Driving Vs Traveling: What Is The Main Difference?

If you’re someone who frequently travels between places, you’re probably a busy person. The purpose of the trips is different, be it sightseeing, discovery or business, study, and cultural exchange.

One point that is not too different no matter what the purpose of your trip is the way you get around. There are two popular ways of traveling: Driving and traveling. However, not everyone can distinguish these two words.

The following article will provide a side-by-side comparison of driving vs. traveling and their problems.

What Is Driving?


Driving is the act of moving using transport from one place to another. At the same time, the driver can also carry other people, and they are passengers.

Sometimes, this is the preference of some people. They enjoy being around their neighborhood or even discovering new places.

They can navigate to other territories, other countries. Of course, this requires the permission of the countries concerned.

For others, this skill is a part of their daily routine. This job helps them have a regular income for their children and families.

Not necessarily a car, the driver can control several other vehicles such as bicycles, motorbikes, ships, firepower. They will carry more people behind as a companion.

No matter what vehicle you drive, you need to master skills and knowledge of traffic laws and permits. If you go without knowing the rules, several dangerous situations can arise. There can even be a traffic accident if not paying attention.

The good thing about this activity is that you have privacy and total control over your trip’s route and schedule. It helps you be more proactive in work and time.

What Is Traveling?


An activity familiar to many people is travel. Tourism is the act of moving from one place to another. However, you do not have to be the vehicle operator for this activity.

Travel can take place with groups or families, sometimes alone. You can travel by car, train, ship, plane, or sometimes the foot.

The purpose of travel is primarily to relax after busy days or spend time with families closer together, making groups more cohesive.

Another purpose is for work or study. You can learn many things through domestic or foreign travel. Things you can learn about nature and people and how the economy and culture work where you come from.

Unlike the driver, the trip’s route cannot be controlled by the traveler because he or she is not driving the vehicle.

Similarly, if the driver needs a license and skills, the traveler only needs to know the destination and the fun activities there.

If you receive an offer of admission from a school abroad, they provide the destination and time. Thus, you just need to know which airport to travel by plane and get off at. You’re not the one who’s going to fly that plane. All of the above activities are focused on tourism.

Driving Vs. Traveling

Above is the concept and characteristics of driving and traveling. To distinguish the difference between them, below will give you some key differences.

Request a license

Request a license

In driving, a driving license is required for all drivers. You will not be able to drive on the road without a test or a driver’s license. They will be the basis of whether you already know, know the traffic laws and driving skills or not.

Without a driver’s license, it may be difficult or impossible for you to handle the situation in real life. Some road traffic accidents happen to minors because they don’t have a driver’s license. Most of all, they don’t know so they can’t obey traffic laws.

At the same time, if you do not have a driver’s license, you may have your car confiscated by the police and fined for not traveling on the road.

In stark contrast to driving, traveling does not require you to have a driver’s license. You need to know the destination and the activities upon arrival. Sometimes, you need a tourist visa when traveling abroad.

Cruise control capabilities

When you drive, you will have complete control over the journey. Conversely, if you are the person sitting in the car, you will not have cruise control without controlling the vehicle.

Necessary skills

Necessary driving skills

Driving skills are essential for a driver. To know these skills, the driver must know the traffic laws. In addition, they also need to have authentic experiences. These experiences will help the steering wheel be more stable and flexible to handle situations.

Another driver’s requirement is good eyesight, knowledge, and knowing the way or reading the map.

However, the traveler only needs to know the basics. That is the destination and how to get there. If you travel in the wild forest, you need survival skills. If you travel by plane, handling flight situations is always the skill the flight attendants remind you of.

Check out this video for more details!


Is there a right to travel without a driver’s license in the United States?

The answer is not possible. If you live or travel in the USA and want to drive, a license is required. The United States needs a travel permit, which is different from some other countries.
Although you can travel freely and freely, it must be controlled and within the framework of the law.

How does a person exercise the legal right to travel without possessing a driver’s license?

You can travel in many different ways. Vehicles are also very diverse depending on your destination. When you go as a passenger, these vehicles do not need a driver’s license. However, it would help if you still had a passport or identification when traveling by plane or abroad.
To operate a vehicle, you must have a driver’s license. The age to take the license exam in different countries is different, proving driving is not a right.

Why Is Driving Not A Right In The USA?

First, rights are principles that you are born with, which are equal for everyone in society.
Second, a privilege is the “right” that you will receive when performing an activity, a test.
Thus, having a driver’s license in the USA is a privilege because you have to take a test and have driving skills to own them.


The above article has fully provided the concept, characteristics, and differences between driving and traveling. I hope you can clearly distinguish and choose for yourself the suitable form for your purposes.

Whether your travel purpose is to rest, relax, work, or study purposes.

You will have safe trips and will learn many new and valuable things.

3 thoughts on “Driving Vs Traveling: What Is The Main Difference?”

  1. Nice article, however completely factualy and legally incorrect. The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly made decisions clarifying the right to travel.
    No, I am NOT a Soveriegn Citizen, in fact the term is an oxymoron much like Jumbo Shrimp.
    Since the inception of the inception of the automobile, there have been DRIVERS. People who operate motor vehicles and are compensated financially to do so. This is a taxable occurance. To DRIVE a MOTOR VEHICLE, a person needs a LISENCE. issued by the DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES.
    In contrast, the courts have ruled over and over again, that TRAVELING in an AUTOMOBILE is aConstitutionally protected activity. Seems every article misses proper grammer. There is no DEPARTMENT OF AUTOMOBILES.
    no person needs a DRIVERS LISENCE to operate an AUTOMOBILE.
    SWORN ATTORNEYS, pass the BAR, ( BRITISH ATTORNEYS REGISTRAR) and swear an oath to the crown. I am an AMERICAN.
    YOU and all who continue to hide the truth from seekers of legal and lawful advice should be ashamed, no you shpuld be fined. Perhaps even charged with treason. Look up case law and prove me wrong. Ive looked up case law and have legal standing.
    Further you bastards should be aware of 18 uscode 242. Deprecation of rights under color of law, which carries fines and penalties up to and including death. Read it.

    • That statement impowered me on my quest to the truth. We as Americans have not been free since the passing of the last of our forefathers. Next in line were traitors to the free world who had no vision of their own.
      Thank you,
      Andrew Perry

    • You have it backwards, all automobiles are motor vehicles but not all motor vehicles are automobiles. A motor vehicle is a vehicle with a motor ie. boats, motorcycles, electric skateboards and automobiles. And as the above article states, in agreement with you, you do not need a licence to travel in an capacity however, the point you seem to miss is that in order to operate certain vehicles on public roads you DO need a licence showing that you know the rules of the road. This should be something you would want, you don’t want people operating a vehicle who doesn’t know they should stop at a stop sign or that they need to steer and stay on one side of the road or another, do you?


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