Continental PureContact LS Review & Rating of 2024: Is It Actually Any Good?

Continental PureContact LS

Although many new products are constantly appearing, when it comes to travel tires, Continental PureContact LS will be the first name to appear. 

This Continental product contains all the elements that travel tires need. Not only possessing good traction in many terrains and different weather conditions, but PureContact LS is also quite durable and offers a smooth driving feeling. 

Besides the above advantages, this tire model possesses many other outstanding factors. The Continental PureContact LS reviews will help you get the overview. 

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  • Approved Rim Width: (5.5 – 7.0)
  • Tire Diameter: 24.4 in
  • Tire Weight: 18.6 lbs
  • Max Load: 1201 lbs
  • Rim Protector: Yes
  • Sidewall: BSW
  • Overall Section Width: 7.9 (6.0) in
  • Tread Depth: 10 in
  • Load Range: SL
  • Revs Per Mile: 850

PureContact LS is one of the best all-season grand-touring tires Continental has ever produced. As a product in the high-end segment, it is not difficult to understand that this LS tire model possesses a series of awe-inspiring features. 

The tire can meet your needs in terms of both performance, durability, and comfort. The product possesses almost all the elements that a tire model for passenger cars needs. 

That is why we often call the PureContact LS one of the best tires for long-term travel on many different roads. As per Continental’s recommendation, passenger cars and crossovers are the most suitable vehicles with PureContact LS. 

However, this tire model has various sizes suitable for many wheel diameters. 

You can easily find 16-inch to 20-inch versions in stores. This variety gives tire compatibility with a wide variety of vehicles.

Maintenance Indicators

You should be familiar with the way tire wear is displayed on the PureContact LS because this product uses the same essential expression as many tire models.

The difference here is the DWS lettering system on the tread blocks. Frictional wear will be most evident in these letters, and you must watch. Thanks to this detail, we can easily control the tire life.

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Indicators DWS QuickView is a great way to help users with or without knowledge of tires control their durability. The three letters in the DWS cluster represent “D” for dry, “W” for wet, and “S” for snow. 

The arrangement order of these characters is also the outermost S, the middle W, and the innermost D. During operation, the tread will wear out, and we can’t use the tires anymore when any texture fades.

For example, we can no longer use the product to run on the snow when the letter S fades out. If the PureContact LS has faded to the letter D, it is time to replace the new tire. 

You can contact the manufacturer if the damage occurs within 70,000 miles. The 70,000-mile warranty and other after-sales services will help you with product-related problems.

Test Drive

Tires play a significant role during the operation of vehicles, primarily cars. To choose a suitable product, we need to understand the tire’s characteristics. 

This information also requires many different conditions to help us see the most complete. It would help if you also considered a few other extra factors to ensure everything is right for your needs. 

Steering Feel

For most users, there is not much to say about the driving experience when using a vehicle equipped with Continental PureContact LS. Continental did too well in this element and delivered an experience beyond imagination. 

From the very beginning, the design of PureContact LS has been a big favor for the driver when optimizing the feeling of control. Every action, from simple to complex, has the most honest feedback to users. 

These elements are the foundation that the manufacturer has used to make our feelings more straightforward. The results are equally great whether you drive sedans, high-end sports cars, or just regular products.

In construction, stabilizing spikes at the shoulders and a single-layer polyester sheath on a double steel belt are fundamental to the product’s responsiveness. 

The improvement in two polyamides further enhances the quality of the tire. The unique feature of the Continental PureContact LS is the stiffer sidewalls to maintain a comfortable ride.

Despite trying to overcome the disadvantages, PureContact LS still has feedback problems in the center area. Continental’s purpose in this change is to optimize travel at high speeds. Yet, some professional users can find it unsatisfactory.

Dry Grip

For the most part, Continental products have high performance on dry surfaces, and PureContact LS is no exception. With the structure of a product for travel, this tire is capable of operating on urban and bumpy roads. 

Construction with temperature-activated functional polymers in the rubber compound allows the tire to maximize traction even on unstable terrain.

The effect of this feature is most evident when the vehicle equipped with the product goes through areas of sand or sharp rock. 

Not only allows the car to move better on the road, but the unique structure of the Continental PureContact LS is also the key to flexible cornering ability. 

Road bends have been a big challenge for any driver, but now you don’t need to be afraid anymore. Continental also uses stabilizing spike blocks to improve grip in continuous, dangerous turns.

In the field experience, the Continental PureContact LS clearly shows its advantages when traveling in dry conditions. The tire experience is excellent, and it’s hard to find another alternative to compare. 

The traction on the dry surface of the tire is relatively stable, thereby making acceleration much easier and limiting damage when operating at high speed. 

Wet Traction 

Wet terrain is always one of the most difficult challenges for most car drivers. 

But with the Continental PureContact LS, you won’t have to worry anymore as traction and wet handling are excellent.

Additive +Silane in the rubber compound and grooves in the pattern will give the product a much higher grip than other tires. 

The higher the grip, the less it slips off the road and increases controllability. Another advantage of having good friction is the optimization of traction. 

When using a vehicle equipped with the Continental PureContact LS, we eliminate the problem of slippage and address factors such as loss of speed. 

The increased traction and traction will allow you to accelerate as quickly as on dry roads. If you want to stop, the operation is relatively easy when the tire’s slip is not too much.

The outstanding water-resistance of PureContact LS is also a factor that you need to consider when evaluating its ability to operate in wet environments. If too much water infiltrates the tire, the phenomenon of hydration quickly occurs. 

Hydration is the phenomenon of water or liquid covering the entire surface of the cake and eliminating all surface friction. 

The tires will not work if the outer tire has no longer connected to the road surface. The consequence is losing control and being thrown off the road. 

To prevent this, the best method would be to avoid standing water, and PureContact LS has done this job well.


This tire model is not an off-road tire or a tire for heavy snow days but just a travel tire. The Continental PureContact LS is not the most suitable choice if you want to travel in extreme conditions. This model can still provide the best performance when operating in lighter or medium snow areas.


Comfort Ride technology appearing in PureContact LS will significantly reduce the impact of the environment on your comfort when using.

The manufacturer has used a liner under the tread to isolate the tread from the shell to suppress shocks. 

The annoying sounds also no longer appear thanks to this mechanism. However, the tire’s reflection is not good when dealing with enormous obstacles such as potholes or boulders. 

Is It Worth Your Money?

You need to pay a premium to get all the advantages of the Continental PureContact LS. It’s almost impossible to find a full-size tire with similar performance and durability. 

Therefore, large sports versions like the PureContact LS are a worthwhile investment if you own a premium SUV.

Quick Rundown Of Continental PureContact LS


  • Move well on many terrains
  • Many modern technologies
  • Good cornering
  • Acceleration even when operating in wet areas 
  • The quality Comfort Ride technology
  • Perfect steering feel


  • Not suitable for running on thick ice
  • Comfort issues upgradeable

Should You Buy the Continental PureContact LS?

If you can afford it and want the best quality features, then Continental PureContact LS is the right choice. 

If you can’t spend too much on tires, you should think carefully before choosing. The high cost of tires causes many difficulties if you do not anticipate the fees.


The above information is necessary to help you get a more objective view of Continental PureContact LS. I hope this article has given you helpful knowledge, making it easier to choose the right product for your needs. 

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