Cooper Endeavor Plus Review: Is It The Best Choice For SUVs?

Cooper Endeavor Plus

Cooper is one of the reputable brands with many quality products. They have launched dozens of tire models to suit a variety of needs. For me, Cooper Endeavor Plus is a valuable option at the moment. 

Compared to in-class competitors, Endeavor Plus is complete in appearance and structure. It comes with many advanced technologies and the smoothness inherited from previous generations. These characteristics combine to give the driver the ultimate driving experience.

If you are interested and want to learn more about Cooper Endeavor Plus, you should not ignore this Cooper Endeavor Plus review. The detailed analysis below will give you the most accurate pros and cons of this ideal tire.

Let’s explore it now!

Cooper Endeavor Plus Features Highlights

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The Endeavor Plus is packed with outstanding features as a modern all-season crossover/SUV touring model. Within the scope of the article, I will only mention the ones that most impressed me. 

Fits Many Crossovers/SUVs 

I never had a hard time choosing the Endeavor Plus because this product has six variants of different sizes. It helps you find the right tire size easier. 

Both general users and professionals benefit directly from this feature. I also have selected the right product for my SUV with small wheels. 

The Cooper Endeavor Plus’s speed, size, and payload range are equally diverse. I believe that whether you are a speed lover or carry a lot of goods, this product can handle everything well.

All-season tires with varied performance

The multi-season mobility of all-season models is undisputed. However, its performance is better than I expected. Not only is the road dry and wet, but light snow doesn’t hinder the tires. 

Many manufacturers often overstate their snow performance. But with this Endeavor tire model, you will be completely assured. No matter what area you are traveling in, the tire performance is sure to have excellent stability.

Solid internal construction

The upgrade to the internal structure is a big step forward for Cooper. 

All-season touring products like the Endeavor Plus are now much more durable. Combined with the available advantages will bring excellent mobility performance.

In its interior, you’ll find a unique double-layered polyester shell. The other layer of protection besides the original ones brings various improvements. 

The most obvious is to increase the resistance of the tire. It also allows our vehicles to operate more safely in many conditions, especially at high speeds.

Safer on wet roads

Moving safely on wet surfaces is a tough challenge for Crossovers/SUVs. These models’ large size and heavy weight increase the inertia force and affect the tire balance.

Yet, you will remove this whole problem with Endeavor Plus. Cooper has researched and applied many new manufacturing technologies to stabilize tire performance. And these additions directly increase safety when traveling through complex areas.

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The most notable upgrade is the appearance of Silica additives inside the main tire compound. The stabilized surface layer of this chemical helps increase traction in wet conditions. Also, I found its stability greatly improved with this particular texture.

Some other notable features are the wide drainage grooves, the high-density sipe tread block, and the large side grooves. All have essential contributions to stabilizing traction and increasing traction.

Cooper Endeavor Plus Test Drive

To provide truthful and accurate information, I have personally experienced Cooper Endeavor Plus on many different SUV/Crossover models. Tests and inspections take place in many areas with diverse terrain.

I also pay attention to several factors, such as braking, comfort, and durability, which significantly affect the performance of Endeavor Plus.

Dry Traction and Stability

Through many tests, I have corroborated its excellent dry traction.

New improvements on tires have worked, and I no longer feel the vibrations caused by the loss of friction on dry roads. Instead, the tire operates stably in extended dry areas such as highways. 

The ability to handle dryness is also greatly improved. The most obvious is that the deviation in a dry corner or turning is significantly reduced. Observing the tracks on the road makes it not difficult for me to realize this advantage. 

The increased grip and stability are the premise for improving Endeavor Plus’ stability problem. I tried moving with a large Ford SUV at different speeds to verify. 

At levels below 65mph, the car moves extremely perfectly and shows no instability. At 70 to 75mph, the movement is somewhat more complex but still guaranteed. When it exceeds 80mph, the vehicle begins to have problems.


Cooper Endeavor Plus wet performance is, in my opinion, stable and excellent.

The proof is that I didn’t slip too far when turning to avoid another vehicle or turn. This phenomenon still occurs but not much when performing operations such as crabs. 

Yet, the grip in wet areas of the tire needs further improvement. I didn’t experience any hydration while moving. It is an advantage over most of the models I have used before.

The paths on the tire body have done their job well. But after going through these terrains, I lost control for 1 to 2 seconds before reaching equilibrium again. 

It won’t be too much of a problem if you’re only traveling at an average speed of 40 to 55mph. At higher rates, a safety hazard is still easily present.


Cooper Endeavor Plus is more durable than other tire models with the same design. The two-layer construction has successfully increased its rigidity.

Of course, you can’t ask for too high a cut and puncture resistance. But I’m sure everyday bumps are almost impossible to damage the tires. 

I’ve tried moving in several places to measure damage, but average terrain has no effect. Depending on how fast you move, more complex areas with little dirt will cause scratches.


Throughout traveling in many dry and wet areas, I am sure the tire handles quite well. Steering feel, response, and many parameters related to control performance are guaranteed. I never found it too challenging to perform complex operations anymore. 

Tire comforts

Cooper Endeavor Plus is a tire model with a touring element. So its comfort is always at a high level. I have tried the sound meter to measure the sound intensity around the car. 

All positions produce impressive results with low noise levels. Our ears are not as sensitive as the ohmmeter, so it will be more difficult to perceive clearly.

Its smoothness is equally unsurpassed, and I attested to its excellent elasticity and impact resistance with just a spring-loaded ornament. The spring travel amplitude is almost negligible on multi-terrain.

Braking performance

Tire braking is good on dry roads, with travel between 12 and 15 meters at 50 – 55mph. Going up to 60 or 65 mph, this number also tends to increase when it hits the 18 meters mark. 

This journey should never exceed 20m. Its wet brakes proved weaker, with slippage at around 18 to 19 meters at 55mph.

I don’t know if this impressive performance can last to the end of its life. But I still decided to go with this model because of its safe steering feel.


Crossover/SUV touring all-season tires are more durable than many other product lines. However, Cooper still doesn’t neglect the aftermarket programs on their tires.

Within 6 years or 65,000 miles, any damage and technical failure will receive free support. You will receive a new free tire if it cannot be repaired. Significantly, the replacement product also enjoys the same after-sales regime.

More importantly, you can easily change from Endeavor Plus to other Cooper models within 45 days if it is unsuitable. 

Is It Worth Your Money?

Cooper Endeavor Plus is a worthy product for you to invest in for a Crossover or SUV car. A large number of modern features and solid construction are characteristics not many vehicles have.

If you move a lot on dry surfaces or have high requirements for comfort, you have even more reasons to choose Endeavor Plus. The impressive performance of these two factors is the best testament to the quality of the product.

However, the worth of the tire will decrease if you prioritize traveling in wet areas often. Despite enough mobility, the lack of grip has dramatically affected the overall ability.

Quick Rundown Of Cooper Endeavor Plus


  • Easy control
  • Durable
  • High comfort
  • Good stability
  • 6-year warranty
  • Remarkable braking performance
  • Stable performance in all weathers


  • Need to improve the wet grip

Cooper Endeavor Plus Specifications

  • Size: 215/65R16 98H SL
  • Max Inflation Pressure: 44 psi
  • Max Load: 1.653 lbs
  • Sect Width: 8.7″
  • UTQG: 680 AA
  • Tread Depth: 10.5/32″
  • Tire Weight: 22 lbs
  • Meas Rim Width: 6.5″
  • Rim Width Range: 6-7.5″
  • Overall Diam: 27″
  • Tread Width: 6.5″


In my opinion, Cooper Endeavor Plus is the right choice for an SUV or Crossover. Its performance characteristics will serve you well during every long journey. 

Although there are some points to overcome, in general, Endeavor Plus is still easy to ensure our safety. 

With my Cooper Endeavor Plus reviews, I hope you have had a comprehensive view of this quality tire and made the correct choice.

If you have any other questions, don’t forget to leave a comment in the article to receive the detailed answers. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I found your information quite helpful, since I need to purchase 4 tires for my 2016 Subaru Outback. It presently has Michelin Defender LTX. I reside in Central PA and deal with all types of weather. I am concerned about the Cooper tire performance in wet weather, as well as snow. Your thoughts on which tire I should buy would be helpful.
    Thank you

  2. I live in Sally Lake City, Utah and have some of the same weather issues, if not more, than the person from PA.
    If the Endeavor is not the best choice for wet, rain/snow, what would you recommend for my 2019 Honda CRV EX-L?


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