Tires are always one of the essential parts of a vehicle when carrying critical functions such as providing a smooth driving experience, supporting loads, and maintaining a stable and smooth feeling throughout.

The importance of tires cannot be doubted. Therefore, before choosing to replace a new tire, many people have chosen to consider carefully based on relatives’ advice, the manufacturer’s announcements, and refer to reviews from customers who have experienced the same thing.

However, if you choose to find information in these ways, you will know well that the problem lies in the fact that there are so many different tire manufacturers and products today. Finding unbiased reviews becomes extremely difficult in a large market where every brand wants to impress customers with its best features.

Understanding this difficulty of most customers, including you, DrivingPress was born.

The website is where we – enthusiasts and knowledgeable, experienced in tires and vehicles- generally share the most accurate, precise, objective information about tires.

Our Writer

Alvin Reyes

Alvin Reyes

Alvin Reyes is an expert in the field of automotive evaluation. He has collaborated with many famous newspapers and is still making constant efforts in tire review for DrivingPress.com

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Our Mission 

The story of us begins with our tire buying experiences, especially our own online: There are so many brands and products on the market, but so few genuine reviews.

Meanwhile, tires are not an affordable investment. To avoid making wrong decisions, shoppers need to have the most honest and comprehensive reviews of the product they want to buy.

And it’s DrivingPress.com’s mission to bring you such authentic reviews.

The reviews on the site come from various trusted sources, namely from people who have used the product themselves. We believe that reading both positive and negative reviews on our website will be one of the effective ways for you to choose the suitable tire model for your individual needs.

In addition to its primary mission of providing honest reviews, DrivingPress.com’s more profound mission is to raise awareness about tires and how important they are to your safety. 

Therefore, walking around the website, you will see the sharing of tires information about maintenance safe driving tips. Not only that, in each tire review, we also try to provide information and advice on safety when used in many different terrains and purposes.

DrivingPress hopes that the above sharing will give you valuable tips and advice to reduce accidents.

How Do We Work? 

Providing accurate, up-to-date, objective information is one of the missions of DrivingPress.

And to do this, we had to build a multi-step evaluation process.

Specifically, we will carefully learn about the parameters announced by the manufacturer and listen and record all customer reviews after experiencing the product. Then there will be synthesizing and advising experienced experts in this field.

DrivingPress.com also strives to experience as many tires as possible and share the experience as authentically as possible. DrivingPress’s goal shortly is to test even more tire models so that any knowledge we share with you is more valuable, useful, and imprinted on us.

For the directly tested DrivingPress tire models, the testing process will take place strictly on many types of terrain and weather conditions.

We will evaluate the product’s performance on many different roads to conclude the product’s wet, dry, and ice performance. We’ll also always point out the type of vehicle and driving style that’s right for you if you choose that tire model.

With the above evaluation and testing process, DrivingPress.com is proud to be the address where you will indeed have the most detailed and accurate information on all aspects related to tires: From brake performance smoothness to handling capabilities and many other valuable tips.

Not only that, but we also evaluate tires based on different user needs. The classification of terrain tires, tourist tires, sports tires, etc. will make it easier for you to choose.

Who Are We? 

DrivingPress.com is proud to be the site built by the team for expertise in the tire and vehicle industry.

As mentioned, we are passionate about this field. We are interested in the history of famous tire brands and very interested in the young brands but constantly evolving. We appreciate the new technologies that manufacturers apply to products and love the test runs to evaluate the performance of different tire models.

Not only are we passionate about researching, comparing, and evaluating tires, but we also have enough expertise in the field. DrivingPress always strives to bring accurate, up-to-date information, the objective, insightful experiences you are always looking for.

Finally, DrivingPress.com is more than just a place to share. We also always listen and update your comments. Therefore, do not hesitate to leave comments and suggestions for our enthusiastic articles to improve.

In addition, you can also share your own experiences with a specific tire model. Your comments are not only valuable to DrivingPress but also critical to any user who intends to replace a new set of tires.

If you have any questions you would like answered, do not hesitate to contact DrivingPress.com.

Because as mentioned, this website is not simply for sharing but also to listen and accompany you in your search for the perfect tire. More profoundly, we are also happy to become a reliable address that accompanies you on every road, creating the safest – best driving experience.

And now, let’s learn about the world of tires with DrivingPress and choose the perfect product for yourself!