Continental TerrainContact H/T Review: Is It Ideal For SUVs?

Continental TerrainContact H/T

As a well-known manufacturer, Continental did not have a prominent SUV or large pickup truck tire until the TerrainContact H/T appeared. 

The engineering team found ways to apply the elements that made other tires famous in this new field. The main result is the Continental TerrainContact H/T with many great features.

With excellent performance, good traction, and high durability, it can meet the unique needs of many high-capacity vehicles. All the advantages will be in this Continental TerrainContact H/T review below. Scroll down for more details!

Continental TerrainContact HT - 2

Important Specifications & Features


  • Approved Rim Width: (6.0 – 8.0)
  • Tire Diameter: 27.6 in
  • Tire Weight: 27.9 lbs
  • Max Load: 1709 lbs
  • Rim Protector: Yes
  • Max Inflation Pressure: N/A
  • Sidewall: BSW
  • Overall Section Width: 9.0 (6.5 ) in
  • Tread Depth: 12 in
  • Load Range: SL
  • Revs Per Mile: 752
  • UTQG: 720 AA


Continental TerrainContact HT - 1

Continental TerrainContact H/T is a line dedicated to large SUVs or pickup trucks. This tire model is also an appropriate choice when traveling at high speeds, thanks to its durability and stable performance.

Its high versatility is thanks to a good balance of many factors instead of focusing on only a few features.

Whether traveling on highways or complex terrain, I still feel it works stably.

The manufacturer also equips the tire with many modern features to optimize the critical factors that a performance model needs. 

The combination of tire compound technology, such as TractionPlusTM and the additive Silane, is the most typical.

Now the tire layer is not only more elastic but also significantly increased traction. The compound also possesses shear resistance for improved durability. 

This factor allows the vehicle to operate even in areas full of sharp obstacles.

Product stability is also increased thanks to improvements in manufacturing stages. Symmetrical spikes have a stable shape for a much more realistic control feel than the old design.

When you have to perform complex tricks such as cornering, the deep slots available will help the tires increase traction. This design minimizes the possible risks so that you can safely operate the car.

Continental Tire has two light truck tire options: the TerrainContact A/T and the TerrainContact H/T. But what’s the difference?

Test Drive

The information below will help you determine the performance of the Continental TerrainContact H/T under various conditions. 

The tests in each environment are highly accurate. So, you can be assured of the quality of each item. Besides performance, I also test in other fields, such as the comfort and cost of this version. 

Even though it’s just a minor component, you need to pay close attention to get the most appropriate comments.

Dry tarmac

Continental TerrainContact HT - 3

Continental TerrainContact H/T’s dry performance is excellent compared to other tire models in the same segment. 

Special features on the tires help improve friction, increasing grip when the vehicle moves at high speed. 

The temperature problem is no longer big when the polyester cover and two bearing steel belts will help us dissipate heat on the tire surface. 

The lower the temperature, the less chance of a tire bursting or busting.

Good traction on dry surfaces makes accelerating with TerrainContact H/T a lot easier. 

Tests in sandy and soft soil environments have proved this correct. So you can easily overcome even unstable areas with this tire model.

The manufacturer has applied a good shape and a hybrid style to the product to get impressive traction. 

These designs help increase grip, and the tire surface makes deep contact with the road surface, thereby providing stronger connections.

This product will work even more effectively if traveling on flat highways. Contact H/T owns a straight-line tracking feature, one of the quality technologies to support the tire in this condition.

Continental also integrated a control system into this H/T tire to increase the user’s response in critical situations. All the above factors allow us to move safely and comfortably even when operating the vehicle at high speed.

Wet and slippery roads

Continental TerrainContact HT - 4

Compared to the performance in dry environments, I think the performance of the tires in wet terrain is not lost at all. Even in some cases, the wet pulling ability that TerrainContact H/T possesses is exceptionally outstanding.

Products in other segments of Continental are always famous for features that make moving in wet places more accessible and safer. 

Also, with these features, the manufacturer has made some tweaks to suit TerrainContact H/T better. The result is a performance SUV tire with a stable ride from the highest high grip and large drainage grooves.

The mobility of the tire compound allows the product to create the right amount of friction for better grip, even under a layer of liquid. 

While the tread blocks will help increase the user’s driving feeling significantly. 

To move safely on slippery roads, you need to have reasonable control of the vehicle, and a good driving feeling is the most critical factor in forming control. 

Stability is one of the biggest challenges for all tire models operating in a significant multi-country environment. 

Fortunately, the drainage grooves on the Continental TerrainContact H/T have done an excellent job of maintaining the necessary stability. 

The tire has four circumference grooves and full-depth shoulder grooves on the side. With great depth, these details prevent water and other liquids from encroaching on the tire surface. 

The dangerous hydration that originates from these layers of liquid can no longer affect your experience.

Short braking distance is one of the other highlights of this product’s excellent performance in wet conditions. 

Brake operation in wet road conditions is complicated for us to perform flawlessly without slipping away. 

However, the features that Continental TerrainContact H/T can help you significantly improve the accuracy of this complex operation.

Snowy roads

Seasonal tires like the Continental TerrainContact H/T are never a good choice for use in heavy snow conditions. 

Using this product will be dangerous whenever the snow layer is high, and the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius. 

Although unable to operate in deep snow, the H/T contact can still operate stably in medium or thin snow layers. 

The sticky compounds and tight teeth found in the drains help the tire dig deeper into the snow. 

The deeper the contact, the more friction, and increased stability. 

You should also note that driving a vehicle equipped with these tires on ice is a bit complicated. The main reason comes from the fact that Continental does not have 3PMSF, and this product is an 

Off-road driving

The off-road performance of this tire is not too good, and you may feel disappointed if you test it. I have run TerrainContact H/T in muddy and steep terrain to measure this problem accurately. 

It is not surprising that other adverse effects accompany the marked decrease in tire performance. Even Continental does not recommend that we use tires for off-road purposes. Apart from wasting time or damaging the tire, this action will not bring any tangible benefits.


The comfort that Continental TerrainContact H/T brings to users during long trips is an undeniable advantage of this product. 

The elasticity of the tire material and the force-absorbing structure will eliminate the reactions created when the vehicle collides with an obstacle.

Less jet lag means you won’t have to suffer from unpleasant effects anymore. 

Mechanisms available on the tires, such as noise blockers, will ensure maximum comfort for you and other users during the ride. 

This state-of-the-art interceptor also comes with computer-optimized sample shifting.’s already potent sound suppression. 

Is It Worth Your Money?

Continental TerrainContact H/T has a relatively high price compared to many other products today. So owning this tire model with the impressive features available will not be easy for those with affordability problems.

However, according to my actual experience as well as my opinion, this tire template is still a worthy choice for you.

Quick Rundown Of Continental TerrainContact H/T


  • Many modern mechanisms
  • Suitable for traveling in many terrains
  • Comfortable feeling
  • The safe movement even on wet roads
  • For more precise


  • High price
  • No movement Moveable in heavy snow
  • Poor off-road performance

Should You Buy It?

The Continental TerrainContact H/T is a product of excellent quality and worth using for our vehicles. However, the cost problem with this product is a problem if you can’t afford it. 

As for the rest, if you don’t have to deal with this factor, testing TerrainContact H/T is a good idea. Of course, if your limited budget doesn’t allow it, you can look to alternatives from cheaper brands.

On the contrary, if money is not an issue, this version is worth trying.


Tires are one of the parts that play an essential role in the operation of all vehicles in general and cars in particular. 

Hopefully, this article has given you helpful knowledge about the Continental TerrainContact H/T tire. Through this information, you can choose the right product for your needs more efficiently. Thank you for reading!

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