Top 10 Best UTV Tires Of 2024: Buying Guide & In-depth Reviews

Hey there, I’m Alvin Reyes, and I know everything about UTV tires. Seriously, I’ve been fixing cars for 8 years and selling parts for 5 years, so I’m pretty much a UTV tire guru.

UTV is a unique vehicle when it comes to its impressive off-road performance. To get the most out of this particular vehicle, you need to upgrade several vital components, including the tire system. 

With many brands and low to high prices available, which one is the best today? 

To help you pick your version, I have been experimenting with many models for a long time. Here are the 10 best UTV tires worth your consideration in 2024.

The 10 Best UTV Tires: In-depth Reviews And Comparison

All products on today’s list will be the most popular choices. It took me many months of work to consider this top list.

During the previous 11 months, I tried to understand, test, and measure results on many samples. Ultimately, only the most excellent names can stay on my list.

UTV vs. ATV Similarities 

In general, UTV or ATV tires are not too different.

Swapping between the two shouldn’t affect your car’s performance too much unless you want to buy tires for other specialized purposes.

You need to note some of the different characteristics of UTV or ATV tires compared to standard tires to make the right choice.


UTV and ATV tires have pretty different sizes compared to standard tire products. In addition to the naked eye, you can look at the parameters of the tire models to distinguish.

Tread design

The design of both is characterized by deep slits and a large number of spikes.

With such a surface structure, the operation will always be stable, no matter on any surface. You will need more special designs to enhance performance on some unique surfaces.


ATV and UTV tires have the same construction with a radial structure, which is not usually found in tires. Each model that falls under this category possesses both impressive stiffness and flexibility.

Additionally, the internal mechanism allows these 2 tires to be more resistant to cuts and punctures.

Best All Terrain UTV Tires 

Carlisle All Trail II ATV Tire

Carlisle All Trail II ATV Tire

Carlisle All Trail II is an excellent product for you to use in various terrain conditions. This tire model also possesses many factors to ensure performance and safety for the driver in all cases.

All Trail II has a much tighter and more aggressive structure compared to other competitors. This model comprises 4 layers of unique rubber with a proprietary blend from Carlisle. On its surface, there is also a scientifically arranged tread system to optimize grip.

This combination gives the tire outstanding performance to experience. In testing the All Trail II, I used my old UTV to add weight to the tires.

But it’s incredible how my 10+-year-old model can still tackle the slopes efficiently. Even maintaining a speed of 80km/h is no longer too tricky when equipped with this product. On coastal sandy beaches, the tire’s traction also helped me increase the speed to 90km/h.

Except for the noise caused by friction with the surface, I hardly feel any discomfort anymore. This Carlisle model operated smoothly even when I steered the car through a rocky road.

The rubber compound of the tire absorbs and cancels all impulses.


  • High performance
  • Good traction
  • Impressive grip
  • Smooth moving


  • It makes quite a bit of noise

MASSFX KV 26″ Tall Off-Road Utility Tire

MASSFX KV 26" Tall Off-Road Utility Tire

The MASSFX KV 26″ Tall is a product with exceptional performance. You can confidently use this tire model to move anywhere.

Forests, dunes, flat roads, or mud, this version is easy and smooth to handle with a high level of comfort. Even the performance that the product produces is exceptionally stable.

I used the MASSFX KV 26″ for my trek through the jungle. The area is not that big, with a length of only 10km. But the heavy rain the day before had made the road surface a mess.

I was worried about whether I would get stuck or not, but it seems I was overthinking it. This tire took me and my UTV through the forest straightforwardly. Even the low speed at 30km/h on many bogs did not prevent my car from stopping. Meanwhile, the people who were with me were mainly stuck here.

In the more open sections, I decided to accelerate to 60km/h. The responsiveness, as well as handling sensitivity of the tire, still shows no sign of decreasing. So, I can turn corners in time to avoid obstacles on the road.

The heavy rain also left many broken branches with sharp iron tips scattered across the road. Yet MASSFX KV 26″ kept moving and crushing these agents instead of being pinned and destabilized by them.

Like the other all-terrain versions, I was not too happy with the operating noise. Hopefully, the manufacturer will soon find an effective fix.


  • Strong traction
  • Flexible handling
  • Durable surface
  • Move on many terrains


  • Few sizes to choose from

Best UTV Tires for Trail Riding

SunF A051

SunF 145/70-6

SunF A051 will be the right choice if you love traveling on challenging, long roads. Even areas with minor obstructions have many factors affecting tire performance. But fortunately, this product can maintain excellent stability.

SunF A051 is one of the few products with 6 layers instead of just 2 or 4. Although this detail increases the cost, the durability and resistance of the tire have improved dramatically.

This ability is most evident when I use tires to move through two complex terrain types, the desert. This tire model is quite heat resistant with the ability to keep its size stable even when traveling continuously at 60km/h.

Although the tire’s controllability sometimes encounters problems in the sand, it takes less than a second to regain control of the tire.

In addition to excellent performance, durability and comfort were the advantages that convinced me to buy it last year.

Going through many dangerous roads, I have not had to bring it into the showroom for maintenance, which is quite impressive.

More specifically, its smoothness is still similar to the first time I experienced it on any road. Except for the minor effects of losing control, there were no severe problems when traveling in the desert.

Before and after moving, I pre-calculated the area of the tire. Although the difference appears, the number is too small and not worth mentioning.


  • Good heat resistance
  • Do not stretch too much
  • Suitable for long-term travel
  • The grip is not affected by temperature


  • Easy to lose control in some cases

Carlisle A.C.T ATV Tire

Carlisle A.C.T ATV Tire

To create Carlisle A.C.T, the manufacturer used six different layers of material.

The change in rubber components makes this tire even more durable and flexible. But the most important thing is the reinforced structure with the highly thick tread that the tire possesses.

Durability is the first factor that I noticed in this tire model. Not only because of the pitiful texture, but this conclusion also comes from my experience with tires.

At that time, I needed to cross a road about 40km in the mountainside. The road condition is entirely wrong when a storm has just affected the area.

Rocks, twigs, and mud were swept away by heavy rains and formed large piles of obstructions with extremely sharp surfaces.

Although the sound of the tire when going through obstacles is very loud, I did not see any damage happening.

Other than a few scratches, there is no severe damage, which proves its high durability and good impact strength.

I rarely see a UTV Tire product with an impressive load capacity like the Carlisle A.C.T ATV Tire. Thanks to that, I overcame dangerous obstacles while carrying a generator weighing several dozen pounds.

Of course, this heavy metal block does cause some obstacles when accelerating, but I maintained a steady speed of 40km/h.

It’s only downside might be the noise level. The noise grew louder as I moved through the bumpy asphalt. So, I feel uncomfortable traveling long distances.


  • Enduring
  • Good mud
  • High strength
  • Good resistance even to sharp obstacles


  • Noisy

Best UTV Tires for Mud

Pro Armor XG All-Terrain

Pro Armor XG All-Terrain

To run stably in muddy conditions, a tire model needs a lot of different factors, from structure to responsiveness.

If you are wondering about your choice, you can use Pro Armor XG All-Terrain. This tire model can quickly meet your need to move through the mud.

To test the durability and performance of the Pro Armor Crawler XG, I drove my UTV to an area near a metal mine. 

This site has all kinds of mud pits, from shallow to deep, and it is not surprising that the tires can easily pass all of them.

I started by accelerating the car to 45km/h, and at this speed, it was not difficult to get through puddles 3 to 5 inches deep.

Coming to the 7-inch mud pit, I could still move as usual instead of being stuck.

To increase the challenge, I decided to lower the speed to about 30km/h to move through the obstacles. And in the 7-inch hole, I feel the tire needs more traction to accelerate.

Despite passing such a tough test, the noise level in my ears is not ominous.

It’s not a big deal because the force absorption ability of this version is quite perfect. Its disadvantage may lie in the discomfort of long walks in the swamp.

Rigid tire walls that frequently hit rock ledges will cause you to shake more.


  • Good mud performance
  • Don’t get stuck while moving
  • Good mud traction
  • Works well even in deep mud


  • Having difficulty climbing steep slopes

Tusk Racing TERRABITE Heavy Duty

Tusk Racing TERRABITE Heavy Duty

Under the mud layers, there are many harmful agents that we cannot predict.

In this case, a great tire like Tusk Racing TERRABITE Heavy Duty will help you move more safely. The durability of this tire model has helped the vehicle operate efficiently, even in mud.

While testing this tire, I accidentally let the product roll through a screwdriver. The result is surprising when the plug-in changer bounces off the tire surface.

Upon re-inspection, I am even more confident of its durability and comfort with its high-performance 8-layer construction.

To come to a more specific conclusion, I actively sought out the foothills, which had a lot of rocks and mud. The search process took some time, but I finally found the right place.

Although there is not a deep mud layer, the site is quite dangerous with a large amount of rubble and relatively sharp. When traveling through this 30km of mixed terrain, the results were different when I accelerated and slowed my UTV.

At a high speed of about 45 km/h, scratches appeared on the tire, and the ability to move began to decrease.

Meanwhile, 25 km/h is the ideal speed for this version to keep the highest surface finish, although traction is significantly reduced.

What I am not satisfied with in this version is probably the relatively large rolling resistance. This disadvantage can cause quite an inertia for slow movements.


  • Good mobility at high speed
  • Can deal with sharp rocks
  • Withstands great impact
  • 8 layers of construction provide resistance


  • Large rolling resistance

Best UTV Tires for Pavement

Sedona Coyote ATV/UTV Tires

Sedona Coyote 27

The Sedona Coyote has never lost its place in the great UTV tires for pavement. In addition to performance suitable for rough terrain, this product possesses many other admirable capabilities.

The rocky road is one of the most challenging conditions that only UTV tires equipped with modern technology can travel. For this reason, Sedona has integrated into Coyote a series of modern technologies.

The most prominent must be the 6-layer structure for durability or the lug system to increase traction. It would be a significant omission to ignore the mechanics of increasing durability.

All of the above technologies help it move at a steady speed of 60km / h on rocky roads without slipping like my old versions.

Maintaining speed is a real challenge with unstable terrain like a rocky surface. But the Coyote is still doable and does quite well.

The roughness of the rock has always annoyed me. But since using Sedona Coyote, traveling by UTV on these roads is not too bad for me anymore.

I used to be quite sensitive to vibration, but now, the comfort of movement is much more perfect.

During travel, the tire does not create a reaction, thanks to modern Smooth-Ride technology. And the durability is also from there, which has improved markedly over time.


  • Quiet operation
  • Stable on rocky terrain
  • Maintain good speed
  • Allow acceleration when the surface is unstable


  • High price

Road Guider ATV/UTV Tires

Road Guider ATV/UTV Tires 26x9

Road Guider ATV/UTV Tires is a product with an excellent price for anyone to have the opportunity to use this tire model. I was pretty surprised to be able to buy a set of UTV tires for about half the price of many other names.

Even the second time I bought this Road Guider tire, the price dropped significantly due to a big sale.

Although it is a cheap tire, its performance is not inferior to any other competitors. The traction and the ability to stay stable on the rock surface were terrific for the price I paid.

To accelerate on rough roads is not a simple task. But I can quickly go from 0 to 50km with my UTV in less than a minute.

Even when coming to areas with high rock density, the tires’ acceleration and adhesion still do not decrease too much. Although the engine has to work harder, its softness and comfort impressed me.

The noise level in my ears is also acceptable, even at high speed. Another impressive ability of this version is fuel economy.

With 1 gallon of fuel, the Road Guider can help the UTV travel about 20% farther than other tires. In my experiments, I found this rate to be 15% and sometimes 20%.


  • Low price
  • Energy saving
  • Effective acceleration
  • Good traction on the rock surface


  • Few sizes available to choose from

Best for Sand

‎MassFx KT – Set four ATV tires

‎MassFx KT - Set four ATV tires

Controlling the UTV on the surface is a tough challenge. Even an experienced driver like me sometimes encounters unsolvable problems.

To avoid such situations, you need a tire model like the MassFx KT. The distribution of impact force and grip on the MassFx KT is a big turning point for sand tires.

Sand is inherently a solid, but its properties are similar to liquids. Your version needs a good grip and stable responsiveness when moving on to this material.

It’s good that products from the MassFx KT brands possess both of these factors. I can easily recognize when trying to turn a corner when running at high speed without feeling too much noise at all.

I selected a desert area with a layer of sand about 4 inches thick to move the test. It does not suffer from friction loss due to the groove system.

The grip is also very impressive because the maximum speed I achieved is 60km/h instead of only 30 or 40km/h like many other versions.

Most importantly, my cornering action did not cause the car to roll over. Instead, the controllability of the tires helped me quickly pull off this tricky trick.


  • Good controllability
  • Operates at high speed
  • The stable movement even on sand
  • Not easy to sink into thick sand


  • Having a lot of problems with steep slopes

Free Country ATV/UTV Tires

Free Country ATV/UTV Tires 24x8

Free Country ATV/UTV Tires allow us to move on the hottest sandy areas.

Thanks to 8 layers of construction and many stabilizing mechanisms, it can move wonderfully, even on deep sandy surfaces.

The most difficult challenge of the desert is the high temperature. During the day, the temperature can reach more than 40 degrees.

Continuous friction with the sand surface in the above conditions will produce tremendous heat on the tire.

But I believe the impact of heat on Free Country ATV/UTV Tires is not so much. During 30km traveling at 60km/h, I had no instability problems.

Even halfway through, my thermometer showed that the temperature had risen to 42 degrees. The tire can maintain the same speed, grip, and size in extreme conditions.

Although it has not been available for a long time, its excellent performance at high temperatures is clear evidence of its durability and flexibility.

Unlike many sand tires on the market, the Free Country ATV/UTV can accelerate right on the sand. Instead of running quite far, you can directly push the speed to the 50 or 60km/h mark in less than 30 seconds.

Even when slowing down and letting the sand stick to the side of the tire, it doesn’t take too long to accelerate again.


  • Good durability
  • Impressive acceleration
  • Unexpected stability
  • High temperature resistant


  • Few sizes to choose from

Things to consider when choosing UTV tires

Things to consider when choosing UTV tires

Size, tread design, construction, and rolling resistance are the four factors you need to consider when thinking about the suitability of any UTV tire model.

Check out the section below to understand each of the selection criteria above.


Size is an issue that you cannot ignore when choosing UTV tires. The consequences of using a product that is too wide or too tight on UTV models are enormous.

Only products that fit the size of the wheel are the most suitable choice to use. I’m sure you’ve made your own decision between safety and a little extra cost.

Modern UTV tires often have many sizes for you to consider. Please consult the information carefully from the manufacturer to make the correct choice.

Tread Design

UTV tires are one of the tires with the most aggressive tread design besides off-road and mud tires.

However, the surface design of these products is not always valuable for us.

All-in-ones generally offer balanced performance on all surfaces. Its performance decreases if you need to move in places with many obstacles. So, you need to consider the needs and choose products with suitable designs.


UTV tires usually come in two configurations, bias, and radial, each unique ability to serve different purposes.

Media still works whether you choose bias or radial. However, the performance will never reach the desired level if you use the correct tire type.

Bias tires are much thicker and sturdier for traveling in less stable areas. This line is also relatively cheap and easier to repair than radial tires. You can prioritize based on versions if you can’t afford to pay too well.

Radial tires are a much more versatile choice. Compared to bias, radial provides consistent performance in many terrains instead of just dangerous places.

Another impressive feature that these tires possess is their smoothness. If you are used to bias tires, you will quickly realize how comfortable radial tires are.

Although it is difficult to repair, radial tires are incredibly durable.

Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance in UTV tires is determined by 4 factors: tread design, weight, height, and width. Except for design, rolling resistance tends to be proportional to all three other factors.

Considerable rolling resistance also puts a lot of pressure on the vehicle’s engine, increasing fuel consumption.


What ply tire is best for UTV?

4 tires are the most popular UTV tires and the best today. 4 ply products will be thicker and provide effective resistance when moving. While OEM tire models usually only have 2 layers. The fewer layers of tires, the lower the production cost, so most manufacturers often choose 2-layer products for cost reasons. Of course, 4 layers will bring higher performance.

How many miles should UTV tires last?

The durability of UTV tires depends on the environment the product often moves on. These products should work well between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. However, if you have to operate in extreme conditions continuously, this number can decrease to only about 800 miles.

Are radial tires good for UTV?

Radial tires are expensive, but the durability, performance, and comfort this product offers are great. If you are a person who can afford it, radial tires are always the right choice for you to equip your UTV model.

What’s better: bias ply or radial?

The answer will depend on your personal needs, preferences, and financial situation. Bias tires are cheaper, easier to repair, and suitable for terrain that requires durability. Meanwhile, radial tires offer comfort, performance, and durability. One product is cheap but less durable, while the other will be more expensive.

Are BFG UTV tires DOT approved?

BFG UTV models do not receive DOT-approved for public transport.


I have suggested the top 10 best UTV tires that you should consider in this article. If you are still struggling with your choice, SunF145/70-6 and Carlisle A.C.T are my two most perfect recommendations with outstanding performance.

Whatever your needs are, the superior tires in this article will fully meet your criteria. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Thank you for reading!

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