How Long Can You Drive On A Plugged Tire? 

If suddenly your tire is flat, the solution is to fix it. However, which method and how to do it is another story that needs attention.

One of the fastest ways you can do this is to plug in the tires, using specialized materials to fill in the air leaks. So, how long can you drive on a plugged tire?

The safe travel distance for the tire plugs will be about 8 miles. Of course, the shorter you sit on it, the better.

The following article will help you understand more about this issue.

How Long Can You Drive On A Plugged Tire? 

According to many studies, 8 miles is a safe distance to drive on a plugged tire.

Plugging is not a long-term fix; it just keeps the wheel moving for the time it takes to find a service center. Plugged tires do not move well on long trips; the puncture location also has a significant impact on the life of the plugged one.

The plugging method is done through many different stages, requiring the worker to have a high level of skill, ensuring the accuracy and certainty of the studs.

First, you need to zone the area marked with a hole, polishing friction around that area to clean the area about to be repairable.

Use a professional plug to fill the air hole. This type of nail can be adaptable to the size of the hole.

Finally, firmly secure the plugs through heat and cut off the excess wire.

Depending on many factors, some people point out that its life can be up to 25,000 miles in some cases. But, this is not a long-term option.

Experts recommend that this solution is only temporary for about 8-10 miles. In other words, try to find the nearest repair shop.

When Should You Plug Tires? 

You can plug in the tire when it is flat, but it is necessary to determine the correct condition that the wheel is experiencing to make the appropriate repair. 

When the puncture site is in the middle or on the tread surface, you can choose the method of plugging or patching as you like. As for the position like the sides of the shoulder, this is impossible. 

Next is to measure the severity of the puncture. When the wound width is not more than 6mm, and the air leaks are not too close, the above method is still a valid good show.

Does Plugging A Tire Ruin It?

Although the process seems rudimentary, you don’t need to worry too much about this, from cleaning to using tools to seal the air holes. 

But this is effective in emergency repair, and the plug won’t damage the tire. It can keep the air inside the wheel for quite a long time if stored properly. 

How Long Do You Need To Wait After Plugging The Tire?

The process of installing tires until the minute is complete, and you just need to wait for a few minutes. Unlike patching or combination methods, the tire needs to be completely removed for ease of work. 

After preparing all the specialized tools and performing a few simple steps, it has almost completed the repair process with the plug.

If you need absolute assurance, wait for the glue to dry completely to determine if the source of shrinkage is released or not, then continue rolling.


Can I plug in the wheel without removing it?

Maybe, unlike patching a car, you need to determine the correct hole, altogether remove the foreign object from the wheel, and then perform the plug-in operation, and you’re done. 

When inserting the cord into the hole, use a firm hand and dexterity to keep the spot airtight.

Plug better than the patched tire?

Both methods yield the same quality. However, if it is necessary to compare them, they are different at repair time. Quick, cheap plug repair time is about 10-15 minutes, depending on the skill and size of the wound to fix it effectively. 

The patching goes through many stages, and it is necessary to altogether remove the tire from the rim for convenient viewing, cleaning, and processing, which takes nearly 30 minutes to complete. 

You see, both repair methods have their pros and cons. To force the choice of a temporary solution, perhaps plugging in would be much more appropriate.

How much do I need to spend to plug the wheel?

The price depends on many factors, from the service choice center to the quality of the plug you want to use. But don’t worry, only $10-$20 is not too expensive for a dedicated car patch. Many places even have a warranty for customers when using the service.

Can you plug a tire with a screw in it? 

Yes, you can; in some reluctant cases, people use a screw to replace the plug wire. If the hole is in the wheel well, and the wound size is quite similar to the screw hole, you only need to perform a few small tricks to insert the screw into the hole to seal the air leak. 

How much can your car move? It depends on the length of the screw you put in the tire. But on average, it only fluctuates about 10 miles because this is not a specialized tool.


Plugging in the tire as a whole is one of the quick and effective solutions, helping you to solve tire damage problems in a short time. However, grasping important information is also essential to ensure safety.

The above article is about problems related to the field of repairing damaged tires. Hopefully, the above knowledge will help a little when you encounter a similar situation. If you have any questions, please leave a comment; we will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I just drove thousands of miles on a plugged tire over many months and cold and hot weather. I only googled ‘how long does a plugged tire last’ for fun… wondering whether it’s even worth me replacing the tire. So much for 8 miles.

  2. I have driven thousands of miles on tires that have been plugged with no issues whatsoever. Last year I bought a brand new C8 Convertible and less than a week later had to plug the left front tire. I do buy quality tire plugs at OReily’s’s Auto Parts and brush a tire sealer on them to ensure a good quality seal. LeeRoy

  3. According to numerous studies, driving on a plugged tire is safe within short distances of up to 8 miles. In fact, it can drive long if a plugged tire was installed properly.

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  5. This is just not true at all. It’s perfectly fine to run on a plugged tire for years! It’s not a temporary fix, it’s permanent. It’s a technique used so you don’t have invest in a new tire if you should run over a nail before the end of the tires life.


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