Top 8 Best Tires For Acura MDX In 2024: From Low-Price To High-End

Acura MDX has been loved by users for more than 20 years. This day, the attraction of this four-door SUV has not diminished. You can still be satisfied with the powerful engine’s luxurious interior.

Yet, the above advantages come from the accessories fitted to this seven-seater, especially the tires. The question is, which tire is best for Acura MDX? 

To help you answer this question and choose the right product, I have done numerous comparisons and reviews to compile the best tires for Acura MDX. So, do not miss any of the information below and start your search right now!

The Best Tires For Acura MDX Reviews Of 2024

The best tires for Acura MDX include many names from many different brands and lines of tires. Although there are distinct advantages and disadvantages, in general, these are products you should consider.

TiresBest for
Michelin Premier LTXBest for Overall
Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel MaxBest for All Seasons
Bridgestone Dueler H/P SportBest for Highway
Yokohama Geolandar G055Best for Comfort
Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus IIBest for Dry Road
Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza PlusBest for Noise Resistances
Pirelli Scorpion Zero AsimmetricoBest for Warranty
Continental CrossContact UHPBest for Snow Performance

Michelin Premier LTX

Best for Overall

Michelin Premier LTX


  • Load Index Rating: 110.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 60.0.
  • Speed Rating: T.

With a good tire in all respects, the idea sounds appealing. Imagine going anywhere with a tire that can handle any terrain and weather conditions. And Michelin Premier LTX is such a product.

To do the seemingly impossible above, the manufacturer has equipped the product with EverGrip technology.

True to the company’s motto of delivering products that are not only safe when new but also reliable even when half-worn, the above technology has helped Premier LTX have a remarkably short braking distance, despite being over a long period of use

Powering the four seasons of this tire model is also a series of technologies that appear in the Total Performance package.

As the manufacturer boasts, the technology package above is a collection of changes to improve overall performance, including enhanced traction in the snow, improved driving control, and reduced downforce rolling resistance, helping to save fuel.

A tire model cannot be considered perfect without a long tire life. Understanding this, the manufacturer has provided a TWI tread wear indicator, making it easy to monitor the current tire condition.

Besides, Michelin has also reinforced the internal structure with improved tire compound. Therefore, I am almost delighted with the time of use of the product.

The only complaint is that Michelin doesn’t offer a treadwear warranty. Seriously, 60,000 miles isn’t low. However, the above mileage is not commensurate with the reputation and price of the product, especially while some competitors have warranty distances of up to 80,000 miles.


  • Short braking distance.
  • Good waterproof ability.
  • EverGrip technology ensures that the tire performs well even when worn.
  • Excellent handling on dry pavement.
  • Minimal noise on the highway.


  • Tire warranty is shorter than competitors in the same high-end segment.

Bottom Line

Despite complaining about the warranty period, I am delighted with the product’s long life. The Michelin Premier LTX provides reliable traction and braking even with worn tires.

It can be that this representative from France is close to perfection and you certainly won’t want to miss a product like it.

Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

Best All Season tires for Acura MDX

Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max


  • Load Index Rating: 105.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 60.0.
  • Speed Rating: T.

If you are looking for a product that can perform well in various weather conditions, the Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max is the name you should not miss.

First, in terms of working on dry surfaces, the unique tread blocks make the product feel reliable when cornering. Especially for daily driving purposes, Goodyear has provided good traction and a short braking distance to give you a safe driving feeling.

On wet and slippery roads, the Assurance CS Fuel Max once again does not disappoint with the addition of “Dual Aquachannel” grooves to help prevent hydroplaning. It can be that the product is one of the tires with the best-wet performance in the segment.

As a four-season tire model, in addition to focusing on the dry and slippery road experience, Goodyear has also put a lot of effort into bringing light snow traction to the Assurance CS Fuel Max.

I appreciate the product’s ability to handle conditions that are not too harsh. If you live in an area with long cold winters with heavy snow and ice, I would still recommend you choose specialized tires instead of a four-season tire like the Assurance CS Fuel Max.


  • Reliable handling on dry roads.
  • Energy-saving.
  • The treadwear warranty period is extended.
  • “Dual Aquachannel” grooves help prevent hydroplaning.
  • Solid shoulder blocks.


  • Not ideal if you live in an area with severe winters.

Bottom Line

Although there are some disadvantages, there is no denying that Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max is the best All-Season that you should not miss.

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

Best for Highway

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport RFT


  • Load Index Rating: 102.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 65.0.
  • Speed Rating: T.

The Acura MDX is a powerful car. You’ll certainly want to further enhance its aggressiveness by wearing a set of performance tires, of which the Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport is an example.

This product from Bridgestone belongs to the line of maximum performance tires, born to improve the speed and power of the vehicle’s engine. 

At the same time, being a UHP tire model, the Dueler H/P Sport also offers good handling and driving response, especially on the highway.

The success of the product comes from a series of features and design technologies below:

First of all, it is impossible not to mention the silica tread compound and the optimal tread design. Along with that, the manufacturer has also provided the tire’s shoulder blocks with sufficient stiffness.

All of the above equipment improves traction, increasing the ability to corner in dry conditions of the product.

Another advantage that makes me quite impressed by this representative from Japan is the four wide-circle grooves. In wet conditions, the upper grooves combined with the high-angle side grooves do a pretty good job of reducing the risk of water damage, helping to provide the safest driving experience possible.

It can be that, with a series of the above equipment, this high-performance tire is quite suitable for use on paved roads. The question is, can you use the product on more rugged roads, catering to your offroad driving preferences?

The answer is yes. You can handle some off-road terrain with this model. However, operating it can reduce the product’s life in extreme topography, such as deep mud or sharp rocks.


  • Silica tire compound.
  • The closed shoulders have high stiffness.
  • The tread has full depth.
  • Good brake handling.
  • Comfortable to operate.


  • Not suitable for use on deep mud or areas with sharp rocks.

Bottom Line

As a highly high-performance tire with many advantages, the Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport is the choice you should not miss when owning the Acura MDX.

Yokohama Geolandar G055

Best for Comfort

Yokohama Geolandar G055


  • Load Index Rating: 100.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 70.0.
  • Speed Rating: H.

One of the advantages I appreciate most about the Yokohama Geolandar G055 is the exclusive Enduro compound. In this compound, the manufacturer has added special polymers. This addition has made the tire perform well in many different weather conditions.

In particular, Enduro compounds also contribute quite a lot to the excellent durability of the product. Even through shredding puncture, Yokohama can still be with you for years to come, challenging any abrasive terrain.

But the advantages Yokohama Geolandar G055 possesses are not only exclusive tire compounds. One of the highlights of the product is its excellent comfort.

Reading this far, you must be pretty skeptical. With just a little research on tires, everyone will understand that the new H/T tires are the first choice in terms of comfort. In reality, however, Yokohama has brought the essence of H/T tires into Geolandar G015.

During the experience, you will undoubtedly be satisfied with the comfort and smoothness at all speeds that this Japanese tire model brings.

Although I have given a lot of praise to Geolandar G015, however, objectively, this tire model still has some disadvantages.

The most noticeable disadvantage is the poor handling ability on thick and deep mud. Therefore, if you are looking for an off-road product, you will need a more specialized tire.


  • As comfortable as an actual H/T tire.
  • Exclusive Enduro Compound.
  • Zigzag grooves resist vitrification.
  • Multiple biting edges improve traction in winter.
  • Low rolling resistance.


  • Poor performance on thick mud.

Bottom Line

The Yokohama Geolandar G055 offers high performance and comfort, fuel economy, and incredible durability. It can be that it would be a mistake if your list of the best tires for Acura MDX lacks this Japanese name.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II

Best for Dry Road

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus II


  • Load Index Rating: 107.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 60.0.
  • Speed Rating: V.

Pirelli is an Italian tire manufacturer known for its high-performance products. And Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II is no exception. 

This tire model possesses all the advantages of making Pirelli famous: smoothness and good handling, especially on dry roads.

Specifically, the product uses a special compound to strengthen silica, reducing rolling resistance and improving traction.

The manufacturer also offers an asymmetrical tread pattern and optimized rubber to clearance ratio. All of the above equipment has brought about excellent wet and dry handling of the product.

You should also note that, although it offers commendable traction, braking performance is not the strong point of this tire model.

You can still have a reasonably reliable braking experience. However, compared to the competition, the braking performance of Pirelli is less impressive.

In return, Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II is a gentle and smooth tire even when operating at high speed. 

This impressive advantage comes from Pirelli Noise Canceling Technology (PNCS), a sound absorber, ensuring the most comfortable driving experience.


  • Special compound with high silica content.
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • Ability to operate all four seasons.
  • Impressive dry handling.
  • Enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride.


  • Braking’s performance is not as impressive as competitors in the same segment.

Bottom Line

With a series of advantages above, it is not difficult to understand that tires from Pirelli have always been a name that receives special attention from famous names in the automotive industry, including Acura MDX.

Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus

Best for Noise Resistances

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus


  • Load Index Rating: 100.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 55.0.
  • Speed Rating: V.

Good handling in most conditions, long life and comfortable, quiet comfort, these words cover all the advantages of the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus – a tire you shouldn’t miss if you own an Acura MDX.

In terms of handling different weather conditions, the strength of the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus comes from the symmetrical tread design, combined with the knurled shoulder blocks and the central vein. The result is a product that offers high stability and responsiveness in various weather conditions.

Even on a snowy surface, this representative from Japan did not disappoint. Although there are no zig-zag bars, the product has four wide circumference grooves and many side grooves. This equipment has helped Dueler H/L Alenza Plus have outstanding traction, even on heavy snow.

Bridgestone has provided the product with an 80,000-mile tire warranty in terms of durability. With a special tire compound and a series of efforts to strengthen the internal structure, you can expect to accompany the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus for many years to come.

However, saying that does not mean that this product is durable enough to accompany you to conquer all offroad journeys. 

Deep mud, gravel, and various other harsh conditions will significantly affect tire wear, making it difficult for the product to reach its maximum life.

Back to the advantages, it would be remiss to mention the Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus without mentioning the Pitch Tread Variable technology. 

The arrival of this technology has made this Bridgestone representative the lowest noise available today, giving you the most comfortable, quiet driving experience.


  • Extremely quiet.
  • Warranty mileage is up to 80,000 miles.
  • High traction on dry surfaces.
  • Works well even on light snow
  • Enduring.


  • Off-Road capabilities are limited.

Bottom Line

With a series of advantages mentioned above, Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is one of the brightest names when looking for Best Tires For Acura MDX.

Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

Best for Warranty

Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico


  • Load Index Rating: 112.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 45.0.
  • Speed Rating: V.

It is another name from the Italian brand Pirelli. With the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico, the manufacturer surprised me with a series that anyone who owns a high-performance car like the Acura MDX is looking for.

The manufacturer has used a unique four-season compound that enhances grip on dry roads. In addition, this tire model also possesses notched veins and large spike blocks – two advantages that make up the power when cornering and the product’s responsiveness.

Another impressive advantage of this tire model is its 50,000-mile warranty. This parameter is probably modest compared to some of the other names on this list.

However, considering the segment and products in the same tire line, the above distance is a desirable number.

The only problem with this tire is its ability to handle wet roads. In my personal experience, driving over 60 mph is a real challenge.


  • High-performance tire compound.
  • Z-shaped intermediate tread blocks.
  • Pirelli noise cancellation system.
  • The internal structure of the tire consists of double steel belts.
  • Excellent handling on dry roads.


  • Poor handling on wet roads.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico will be one of the perfect tires for your Acura MDX.

Continental CrossContact UHP

Best for Snow Performance

Continental CrossContact UHP


  • Load Index Rating: 109.0.
  • Tire Aspect Ratio: 45.0.
  • Speed Rating: Y.

In compiling my list of Best Tires For Acura MDX, I tried to present you with good performance on dry roads and highways. Now, I would like to introduce the product capable of performing well on snow – Continental CrossContact UHP.

Powering the product’s snow handling power is an advanced silica tread compound. Along with that, the unique design of asymmetrical spike blocks and a continuous centerline helps to provide reasonably good overall handling, especially on harsh roads.

Not only stopping at outstanding driving responsiveness but the representative from Continental was also impressed with the short braking distance. 

Thanks to the relatively short braking distances in the segment, you don’t have to worry about skidding on both dry and wet surfaces.

While Continental is one of my favorite brands, the CrossContact UHP is also an impressive performer. However, I still have to complain about some disadvantages that the manufacturer needs to improve. In particular, operating noise is one of the issues you need to consider before making a final decision.


  • Advanced silica tread compound.
  • Short braking distance in the segment.
  • Outstanding steering response.
  • The handling is pretty good.
  • Works well on snow


  • Noise during operation.

Bottom Line

The Continental CrossContact UHP is a tire model with both advantages and disadvantages.

Fortunately, the product’s advantages outweigh the existing cons, making this Japanese representative one of the top choices for your Acura MDX, especially when you live in an area with severe winters.

How to choose tires for Acura MDX

How to choose snow tires for Acura MDX

Tires affect the driving experience and have a significant impact on the overall performance of the vehicle. So, in order not to make mistakes when choosing this critical accessory, do not forget to refer to some information below.

Suitable tire type

Acura MDX, a luxury sport utility vehicle, will need accessories that provide grip and stability. Therefore, highway tires, all-season tires, and off-road tires are ideal. Each option has points to consider, specifically:

  • Highway tires: The strength provides comfort and high durability while still providing excellent traction.
  • All-season tire: As the name suggests, this tire style provides traction in dry and wet conditions, even snow and ice. However, you should not expect too much from the product’s ability to handle snow, especially when living in an area with harsh winters.
  • All-terrain tires: If you are passionate about off-road driving, this tire style will be your best choice.

Tread life and warranty

Tire life may depend on your driving conditions and frequency. However, if you choose a durable product from the beginning, you can be with the tire for a longer time than you ever imagined.

Besides, you should also pay attention to the warranty policy that the manufacturer provides. Reputable names like Michelin and Bridgestone will provide warranty service of up to 6 years for some tire models.

Comfort, noise

Noise can give you a rather unpleasant driving experience, especially after a long time of use, the tires gradually wear out.

Many brands currently offer noise-canceling technology to enhance your driving experience. Therefore, you should prioritize products that provide maximum comfort and quietness.


Finding the right tire is never an easy task. To solve some of your problems, here are some brief answers to the most frequently asked questions:

How long do Acura MDX tires last?

The answer depends on the brand and your driving habits. But usually, Acura MDX tires will be able to accompany you for 2-4 years or 30,000 – 50,000 miles.

Is Acura MDX expensive to maintain?

By some calculations, it will cost you about 9,820 USD to maintain and repair an Acura MDX for the first 10 years.

What problems does Acura MDX have?

Some of the most common problems with the Acura MDX are high fuel consumption, strange noises, and frequent transmission problems.

Why is my Acura MDX jerking?

The leading cause of the Acura MDX’s jerking is the lack of the proper air and fuel mixture.

Is the Acura MDX good in the snow?

The Acura MDX can do well in the winter as long as you equip it with specialized snow tires.

Final Thoughts

In the process of comparing and evaluating to create the list of the best tires for Acura MDX, I have tried to give the pros and cons of the product. As you can see, each tire model responds well to a different driving style and weather condition:

  • Michelin Premier LTX – For for Overall
  • Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max – Best All Season
  • Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport – For Highway
  • Yokohama Geolandar G055 – Best for Comfort
  • Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II – For Dry Road
  • Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus – For Noise resistances
  • Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico – For Warranty
  • Continental CrossContact UHP – Best Snow Performance

Hopefully, with the above objective assessments, you have a solid basis for choosing the most suitable companion to conquer all roads with the Acura MDX.

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