The Best Tires For Audi Q5: Top 10 Choices & Complete Guide for 2024

Hey there, I’m Alvin Reyes, your tire guru on a mission to help you upgrade your Audi Q5’s ride.

This crossover is already a head-turner, but the OEM tires might hold you back from unlocking its full potential. What you need are tires with high stability and a solid grip to truly feel the power.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! I’ve searched high and low to bring you the top 10 best tire for Audi Q5, whether you’re driving in all seasons, summer, or winter.

So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s take a joyride through the best tire options for your Q5. Together, we’ll find the perfect match to elevate your driving experience to new heights!

For those who can’t wait, here is my list of best Audi Q5 tires:

The Best Tires For Audi Q5 Recommendations

After many years of working with hundreds of tire models, I have verified the quality of many products. I have gathered all the related results and figured out the top 10 outstanding tires for the Q5 below.

Continental CrossContact LX25

Best Crossover/SUV Touring All-season Tire

Continental CrossContact LX25

For me, few products maintain impressive smoothness, like the CrossContact LX25. Crossovers like the Audi Q5 are inherently focused on performance. Therefore, many tire manufacturers often ignore the user’s driving feeling.

Yet, Continental has chosen a different direction to exploit the comfort factor.

I am susceptible to forces from outside the car. But with CrossContact LX25, the uncomfortable feeling is gone. Now, I no longer have to fear constant long-distance travel.

In addition to its smooth feel, it comes with effective noise-canceling mechanisms. Even traveling at high speed, I still don’t hear annoying sounds.

Touring all season is always my preferred line of choice for crossovers like the Audi Q5. These are the perfect combination of comfort and all-season performance. The CrossContact LX25 is no exception with its heavy-duty multi-compatibility.

Its grip and braking performance on dry surfaces are pretty good. I don’t need to spend too much effort to keep the car from skidding during sharp turns. Even if braking at 55mph, the slip is only about 16m.

Its wet performance is not inferior either. I found many different tests that the difference is minimal, only about 10 to 20%.


  • High smoothness
  • Move silently, even at high speed
  • Impressive dry performance
  • Remarkable wet performance


  • Expensive

Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus

Best Ultra High-Performance All-season Tire

Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Plus

Almost no product can match the all-season performance of the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus. 

It is the perfect choice if you need a robust tire for the Audi Q5. What I always observe first in a performance tire is the responsiveness of the steering.

Fortunately, ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus responds perfectly to sensitivity and latency. Even when cornering sharply continuously, its reflexes are not impaired.

ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus also comes with an impressive all-season equalizer. Tests show that dry surfaces in spring or wet in summer can not cause problems for tires.

The results also show that its cornering grip is superior in the rain. It is not easy to drive safely in such extreme conditions. But with the help of this Continental, all my worries about accidents are gone.

Regarding waterproof performance, this version will surely satisfy you. For a long time, I rarely encountered hydrolysis. Except through deep floodplains, it stays dry all year round for my great experience.

Although the tire feedback system is quite good, I am still not satisfied with the driving feeling of the vehicle. A high-performance product like the DWS 06 Plus will need further optimization to make the trip more maneuverable.


  • Low latency
  • High control accuracy
  • Balanced movement performance
  • Good hugs right in the rain
  • Impressive waterproofing


  • Driving feeling needs improvement

Michelin CrossClimate2

Best All-Weather Tire for Audi Q5

Michelin CrossClimate2

The Michelin CrossClimate2 doesn’t just deliver outstanding performance on basic terrains. This all-weather tire also makes the Audi Q5 more stable thanks to its ease of handling.

CrossClimate2 outperforms many products in its class on dry roads. I quickly noticed it barely skidded even at high speeds of 65mph. In many other options, high speed will often cause a loss of control due to increased friction.

Not only has high travel performance, but its short dry braking distance is also very significant. In my testing, it usually stops after 15 to 17m, which is safe enough for you to move at high speed.

Although not too prominent with wet surfaces, I am still satisfied with what CrossClimate2 brings. I noticed its wet grip is about 25% less than its dry grip. And the braking distance is also increased, about 19 to 20m, just enough to avoid catastrophic accidents.

The highlight for me is its comfort in heavy rain. Except for testing, I rarely actively go out when it rains. Despite more brutal handling, my Audi Q5 sped away with a steady grip and water resistance.

This version can’t cross the area of ​​heavy subsidence in terms of weakness. I have been stuck so many times on rainy dirt roads.


  • Good dry grip
  • Impressive braking in dry conditions
  • Sufficient wet performance
  • Outstanding performance for heavy rain


  • Not optimal for subsidence terrain

Vredestein Quatrac Pro

Best All-Weather Tire for Audi Q5

Vredestein Quatrac PRO

I have never experienced a particular all-weather tire like the Vredestein Quatrac Pro. In addition to the impressive weather performance, the product also possesses relatively high operating sensitivity.

The Vredestein Quatrac Pro offers far more control than many other in-class models. It shortens the reaction time and increases the balance sensitivity thanks to the power assist.

Usually, I must step on the brake with great force if I want the Q5 to stop immediately. Yet, with this tire model, I only need to press lightly to perform the necessary actions.

Stable performance on many terrains is also an outstanding advantage of Quatrac Pro. 

During the experience on dry and wet surfaces, it almost did not slip away due to the loss of friction. Even the braking distance has been markedly improved.

I don’t always need to be on guard to avoid collisions. The tire will quickly stop with a single brake pedal, even on dry or wet roads.

One problem that bothers me significantly is the loud noise at high speeds. The gauges showed a 2x increase in sound intensity when I accelerated from 50mph to 60mph.


  • Move Safer
  • Good control
  • No need to spend a lot of effort to move
  • Balanced wet and dry performance


  • The noise increases rapidly

Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Best Highway All-season tire

Michelin Defender LTX M/S review

Traveling on the highway is a real challenge for new and experienced drivers. Choose a tire that specializes in this terrain to reduce safety hazards, such as the Michelin Defender LTX M/S.

This version is famous for its braking performance and short operating distance. It was not difficult for me to corroborate these claims through a few experiments.

Highway models all possess many specially formulated compounds to increase durability and stability. Defender LTX M/S is no exception with Evertread, which is more resistant to heat.

At the same time, the internal components come with high inertness for smooth, dry migration. Thanks to this advantage, I have never experienced a loss of control, even at 65 or 70mph.

Although it moves quickly with excellent friction, it does not make annoying noises. Whether on the highway or not, the LTX M/S retains the necessary silence during the journey.

Michelin is famous for its quality products at high prices. I do not encourage you to look for ways to own Defender LTX M/S if you can’t afford it.


  • Move silently
  • Maintain safety
  • Brake performance is quite good
  • Tire compound for good resistance


  • Expensive

Pirelli P Zero

Max Performance Summer Tire

Pirelli P Zero

Not many tire models maintain stable performance in the summer. I tested many models until I tried driving the P Zero, a quality version from the Pirelli brand.

Tires need wet and dry performance to stay strong in the summer. So, Pirelli has devoted many upgrades to these two elements to maximize performance.

In fact, these changes have worked when giving me a great experience. When the conditions change from sunny to rainy, its performance does not decrease.

Meanwhile, many other summer tire models I used before take a long time to adapt to the changing environment.

Good handling is a must for high-performance tires. So on P Zero, there are many technologies to increase tire sensitivity.

With tests on many bends, this version proved to be relatively stable. In rainy and humid conditions, the results obtained are not much different.

I used to take off my summer tires whenever the weather turned cold. However, you do not need to do this with Pirelli P Zero. It is compatible with low temperatures for stable daily movement.

I have tried moving to the city with this product. The stable driving feeling and moderate feedback convinced me.

Although it is a summer model, the Pirelli P Zero quickly degrades performance if the surface is too hot. You should limit running on medium-high temperature areas to maintain its durability.


  • High stability
  • Better handling
  • High dry performance
  • Move well in wet weather
  • Can be available for daily commute


  • Easy to lose performance on overheated surfaces

Continental CrossContact UHP

Best Street/Sport Truck Summer Tire

Continental CrossContact UHP

I greatly appreciate the steady acceleration that CrossContact UHP possesses. 

During my tests, I started increasing the speed of the Audi Q5 from 40 to 50, 60, and then 70mph. Quite unexpectedly, it has enough power to help a heavy crossover with smooth speed changes.

It moves impressively on dry surfaces with medium-high temperatures. Combined with explosive acceleration, its highway performance is even more impressive than I expected.

Heavy rains in the summer also make it very difficult for a tire to move steadily. 

However, with deep grooves, this product efficiently directs water away from the surface and avoids hydration. The grip is also greatly enhanced thanks to the thick and stiff tread.

I tried discovering it deep inside and discovered its solid texture. Two spiral wound steel and nylon belts have been the determining factors for their durability for many years. This design enhances tire stability over long distances.


  • Pretty sure
  • Steady acceleration
  • Good water resistance
  • Impressive movement on dry surfaces


  • Need to improve grip

Falken WildPeak A/T Trail

Best All-Terrain Tire

Falken WildPeak A/T Trail

The Falken WildPeak A/T Trail is an excellent choice for you to overcome many complex terrains, including snow areas. The 3 PMSF rating is the ultimate testament to the tire’s snow performance.

I also tried moving in regions with different ice thicknesses. As long as it’s under 3 inches, you don’t need to worry much about this version’s performance.

Another notable point is its ability to maintain stable traction. With an all-terrain tire, this factor is significant for better terrain. 

I tried going through shallow and medium-deep mud holes for the actual test. The WildPeak A/T Trail held on well and pulled the car quickly to the finish line.

The double-layer shell makes the overall tire quite durable and resistant. I tried going through an obstacle, but nothing damaged the tire. Although quite sturdy, Falken WildPeak A/T Trail still maintains the necessary smoothness.

WildPeak A/T Trail has high rolling resistance, so the fuel consumption of Q5 when using tires will be somewhat higher.


  • High traction
  • Overcoming snowy terrain
  • Impressive mud performance
  • Remarkable durability


  • Consume a lot of fuel

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Best Winter Tire For Audi Q5

Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is a highly high-performance winter tire. It has no trouble digging into snow less than 5 inches thick with details on the surface. The worry about traffic jams in the snow has also been significantly reduced.

The impressive grip from the surface studs also gives the tire much more maneuverability. My tests show that the Blizzak DM-V2 accelerates quite well and takes less than 15 seconds to reach 55mph on thick ice. Also, at this speed, the product slides about 23m and does not tend to move further.

This Bridgestone one gives me pretty good control. For me, a responsive snow tire is critical. The product’s snow cornering performance was quite impressive during the trial.

It operates with high performance, but I do not hear the annoying squeak like many other tire models. This factor has significantly improved driving comfort.

The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 has never been an affordable product. I firmly believe that not everyone can easily access this tire model. So, if your budget is tight, consider a similarly cheaper Continental or Michelin model.


  • Good grip
  • Flexible control
  • Move silently
  • Have grips for better mobility
  • Remarkable braking performance


  • Expensive

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

Best Winter Tire For Audi Q5

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

If you only need to move in low snow areas, then Pirelli Scorpion Winter is the option you should consider. The product is built to maintain stability in areas where snow is 5 inches or less.

If exceeding this, the tire will lose performance. It would be a nightmare if you were stuck in a thick layer of snow while the temperature kept dropping.

To optimize the user experience, Pirelli has integrated into this tire model many remarkable features. The most significant of which is the structure to reduce moving noise. With the removal of many noise details, the sound caused by the tires has decreased significantly.

The comfort on ice and snow is even more impressive, thanks to Scorpion Winter’s soft tire compound. The weaker the rubber layer, the higher the elastic force. When rolling over obstacles, the power of feedback is also reduced.


  • Good elasticity
  • Move well in thin snow
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Maintain stable comfort


  • Easy to lose performance on heavy snow

Things to consider when choosing best Audi Q5 tires

Things to consider when choosing best Audi Q5 tires

Price, fuel efficiency, ride comfort, safety, and material will determine the quality of tires for Audi Q5. Let’s analyze each element to understand precisely what you need for a high-quality version.


Price and quality often tend to increase together. So many high-performance products will also cost more. However, there are some exceptions, and you need to do a lot of searching to find them.

Usually, seasonal tires will be the lowest priced options despite being relatively high quality. Meanwhile, off-road tires or specialized products will have a high price. More importantly, you should choose tires with high durability even though they tend to be more expensive.

Fuel efficiency

Multi Directional tread and rolling resistance are two factors you need to consider to reduce fuel consumption for the Audi Q5.

Most tire models do not save too much energy. However, with a 10 to 15% impact, fuel consumption will reduce significantly in the long run.

Ride comfort

Products that provide smoothness and reduce moving noise are always worthy of our attention. In my experience, crossovers always fall short of these two elements. But you will easily add more if you choose the tire models with the above characteristics.


As a powerful model, the Audi Q5 also needs to have safety functions to ensure smooth travel. I firmly believe that when handling at high speeds, having tire assist dramatically improves reliability.


Different rubber compounds will determine how the tire reacts to the road surface. All in all, I can’t say which is the best choice. Everyone will have a different routine. So my advice is to try it and see if it suits your needs.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the additives inside the tire compound. Not only do they play a supporting role, but these ingredients also influence the product’s performance. 

  • Full rubber

Even though it is a pure rubber tire, it still has small additives. But the impact of these substances is not so great. 

With its properties, manufacturers often use this material to make off-road tires. A good grip on unstable surfaces will help the vehicle operate more stably. 

  • Synthetic nylon or polyester

It is not difficult to find tires with synthetic additives. Compared to rubber, nylon and poly plastics are much tougher. Tire manufacturers have exploited this feature to increase product durability. If you pay close attention, you will easily realize that most durable tire models have these substances. 

  • Silica

Silica is the main ingredient in tempered glass. This additive determines the surface strength of these sturdy glass models.

In tires, silica also plays a similar role in increasing structural stability. From there, it improves grip and reduces operating noise.


What size do tires go on an Audi Q5?

235/ the standard size of the rims on the Audi Q5. You need to remember this parameter carefully to choose the right tire.

How much does it cost to replace Audi Q5 tires?

To replace a tire on the Q5, you need to spend $150 to $350, depending on the quality and brand of the replacement product. Some unique tire models can cost as much as $400 or $500.

How long do Audi Q5 tires last?

Like many other vehicles, the tire models on the Audi Q5 maintain performance for between 3 and 5 years. It is equivalent to between 50,000 and 60,000 miles.

What is the tire pressure for Audi Q5?

The 33 PSI is the pressure level Audi recommends we keep stable when inflating the tires on the Q5.


I have provided you with the top 10 best tires for Audi Q5 for you to consider. Each has its unique advantages.

If the Michelin Defender LTX M/S is particularly notable for its high-speed performance, the Falken WildPeak A/T Trail is suitable for off-roading.

Which one to choose will ultimately depend on your needs and driving habits.

I hope you found this helpful article and share it with colleagues or friends who may also need a similar tire. Thank you for reading!

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