Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review for 2024: Test & Rating

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These days, it’s not hard to find tires specifically designed to fit sedans or crossovers and compact SUVs. These three types of vehicles are products with an overwhelming market share compared to other car lines, which directly makes the demand for tires much higher.

However, not every product is a reasonable choice to trust and use. So instead of choosing low-priced tires with poor stability or high-quality tires that are too expensive, it is best to consider products that balance these two factors.

When it comes to tires that can combine these characteristics well, it is Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring. Not only that, but this product from the Cooper brand is also famous for its incredible stability when moving on many different terrains.

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Tire Features

One of the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring’s proudest capabilities is its excellent stability that even some more expensive and premium products can’t match.

Thanks to modern technologies and quality compounds, you can confidently use tires on various terrains while ensuring performance and safety.

To have stability, a tire model must maintain both grip and the ability to maintain durability in any condition. And of course, this product has excelled in both of these tasks through various mechanisms.

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The most typical of which are the firmly attached spines with the outer shoulder blocks with little free space and the middle and inner shoulder veins with high spine density.

Besides, the single-layer polyester shell with the high flipping ability and two steel belts also significantly contributes to increasing the adhesion as well as the stability of the vehicle when operating.

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With the issue of durability, the spiral-wrapped nylon reinforcement helps to increase rigidity, thereby preventing environmental factors from damaging the tire, and technologies to reduce the force exerted on the tire will be the factors that maintain.

As a product for many different vehicles, Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring also has many sizes from 15 inches to 20 inches for you to choose from. In other words, whether using a sports sedan, crossover coupe, minivan, or SUV, we can all operate the vehicle with four CS5 Ultra Touring tires assembled underneath.

Available in a wide range of sizes, from 15 inches to 20 inches. It includes a wide range of cars, including small and compact cars, small and midsize cars, sports sedans, coupes, crossovers, minivans, and SUVs.


  • Works well in dry and wet conditions
  • Many modern integrated technologies
  • Durable
  • High-quality material
  • Quality guarantee


  • Not for heavy snow areas

Test Drive

It can be that tires play a significant role in-vehicle operation. Therefore, we need to know the information about the tire’s performance in many different conditions to make an accurate judgment about that product. In addition, you also need to consider a few other factors.

Maintenance indicators

With tires, durability parameters play a vital role. Thanks to this information, we can assess whether the tire is still capable of maintaining operational stability and ensuring safety for users.

Besides, we will also observe when to replace the tire to get the best judgment.

And luckily, you can easily track the maintenance readings right on the surface of the tire. Cooper Tire is one of the most clear-cut brands out there, and access shouldn’t be too difficult.

It is all thanks to Wear Square, a technology that shows tire wear through details on the surface to see how many kilometers are left to use.

To see the durability condition, you will need to look at the small rubber pads built into the circumferential grooves on the spike pattern. These details will appear quite evident with a new tire and gradually concave over time the tire operates.

With CS5 Ultra Touring, you won’t need to worry too much about durability, even when operating continuously under complex conditions.

The most apparent evidence comes from users when many owners of this type of tire have responded that they have no problems with tire wear when accelerating. When operating for a long time, the product still shows no signs of faster wear.

Depending on the tire you buy with a V, W, or H speed rating, you will receive different warranties. More detail is 50,000 miles with a W speed rating and 70,000 miles with a V or H rating.

Dry Traction

The ability of the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring on a dry surface will make even the most demanding users feel satisfied.

With the combination of modern technologies and internal structural details, this tire product from the Cooper tire brand will surely bring us impressive performance whether the highway is flat and stable to rough roads like suburban areas or even sandy areas.

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Among the technologies the manufacturer has integrated into the product, Stabilledge Performance is one of the most outstanding. By improving cornering performance while preventing problems when you perform this maneuver.

More specifically, this modern technology helps to optimize the driving feel by reducing the inherent bending of the independent tread blocks that interlock the tread elements. From there, the vehicle and the tire will have Stable performance on dry roads.

To increase the tire’s grip on the road surface, the manufacturer has used a modern tire compound with silica, the main component of tempered glass panels with impressive hardness and roughness.

The product can possess 3 to 4 times higher grip than products using only regular rubber. And of course, the performance also increases from there.

It is also impossible to ignore the grip spikes that follow a unique asymmetrical design that increases grip and helps to turn when moving on dry but less stable surfaces.

Wet and slippery roads

Dry places and wet roads also contain many dangerous hazards that tires will have to have particularly effective mechanisms to overcome effectively.

The most significant of which must be the phenomenon of hydrolysis, which causes loss of friction, which can easily lead to accidents, and factors affecting the vehicle’s stability, such as significant water resistance.

But whatever the reason, the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is still easily handled to ensure the vehicle’s performance.

With hydrolysis, the phenomenon that occurs when water completely covers the tire while preventing the friction between the product and the ground, thereby causing danger.

CS5 Ultra Touring will be solved by the drainage channels on the tire surface. These grooves can carry a lot of water, so you won’t need to worry about too much liquid remaining even when moving on flooded roads.

Once again, the construction material of this product becomes a critical factor in the tire’s excellent performance in wet conditions. Because no matter what surface it is, a mixture of rubber and silicate will stick easily thanks to its roughness and surprisingly good ability to create friction. Therefore, problems related to the conflict will no longer be complex problems.

In addition, Micro-Gauge 3D technology with full depth across the entire tread depth is also one of the means of support when we move in slippery conditions.

This technology helps to create edges to help grip the road, even on low-friction surfaces. It is also a considerable omission when it comes to grip when moving in wet environments without mentioning the big outer shoulder blocks that have less space.

By this unique design, the contact surface between the tire and the road surface will be much higher than other products.

Snow Traction

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is theoretically a product capable of operating in all four seasons of the year. In other words, we will be able to use this tire to move on snowy surfaces.

In addition, with unique support mechanisms and solid construction, operating in snow-covered conditions will not make this tire difficult. But in practical terms, this statement is only valid when you move in thin snow areas.

If you live in areas with severe winter conditions with heavy snowfall, the CS5 Ultra Touring is not the perfect choice.

Although it works well on dry or wet roads, the system of spikes and other details on the wheel surface is not suitable for keeping stability on the ice. So, there will be a high possibility of slippage, thereby affecting our safety.

And it will be worse if the snow is heavy because, at this point, the tires have completely lost traction and grip there.


Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring, which is not a specialized off-road tire, so we do not need to care too much about the Off-road ability of this product.

Is It Worth The Money?

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring is a reasonable choice if you own cars like sedans or crossovers and compact SUVs. With impressive wet and dry performance and an affordable price tag, there’s not too much of a reason to turn down this product.

Unless you aim for a product specialized for operation in heavy snow, this tire model will certainly not disappoint you.


The above information is necessary to help you get a more transparent and objective view of the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tire. We all know that tires have a significant impact on vehicle performance.

Hopefully that today’s article has brought you helpful knowledge, making it easier to choose the right product for your needs.

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