About Alvin Reyes – Bio Author

Alvin Reyes is an expert in the field of automotive evaluation. He has collaborated with many famous newspapers and is still making constant efforts in tire review for DrivingPress.com

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His Twitter: https://twitter.com/poetic_scandal

Alvin Reyes


From 1994 – 1998, he studied for a bachelor’s degree in Science in Civil Aviation, majoring in piloting at Airlink International Aviation School. In 2002, Alvin Reyes studied Accounting at the Philippine School of Business Administration. 

Currently, he does not work as a professional pilot or become an office worker doing calculations-related jobs. However, the knowledge he has learned has quite an influence on his working style. 


He loves writing. Even as a teenager, he had his debut work. At that time, the software to support text editing did not appear. And he has to store his writings on floppy disks in the most traditional ways. 

Writing at that time was not as favorable as it is now, but with a rich imagination, Alvin Reyes produced many interesting science fiction short stories. 

For the next many years, he did not stop reading books and newspapers, accumulating life capital to continue writing about all issues. 

In particular, the knowledge he gained from the university made it easy for him to write about science, aeronautics, and other complex topics. 

In particular, he is pretty focused on the automotive technical automotive evaluation field. He is constantly researching and becoming an expert in engines, suspensions, sports cars, and the latest models. 

In addition, he is currently pursuing an interest in organic chicken farming. He also has a blog about this hobby. In the blog, in addition to instructions on how to raise chickens, Alvin Reyes also shares the harmful effects of pesticides and genetically modified foods. 


Alvin Reyes started his professional writing career in 2007. 

Alvin Reyes’ main areas of development

In his first article, he shares his thoughts on automobiles, repair and maintenance experience, and nursing. 

In addition to his main topic of cars, he is also the author of various online SEO articles with diverse content. Some topics he writes about most often include pets, mobile devices, movies, pets, etc. Alvin Gonzales Reyes is always curious about everything. Therefore, you will find his articles in many different categories in the future. 

However, he is most confident in automotive engineering and car reviews. Extensive knowledge allows Alvin Reyes to create quality articles. In an interview, he confidently asserted that his writings scored exceptionally well in the eyes of publishers. 

And he will always try when it comes to spelling, grammar, and content when composing to continue to have better quality articles in the future.  

Positions held 

With experience in writing since he was a teenager, Alvin Reyes has held many positions, collaborating with many prestigious newspapers. 

  • 2009 – 2010: Column writer for the website Survive the City. 
  • 2009 – 2011: Writer and contributor to Bright Hub. Alvin Reyes wrote about machines, cars, and related equipment for the first time. His writings are immensely appreciated. And quickly found his car-related passion. 
  • 2010 – 2011: Working as an Independent Contractor at GForces. 
  • 2010 – 2012: Professional Copywriter for Isotree, LLC. He continues to pursue his passion for writing about cars, especially car reviews. 
  • 2017 – present: Associate Editor for Automoblog.net. It is a famous website related to the automotive field, always on the list of top car blogs. The articles on the site are mainly related to product reviews, technology trends, and analyses of the automotive industry. And Alvin Reyes is one of the editors behind the success of those articles. 
  • 2018 – present: His experience in the automotive field has made him a long-term position as Automotive Editor for SlashGear.