Best Boat Trailer Tires: Top 8 Options & Buying Guide For 2024

Ahoy, mateys! It’s Alvin Reyes, the car guru and word wizard. When it comes to sailing, the only thing better than a gentle breeze and a cold drink is having your trusty ride to pull your boat out of the water.

But let me tell you, towing a boat ain’t no walk in the park. You need a solid trailer and some heavy-duty tires that won’t let you down. As an automotive engineer, car review specialist, and all-around tire enthusiast, I know the ins and outs of finding the best boat trailer tires.

Trust me, choosing the wrong boat trailer tires can spell disaster for you and your vessel. That’s why I’ve put my skills to the test and scoured the market for the best options out there. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or just getting your feet wet, my list of top boat trailer tires will have you cruising with confidence.

So, weigh anchor and join me on this tire-tastic journey. Let’s find the perfect tires for your boat trailer and ensure a safe and smooth voyage!

The Best Boat Trailer Tires In-depth Reviews Of 2024

To find the best tires for boat trailer below, I tested and evaluated many different models for almost two years. Each of these passed my matching tests with impeccable performance.

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Tires

Best Choice

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer

I have tried the Radial Trail HD for various purposes, including towing boats, towing heavy trucks, or regular tires.

No matter what needs it serves, the product works reasonably. I was also surprised to know that the tire has so many functions.

Despite impressive compatibility, the Radial Trail HD’s boat trailer performance has decreased. I’ve tried many different tire models to transport my small boat.

The results are often quite bad because the vehicle is not moving very steadily.

It constantly can’t keep the balance to drag a ton of metal behind. Without the support features, the load on the tires is exceptionally high.

Since equipping this Carlisle tire model, losing control has no longer appeared. It is all thanks to the solid sidewalls and solid construction available to the product.

Durability is an advantage I cannot ignore in this version. According to some measurements I have taken, the tires wear very evenly. The feature has limited asymmetry while increasing tire life.

The average tire pressure in everyday driving is always lower than most in-class versions. With reduced pressure on the surface, it will be easier for you to operate the Radial Trail HD. The protective ozone layer will be the most effective barrier if you move in hot weather.

Most versions at high load ranges do their job well. However, low-load options have much worse performance, which can cause unexpected damage.


  • High stability
  • Stable durability
  • Suitable for many purposes
  • Come with a protective ozone tire
  • Medium pressure for ease of control
  • Not become useless after carrying the boat


  • Low-quality low-load versions.

Goodyear Endurance

Best Runner Up

Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tire

The Goodyear Endurance is a choice that balances many different factors.

Focusing on many characteristics at once is extremely risky. Fortunately, the manufacturer has integrated many elements to create this quality Endurance.

If I had to choose only one most important feature for a boat trailer tire, braking performance is always my top priority. It would be a nightmare to rush along with a large boat without stopping quickly. To meet this requirement, Goodyear has integrated into the product many components to reduce braking distance.

I tested the brakes with boat drag and not on dry roads. Finally, the parameters show that its stopping distance at 50 mph is 18m and 23m, respectively.

On wet roads, tires do even better with the help of Hydro Grip technology. After I stepped on the brake, the tire quickly decelerated to zero in just 24m. Meanwhile, its controllability remained undiminished.

Its surface is harder than many other tire models of the same type. According to the information provided by the manufacturer, they incorporate Kevlar technology, a high-strength fiber, into the production process. 

I tested pointed objects to impact the surface to attest to their performance. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t leave too much damage to Endurance.

The available rolling resistance of the tire is relatively low. So my Goodyear tires help the car save much more gas.

Sizing with Goodyear Endurance is pretty straightforward, with so many options available. The problem, however, is that their prices are relatively high to reach.


  • Many sizes
  • Energy saving
  • Stable dry brake
  • Harder and more durable
  • The wet brake is pretty good
  • Stability control in wet conditions


  • Expensive

Trailer King RST Radial Tire

Best Mid Price

Trailer King RST Radial Tire

In the mid-range price range, it is difficult for any product to beat Trailer King RST Radial. This model has more great features than it costs you to own.

Its performance is high compared to other boat trailer tires. The better tire performance is not surprising with a large and firm center groove design.

Through stability and cornering tests, I have corroborated this information. The results also show that the tire grips exceptionally well with low deflection, even through S-corners.

Traction is a feature that I think you should pay attention to when considering the Trailer King RST Radial tire. The particular nylon layer covering the outside of the surface has dramatically improved its strength.

The more efficient the tire, the more friction and traction force is generated. So, I confidently set up N to pull the heavy boat behind.

Whether the environment is extremely hot or rainy, this Trailer King product is still easy to overcome. The raised shoulder design helps the tire quickly cool down the surface temperature in high-temperature areas.

Through a few simple measurements, I discovered that this product could lower up to 10 degrees Celsius in a short time.

Meanwhile, the drains with a deep design easily remove excess water clinging to deep water areas. With no more frictional fluid, the rate of hydration reduces.

Most of the details on the tire have a good finish except for the sidewall. The lack of performance here significantly impacts the product’s anti-vibration ability.


  • Good grip
  • Average price
  • High stability
  • Impressive heat resistance
  • Anti-hydrogenation grooves
  • Performance beyond expectations


  • Sidewall needs improvement

Carlisle Sport Trail LH

Best for Design

Carlisle Sport Trail LH

Design is the most outstanding advantage of Carlisle Sport Trail LH. So, its durability and performance are always adequate to serve many purposes.

The Sport Trail LH is to handle a wide range of vehicles and trailers. I’ve tried the tires on several other cars and found that the performance isn’t too much of a difference. Even with agricultural tractor models, the product is still the perfect choice to ensure stability.

Heat is the leading cause of tire wear and tear. That’s why Carlisle integrated heat reduction into the product design.

The temperature difference between dynamic and static states is not too high. This result shows the effectiveness of the excellent temperature stabilization mechanism.

This version also features heavy sidewalls and an impressive tread design to increase stability and optimize durability. Its low rolling resistance markedly minimizes the reverse effect of force on the tires.

In comparison, its lifespan is also significantly superior to that of similar models. In a year of testing, I never had to bring it to a service center.

It’s not too difficult to find a suitable Carlisle Sport Trail model. There are many sizes and load ranges to consider. Not many products have such a large selection available to the user.

Finally, its surface spikes are not too thick. Therefore, you cannot tow models beyond the maximum weight. Some hazards may arise if you still attempt to carry out the carriage.


  • Durable
  • Many different options
  • Built-in cooling function
  • Suitable for use with many vehicles


  • Can’t load beyond capacity

Hankook Vantra Trailer

Best for Durability

Hankook Vantra Trailer

The Hankook Vantra is a boat trailer tire known for its outstanding durability. 

This product not only possesses a durable construction but also comes with many other impressive features.

Only with the naked eye have I recognized the details that increase the durability of the tire surface. The most prominent are the prominent complex pattern blocks and deep-cut grooves.

With the help of these factors, I confidently towed the boat through more challenging terrain. The increased stability gives me more peace of mind.

In addition to the characteristics we observe, Vantra Trailer also possesses many features to optimize durability in construction. Among them are some prominent names, such as folding belt tape or high-strength bead cord.

Zig-zag grooves on the outer tire surface to increase durability and stability also have a drainage function. The comprehensive design and increased length come from a unique arrangement that prevents liquid from settling on the surface. 

Without standing water, the friction force will have a more even distribution. Thereby, it is increasing the wet performance of the Hankook Vantra Trailer. 

Via a trip in the rain, I had the opportunity to verify the accuracy of these statements. The Vantra Trailer does not have too many sizes to choose from. This lack of diversity will create some difficulties for users during use.


  • Stable on the move
  • Impressive durability
  • High wet performance
  • Integrate many modern details


  • Too few options

Power King Towmax STR II

Best for Budget

Power King Towmax STR II

Few boat trailer tires strike the perfect balance between price and quality, like the Power King Towmax STR II. This factor makes this product suitable for many different users.

Towmax STR II is 30 to 40% cheaper than most other competing products. This number will increase if you buy tires on sale occasions. 

The big difference saves us another significant amount of money. With the same amount of money, but with STR II, I can buy a complete set of 4 tires while many other names are only 3.

The durability of this cheap product impressed me. With Power King Towmax STR II, we can ultimately move stably within 60,000 miles. 

Even with more expensive products, this number is still relatively large. You will surely be pleased about this particular element.

The load capacity of Towmax STR II is also quite impressive, especially with a relatively low-priced tire. I borrowed a friend’s boat to test its stability under heavy loads. The metal block weighs twice as much as the model I’m using, but the tires don’t seem to lose performance.

I feel the car moves better, even under heavy loads. After taking measurements, I realized that it was the traction of the tires that affected the controls.

During operation, I still have some mechanical problems with the tire from time to time. Although it’s not too severe, the annoying feeling is inevitable.


  • Low price
  • Enduring
  • High load capacity
  • Suitable customer groups


  • Prone to mechanical problems.

What Is A Boat Trailer Tire?

What Is A Boat Trailer Tire

Boat trailers are specifically to tow boat trailers instead of focusing solely on performance. Like many other transport tires, these products also strengthen sidewalls. With this change, the tire will withstand higher internal loads while maintaining stability.

Boat trailers often come with features to help balance the impact on the vehicle. 

The weight distribution of the boat is not uniform. So moving significantly when changing direction will be more prone to risks. The force balance will greatly help the driver in such complicated cases as above.

Types of Boat Trailer Tires

Boat trailers have two distinct ratings, radial and bias. Each tire line has its advantages and disadvantages. We will base on these factors to make a choice.


Radial is a tired line that favors variety. The experience that radial products bring to users is the same in many different terrains. From flat areas to areas of instability, they all share a unique outcome. 

This product line is also famous for the comfort it brings to the driver on the go. High durability is also a factor that we cannot ignore. However, the repair process will be highly complicated when the radial tire has a problem.


Bias tires are the right choice for us to use on unstable terrain and many obstacles. The unique simple construction makes the product very easy to repair if problems or errors are encountered while moving. 

In return, the durability of bias tires is not too high, and the performance on other surfaces is also quite bad.

Key Features To Choose Boat Trailer Tires

Key Features To Choose Boat Trailer Tires

Size and capacity, lifespan, durability, speed, and traction are the five factors that I think you should pay attention to when choosing boat trailer tires.

Of course, many characteristics make up the quality of a tire. But to save time and money, you need to focus on the following items.

Size and Capacity

Size and load capacity are two critical factors when choosing any model. Usually, tires with a larger size will have a higher load capacity and vice versa.

However, you must choose the right size first because if the cake is too big or too small, the consequences will be enormous.

With capacity, you should buy products with parameters 20 to 30% higher than standard requirements. Owning tires with high bearing capacity but not in use will cause unnecessary waste.


Life is a factor that has a lot to do with the ability to operate a vehicle for a long time. In general, if possible, you should invest in long-life tires. Over time, we will realize the advantages of these options over cheaper tires but less life.


The more durable the tire, the better it is worth buying, so keep this conclusion in mind every time you decide or review a product. The durability of tires also plays a big part in maintaining performance and safety while on the move.


It is challenging to find boat trailer tires at high speed.

The average specs of these products are usually between 60 and 70mph. With towing a heavy boat, moving quickly is not a good idea.


Traction is the most important factor when traveling in wet and rainy areas.

If you travel in such places, you must choose tires that produce above-average traction to avoid hazards.

Of course, impressive traction usually only appears on more high-tech versions of tires. Therefore, you will sometimes have to spend more money on an ideal model. I think it’s worth investing in safer and more stable boat transport.


What is the difference between car and trailer tires?

Boat trailer tires can withstand loads better and increase travel stability than regular tires.

How long do boat trailer tires last?

5 years is the average time a boat trailer tire lasts and maintains maximum performance.

What size should boat trailer tires be?

The most suitable size will be based on the vehicle type as well as the size of the wheels you are using.

How often should boat trailer tires be replaced?

Although 5 years is the average for this tire’s life, you should replace it as early as the 3rd or 4th year.

Do I have to balance boat trailer tires?

You do not need to dynamically balance the boat trailer like other common tires.

Final Thoughts

With my real experiences, I have recommended the top 8 best boat trailer tires for 2024 and some things to consider to choose a suitable tire model for you. 

From my perspective, the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Tires can satisfy you in terms of overall perfection, while the Hankook Vantra Trailer offers incredible durability in the long run.

What is your final choice? Don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know.

Thank you for reading!

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