The 7 Best Snow Tires For SUV Of 2024: Reviews & Buying Guide

Hey there, I’m Alvin Reyes – a car enthusiast, tire expert, and all-around snow angel.

As someone who has seen the worst of winter weather, I know how important it is to have the right tires for your SUV when the snow starts to pile up.

SUVs are powerful vehicles with many advantages in both design and performance. However, it proved to be weak against thick snow and ice areas. Therefore, preparing the best snow tires for SUVs is extremely essential. 

Snow tires have their structure to maintain performance even when the weather turns bad. However, how to pick a version that suits your terrain?

With my expertise and experience, I’m confident that I can help you find the perfect set of tires to keep you cruising through the snow like a boss. Below, I will suggest the top 8 special tires for you to consider and choose. Let’s check them out now!

Detailed Reviews Of The Best Snow Tires For SUVs

Experiencing many designs during the past 2 years, I give the in-depth reviews for each tire below. Each version has its pros and cons. Scroll down to see more!

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Best for Overall

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

The Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 is an all-rounder with stable mobility in snow, dry, and wet. This template is always a worthy choice for you to buy and use.

Excellent is the word I use for the Blizzak WS90 snow year brand. Its grip, braking, traction, and stability all give the highest level of responsiveness.

Moving on the surface of ice and snow is inherently very dangerous. But thanks to the impressive features mentioned above, I was much more assured.

Braking in the snow was one of the most daring experiments ever. I put a lot of faith in this robust tire for this dangerous test. The result did not disappoint me, and the Ford SUV only slid exactly 18m to come to a complete stop at 50mph.

Good handling and responsiveness indeed also increased my driving stability. I rarely slip or lose control, even when moving in the middle of heavy snow.

These features remain stable on both wet and dry roads. Through some braking and sliding tests, I realized this impressive advantage.

This version also possesses excellent smoothness. In one accident, I rushed straight through a large hole in the road.

Although I didn’t have time to steer, the tire still helped me overcome this obstacle without creating too much reaction. I wouldn’t have believed I had just passed through such a massive hole if I hadn’t seen the block.

Regarding weakness, it is a snow model, but Bridgestone does not provide the Blizzak WS90 with a treadwear warranty. You will not get support if anything goes wrong. So please consider carefully before using.


  • Move safely
  • High snow grip
  • Good handling ability
  • Brakes well on many types of terrain
  • Smooth ride through holes along the way


  • No treadwear warranty

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Best High-Performance Winter

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Few products achieve such impressive performance as the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2. This snow model is perfectly constructed to maintain heavy solid snow and ice performance.

The two most difficult maneuvers on the snow are easy to handle, whether accelerating or braking. I tried starting at 40mph, then gradually increasing to 50mph and 60mph. At 45, 50, and 55mph, there were no problems. When we hit 60mph, the car started to shake a bit.

Also, at 60mph, I applied the brakes to check the tire slip. According to inertia, the SUV will slide for a long time due to the heavy structure of this model. But I did not see my vehicle slide too far, which ensured the necessary safety for me.

Accompanying impressive performance is consistently excellent processing power. Of course, the Blizzak DM-V2 is no exception. Bridgestone has made numerous structural upgrades to increase responsiveness and uptime. Thanks to that, I quickly turned or turned with a relatively low deviation.

Although maintaining coolness and good friction, it does not make much noise when moving. My gauges show that the noise level during the trip only increased by about 20 to 25%.

Tires operate with high performance but still ensure user comfort. Impressively, I have never felt back pain from crossing uneven areas over long distances.

I had to pay a high fee to own a set of four Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2. Not everyone can easily access tire products without promotion with this list price.


  • Stable handling
  • Move silently
  • Steady acceleration
  • Good braking on snow
  • Smooth even through rough areas


  • Expensive

Michelin X-Ice Snow

Best for Ice Control

Michelin X-ICE Snow

With Michelin X-Ice Snow, controlling the car moving on the ice will no longer be a difficult dream to achieve. The easier the maneuvers are to do, the less effort you put in and the more stable comfort you can get.

To increase control, its grip also needs to raise the smile. Therefore, Michelin has improved and added many new technologies to X-Ice Snow.

Most notably, fleX-Ice 2.0 makes the tire rougher and has a high silica content to stabilize the toughness.

Through a long period of testing in ice and snow, I have verified the influence of these factors on tire performance. In which, the high roughness has significantly enhanced the stability of the corner or uphill.

Although it is a little tricky, I rarely have complex problems with this tire. Meanwhile, silica is an essential element in increasing responsiveness.

Achieving a stable ride with a tire model that lacks traction will be rugged. Fortunately, X-Ice Snow did not have this situation. Its V-blocks are vital details to add strong traction.

This mechanism has given me more stable acceleration even in an idle state. In the past, I rarely set the car to N to avoid wasting time.

But since using this Michelin product, I have been able to put the car to a stop to save fuel confidently.

X-Ice Snow stands out with its low rolling resistance in terms of fuel consumption reduction. The lower the drag, the more efficient the engine is and the less energy it consumes. By my calculations, the effect of tires on savings is between 5 and 7%.

The biggest problem with tires lies in the noise generated. Without the need for measurement software, I also heard the sound of friction making. It will be very uncomfortable to endure it on long journeys.


  • Good grip
  • High traction
  • Energy saving
  • Impressive controls
  • Can move directly from the standby state


  • Noisy

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Best for Quiet Snow Tires

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Don’t let annoying noises hinder your movement. Look for the Pirelli Scorpion Winter if you want to enjoy the silence while crossing the snowy regions.

No need to analyze the features in-depth; its solid construction has helped reduce noise caused impressively.

The more space a product has on the surface, the louder it will be. So I didn’t notice many places where air could get in on the tire’s texture. 

The symmetrical design and stabilization technology also helps reduce the sound generated by friction.

Based on the parameters measured by the software, the Scorpion Winter’s noise level is only inferior to touring or grand touring models. The noise reduction close to touring tires is extremely impressive with a snow version.

Driving comfort is also increased thanks to Pirelli’s soft rubber compound. High elasticity and soft construction give Scorpion Winter good resilience. 

So, the new tire does not bounce too high and causes a reaction. I have traveled through many rough areas and attested to the smoothness of the tires.

The product easily achieves maximum performance with thin layers of snow 3 inches or less. During my experience, I moved a lot on this type of surface.

Tires have grooves that dig deep into the snow, even at high speeds. I have never encountered a problem. When I got home, I noticed that the tires had cleaned up all the snow.

Although the thin snow performance is excellent, the heavy snow performance of the tire is not up to my expectations. Tire traction is significantly reduced on surfaces 5 inches or thicker.


  • Move silently
  • High smoothness
  • Move efficiently on thin snow
  • Stable at high speed


  • Low snow performance

Michelin CrossClimate SUV

Best All-Season SUV Tires for Snow

Michelin CrossClimate SUV

Why is an all-season model on the best winter tires for SUVs list? Do not be in a hurry; I am sure this choice is not mistaken. I tested this product to be sure of its snow performance. And the good news is that all the results are as expected.

It is not surprising that the CrossClimate SUV does not perform well in deep snow or heavy ice conditions. However, its sturdy construction and stable handling easily overcome snow areas under 3 inches.

Its surface does not stick to too much snow, so the generated friction is relatively stable. Tires also tend to stick to the road through thick treads and walls. Plus, its snow brake performance is durable enough for your safe ride.

As an all-season model, the Michelin CrossClimate SUV also performs exceptionally well in many different seasons. 

Every time a new season comes, I recheck its performance. Grip and handling parameters have been stable for many years. Therefore, you will save quite a lot of replacement costs each season.

The tire surface will have to have a low rolling base for stable operation on snow and water. Therefore, the rolling resistance that I measured on the CrossClimate SUV is relatively low, and the fuel consumption is also significantly reduced.


  • Stable snow grip
  • Can move all season
  • Save on fuel costs
  • Good thin snow performance


  • Not available in heavy snow
  • Brake performance is not so outstanding

Cooper Evolution Winter Studdable

Best Studdable Winter Tires

Cooper Evolution Winter Studdable

The high grip is the most outstanding advantage that Cooper Evolution Winter Studdable possesses. It has many other exceptional factors for you to consider.

Evolution Winter Studdable creates excellent friction to prevent the car from skidding on ice. It maintains performance on other less stable surfaces as well. 

I tested the product on slopes and wet areas. All noted the excellent grip it performed. This Cooper product does not lose its inherent performance even when traveling in heavy snow conditions.

I used to try it in heavy snow with a 5-inch thick layer. I thought I would need a crane to help move it, but fortunately, the product passed quite smoothly.

Except for the price issue, the Evolution Winter Studdable fits many different models. With a variety of sizes, Cooper gives users an incredibly diverse selection. With 48 different sizes, finding the right tire will not be too difficult.


  • Impressive snow grip
  • Move in heavy snow
  • Fits many SUVs
  • 48 different options
  • Stable grip performance on many terrains


  • Expensive

Continental VikingContact 7

Best Winter Performance Bargain

Continental VikingContact 7

Continental VikingContact 7 is not a striking model in appearance. With the average price, we can easily make the wrong judgment. Only from experience did I realize its impressive performance.

This version works very well on snowy terrain. With many built-in functions by the manufacturer, its snow performance is awe-inspiring.

Besides the soft tire compound, essential to maintaining responsiveness on the snow, the deep grooves also greatly help users. Not only is it stable, but VikingContact 7 also gives my vehicle better acceleration on snow and ice.

Usually, I just maintain the speed at about 35 to 40mph only. Slippery areas are often difficult to navigate, so I am not in the habit of speeding.

Since the installation of tires, things have changed a lot. Not stopping at 40, I can quickly move at 50 or even 55mph.

Continental also integrates the tires with impressive braking ability to ensure safety, especially on snow surfaces.

You don’t have to worry about finding a steady stop when moving too fast. This ability has made me more confident when driving my SUV.

If I had to choose where the VikingContact 7 needs to be added, it’s the driving experience. This factor on the tire is not enough to meet the travel needs, especially on unstable surfaces such as ice and snow.


  • Snow brake
  • Good snow movement
  • Structure increases safety
  • Impressive acceleration


  • Driving feeling needs improvement

Things to consider when choosing best winter tires for SUV

Things to consider when choosing best winter tires for SUV

Besides the type, there are some factors you need to pay attention to if you want to choose the best SUV snow tires. 

These key things are the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating, intended performance, and quality manufacturing. Focusing on these 4 items will help you make more comprehensive judgments.


  • Studless

This tired line is without studs but instead has specially designed face blocks on the surface. At first glance, studless is not too different from regular tire models. 

But the snow performance of this product line is still impressive. Another characteristic of studless is that it is surprisingly soft and supple

  • Studded/Studdable

This is a specialized tire, studded/studdable and has more stud-like details. 

These components primarily increase traction by digging deeper into thick snow. The traction force is also significantly increased.

  • All-Season/All-Weather

As a basic tire model, you cannot require all-season/all-weather to be able to move in heavy snow conditions. However, we can still use these products to overcome thin snow areas.

Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating

The Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating is the primary rating you should be concerned about. Not similar to M+S, TPMS is indicative of all-around snow ability, not just limited to mud and packed snow. 

To get this certification, a tire model must undergo many tests. Only when all is done will the Rubber Manufacturers Association begin to issue certification

Intended Performance

Tire performance on different surfaces is rarely balanced, and this factor will immediately change with a slight change.

So you need to focus on the characteristics of the areas you often move. From there, choose the most suitable product.

Quality Manufacturing

Less well-known manufacturers don’t always make poor-quality tires. However, it is risky if you spend a large amount of money to own a product without knowing too much about the brand. In this case, I still recommend that you choose products from well-known manufacturers to ensure quality.


How much are snow tires for SUVs?

The average price of a snow tire model for an SUV usually ranges between $150 or $220. Meanwhile, the cost of a set of tires will be about $800 to $1000, depending on the quality.

Are snow tires as good as AWD?

Specialized snow tires will provide more performance than the AWD found on the vehicle. However, the best option would be to combine the two.

Can I use snow tires all year?

No one can stop you from using snow tires during other times of the year. The choice is always yours. 
However, this action is quite risky in terms of performance and safety. These products do not work consistently on everyday surfaces. 
There will always be a few exceptions, but these tires will be hard to come by. In contrast, most of the remaining options do not create enough grip and even cause danger if you continue to use them.

Do all-weather tires count as snow tires?

It would be a big mistake to think of all weather as snow tires. Although all weather can move on snow, in reality, this tire cannot operate in areas where the snow is too deep.

Do snow tires affect gas mileage?

The common feature of snow tires is that they are composed of soft and supple compounds. These two factors allow the product to have better contact with the road surface without worrying too much about obstructing factors. 
The low rolling resistance is the key to the fuel economy of this tire. 
The higher the drag, the more revolutions the engine has to turn, thereby increasing fuel consumption. Conversely, if the rolling resistance is small, the engine will have to work less, reducing the amount of use.

Do I need snow chains if I have snow tires?

You can combine chains and snow tires to increase safety, but you should also be careful as this accessory can quickly destroy the road.
Snow chains may also not be necessary on models that already have an extended tread depth built in. These versions maneuver in heavy snow without support.


Among the best snow tires for SUV above, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 is the perfect choice for you to travel on every road.

Besides, you also feel free to test with my other suggestions on this list. Try to apply the criteria I guide to determine a suitable tire.

Thank you for reading!

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