Ultimate Kumho Tires Review for 2024: Are Kumho Tires Good As Advertised?

Many people are hesitant about the quality and efficiency of Kumho tires. They claim that it is a product originating in China. So what is the reality? Kumho is a famous Korean tire brand established in the 1960s. 

Up to now, Kumho has been present in more than 180 different countries and provides an average of 70 million other tire models each year. This parameter is ideal as a perfect demonstration of product quality.

Do you know what makes Kumho tires so popular with so many customers? 

Overall, Kumho tires have a unique design with high-quality materials and various advanced features, allowing them to support your moving journey. In addition, the product also ensures safety for trips with complex terrain.

To find a quality product, you need to consider design, durability, or performance. A good tire is when they fully meet the above criteria.

I will give you honest, objective Kumho tires reviews to help you understand the product. All the information I provide is from my own experience. So, you can be assured of the reviews in this article.

Popular Kumho Version

Kumho tires produce a variety of different types. Each type will have other characteristics to adapt to your usage requirements flexibly. 

For practical product experience, I recommend the following eight tire versions:

  • Kumho Road Venture At51
  • Kumho Crugen HP71
  • Kumho Crugen HT51
  • Kumho Ecsta PA51
  • Kumho Solus TA31
  • Kumho Solus TA11
  • Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22
  • Kumho Ecsta V730

Each of these tire models is with a specific function. So how to more easily visualize their features? Based on that, I will separate these eight versions into different tire categories, including best winter tires, off-road tires, or all-season tires. Let’s look forward to it!

Kumho All-Season Tires

Is there a tire that can correspond to all-year seasons? Absolutely yes. They are designed with many specialized features and various exclusive features to be suitable for many different weather conditions. 

If you do not know which tire model to choose for this category, do not worry, the following article is for you. The five candidates below will satisfy you!

Kumho Crugen HT51


This tire has a robust personality design with 4 deep parallel grooves and an asymmetrical tread system. 

This design allows maximum traction for you to move quickly in various conditions. These deep grooves play an essential role in draining water and keeping your tires dry in wet, rainy weather.

The HT51 works with the ideal model, improving travel performance and prolonging product life. It has a relatively wide outer shoulder, enough for you to do a lot of precise handling. Besides, using high-grade materials for tire production also confirms the product quality and its long life.

Testing the Ht51 tire on the snow surface, I was surprised by its ability to work. After contact, it provides stable traction and an ideal grip for safer and more valuable rides.

With the harsh weather conditions of summer, ht51 can completely satisfy you with meaningful experiences. It is perfect and worthy of your investment.

Kumho ECSTA PA51

Kumho Ecsta PA51

In the next place for the all-season tire category, the pa51 cannot be ignored. 

This tire is designed specifically for drivers who appreciate responsive wet and dry handling. The tire has an active pattern with 4 specialized deep grooves and asymmetrical treads, ensuring excellent traction on your journey.

I admire its performance for practical testing for the ability to operate on dry roads. It works stably and handles quickly, entirely for excellent cornering. Meanwhile, with wet weather conditions. pa51 performs more impressively than all its competitors.

In addition to the above features, pa51 provides users with smoothness and lightness to make the movement more attractive. It works in silence and does not cause annoying noise to the driver. This feature has special significance in improving the concentration of vehicle drivers.

The value that pa51 brings is indisputable. In the end, I still wish you could choose it for your experience of safety and comfort.

Kumho Solus TA31

Kumho Solus TA31

I appreciate ta31’s performance in all different seasons. This version has an impressive symmetrical design with 4 deep parallel grooves, which are essential in providing reliable traction for a safer ride. 

Unlike others, its symmetrical tread pattern is with a particular intention. It is to reduce rolling resistance and provide impressive wear resistance. Thereby, it allows maximum fuel economy and limits jarring noise during travel.

In more detail for the operation of the product, I have done many surveys in this regard. 

Specifically, with dry traction, the ta31 is unbelievably perfect. It can provide you with many valuable movements and amazingly accurate speed processing. 

Meanwhile, the wet traction of the product is no less exceptional. It works hard despite all the puddles on the road. It’s also waterproof for your peace of mind for long hauls.

The superiority must be to mention its traction on the snow. On thick ice sheets and extreme weather conditions, ta31 still works flawlessly and is worth giving you many memorable experiences.

Kumho Solus TA11

Kumho Solus TA11

Not only possessing complete compatibility for the seasons of the year, but ta11 is also the most prestigious product on the market today. Its current budget level is practical for the pocket of many users today. 

The tire features an asymmetrical tread design with 4 professional deep grooves to provide a satisfying balance and ride comfort with impressive tire life.

I assessed the ta11’s grip and did many tests with dry and wet surfaces. It’s great that it can get the job done quickly with all smooth surfaces. 

In addition, it also provides users with ideal braking and cornering handling. This feature is of great significance to your safety and those around you.

More notable in this tire model must mention the ability to work quietly and gently. Ta11 operation does not cause any shrill noises, ensuring the driver’s concentration. Moreover, it is also highly durable for your usage requirements. Specifically, it can operate for 80,000 miles for all your wishes.

Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22

Kumho Ecsta 4X II KU22

You certainly cannot ignore the Kumho ku22 tire line as a speed enthusiast. It is one of the best products used by many customers on the market today. 

It has an asymmetrical silica tread, medial spike blocks, and large outer shoulders, allowing increased bearing capacity and improved damping function. Meanwhile, the presence of surrounding ribs also helps to ensure the stability of the product’s movement.

This valuable model can adapt flexibly to various weather conditions with decent traction. The circumferential grooves of the parallel tires run for a long time, allowing operation on multiple surfaces to be guaranteed.

Moreover, it is also incredibly smooth to provide a valuable experience to you. Light, practical tires to help you focus more on your long haul.

Kumho Summer tires

Can winter tires be used in the summer? Never. Using the wrong tire for that given weather condition is a challenge in itself. 

With summer temperatures soaring, you’ll need a product that perfectly withstands that heat. Kumho ECSTA V730 is a great suggestion I would like to recommend to you for this topic.

Kumho Ecsta V730

Kumho Ecsta V730

Kumho V730 is a product developed specifically for sports cars and long-time racing performance enthusiasts. 

This tire model is with an ultra-grip tread compound and fine black carbon and synthetic resin for enhanced grip and certainty for professional movements. 

The tire’s outer shoulder is somewhat broader than conventional products, allowing stable cornering and traction in the harsh summer weather.

Meanwhile, the tire footbed with optimal design helps ensure the accuracy of your actions. It also contributes to prolonging the life of your tires. 

Two circumferential grooves are integrated with impressive depth, contributing to the adequate water resistance of your tires.

More specifically, this tire model must mention its heat resistance. This tire can withstand high heat and does not deform under heat. Therefore, it helps to protect your journey on hot summer days.

Kumho Winter Tires

Winter tires can help you drive correctly on snowy roads and even icy roads. Many types of Kumho tires can adapt to the harsh conditions of winter. But for me, hp71 is true love. Product hands-on experience, I like its performance.

Kumho Crugen HP71

Kumho Crugen HP71

The HP71 is a quality one, designed with full deep grooves and plenty of side clearance to minimize under-tire slippage and create the perfect winter-safe traction. Above all, the parallel multi-slot model of HP71 also contributes to improving traction in wet weather and minimizing vitrification.

In addition, a variety of solid central ribs helps to provide more even and durable tire wear. It allows stable performance and handling speed for your comfort and safety when using the product. 

Not only that, but this tire is also highly smooth for your ride. With built-in Pitch tread technology, the HP71 ensures you the perfect moments of relaxation in your vehicle and stands out from all the competition.

Overall, I enjoy this product line. All design and appearance to the quality of use are good and follow your desire to use.

Kumho Off-road tires

Off-road tires are an urgent requirement to ensure your safety when traveling on unfavorable surfaces. Compared to the tires introduced earlier, the off-road tire possesses a more specialized design and features. 

It is a valuable operating model with many advanced functions. Featured for this tire, I recommend the Kumho road venture at51. I have tested this product, and I am incredibly excited about its performance.

Kumho Road Venture AT51


Whatever the terrain, the Kumho at51 offers incredible handling and grip. Having this feature, much of it comes from the product design.

The tire is with many parallel deep grooves combined with symmetrical treads, allowing it to enhance the performance of any truck or SUV on the road. 

The at51 also ensures smooth and gentle rides with a solid, robust structure. The product’s high-strength steel belt structure plays a vital role in improving the life and durability of the tires.

Moreover, its sharp side design makes it different from all other tires. But fortunately, it is also the point that creates the flexible adaptability for many terrains in this product.

The next advantage you cannot miss in this tire model is accurately responding to the steering wheel for excellent handling on many different surfaces. That feature evolved thanks to the built-in ESCOT shell technology available.

Kumho Tires Overview

Kumho tires are a brand with average tire prices. They are not too expensive, but not too cheap either. With Kumho, diversity, quality, durability, or value are focused on and prioritized above all. 

Compared with regular tire models, Kumho tires stand out above all. It is perfect to be practical to your usage requirements, from looks to features. Take a look at the overview below to learn more about the product!

Budget & Value

In practical experience, I was shocked about the budget level of the product. It’s too good for what I imagined for a foot-weight tire. It is usually about 30-40% cheaper than competing models. Most of the Kumho tire models have a unique tread design, but they are at a relatively low cost. So does such a price often come with commensurate quality?

It’s not the correct Kumho tire. Although the price is low, the quality of the product makes me admire it. So what is the reason? Why is it possible to maintain that price with such quality?

There are two reasons to answer this question. First, Kumho never really pushed the boundaries of tire technology. They often use existing, proven designs and re-engineer their manufacturing processes to cut costs significantly. 

Of course, this will help them optimize the associated fees and allow them to save money on user spending. I explain that the second reason is the brand’s motto of operating for customers. They strive, strive, and want their customers to be able to own top-quality tires.


Although not the top, Kumho tires are always unique in the eyes of consumers because of their reputation for durability. Kumho is a sustainable tire that is well worth your investment. 

This statement comes from the brand founder and customers who have used Kumho tires. They can estimate tire wear, thereby allowing a wide range of tires to suit the durability requirements of consumers.

If you’re just looking for some inexpensive rubber that can give you a steady experience on the streets or the highway, you’ll have more miles than you initially rated. In contrast, if you use a sports car and regularly burn the tires with spectacular brakes, you can get about 10-20% less mileage.

In short, the durability of Kumho tires will also be significantly affected by your frequency and use requirements.


In addition to the budget, durability, and assurance are also unique aspects of Kumho tires that you cannot ignore. 

I specifically evaluate this product’s guarantee through two different parts: The security of the quality of use and the safety of human life.

First, with the aspect of quality of use, Kumho House has favored equipping the product with a warranty long enough to give you more peace of mind for the operation of your product. 

Specifically, the supplier side will bear the total cost of erroneous specifications and provide partial support for errors not within the predetermined scope.

With the safety of users, Kumho tires guarantee your security. Tires are to bring many perfect and valuable experiences to users. So you can rest assured to use this product.


From experience, I recommend this innovative tire. I was surprised by its top-notch performance. It allows you to conveniently, quickly, and safely perform perfect braking or cornering operations. 

It also provides you with various other meaningful features such as Waterproof, anti-slip, or anti-corrosion ability. All of these features mean a lot to your public performance.

In-depth assessment of this aspect with different terrains, it is perfect that it can meet all your requirements. 

With rough terrain, the tire works safely with excellent traction. Tires ensure you can climb well without worrying about slipping. 

Meanwhile, Kumho tires are a valuable product that you should consider with smooth surfaces. It operates smoothly, gently on the road, and does not make a shrill noise. It will help you have more valuable and comfortable trips.

All in all, the Kumho tires are the epitome of stellar performance. It is the ideal investment that you must be interested in. Perhaps you will regret it if you miss this particular tire.


What makes me most proud of this product is its variety. It is not easy to find such an advanced and intelligent tire model. 

Understanding the worries and concerns of customers, the Kumho brand has simultaneously developed many different tire lines to satisfy all users.

I recognize this product feature and want to spread it to you. Kumho tires are suitable for all your desires. Therefore, please take care and choose to use it for more practical and safe experiences.

Some typical tires for Kumho’s diversity can include winter tires, summer tires, and off-road tires. The size and features of each type of tire are different for perfect compatibility with your usage needs.

Outstanding Features

Besides possessing an impressive appearance, Kumho tires are also distinguished by various intelligent features. These features improve to overcome the limitations of other products. So what features does it have? 

Does it make sense to users? Let’s follow the specific review section below!

ESCOT Tension Control Technology

The ESCOT tension control technology used in Kumho tires improves overall traction. 

It is represented by a solid coating between the sidewalls, tread, and edges. This coating can last for about ten years to provide protection for your requirements.

Compared to conventional ones, Kumho tires have a much longer service life as their components are all used in harmony to enhance perfect durability. 

For this reason, I strongly recommend this tire model. It’s ideal for long-term safety for both you and those around you.

Silica Compound

Are Kumho tires good or bad? This tire is perfect in my eyes. It is with high-quality silica material. The tire seals using rubber, silica, and canola oil with this material. This compound stiffens the tire, allowing it to move more efficiently in winter weather, water and dirt.

If you are looking for a tire that will last a long time, consider choosing a tire with a tread silica compound. 

Of course, Kumho is a proposal that cannot be more perfect. We can move them about 55,000 miles with this tire, a delight for your ideal experience.

3D Imaging

The 3D image of Kumho tires sets it apart from other brands on the market. The products come with new air technology to work well when placed with any vehicle. To confirm this feature of the product, I conducted various tests.

Unexpectedly, when all gave good results about this miracle tire. Kumho tires are valuable and perfect for you to enjoy traveling on many of your favorite roads.


Microtreads is a proprietary technology developed and applied on Kumho tires. 

It plays an essential role in ensuring perfect traction for safe vehicle handling. This unique design is the best way to keep your car steady on the road. 

At the same time, it also helps protect your life and those around you on wet or slippery surfaces.

In short, Microtreads is a good feature, and it makes processing more accessible and safer than ever. It can even support your vehicle to work perfectly on harsh snow surfaces. This feature is comprehensive and should be taken care of.

Deep Sipes

Deep tubes are the aspect you want to know about with any vehicle. Understandably, the deeper the hose, the faster it will drain your car. 

It helps to limit the hazards you may encounter while operating your vehicle. On the other hand, it also ensures your safety when passing through deep depressions on the road. It is the perfect feature that you must have.

All the features I mentioned earlier are necessary for your experience to be safe. 

If one of the above functions is missing, many dangers will come to you and hurt you. Best of all, by choosing Kumho tires, all your problems will be perfectly solved. Believe me, because I have experienced this product myself!

Kumho Tires Pros & Cons 

With each product, they will have its pros and cons. Of course, Kumho tires are no exception. This product possesses various advantages that are important for your experience. Below is the analysis of the product’s strengths and limitations.


  • High flexibility: Kumho tires are the value proposition for increased versatility. Tires can simultaneously satisfy many different customers with distinct tire lines. It has many specialized features and is guaranteed to provide many memorable long-distance journeys.
  • Sustainability: The most prominent advantage of this tire lies in its sustainability. Because it is manufactured from a high-grade silica compound, Kumho ensures maximum product life. Moreover, the tire’s strong anti-erosion and impact resistance provide a long product life.
  • Noise reduction technology: More ideal in this tire model is its noise reduction technology. With the help of this technology, your every ride will become smoother and softer. This feature contributes to the driver’s concentration throughout the journey.
  • Works well on wet surfaces: There are not many tires that can perfectly meet the requirements of use customers. However, with Kumho tires, it is a different story. This versatile model can work best on wet and many other surfaces.


  • Besides the above strengths, there are also some weaknesses in Kumho tires. The most typical is its color. Many customers require a variety of product colors to be more compatible with their vehicles. 

Hopefully, in the future, manufacturers will improve with many different color versions to satisfy customers’ consumer usage requirements.


Through the above Kumho tires reviews, I hope to help you better visualize the product’s features and soon make the right choice for your requirements. 

Kumho tires are a valuable and quality product that can guarantee you a great experience with your passion for speed. 

Compared to other tire models, Kumho tires have more outstanding advantages, so they are trusted and chosen by users.

Check out my article, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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