Yokohama Tires Review for 2022: Are Yokohama tires good?

The year 2017 marked the centennial anniversary of the Yokohama Rubber Corporation. The company celebrated its 100th year anniversary by appointing Jeff Barna as the chief operating officer of Yokohama Tire Corporation North America. The company was established in 1917 in Tokyo, Japan. Yokohama is one of the most popular and trusted tire brands in the market today. 

The brand has a complete product lineup of tires for passenger cars, light trucks, commercial trucks and busses, high-performance tires for motorsports applications, and even construction applications. 

Even though Yokohama tires are not the cheapest or most affordable tires for your vehicle, the brand offers advanced technology and a lengthy warranty to give you total piece of mind. 

When it comes to choosing tires, you can always go for a cheaper set that performs well in all types of weather conditions, but you will have to live with a bit more road noise and less-than-stellar tread wear.

I have driven and owned many cars in the past, and I have tried and tested a lot of cheap tires as well. Yokohama tires are different. Like I said, the tires may be a bit expensive but they more than makeup for it in terms of quality, reliability, and all-weather performance.

Why Choose Yokohama Tires?

It is hard to fault a tire company that has been in business for the past 100 years. Besides the brand recognition and the motorsports pedigree, here are a couple more reasons why you should choose Yokohama for your next set of tires.

Environmental Sustainability

Only the biggest and the best tire brands can come up with environmentally-friendly products that can still perform well in the most adverse driving conditions. All Yokohama tires are evaluated with regards to four main criteria: safety and comfort, saving resources, recycling resources, and prevention of global warming. Can your cheap Chinese tire do the same?

Impressive Selection

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right set of Yokohama tires for your car, truck, minivan, crossover, or SUV. The brand is home to an impressive lineup of product categories that are designed to suit the needs of any type of motor vehicle in the planet today. You name it, Yokohama has it. Looking for a performance tire for the racetrack? The Yokohama Advan range is perfect for you. Need snow tires? Yokohama offers the Iceguard family of tires.

Our list of Yokohama Tires Review

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