Yokohama YK-CTX Review of 2024: In-depth Reviews And Rating

Yokohama YK-CTX

Yokohama is known as one of the famous brands in the tire manufacturing industry. Products from this brand always stand out with new technology and high durability. And the Yokohama YK-CTX is no exception!The YK-CTX is one of Yokohama’s newest models in recent years. This all-season model quickly gained attention with its outstanding performance. If you are curious about the actual tests, check out my Yokohama YK-CTX review below!

Specifications & Features

Like every other tire from Yokohama, the YK-CTX comes with many exciting pieces of equipment. After tests, I have obtained my judgments about the efficiency and technology the manufacturer provides for this tire model. 


I have always appreciated Yokohama’s efforts to improve tire compounds’ quality. And with YK-CTX, the manufacturer continues not to let me down. 

Proprietary tire compound micro silica, including polymers and additives, is always flexible in all temperature conditions. 

I have been with Yokohama tires for quite some time. After having accompanied the tire through many different weather conditions, I am still quite satisfied with the durability and all-season traction that the tire compound brings. 

Its 2D/3D sipe is also a feature I quite like. These rigid central tendon blocks provide superior grip on slippery roads such as deep puddles and light snow. 

Combined with the four wide perimeter grooves, its sipes are excellent in eliminating vitrification to provide a solid ride in heavy rain. 

Finally, I love the innovative patch block design and wide flat border. These improvements made changes in the vertex blocks. As such, it always stays comfortable and quiet during the journey. 


I am a driver who loves speed. To satisfy my passion and care about the car’s quality, I always consider its speed rating. 

The Yokohama YK-CTX offers a choice of V and H speed ratings. Both ratings meet my needs for high-speed driving.

Among them, I especially love the V-rated option with up to 149 mph. The H-rated models also have excellent performance, with a top speed of 130 mph.

Test Drive

Dry traction

Yokohama YK-CTX is an all-season tire, so I had high hopes for its dry traction. And indeed, it did not disappoint me. 

Its dry handling is superior to many models in its class. This good performance is due to the large shoulder ball and the asymmetrical tread pattern.

The above equipment maximizes power on dry terrain to create a firm grip. It is not a high-performance option. In comparison, its handling cannot be comparable with specialized summer tires. However, it met my requirements. 

Its explosive acceleration and stopping distance are pretty commendable. It gives me a boost on every stretch of the road and impressive handling, even at limited speeds. 

With YK – CTX, I can also enter any turn at high speed. Meanwhile, when implementing the above technique, most choices in the same segment will sometimes be out of control. 

I also appreciate the stopping distance on Yokohama’s dry roads. Although I installed this model on a powerful pickup truck with lots of longitudinal traction, the tire’s braking performance is still quite excellent. 

I have also used this tire model for light terrain situations. It is not durable enough to last long if constantly moving on harsh terrain. Yet, it has enough traction and grip for me to drive safely on dry rocks, gravel, and sandy soil. 

Wet traction

Yokohama YK-CTX also performed well on wet terrain. Asymmetric treads do a great job of waterproofing and maintaining road surface alignment.

In my years of experience, not many four-season models at the same price range can offer as good vitrification resistance as the Yokohama YK-CTX. 

The tire compound works hard on slippery surfaces, providing the necessary grip. I tried to move during the rainy season. Even in the most fearsome rainstorms, it maintained a steady grip and kept me safe at a high level. 

Its good anti-slip ability continues to perform exceptionally well in winter. When the temperature dropped too low, I still felt its remarkable flexibility. 

I also appreciate the superior snow traction that 2D and 3D sipes provide. It is stable in light snow conditions with short braking distances and safe handling.

Even so, I do not recommend replacing your specialized winter tires with the Yokohama YK-CTX. This all-season tire can’t handle more slippery terrain like deep snow or ice. 


Yokohama YK – CTX possesses all the advantages I love in an all-season tire: good handling all year round, durability, and especially safety. 

These tires grip the road firmly on many surfaces. In particular, it maintains a good connection with the road surface on potentially dangerous terrain, such as deep puddles and light snow. The rare steering wheel slip helps me always feel secure to accelerate in terrible weather conditions. 

The reliability of the YK – CTX also comes from the flexible tire compound. The tire compound retains the required flexibility at low temperatures. At the same time, it is also stiff enough to become inelastic when the temperature is high. 

Thanks to this flexibility, I always believe in using Yokohama YK – CTX all year round. I no longer need to change tires often but still have the safety of driving in various weather conditions. 

Noise and comfort

Yokohama equips YK-CTK with a 5-sided block.

The manufacturer claims this unique design has changed the pitch block, helping to break up the cyclical noise when traveling on the highway. 

In fact, on a regular street, this design eliminates quite a bit of noise, providing a relatively quiet ride. 

However, compared with some competitors in the same segment, even some other Yokohama tire models, the YK-CTK is still not the quietest choice. 

Especially when traveling at high speed, the tire cycle noise is still quite evident. 

Similarly, the YK-CTK is not the most comfortable all-season tire available today. The manufacturer has worked to improve ride comfort with a unique design. 

In my opinion, Yokohama still hasn’t done an excellent job balancing responsiveness and ride quality. Competitors in its price range often offer a smoother ride and less vibration. 

Treadwear warranty

Durability is one of the advantages that make Yokohama’s name. Most of the tires from this brand are made from quality materials, sturdy construction and have an extended warranty period. And the Yokohama YK-CTX is such a tire!

This one comes with an optimized contact patch and silica-rich tire compound. 

Thanks to this equipment, the tire wears evenly and has a considerable lifespan. After more than a year of use, I did not detect any unusual damage on the tire. 

Yokohama also equips this tire with a 60,000 tread warranty of about 5 years. The maximum range isn’t the best, but it’s become the standard for four-season tire service. 

In addition to the tread warranty, the Yokohama YK-CTX also has a standard limited warranty.

Yokohama regulates warranty coverage and replacement methods. This mode only applies to tires intended for highway driving under warranty conditions.

With radial tires, Yokohama supports a limited 60-month warranty service.

It’s a pity that I haven’t experienced their warranty service since the model I’m riding hasn’t had any severe deterioration. Shortly, I will be looking to evaluate this brand’s after-sales service.

Quick Rundown Of Yokohama YK-CTX

YK-CTX is not Yokohama’s most advanced tire model. It is also not the most prominent name in the four-season tire category.

This tire is still an option worth considering. The reason lies in quite a few attractive advantages that serve well for daily driving needs: 


  • Year-round traction. 
  • High-speed rating. 
  • Safe, reliable ride. 
  • Affordable price. 
  • Standard tread warranty. 


  • Not the smoothest, quietest choice. 

Should You Buy The Yokohama YK-CTX?

Compared to the competition’s outstanding all-season tires, the Yokohama YK-CTX is a reasonably new version. Therefore, when I first tested it, I was pretty skeptical about its on-road handling and ride quality. 

After harsh tests, I changed my view of this mid-priced model. The YK-CTX doesn’t have the best performance, but it offers all the goodies I need with an all-around grip all year round, durability, and solid ride quality. If you are looking for a tire for everyday driving, the Yokohama YK-CTX is a pretty reliable choice. 

The accessible price is also the reason you should choose YK-CTX. Invest in a product from a famous brand like Yokohama, and you will not regret it. 

Sometimes, YK-CTX tires won’t be the ideal choice. If you expect more ride quality, you won’t appreciate the smoothness and quietness of this tire.

Because it is a tire for daily travel, the YK-CTX will not be able to satisfy off-road driving enthusiasts. If you want to travel on rough terrain, you will face tire wear and tear much faster than expected. 


Yokohama YK-CTX isn’t the best all-season tire I have ever used; however, it still possesses advantages, such as accessible price, year-round grip, safety, and reliability on many different terrains.

If you are considering this tire model, I hope the Yokohama YK-CTX review above helps you. Certainly, you will be satisfied with your choice via this post.

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