Continental ExtremeContact Sport Review, Specs & Ratings for 2024

Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Modern sports cars always need quality tires to operate at their total capacity. Looking for a tire with impressive handling and outstanding performance? Continental Extremecontact Sport can meet all your expectations.

Products from the Continental brand in general and this tire, in particular, are highly appreciated by experts for their impressive performances.

There are many more great elements that this sports tire brings to your car. You are expecting honest and objective reviews of this tire, right?

Scroll down now, and don’t miss Continental Extremecontact Sport review!

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Specifications and Maintenance Indicators


  • Approved Rim Width: (5.5 – 7.0)
  • Diameter: 23.7 in
  • Weight: 17.2 lbs
  • Max Load: 1102 lbs
  • Rim Protector: Yes
  • Max Inflation Pressure: N/A
  • Sidewall: BSW
  • Overall Section Width: 7.9 (6.0 ) in
  • Tread Depth: 10 in
  • Metric: Metric
  • Load Range: SL
  • Revs Per Mile: 877
  • UTQG: 340 AA A

Maintenance Indicators

ExtremeContact Sport is a highly high-performance summer tire product exclusively for sports cars, including details enhancing durability. 

Under the pressure of operating on high-performance vehicles, it is understandable that Continental ExtremeContact needs to be not only challenging but also durable. 

The texture and surface of the tire have received significant additions from the manufacturer compared to previous generations of tires. These upgrades are the premise for the tires to last longer regardless of operating conditions. 

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Despite its dependable durability, Continental does not forget about warranty programs. Continental ExtremeContact Sport has a built-in QuickView system to show tire wear. 

QuickView indicators are a great way to help users control tire wear. The more worn the tire, the more apparent these details will be. 

However, to make the most accurate assessment, you must observe a lot because these signs are relatively difficult to recognize for newcomers. 

QuickView mark is 2/32 inches above the bottom of the tracks. The depth at 2/32 inches is the minimum for tread thickness. 

If this excessive wear is detected, a replacement will need to take place immediately to avoid potential accidents. Before the 2/32 inch mark, the manufacturer’s warranty program covers any damage.

Features and Performance

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Tire performance and features play a significant role during the operation of vehicles, especially cars.

These details will determine the suitability and ability to meet the needs of the product. To choose a suitable product, we need to know these characteristics. 

In the following section of the article, I will provide more information about the performance and features of the Continental ExtremeContact Sport. 

This information is obtained from various conditions to ensure accurate conclusions. It would help if you also considered a few other extra factors to ensure everything is right for your needs. That’s why you need to refer to each of the items below carefully.

Dry Grip and Cornering Stability

The ExtremeContact Sport’s ability to move on dry terrain is excellent. The manufacturer’s worthwhile upgrades are the premise of these outstanding features.

The compound that makes up the tire plays a decisive role in grip and friction, two critical factors for tires traveling, whether on dry or wet terrain. Understanding the above factors, Continental has changed and upgraded the tire that makes up ExtremeContact Sport. 

Besides the combination of SportPlus, the brand’s proprietary compound with the additive Silane is the most apparent evidence for this statement. 

If SportPlus offers sustainability, Silane is the critical ingredient for tire flexibility. 

When the two are mixed, you will get one with the toughness of all-season tires, the grip, and the durability of a summer version. 

The well-balanced structure between ExtremeContact Sport’s elements allows the vehicle to operate well, even on highways or bumpy roads. Even in soft or sandy areas, the car can still work with high performance. 

The sidewalls of the Continental ExtremeContact Sport have a dual-layer construction and a stiffer insert to increase the already towing solid performance. Accelerated operations are now easier to do in less time.

Wet Grip and Hydroplaning ​Resistance

It has been suggested that Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires only work well in dry places. However, this judgment is simply a sentiment when the wet performance is not inferior to the dry version.

Once again, the tire compound combining SportPlus with Silane additive proved to be a perfect choice to maximize the grip of the product. 

When moving in a liquid environment, the ability to friction to stick is essential. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the tire slipping or losing control when manipulating. 

ExtremeContact Sport is also available with unique deep grooves to make good use of braking through the increased friction of these mechanisms. 

As we know, when traveling through wet areas, there is a very high chance that water or snow will completely cover the tire surface. This phenomenon is hydration; the liquid’s upper layer prevents friction between the vehicle and the surface. 

When there is no more friction, the car’s grip is also completely lost. This tire’s grooves allow water to move via enhancing drainage performance.

This groove of Continental Extremecontact Sport also plays another vital role in preventing the liquid from completely enclosing the tire surface. Thereby altogether preventing the dangerous hydrolysis from occurring.

Handling and Steering Feel

To serve well for fast travel with high-performance vehicles, Continental ExtremeContact also has many stability features. 

Polyester or rayon wire sheaths with rigid double-walled sidewalls are one of them. These structural features help us handle better in many situations but are not too heavy to affect comfort while driving.

The appearance of wide spike blocks on the outer shoulder allows the tire to respond better when performing complex maneuvers such as cornering. 

In wet terrain, this feature is even more critical to protect you from incidents that can lead to accidents. As for acceleration situations, the hard side wall will help us a lot.

Another detail that also has a significant influence on improving the driving experience is continuous. This mechanism allows for more stable vehicle handling than if there were no constant ribs.

Snow and Ice Traction

Summer tires can work well in dry and wet conditions, but I don’t think ExtremeContact Sport is suitable for use in snow and ice conditions. 

This tire works on slippery ice but not snow. It will be troublesome if we accidentally fall into this situation, so you must consider it carefully.

The product’s ability to dig into a layer of snow over 3 inches thick is almost zero, and you and your vehicle will indeed be in the thick snow.

I don’t overestimate the snow and ice performance of this release. The texture of the tread is relatively thin, making it impossible to withstand this thick layer of snow. Of course, a thin layer of ice probably wouldn’t cause any trouble.

Off-Road Driving

Sports tires are built around performance, while off-road tires prioritize off-road performance. Therefore, using a sports tire to move in rocky or muddy areas is impossible.

Therefore, Continental ExtremeContact lacks many elements to overcome terrains, such as elasticity or the amount of tread. Although sturdy, the product structure cannot provide enough traction to help the vehicle operate.

Using the product to cross rugged terrain is never a good idea.

Comfort and Road Noise

Although not the main factor, the comfort and silence on the Continental ExtremeContact Sport are still at a level enough to meet users’ needs. 

These factors will help you feel as comfortable as when traveling with travel tires on a long distance.

Warranties and Guarantees

It’s great to have a durable product. Fortunately, your dreams will come true as each model has a 30,000-mile warranty and many other impressive after-sales programs. 

The smooth feeling when going through the roads with many obstacles from the rubber layer’s elasticity will surely satisfy any user. Moving at high speed also doesn’t cause much unpleasant sound.

The most prominent are the free flat tire support on the road and the first 12 months or 2/32 limited warranty package when worn. Can we even test the tires for a while before deciding to buy

Who Should Buy The ExtremeContact Sport?

The performance profile of the Continental ExtremeContact Sport is suitable for users who want their sports car to take full advantage of the available performance. In addition, depending on your needs, you can use tires for daily travel or highway operation.

What Vehicles Will This Tire Be Suitable For?

This product is for you if you own typical sports cars, sedans, coupes, or even high-performance crossovers. Available tire sizes range from 15 to 20 inches, so you can easily choose the right tire for your model.


I think that you have decided with all the information about Continental ExtremeContact Sport in today’s post. Hopefully, the Continental Extremecontact Sport tire review can help you make the final choice. 

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