The 8 Best Tires For Honda CRV Of 2024 [Tested & Ranked by Top Experts]

It is impossible not to mention the famous CRV crossover when referring to Honda. This model is comfortable, versatile, and celebrated around the world.

However, not many people know the best tires for Honda CRV. To choose suitable tires, you have to consider the budget issue and consider the ability to handle different terrains, durability, and comfort.

If you’re looking for useful advice on this topic, don’t miss any information below.

List of The Best Tires For Honda CRV Of 2024

After considerations regarding brand, technology, advantages, and disadvantages, here is a list of the best tires for Honda CRV that you can find.

Michelin CrossClimate SUV

Best for Sporty Design

Michelin CrossClimate SUV


  • Load Index Rating: 100.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 75.0.
  • Speed Rating: H.

Michelin has been the world’s leading name in the field of tire manufacturing. All products of this French company always have high performance, meeting every user’s needs. And the Michelin CrossClimate SUV is no exception.

CrossClimate SUV is the all-season tire. It means that the product can grip the road in all weather conditions, including in extreme slippery or ice conditions.

The above success mainly comes from the silica rubber compound. The best combination on the market today can maintain flexibility even in low temperatures while remaining tough enough for use in hot summer weather.

Because this tire is a product with a Sporty design, it is almost impossible for you to find another four-color tire with a similar arrangement with Michelin.

Michelin has used solid horizontal ribs instead of the traditional zig-zag design.

In addition, the manufacturer also designed a model that includes chamfered thorn blocks and 3D self-explanatory grooves. This newness has made the Michelin CrossClimate stand out even more than its competitors.

The top tread design not only creates its own Michelin signature but can also provide high traction in all conditions, both dry and wet, even ice and snow.

In particular, the product has obtained 3PMSF certification, which can work well in the harshest conditions.

Last but not least, the representative from the Michelin brand also uses TWI – tire wear indicator. This indicator shows when the tires are likely to operate on wet or snowy roads.

Overall, the product works quite well on the snow. However, you need to pay attention to the ability to break into this environmental condition.

Compared to the competition, the ability to break on the snow of the Michelin CrossClimate is not an advantage.


  • Work well on dry surfaces.
  • Stable, smooth when running on the highway.
  • Good overall performance.
  • Increase fuel economy.
  • Has tire wear indicator.


  • Braking on snow is more limited than in similar models.

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

Best for All Weather traction

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport


  • Load Index Rating: 102.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 55.0.
  • Speed Rating: H.

If you are looking for an all-season Honda CRV tire, don’t miss the Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport A/S.

The anti-roll compound and low drag are among the reasons for its all-season traction. In addition, the product also has many advantages that improve its ability to work well on many different types of terrain.

The Bridgestone Dueler has a silica tread compound and asymmetrical design. Therefore, the product has a dry grip and good cornering ability.

Meanwhile, this tire model also has circular grooves and high-angle side grooves. The total depth tread and additional grooves around the tread are combined. Therefore, you absolutely cannot doubt the product’s ability to grip the road on all wet surfaces.

Not only the ability to perform well in all weather conditions, but the product can also bring great quietness and comfort even on rough roads.

The only downside of the Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport A/S that makes it difficult for consumers to access this relatively high-quality product is probably the rather high price tag. But in terms of both quality and reputation, Bridgestone still proves its product will not let you down with the cost spent.


  • Durable.
  • High angle groove, good water resistance.
  • Comfortable and smooth driving on all terrains.
  • Good traction all four seasons.
  • High traction.


  • Rather expensive

Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33

Best for Hydroplaning Resistance

Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33 - 3


  • Load Index Rating: 107.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 60.0.
  • Speed Rating: V.

The Hankook Dynapro HP2 is a four-season tire, in which the product’s ability to operate on slippery and wet roads is the most remarkable.

The manufacturer has made a series of changes that make the product’s water-resistance much more impressive than other tires in the same price range.

The Hankook Dynapro HP2 has a straight 4-channel water pipe, a high-rigidity chassis. In particular, the locking ability of the water inclined grooves gives the product many advantages when traveling on wet, muddy, or snowy roads.

The Hankook Dynapro HP2 is also famous for its quiet, comfortable operation. Because of the silica compound and the product’s unique design, the product has low rolling resistance, so it works well on roads with many indentations.

The smoothness of the product is still maintained when you use this tire on terrain because the product is a combination of high-grade silica tread, symmetrical spikes, and unique 3D shoulder block technology.

Therefore, compared to other basic tire models, Hankook has better cornering stability and a fantastic ability to handle off-road terrain.

If you regularly use the tire on rough and rocky terrain, the product’s durability may not meet your expectations. Hankook Dynapro HP2 can only handle a little bit of gravel and rock. For more extreme terrain, you will probably need specialized off-road tires.


  • Dulcet.
  • Work well in wet conditions.
  • Rather quiet.
  • Good waterproof.
  • It can be available in all seasons.


  • Not too durable on rough terrain.

Kumho Crugen Premium KL33

Best for Light Snow

Kumho Crugen Premium


  • Load Index Rating: 105.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 60.0.
  • Speed Rating: T.

Kumho’s Crugen line was on Hyundai’s Santa Fe sedan. However, over time, the product can now be used on the latest Honda CRV models with the advantages that have made the brand, such as good traction ability, stable performance on light snow terrain.

The product is no less effective than the most advanced tire models in terms of traction. Crugen Premium shows its acumen when it can help you overcome any road, even in the corners.

In particular, the product brings comfort when driving daily on highways. To achieve this advantage, the manufacturer has made changes to reduce noise and vibration when going through potholes and rough roads.

If you know how to keep your balance, even when driving at high speeds, you shouldn’t have much of a problem with noise or vibration.

In terms of performance on snowy terrain, this product from Korea has long occupied a high position in the list of tires most suitable for light snow conditions. This success mainly comes from good braking performance and good traction, far ahead of some competitors in the same price range.

However, the wet traction of the Kumho Crugen Premium is not as satisfying as the traction on the snow. Although the product has a unique tread, Kumho’s wet traction is much less competitive than other touring tires.


  • Traction on light snow is quite good.
  • Smooth even on rough roads.
  • Good performance on dry roads.
  • Quite responsive in corners.
  • The ability to grip the road is quite good.


  • Wet traction is not too impressive.

Yokohama Geolandar G055

Best for Budget

Yokohama Geolandar G055 Review - 3


  • Load Index Rating: 100.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 70.0.
  • Speed Rating: H.

Usually, when buying, the psychology of all of us will be that quality always comes with a price. That means you’re unlikely to have an excellent experience for a lower price.

However, the Yokohama Geolandar G055, at a very reasonable price, also offers everything you ask for in a tire for a Honda CRV:

  • Best materials
  • Good traction in various weather conditions
  • Smoothness
  • Limiting all noise when operating

Specifically, in Yokohama Geolandar G055, the manufacturer combined a silica compound with high oil technology. From there, they were creating a low-wear, anti-rolling material. When combined with the symmetrical spike design, the product also has incredible traction in the price range.

Speaking of the ability to grip the road in all weather conditions, we can’t help praise the ability to perform well in rain, mud, snow, and ice of the representative from Yokohama.

Because the product has positioning and transition grooves whose main task is to maintain the block’s rigidity, the manufacturer also provides unique tracks for effective water resistance, not only stopping there.

In addition, Yokohama also pays great attention to improving the comfort of its tire models.

And Yokohama Geolandar G055 is no exception when the tires are designed by computer, making the abrasive process even. In addition, the noise is also significantly reduced when you use this specially designed tire.

The only problem that you can complain about the Yokohama Geolandar G055 is that this tire model gives more difficult cornering ability. If you compare this product’s performance with other tires in the same price range, you may be disappointed.


  • Impressive traction in all weather conditions.
  • Uniform corrosion.
  • Bring comfort and tranquility.
  • Stable handling.
  • Good price.


  • The ability to corner is more complicated.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

Best for Fuel Economy

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus


  • Load Index Rating: 107.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 60.0.
  • Speed Rating: V.

Scorpion Verde is Pirelli’s great green performance tire. Because with this product, Pirelli has made improvements to help reduce CO2 emissions while maximizing fuel savings.

This success is partly to the silica compound that provides low rolling resistance.

Pirelli also has an asymmetrical spike design and has an additional patch in contact with the road surface. Therefore, you can be delighted with the handling and cornering ability that Scorpion Verde All Season Plus brings.

In terms of mobility, Pirelli Scorpion Verde’s product performance fulfills everything you would expect from a four-season tire when it can handle any terrain well, be it mud, snow, or even thin ice.

This tire can also make you satisfied even on off-road trips. For example, the Pirelli Scorpion Verde has received the M + S certification for all-weather ability.

There is no denying the advantages of Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus, but in reality, you can hardly use this tire model on heavy snow terrain.

On these terrains, the product is unlikely to handle as well as it once did. You should still choose a set of specialized tires for these cases.

But if you’ve used and loved the famous Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season before, it’s time for you to upgrade to the Plus version – an eco-friendly tire model that does not emit too much carbon emissions but still keeps your carbon footprint. Get amazing performance.


  • Excellent handling.
  • Good grip on all-terrain conditions.
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Acquired M+S certification.


  • Not too impressive on heavy snow terrain.

Kumho Solus KL21

Best for Solid Grip

Kumho Solus KL21


  • Load Index Rating: 103.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 65.0.
  • Speed Rating: T.

The Kumho KL21 is one of the best solid grip tires for Honda CRV you can find.

The product has a high-strength steel belt and is also made with nylon. The upper design offers maximum flexibility while having a durable and sturdy structure.

Not only has an impressive solid grip, but the Kumho Solus KL21 also has a rather special design when it has a unique symmetrical spike. The manufacturer also offers dynamic serrations and grooves. Therefore, you can fully expect the grip, smoothness, and durability that Kumho Solus KL21 brings.

The symmetrical spikes on the Kumho Solus KL21 can also give the product reasonable control in wet conditions, even at high speeds. In slippery roads, serrations, dynamic grooves have worked very well to provide a lot of traction and quite an impressive grip.

The Kumho Solus KL21 product is not too reasonable to be available on adverse terrains such as deep mud, gravel, snow, or thick ice.

Because of this tire model’s controllability, grip, and traction, it will not be stable and robust enough to give you a safe and effective driving experience. In this case, you should choose specialized terrain tires.


  • Great comfort.
  • Dulcet.
  • Reasonable control on rough terrain.
  • Unique symmetrical spikes inspired by bamboo.
  • Good price.


  • Not the best tire for off-roading.

General AltiMax RT43

Best for Endurance

General Altimax RT43 - 11


  • Load Index Rating: 82.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 65.0.
  • Speed Rating: T.

AltiMAX RT43 is one of the leading tire models of General AltiMAX with the main advantage of providing smoothness, comfort, good traction, and long service life.

Firstly, General Altimax uses Low Surface Abrasion Technology when it comes to durability. Therefore, compared to other tires in the same price range, the deformation is reduced to the lowest level; thereby, the product life is significantly longer.

In terms of traction, AltiMAX RT43 uses Twin Cushion Silica Tread Compounds.

In other words, the above material is a combination of a high-density compound and a low-density substrate. This unique combination makes this tire model both grip the road quite well and absorb vibrations, thereby improving your driving experience.

This product also uses advanced sound wave suppression technology. With this technology, the noise when rolling will be effectively suppressed.

In terms of handling, General Altimax RT43 uses Anti-Slip Sipe Design Technology, and In the most slippery conditions such as wet, light snow, the product still gives excellent handling.

If you were expecting this product to be an off-road tire, you might be disappointed because gravel or other harsh conditions is not a good idea when you go at high speed with these four-season tires.


  • Quick handling.
  • Traction and traction are excellent in dry and wet conditions.
  • Work well on light snow terrain.
  • Comfortable and quiet.
  • Amazing longevity.


  • Not so perfect for making an off-road tire.

How To Choose The Best Tires For Honda CRV

Researching before choosing a tire is advice that has never been outdated because mistakes in size selection will lead to unwanted experiences.

To avoid the worst-case scenario, here are a few issues you need to consider when choosing tires for Honda CRV in particular as well as tires in general:

Components of the tire

Not many users clearly understand the composition of the tire model they are using. However, knowing what tires are will help you make better decisions about the type of road and weather conditions you use.

Currently, compound silica is the best material you can find. Because this material has high strength, avoids many damages, and has good compression.

The shape of the tire

There are different types of tire models. But you don’t have to be an expert to know all the types of models and the pros and cons available. To narrow the search, you should pay attention to the symmetrical tread pattern.

This type of model can meet your basic needs in smoothness, low vibration, and quiet operation. In addition, the symmetrical shape of the tire causes the pressure to be evenly distributed, creating a solid balance.

Outer rubber coating

The outer rubber coating will make the tire’s contact with the road surface smoother, especially on rough roads. You will need this feature because the rubber coating plays a big part in providing a safe, comfortable and reliable ride.

Smart indicator

Some tires are capable of exhibiting wear or other characteristics. Based on these indicators, you determine the current condition of the tire, know when to replace it or whether it is possible to go on long road trips with this model.

Maybe the intelligent indicator feature is not a definite must on your selection. However, if you want a safe ride, this feature is an issue worth considering.


If you have any questions about tires specifically for Honda CRV, do not ignore the frequently asked questions below:

Are four-season tires for Honda CRV running well in heavy snow conditions?

Most four-season tires can perform well in light snow conditions. Yet, if the snow is too thick, you should choose specialized winter tires for better grip.

How long can I use tires for Honda CRV?

The answer depends on how you use, repair, and maintain.
Under ideal conditions, a tire suitable for a Honda CRV typically covers 50,000 miles, equating to about four years.

What is the size of the 2012 Honda CRV tire?

The 2012 Honda CRV will fit 225/65R17 tires.

I chose the correct tire size, but why doesn’t it fit during installation?

If you have selected the correct tire size but cannot fit it correctly, maybe you have installed the wrong rear tire on the front wheel or vice versa.
There is a slight variation in size between the front and rear wheels of the vehicle, and you can work around this by reversing.

What is the tire pressure of the Honda CRV?

Honda has a slight change in its CRV model. And one of those changes makes the recommended tire pressure over the years different. For example, if you own a 2019 Honda CRV, the minimum recommended pressure is 30 psi.

Final Thoughts

Above is a list of the best replacement tires Honda CRV that you should consider at least once. Hopefully, you can choose the right product with criteria such as durability, grip, handling, or budget.

We hope that you are always satisfied with your choice and have safe, comfortable journeys on your favorite Honda CRV.

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