combination of touring and all-season

Discoverer SRX will bring users the most comprehensive experience in addition to the advantages of touring and all-season tires. 

Cooper Discoverer SRX - 1

This version moves quite smoothly and quietly on many different terrains. It is an impressive feature of a touring tire with construction specifically for long-distance travel. High durability is also an advantage of travel models.

In contrast, all-season models focus heavily on seasonal performance. Therefore, this version of Cooper also comes with reliable operation all year round. Even thin areas of snow should not hinder your movement.

Stable handling 

Handling is critical to operating SUVs or Crossovers consistently throughout the year. Besides, the all-season model must also adapt quickly to the changing environment. Each different period of the year has many differences.

Fortunately, Cooper understood this need well and improved the Discoverer SRX for added versatility.

Among the many integrated technologies, the notable is StabilEdge. Usually, the tread blocks on the tire surface will work discretely with each other. 

But this technology has linked all these details with rubber bars. 

Thanks to that, all the spike blocks will have high cohesion and stability. The tire surface thus reacts more flexibly and produces more gripping friction.

Stable grip

The dual structure on the Discoverer SRX is a unique feature that not many products possess. In addition to the visible outer grooves, the inside of the tire also has another system of tracks. 

Cooper Discoverer SRX - 2

The manufacturer has overlapped 2 layers of grooves and hidden the lower part. 

When one layer is worn, the other layer will appear and be immediately replaced to maintain the tire operation. The grip will last twice as long as we expect.

Many after-purchase deals

Cooper always offers their users great deals. Of course, the Discoverer SRX is no exception. Each model has a warranty of 65,000 miles or six years of operation. 

During this time, if you encounter damage or manufacturing defects, you only need to send the tire to the service center.Depending on how much Cooper will repair or change a new tire for you. Also, you have up to 45 days to try and return if not satisfied.

Performance & Test Drive

After the experience with different models, I have obtained results about the Discoverer SRX, from dry and wet performance to driving feel and other factors.

If you’re curious about those, continue reading the section below for details.

Dry and Stability

Dry performance is the strength of all-season touring tires. So I first decided to test the product’s ability on a dry surface.

The results did not disappoint me, as the majority were at a reasonable level. 

Grip, stability, and eccentricity when cornering are the most impressive parameters. Even when increasing the speed to nearly 70 mph, the figures produced are not much different.

Starting the car on a dry surface is not too difficult. Consistent dry traction is key to this impressive result. 

If you only use regular SUV models, you can hardly see the difference in traction. 

Heavier vehicles will require a great deal of force to start rolling. Dry roads with high friction will create high rolling resistance. If the tires don’t provide good traction, starting the car will be much more complicated.

With the above characteristics, you are completely assured of its dry performance under normal conditions. 

But, you can’t compare the Discoverer SRX’s dry performance with summer tires. Limiting stability at speeds around 65 to 70 mph is perfectly acceptable.

Wet and Hydroplaning Resistance

Wet and hydroplaning performance is the second factor that interests me on the Discoverer SRX. 

Operating in wet conditions is a problem that manufacturers have issues with. I’ve tried many all-season touring tires, and very few have met my expectations. 

Cooper Discoverer SRX - 3

But the good news is that Cooper has completed the SRX quite well with impressive wet performance.

Regarding wet traction, through a few tests, I got the necessary parameters to determine the force generated.

The results show that the Discoverer SRX is powerful enough to start a large SUV. With this conclusion, you can travel with peace of mind even when the weather is terrible.

It also has a good grip even when there is a certain amount of water around. This product comes with a silica additive, so I am not surprised by this feature. The increased grip also means reduced slip. 

So, I rarely lose control and always operate the car at a stable speed. Even the heavy weight of large trucks does not affect their wet braking performance.

To ensure perfect grip, resistance to hydration is also an essential factor. There isn’t too much to say about this element of the tire. Cooper has integrated into this model enough grooves to drain water and ensure stable friction quickly.

Handling, Steering Feel

The handling and handling performance on the tires is generally not too bad. The built-in construction gives the tire a perfect grip and a large contact area.

The elements make operations much safer and more accessible. Responsiveness and other stability-related characteristics also have a positive effect on overall performance. 

Through several tests by turning, turning, and braking sharply, I am more and more sure about the sensitivity of the tire. Although not the tallest, it is enough for me to move with peace of mind. 

Snow and Ice Traction

Although it received no official studies from manufacturers, the tire could still move in light snow conditions. 

Also, I’ve found that it’s safe enough for us to move only when the snow is about 2 inches thick. The tire begins to lose performance from the 3-inch mark or more and shows signs of jam. 

Discoverer SRX has quite a few limitations on the snow surface. If you want a tire with high snow performance, you should choose specialized products.

As for the ice layer, this Cooper product is not nearly safe enough for us to use.

Off-road test

Discoverer SRX is not a tire for off-road activities. The product’s texture is too thin to withstand the effects of an unstable environment.

Any attempt to move with tires on complex terrain has yielded poor results.

Quick Rundown Of Cooper Discoverer SRX


  • Impressive dry performance 
  • Wet performance above expectations
  • Good grip in many weather conditions
  • Good after-sales service
  • Interesting and flexible control
  • Move even when tires are worn
  • Many notable improvements


  • Snow performance is not as expected
  • Unable to move on ice

Should You Buy It?

First, I need you to understand that tires with complete texture and function are worth buying. 

But the crucial part depends on the terrain where you live and your preferences.

Even so, I still recommend this model for the driest and wettest roads because of its outstanding performance.

I have always felt safer and more confident with my Crossover on these surfaces.

Cooper Discoverer SRX Specifications 

  • Size: 215/70R16 100H SL
  • UTQG: 740 AA
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 44 psi
  • Tire Weight: 28 lbs
  • Max Load: 1,764 lbs
  • Sect Width: 8.7″
  • Meas Rim Width: 6.5″
  • Tread Depth: 12.5/32 “
  • Rim Width Range:5,5-7 “
  • Tread Width:6.9 “


In my opinion, the Discoverer SRX is excellent to use in many travels. Of course, you can ultimately have different feelings when you experience it. 

I want to give you the valuable and fair Cooper Discoverer SRX review as a reliable referee. If you have any experiences to share with me, don’t hesitate to leave a comment right in the section below.

Thank you for following this post! 

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