Continental CrossContact LX25 Review & Rating of 2024

Continental CrossContact LX25

A high-quality tire not only increases your driving experience but also ensures your safety on the roads. Therefore choosing a suitable tire for your needs and preferences is a critical task for any driver.

So are you looking for a durable tire with premium features? Did the Continental CrossContact LX25 catch your attention? If the answer is yes, you will definitely need the information provided in this post. 

This in-depth Continental CrossContact LX25 review will help you understand more about its pros and cons to make a wiser buying decision. 

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An Overview Of Continental CrossContact LX25 

The  Continental CrossContact LX25 is an all-season premium tire designed and produced by the reputable brand Continental. This product is devoted to SUVs and truck drivers who are looking for a comfortable riding experience. 

Besides its beautiful design and comfort, the tire also comes with great performance and useful features, making it an ideal option for virtually any terrain and weather conditions. 

The selling point of this tire lies in its ultra quietness with minimal noise generated when driving. The Next Generation EcoPlus+ technology developed by Continental helps reduce the noise and increase overall durability. 

In general, it is a combination of great design and performance, suitable for the drivers of light trucks and SUVs who usually drive in harsh weather conditions. The following sections will discuss its features in more detail. 

In addition, I will share my real-life experience with the CossContact LX25 to help you decide if it is a suitable product for your needs and driving style. Scroll down to discover more!

Maintenance Indicators

The maintenance indicators allow users to know if the life cycles of the tires are about to end. The CrossContact LX25 features the D, W, and S stamps. The D letter stands for dry, W for wet, and S for snow. 

You can find these indicators stamped on the tire treat (2/32 inches in depth), which is very easy to identify.

Highlight Features Of Continental CrossContact LX25  

Here are some noticeable features of the Continental CrossContact LX25 that make it stand out from the other regular products. 

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Comfort Ride Technology

The Continental CrossContact LX25 comes with active comfort ride technology. This technology is embedded in the tire’s construction, helping absorb the vibration and shock generated when driving on bumpy roads. 

The wheels are linked directly to the suspensions and the vehicle’s body on a regular tire. This design will lead to shock and vibration in the drivers and affect the driving experience. 

The comfort ride technology involves a comfort band system. With this advanced system, the vibration is absorbed and distributed within the tire, preventing it from transmitting to the vehicle’s wheels and body. 

Overall, this system ensures a comfortable and smooth riding experience on various surfaces. It also increases traction in harsh weather conditions such as snow or storms. 

EcoPlus Technology

The high-end product lines of Continental all feature this modern fuel-saving technology. Overall, the EcoPlus technology on the CrossContact LX25 can help improve traction, and life cycle, save more gas and reduce driving costs. 

The EcoPlus technology involves two main parts: the Plus Silane and Tg-OF Polymers. With this special thermal-activated polymer, the tire becomes more durable and more energy-efficient. 

Meanwhile, the Plus Silane helps reduce slipperily and increase stability when driving on a wet or snowy surface. These two factors combined together increase the quality of the tire in all facets, from fuel and safety to performance.  

A Performance-Enhancing Design

This tire features an eye-catching appearance with a symmetrical tread pattern. The build quality and finishes of the tire rack are also splendid, giving a modern and high-quality design. 

Besides the integrated EcoPlus and Comfort Ride systems, the tire also has circumferential grooves. These grooves help water escape via the footprint and reduce slipperiness when driving on wet and snowy roads. 

In addition, the diagonal and lateral sipes on the CrossContact LX25 help increase its traction. Meanwhile, the traction grooves are ideal for snowy terrains, which can break down snow efficiently with biting teeth. 

The inner construction of the wheels is also splendid and durable, with the cord body made of polyester. The inner polyamide reinforcement also increases stability, enhancing steering capacity when driving at high speeds.

Test Drive

I have been experiencing the Continental CrossContact LX 25 for a while. After numerous driving tests on multiple weather conditions and terrains, here is the real-life experience with this tire: 

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How does It Perform On Dry Roads? 

The Continental CrossContact LX25 delivers a decent performance on the dry road tracks. There is slight slipperiness when steering at small angles at high speeds, but this phenomenon is standard on many high-end tires. 

The overall driving experience is satisfying and smooth, with virtually no shocks or vibrations felt, thanks to the Comfort Riding Technology. The steering is very precise, responsive, and easy to handle.

With the EcoPlus technology, you can save a significant amount of gas. These features help save the driving cost while reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the environment. 

Therefore, the CrossContact LX25 is ideal for commuters and long-distance travelers. For more real-life tests, consider watching the video below.

How Does It Perform On Wet Roads?

This tire thrives when it comes to wet roads. It delivers a much more satisfying experience and performance on the wet road tracks compared to the other all-season tires. 

When steering on the wet surface, the wheel responded precisely with authority. Though it is inadvisable, you can carry the most speed out of each turn comfortably without losing control of the steering.

Another critical factor to consider is emergency braking to avoid traffic accidents. The stopping distance is measured at 128,5 feet, while the average cornering stands at 0,62 g-force, which is certainly impressive. 

With the extra traction grooves and biting teeth, you can drive smoothly on the thick snowy surface without any significant slipperiness. These features are critical to ensure your safety on the road. 

However, the water will sometimes spray on the car’s fender when driving on wet roads or under the rain. But it should not be too much of a problem for the experienced drivers. 

In addition, this all-season SUV tire is not designed specifically for thick snow driving. Therefore its performance will not be as good as the snow tires. 

Noise And Comfort 

The Comfort Riding system and EcoPlus technology have minimized the noise generated when driving on a bumpy road. On a fine road, there is virtually no significant noise at all. 

Although the stiff sidewalks on the other tires can help reduce noise effectively, they will affect your steering and comfort. The rubber and silica compound of the tire works great at noise-absorbing, giving a pleasant experience overall. 


Continental offers up to six years or 70,000 miles driving distance in warranty for the CrossContact LX25. The warranty will cover any external damages on the tire material at zero fees in the first year after purchase. 

With this excellent warranty procedure, you can drive on the road with more confidence and peace of mind. 

Pros And Cons Of Continental CrossContact LX25 


  • High-end Comfort Riding Technology.
  • Next-generation EcoPlus Technology.
  • Beautiful appearance with the excellent build quality.
  • Performance-enhancing design of the traction grooves.
  • Long-lasting tread life and durability.
  • 60 days trial.
  • Environmental-friendly and fuel-saving.
  • Driving experience with minimal noise generated.


  • A little slipperiness when steering at hard corners.
  • Not the most ideal option for snowy road tracks.

Who Should Choose Continental CrossContact LX25? 

Overall, the Continental CrossContact LX25 is a perfect combination of visual, performance, safety, and comfort. It features excellent comfort with little noise generated without sacrificing traction and steering.

In addition, the tire is also fuel-efficient, suitable for those who frequently drive long distances. Its performance on the wet and snowy road is still decent, which can be used for any season of the year. 

If you are looking for more comfort without losing performance and safety, the CrossContact LX25 is an ideal option.


To sum up, the Continental Cross Contact LX25 gives you more confidence and comfort on the road. It is a modern and high-quality all-season tire that can satisfy any driver’s needs. 

I hope that you are satisfied with the information provided in this review. 

Thank you for reading!

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