What many people don’t know about Kumho Tires is the company belongs to a subsidiary of the Kumho Asiana Group, which happens to own Asiana Airlines and is the second largest airline company in South Korea.

Kumho Tires was established in September of 1960, initially produced only twenty tires per day. The company successfully tested their first aircraft tire in 1976 and never looked back. What I particularly like about Kumho tires is abundance of choice. The company offers an impressive range of touring, grand touring, and high-performance tires. Best of all, Kumho tires are also friendly with the pocket and cost less than many popular brands of tires.

Mind you, Kumho tires are not exactly dirt cheap. There are other Chinese-made tires that are actually cheaper than you can imagine, but most of them have compromises in tread wear, overall durability, tread design, and ride silence. In this 2017 Kumho tires review, I will discuss some of the offerings from this popular Korean tire maker so you can make a well-informed decision on your next set of tires.

Why Should You Choose Kumho Tires?

  • Corporate reputation

Kumho tires ranked 2nd in the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2002. In the same year, Kumho was the first in the world to develop a 26-inch ultra-high performance tire. Back in 2010, Kumho tire ran away with the Tire Manufacturing and Design Innovation of the Year Award at the Tire Technology Expo. Very few cheap tires can match the sterling reputation of the Kumho brand.

  • Low price

Kumho tires are a budget-friendly alternative to Bridgestone, Michelin, and Continental but they don’t skimp on features, performance, and style.

  • Variety

Kumho offers an impressive variety of tire models for every type of vehicle, including crossovers, SUVs, and commercial trucks.


Passenger Car Kumho Tires Review

They say variety is the spice of life. In terms of actual variety, the Kumho brand is home to a bewildering array of tire models that are classified according to the level of performance.

All-Season Touring Tires

If you are looking for an all-season tire, you can trust on the Kumho brand to equip your car with the right tires, whether your vehicle is equipped with stock or aftermarket wheels.

Kumho Solus KH25

The most basic tire is the Solus KH25. Although I heard that this tire offers more grip and traction in the wet than in the dry, this tire excels in terms of noise, comfort, and tread wear.

Kumho Solus KR21

The Kumho Solus KR21 is backed by an awesome 85,000-mile warranty and a road hazard program. These are all parts of the Quality Assurance Package that comes with each purchase of the Kumho Solus KR21. This is a symmetrical tire that offers outstanding tread wear, comfort, and wet grip at an affordable package.

Kumho Solus TA11

The Kumho Solus TA11 is a standard touring all-season tire designed for passenger cars, minivans, and crossover vehicles. If you are looking for a low-cost tire that can perform well on wet, dry, or even snowy weather then the Kumho Solus TA11 is worthy of your attention. This tire is primarily designed for driving comfort, but it fares well in terms of grip on both dry and wet road conditions. The tire is engineered with an asymmetric tread pattern that is designed for a quiet and silent ride.

Kumho Sense KR26

The Kumho Sense KR26 is designed to offer excellent all-season performance for small and midsize sedans, minivans, and small crossover vehicles. The Kuhmo Sense offers acceptable levels of grip on both wet and dry pavement and is even capable of tackling icy or snowy roads. This is an everyday tire that is friendly with the pocket and comes with a 40,000-mile limited warranty.

High-Performance Grand Touring Tires

Kumho Solus TA31

The Kumho Solus TA31 is a high-performance touring tire designed for sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and small crossovers which emphasize performance above all else. This is not your everyday type of tire because it delivers advanced levels of traction and grip on wet and dry roads while remaining quiet and comfortable when you need it most. The Kumho Solus TA31 is backed by a 60,000-mile limited warranty.

Kumho Solus KH16

The Kumho Solus KH16 is equipped with a symmetrical tread design and is the tire of choice for modern sedans and sport luxury vehicles. This tire offers an adequate balance of handling and comfort without sacrificing ride quality and snow performance.

Kumho Ecsta

You might be surprised to find out that there is a Kumho Ecsta in the grand touring category. That particular tire is the Ecsta PA31. This is a directional tire specifically engineered for mid-level sporty sedans and sports coupes. This tire is designed to offer inspiring levels of grip and comfort with minimal road noise.

Ultra-High Performance Tire

Kumho Ecsta PS31

The KumhoEcsta PS31 is a summer high-performance tire equipped with a directional tread design. This is also one of my favorite tires from Kuhmo because it offers impressive levels of grip on both wet and dry roads while still remaining quiet and composed on the highway. I also like its low price since this tire can equal or surpass other high-performance tires for only half of the price.

Kumho Ecsta AST

If your sports sedan or crossover is fitted with plus-size wheels then you should take a closer look at the Kumho Ecsta AST. This tire has an aggressive directional tread pattern with dual-angle cross-grooves to deliver comfort and handling when you need it most.

Kumho Ecsta ASX

If you want higher levels of dry and wet traction compared to the Ecsta AST, you need the Kumho Ecsta ASX. This tire can deliver excellent levels of wet and dry traction combined with the comfort of a touring tire. I heard that the tread wear on this tire is mediocre but we can evaluate that claim after a test drive and review.

There are a lot more ultra-high performance tires in the Kumho lineup. We will try to review all the Kumho tires in this category so you can choose the perfect set for your vehicle.


Light Truck and SUV Kumho Tires Review

Kumho Ecsta STX

The Kumho Ecsta STX is designed for high-performance crossover vehicles and SUVs and is engineered with a directional tread design. The Kumho ECO Solus KL21, Crugen Premium KL33, and Road Venture APT are all season touring tires designed for pickup trucks and SUVs.

Kumho Road Venture AT and AT51

If you demand a tire that is ready to face the demands of the great outdoors then you should look into the Kumho Road Venture AT and AT51. Kumho also offers mud terrain tires in the form of the Road Venture MT and MT51.


Kumho tires offer a great deal of value for the money. Check out our more detailed review of Kumho tires so you easily select the right Kumho tire for your vehicle.