Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S Review: Detailed Features & Ultimate Test

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S is an all-terrain tire product many people have trusted in the past few years. Many practical studies, along with user surveys, have shown that this is a favorite tire with many outstanding features and a competitive price.

It is impossible not to mention the utility aspects such as good operation and movement in dry areas, wet places, high-speed highways successfully applying modern technologies to tires, thereby bringing people the most comfortable feeling when using. 

So to understand more about product details, the following article we will explain more thoroughly.

Tire Features

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What is there in the AT3 4S that attracts users? It will undoubtedly be a question that makes people wonder. The US tire manufacturer is always a pioneer in applying modern technology to retain customers. Therefore, the AT3 4S has the following characteristics.

The target audience of the 4S tire line is mainly SUVs and pickups with high traction weight. The manufacturer has introduced AT3 4S tires that have been with Adaptive Traction technology, improving the ability to stick to the surface. 

So, it moves fluently in all types of terrain, from dry to wet and slippery, especially despite moving in heavy snow.

The size of the wheel is about 15-22 inches; the primary material that makes up the tread surface is silica plus the Sure-Grip tire shape; the design of zigzag grooves with serrated teeth creates favorable conditions for Cooper tires to operate smoothly on all roads.

Many people are also quite interested in the comfort of using the upper tire.

The product’s design structure consists of two main layers of polyester and reinforced nylon, making the movement of Cooper tires outstandingly smooth, reducing the possibility of noise, along with balanced stability between the body and the wheel.

You may not know that the Tire Administration in the United States and Canada has tested the AT3 4S tire. It demonstrates the ability to achieve the highest winter traction standards.

And since then, the image of the Snowflake logo on the mountain we often see on the face is the most evident proof of product quality.

Quick Rundown Of AT3 4S

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S Review

It is undeniable that there are different advantages and disadvantages no matter what product. The reviews from customers are the most obvious, and here are some advantages and disadvantages of the AT3 4S tire line that we have compiled.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable use
  • High grip
  • Less disturbed by noise
  • Go well on all types of terrain, including winter or wet and slippery places.


  • Not suitable in muddy areas
  • It is not possible to replace the tires of snowmobiles.

Test Drive

The role of a test driver is the final step in evaluating a good or wrong product. Here’s everything you need to know about the product through reviews and numerous surveys.

Maintenance indicators

Cooper Tire tire company has a long-term warranty for customers. The AT3 4S tire, but all other products of the manufacturer have a product maintenance regime for up to 6 years.

Most specifically, the manufacturer is committed to guaranteeing repairs within 65,000 miles of the AT3 4S product. These are the most impressive numbers available on the market.

One possible way for you to verify the life of your wheel is by looking at the condition of the tread. Tire tread plays a significant part in the contact between the road surface and the tire. 

Small spikes play a role in increasing the roughness of the wheel surface, improving the adhesion between two objects. Over time, natural factors or excessive movement will lead to tread wear problems.

The maximum depth that the wheel can withstand in each tire is 2/32 inches, equivalent to 1.66mm. 

When the number exceeds the measurement threshold, it will lead to tire damage and explosion while in traffic, making you or people around you dangerous. So, you should periodically check the indicators of the tires carefully.

However, the good news is that the AT3 4S has a reasonably long life and good durability, which is the conclusion after a driving test for some time. Cooper wheels are highly resistant to wear for about 65,000 miles.

Dry Traction

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Although the manufacturer has introduced a product line that can run well on all types of terrain, it certainly won’t be as excellent. Because AT3 4S is to be agile on snow and ice, with good slip resistance, it can be that there is no problem when the product operates on dry pavement.

Tires have applied Snipers ZigZag, Micro-Gauge technology to the wheel, forming serrated bars or grooves. These designs add to the product’s ability to grip the path of development in slippery, wet environmental conditions. In addition, it also maintains a significant amount of stability from the tread fibers to help increase object contact, keeping the tires dry.

Plus, the silica composition and the 5-rib design on the wheel surface allow the car to operate in all terrains, flexible regardless of the road, especially to maintain balance when pulling the brake, turning sideways in sharp turns.

According to customer reviews, the AT3 4S’s ability to work on the dry ground makes a strong impression. The problems needing the steering wheel and the impact wheel on the flat road are handled quite smoothly.

Wet and slippery roads

Cooper discoverer AT3 4S a bright tire in moving in slippery places that you cannot ignore. It works powerfully through stagnant water, slippery roads with certainty and safety.

The chassis mounts the design of underground canals, and the Aqua Vac nozzles come with grooves in the tread block to prevent glass.

Water will circulate to move to the outside completely, ensuring absolute dryness. The waterproofing ability of the product also shows a lot of difficulty from the wide circumference.

Snow Traction

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Right from the beginning of the article, we have introduced the outstanding features of the product. Cooper’s main goal for AT3 4S is to target the demand for tires in places where there is a need to go on snow.

Going on icy roads is the forte of Cooper discoverer AT3 4S. Almost all of the features and designs discussed above are fully applicable in this case.

One new thing is the addition of Snow Groove technology, which appears serrated blocks in the concave grooves on the wheel surface. This texture has the effect of keeping the snow on the ridge surfaces, reducing the potential for increased pressure of the ice and increasing the drag of objects on the snow.


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Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S has reasonable noise reduction control that you should refer to. Due to the smooth combination of many factors, the tire’s wall surface has a large area, creating a more considerable contact distance between the road surface, improving stability and smoothness when running.

The low drag factor is also the main reason the car runs smoothly. Because when the wheel resistance is not high, in the case of obstacles, it creates negligible impacts, limiting the shaking when entering unstable areas.

In addition, the noise problem will also be easy in the field of the engine or the car running smoothly.


Cooper discoverer AT3 4S is to fit in SUVs or pickup trucks.

Honestly, the upper tire can go on all types of terrain but will not achieve perfection on all roads in some cases. For example, it limits its sandy roads but uses maximum capacity on long snowy and dry roads.

Is It Worth The Money?

The answer will depend on your needs.

What do you want to buy a tire for? In which case? Many factors influence your choice. The product seems to be slightly better than the market in the mid-range price segment, from design form to functional use. 

AT3 4S will be a good choice for a car when traveling four seasons of the year. Traction, smooth running, and high durability are always the factors that attract you to buy.

But again and again, the Cooper tire line also has some disadvantages you should consider. It cannot operate fully in muddy areas or will have great difficulty if your snowmobile is damaged by the irreplaceable Copper discovered TA3 4S tires for the above vehicles.


Tires play a crucial role in the movement of the vehicle. In each different car, the wheel’s shape is not the same. 

The above article summarizes product-related knowledge, and we hope that through the above command, you can buy yourself a satisfactory product. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. We will answer your query as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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