Yokohama Avid Ascend LX Review & Rating of 2024 That You Shouldn’t Miss

Yokohama Avid Ascend LX

You must choose all-season touring tires to get the most comfortable moments during long journeys. These models are quiet and perform well all year round.

The Yokohama Avid Ascend LX is the most stable choice of all the all-season touring tires I’ve tested. The harmonious combination of factors helps to keep the tire performance at the highest level. 

Many interesting facts about its performance on many different terrains are waiting for you to discover. Let’s explore this Yokohama Avid Ascend LX review!

Yokohama Avid Ascend LX Overview

The Avid Ascend LX is one of Yokohama’s focus on all-season touring tires.

The brand developed the Ascend LX primarily for sedans and coupes. It is also suitable for use in vehicles such as crossovers and minivans.

It’s packed with features and built quality to move efficiently all year round.

The most significant is the impressive performance in various conditions and the long service life. All these features are to provide the whole user experience.

Feature Highlights

Yokohama has high expectations for the Avid Ascend LX. I realized this right from the first time I tried the tire. There are very few similar models that incorporate so many features and technologies.

Its advantages span all aspects, from structure to features and sub-factors. Because of the large number, it is impossible to list them all. Instead, I will highlight the most prominent features that I find impressive.

Environmental friendliness

The negative impact of rubber tires on the environment is a controversial issue. 

Over their lifetime, these products create dozens of adverse effects on the air, soil, and water resources. 

Faced with this situation, many brands have started to develop more friendly tire models. AVID Ascend LX is one of the leading names with Yokohama BlueEarth.

BluEarth is a trademark indicating the environmental safety of Yokohama tires. Only products that reduce environmental pollution receive this certification.

What’s impressive is that the Ascend LX variants all get BluEarth. Whichever tire model you choose, your environmental impact is significantly reduced.

Improved endurance

Instead of the usual compound, the Ascend LX is from L-2, a particular tire mix for high-end all-season models. With a unique polymer network, this material will better absorb forces, reducing wear when moving. 

The impact force will also be more evenly distributed to avoid unnecessary damage to the surface. Meanwhile, special 3D tubes inside the tire will maximize stiffness. Its shape and elasticity thus remain stable.

These changes have improved the durability and resistance of the Ascend LX, which is much more perfect than other models in the same segment.

What Is The Difference Between Yokohama Ascend LX and GT?

The Yokohama Avid Ascend LX and the Yokohama Avid Ascend GT have many obvious similarities. Users are perplexed if they do not carefully consider both these tire models. One factor for you to quickly distinguish between the two is their different range of uses.

The LX is more of a performance-oriented line. So you will find variations in H and V ratings on this product. In contrast, the Avid Ascend GT prioritizes balance. You will only get access to lower ratings for these tires.

Test Drive

The mere information from the manufacturer is enough for me to evaluate the Yokohama Avid Ascend LX comprehensively. 

So I’ve been testing and testing this tire on many models. I also spent a lot of time on terrain to determine the pros and cons of this Yokohama product.

All the things I am about to present below come from my experience. Keep reading for now!

Dry traction

Of the many all-season touring tires I’ve come across, the Avid Ascend LX is one of the best dry-performance options. Its performance on this surface is consistently excellent.

My first impression of its dry performance was its impressive contact with the road surface. The higher the friction area between the tire and the road, the more grip, and stability. 

I observed that 95% of the tire surface left traces on the road through observation. It demonstrates how effective the Avid Ascend LX is in these conditions. No other product achieves 100% such traction efficiency.

When traveling quickly from 50 mph with the Avid Ascend LX, I did not notice too much change in the tires. 

It only slipped about 2 to 3% compared to the set milestone. Vibration also does not occur in this condition. Even at 60 mph, its braking distance is only 16m.

The only point I am not satisfied with is its delayed response at high pavement temperatures. Although it was less than 1 second, this omission still annoyed me with a sense of insecurity.

Wet & Slippery Handling

There is a gap in wet performance between the Avid Ascend LX and the top models. Yet, it is worth my use because of its safety in these unstable terrains.

Its large surface contact area once again comes into play on wet surfaces. The more friction, the safer the vehicle will be in wet conditions. I tried doing some maneuvers like passing or turning at 45 mph. Its performance convinced me.

Brake slip is usually between 20 and 25m, while hard braking takes about 19m to stop. These numbers are pretty impressive compared to a tire in the mid-range segment like the Avid Ascend LX. For this reason, you don’t need to worry too much about safety anymore.


Given the durability of the Avid Ascend LX, I think a lengthy warranty program may no longer be necessary. Yet, Yokohama still ensures peace of mind when providing impressive after-sales services for products. You will receive a warranty package of up to 85,000 miles.

As long as the conditions below are strictly followed, you will receive the best support for any technical issues. Even if it’s too severe, you will get a new set of tires for free. I find some of the terms quite draconian:

  • Has its DOT identifier
  • Operate under the conditions recommended by the manufacturer
  • The tread depth should be down to the indicator bar molded at 2/32 inches.
  • The time from the date of purchase must be less than 72 months and less than 60 months from the date on the proof of purchase
  • Warranty only for the US market


The tires operate quite more smoothly than I imagined. Although I know that touring tires often prioritize comfort, the high grip and friction have worried me. 

Most meters give low average results. I completely did not notice too many changes. Perhaps this difference comes from the sensitivity of the electronics.

Fuel economy: Is it a good choice?

If you care a lot about the fuel economy factor, the Yokohama Avid Ascend LX will be the perfect choice for you. The impressively low rolling resistance of the tire helps my car’s engine work much more smoothly. Without needing to measure, the vehicle’s sound and heat emission are enough evidence.

Of course, I also have to do extra checks. The final answer is not much different from my emotional assessment. Consumption is reduced by about 15% compared to other options.

Off-road performance

It is best to give up the idea of using the Yokohama Avid Ascend LX to navigate through complex terrain. I tried to do the same thing to test performance. 

Fortunately, the tire only suffered some minor damage but no significant injury. Still, I don’t think everyone can be so lucky.

Snow traction & comforts

Tires work in light snow conditions like many other tire models of the same type. I tried moving in 2 inches of snow and thin ice to conclude.

Snow performance is not what I expect from the Avid Ascend LX. Yet, it still partly meets the basic needs.


All-season touring tires have been known for their quiet operation. As a typical product of this tire line, the Ascend LX also comes with noise reduction mechanisms.

The offset design and the five-block pitch chain are the most striking elements I’ve noticed. The structural changes to the compound are also solid to reduce the sound the tires produce.

These improvements help you safely operate the car without worrying about the noise. From there, it makes moving more comfortable, especially on long trips.

Who Should Buy The Yokohama Avid Ascend LX?

This product is a must-have if you love comfort and are looking for the perfect tire for the all-season of the year. 

But I think all general users have the same desires. So the conclusion is that every user is suitable for the Yokohama Avid Ascend LX.

Pros And Cons Of Yokohama Avid Ascend LX


  • Low noise
  • Smooth moving
  • High contact surface
  • Move-in thin snow surface.
  • Impressive dry performance
  • Sufficient wet performance


  • Slow response if overheating
  • Not suitable for extreme conditions


Yokohama has made a lot of upgrades on the Avid Ascend LX to increase grip, handling performance, response, and stability. So this product will always be an excellent choice.

The final choice always depends on your preferences, budget, and needs. I also mentioned some of its cons in this Yokohama Avid Ascend LX review. Buy it now if you can still accept these elements for your trip.

Thanks for reading!

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