The 9 Best ATV Tires for 2024: Reviews, Specs, Prices

Hey there, I’m Alvin Reyes, and I know everything there is to know about ATV tires. Seriously, I’ve been fixing cars and selling parts for 13 years, so I’m practically a walking encyclopedia of automotive knowledge.

ATVs are becoming more and more popular because of their high practicality. It can give the driver exciting moments on various surfaces.

Yet, its performance will not be at its perfect level without supporting a good set of tires. So, what are the best ATV tires for 2024? How to pick the right one?

In this article, I have tested and recommend to you the 9 most impressive versions, in my opinion. Besides, I will also provide detailed instructions on how to buy one for you to consider quickly.

Top 9 Best ATV Tires: In-depth Reviews In 2024

Best ATV Mud Tires

Carlisle All Trail II ATV

Carlisle All Trail II ATV Tire

The Carlisle All Trail II ATV Tire may be ideal for dedicated off-road enthusiasts.

This ATV tire has intelligent construction and many modern features to provide the best performance on all types of terrain, most prominently on mud.

I directly compared Carlisle’s mud performance with the previously introduced K229. With this tire, ATV is inferior and can only work on moderate mud. At intense mud surfaces, this can be a significant obstacle.

In return, it can work effectively on hardening surfaces, gravel, and grass. I tested this product feature on the gravel road around the house.

Amazingly, it gave results beyond my expectations. It passed smoothly through those rocks without making any shrill noises. It also ensures smoothness and comfort, so everyone in the car has the best relaxing experience.

This version is more expensive than many other competitors by tens of dollars.

However, many customers still choose it because of its unique features.

I appreciate this tire line because it helps me with my travel requirements around the farm.


  • Solid case
  • Perfect road grip
  • Durable tire compound
  • Best for walking on mud
  • Can be available for light off-roading


  • High price

Kenda Bearclaw K299

Kenda Bearclaw K299

Kenda Bearclaw K229 is one of the best mud-resistant ATV tires available today.

This particular feature is due to a unique combination of outstanding traction, excellent toughness, and durability.

In terms of traction, the K229 excelled at number one in my collection.

With practical experience with wet and dry surfaces, I was pretty surprised at how it worked to overcome swamps and obstacles.

Everything always happens accurately and efficiently. On the most slippery surfaces, I didn’t feel an excessive drop despite the brakes having problems. Meanwhile, on the snow, its performance is even more perfect and impressive.

Heavy snow is a significant obstacle to the tires, making the wheel system frozen and seemingly unable to move.

With K229, the story is entirely different. I exposed the tire directly to the ice for 10 hours, but it was still soft and comfortable, ready for my new ride.

And that’s the advantage that you need to pay attention to.

It’s good on mud, but this model is also perfect for walking on the sand.

It does not get carried away by the sand because it has a reinforced push-button construction to operate under lower pressures.

It also provides stability for speed handling on hard and uneven surfaces.

This tire is highly durable in my opinion. It is manufactured from high-quality rubber material with 6-layer puncture-proof construction. And so, it will be tough to damage the tire.

I think this tire can last for decades. Or maybe even more based on the frequency of use and the moving surface.

The only place where K229 doesn’t do well is on the street. It’s not as smooth and comfortable as I initially imagined.


  • Best for walking on mud
  • Good traction on snow
  • Easy driving on the trail
  • High sustainability
  • Stable on uneven surfaces


  • Noisy and uncomfortable on the street

Best ATV Tires For Pavement



MASSFX is a reasonably reliable brand with a wide range of high-quality tires. 

One of the most popular versions has to be MASSFX. This version is especially suitable for pavement. Tested on my own experience, I see the performance of tires for dry, wet, and snowy roads.

With a dry road surface, this tire was relatively light and comfortable for me on 100km long roads. Also, on slippery and wet roads, it is mighty and decisive.

Each handling request, such as cornering or braking, is done quickly and accurately. The tire lugs that bite down on the road surface always ensure absolute safety for me to go on slippery roads.

Even on the very surface of the ice, it is also unbelievably perfect. I’ve used MASSFX to walk on snow and ice right next to my house, and I appreciate its performance.

As in regular tires, they often freeze and become rigid when exposed to ice. However, this one is still relatively soft to bring you the most comfortable and natural feeling.

With rocky, sandy, or muddy terrain, how is its performance? I do not appreciate the ability to work on the terrain of this version. It’s not as good as I expected.

Although only moving on the muddy road about 2km around the yard, it took MASSFX hours to get out of the pit.

MASSFX’s decades of life are a specific strength that helps attract customers’ attention. I have owned the tires for 5 years and have not noticed any deterioration in the performance.

This one is also relatively quiet on the road so as not to affect your concentration. Traveling on flat pavement, you probably won’t hear any noise.


  • Long lifespan
  • High traction
  • Best for pavement
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Outstanding wet and dry performance


  • Poor performance on muddy, sandy, and rocky terrain.

Kenda Bearclaw

Kenda Bearclaw

Kenda Bearclaw 2 REAR 25-10-12 is an all-rounder to work well on various pavements, both wet and muddy. Dig into testing, my first impression of this tire lies in the clever edge lug design, which is vital in enhancing adequate traction.

On mud, the tire performance took me by surprise. During the more than 10km ride around my farm, I noticed no subsidence or entrainment from this tire.

It moved as smoothly as it did on another flat and sturdy road. Having doubts about this possibility, I continued to increase the test distance.

Fortunately, it was able to fulfill all my wishes. Fast, accurate, and safe are the keywords to evaluate the perfection of Kenda Bearclaw’s mud trip.

To me, Kenda Bearclaw 2 REAR 25-10-12 is not only a good tire for the road but also excellent for ideal snow pulling.

Unlike other specialized tires, Kenda is intense and subdued when working on ice and snow. I have tested this version in light and medium snow and appreciate its performance. It’s light, smooth, and comfortable on ice and snow.

The biggest strength of this tire is nowhere else in its durability. It can last for many years to satisfy all your desires. Each product can operate for a maximum of 7 – 9 years, depending on the operation frequency and the moving terrain.

Compared to other tires in the collection, Kenda Bearclaw will probably be a bit poor in terms of traction. I have tested this ATV tire simultaneously with the MASSFX ATV for wet and dry surfaces.

As a result, Bearclaw 2 REAR 25-10-12 is weaker in gripping the road on wet pavement, and the brakes are also less accurate.


  • Best for pavement
  • Excellent mud grip
  • Stable snow performance
  • Useful on the trail


  • Poor dry traction

Best ATV Trail Tires

Wanda ATV Tires

Wanda Premium ATV Tires

When looking for the best ATV trail tire, it’s essential to consider the product’s lifespan. And the Wanda ATV Tires are the best example of the longevity factor.

I really can’t believe it can last that long, but 15 years is the number to indicate the working time of the product. My friends and I have used this one for the past 10 years, and we all share perfect durability.

To be more objective, I have done many surveys for people using Wanda tires. As a result, 80% of users agree and praise the tire quality with long-term use.

On all types of terrain, Wanda ATV delivers a decent performance. I was surprised at the product’s performance by replacing specialized tires used for mud roads.

It grips the road well and provides a smooth, gentle ride. I’m always proud of the tire’s self-cleaning capabilities when it comes to Wanda.

After a long trip on dirt, I don’t need to clean the tire. Instead, the tread lugs do the job. The Wanda ATV’s wet and dry surface performance is also notable. It allows you to move comfortably on the highway or trail around the house.

I highly appreciate this feature because it helps me have many memorable and safe experiences. Braking handling is more stable and cornering more accurate than conventional tire models.

It’s not as smooth as I imagined. On gravel, this version can still walk as usual, but the sound it brings is highly annoying. I still decided to choose Wanda ATV because the advantages it brings are significant.


  • Quiet
  • Long lifespan
  • The best ATV trail tire
  • Self-cleaning ability
  • Works effectively on mud


  • Less comfortable on gravel

MOTOOS All Terrain ATV/UTV Tires

Roadstar All Terrain Tires

As an experienced user, I constantly rigorously evaluate each feature of the product. I care a lot about durability, comfort, noise, and performance with tires.

And the MOTOOS All Terrain ATV/UTV is the all-rounder that passed my technical test brilliantly. I have used this tire to commute around the farm, travel, and visit friends far away.

All types of terrain with MOTOOS are an easy problem. On mud, the tire is flexible and agile to overcome the temptations of dirt and for stable handling.

Meanwhile, it proved strong, decisive, and full of personality on the sand to get out of the deep subsidence. This version of MOTOOS has many outstanding advantages to overcome the limitations of the predecessor Wanda ATV.

Experiencing its level of smoothness, I am shocked and satisfied.

Whether on gravel or uneven surfaces, it ensures the most lightness and comfort for the occupants. It will help the driver focus more on the driving feel.

This modern tire’s dry and wet performance is also relatively stable for you to take various trips. It provides decent traction to keep you safer on the go.

However, the durability of the tire is not satisfactory for my use. You will probably notice the deterioration of the tires after a few years of use.

The best proof is always on my side, and I can be sure of this.


  • Best ATV trail tires
  • Comfortable, quiet
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect for any terrain
  • Stable wet and dry performance


  • Durability is not high

Best All-terrain ATV tires

SunF A050 Power

SunF A050 Power

SunF A050 Power is the best choice if you only care about performance.

Thanks to its smart, light construction, the A050 is up to 30% lighter than its competitors. And of course, it is a typical feature to highlight the product’s all-terrain performance.

Also, because of its lightweight, A050 hardly sinks too deeply in mud or sand.

Even a large number of people in the vehicle will not affect the operation of the tires. This ATV tire ensures smooth, efficient riding on mud.

It makes your trip safer and faster. It took me just over 1 hour to complete more than 20km of mud road to the farm. Even on gravel, it is equally perfect because of its smoothness and softness and does not cause harsh noise.

When it comes to grip, the A050 once again makes me proud. It has a high-end tread pattern system that increases traction on wet, dry, or snowy surfaces.

Experimentally, it yielded better results than I expected. It’s not too slippery, but it’s also not too sticky to affect your ride.

It proved more potent than any other product in my collection in the snow.

The extreme snow temperatures are not enough to freeze this innovative tire, and you will still feel its smoothness and lightness.

Its durability is also an outstanding advantage that you cannot ignore. It increases the product lifetime to dozens of years on all different terrains.

However, the price of this tire is relatively high compared to many people’s budgets, while there are quite a few good options in this segment.


  • Best for all types of terrain
  • Good traction on mud
  • Design improves performance
  • Tough and sustainable
  • No shrill noises


  • The price is relatively high

SunF Power.II ATV/UTV Tires

SunF Power.II Tires

In addition to SunF A050 Power, you can choose SUNF SunF Power.II to go on all your different terrains.

If the A050 is best for mud performance, this version is instrumental on rocky and uneven trails. With more than 20 miles of hills from home to my farm, I used the tire confidently. It was beyond expectations, which moved smoothly and did not encounter any problems on the road.

Not only that but this product is also known as the god of war in the snow. 

It works like a regular industrial plow but does not make a jarring noise. Thick or thin snow is not a big challenge with this ATV tire.

Living around an area with heavy snowfall year-round, with the help of this version, I can have more confidence to move smoothly and quickly.

For me, the SunF Power’s high road density also distinguishes II ATV. The tire will provide adequate traction for maximum efficiency and safety on any surface.

When traveling on wet surfaces, this version always keeps the wheels from sliding freely downhill and over slippery roads with ease. This feature is essential to help customers feel more secure in the middle of the rain.

What worries me most about this tire is its ability to operate in muddy areas.

It’s fine when crossing the road with a bit of mud, but if the level is muddier, this product is unsuitable.

Your wheel system will be trapped and no longer able to run even at top speed.


  • Best for all terrain
  • Perfect for walking on ice
  • High-quality material
  • Good wear resistance
  • Excellent wet and dry traction


  • Not suitable for mud

Best Cheap ATV Tires



When finding the right ATV tires for your budget, I understand what you’re worried about.

I never thought I was qualified to own a high-quality tire until I knew about HALBERD ATV Tires. This version comes with a variety of outstanding features at a low price.

At the HALBERD ATV, I was most impressed by the all-terrain performance, including sand, mud, and gravel. I have tested the tires on all of the above types of terrain, and the gravel performance is the best.

This version proves robust, challenging, and full of confidence to bring a light and smooth ride to everyone. Even going through large rocks still ensures specific stability.

Durability with HALBERD Tires is a unique aspect that you should not miss.

With high-quality materials and solid construction, this tire ensures not to disappoint users with its longevity. On average, it can last up to 15 years for all your moving surfaces.

Working on snow is the downside of this tire. It’s not good for you to believe. The tire will be easy to freeze and challenging to move on ice and snow.


  • Low price
  • Easy to install
  • High sustainability
  • Good mud performance
  • Light and smooth ride


  • Not suitable for walking on ice

How to choose best tires for your ATV

How to choose best tires for your ATV

ATV tires are a sizable investment. Some factors to consider are driving style, ATV playgrounds, the plies, and tire size. Scroll down for specific reviews!

Driving style

For those who tend to run at high speeds, tires with a sturdy body and few spikes are the best choice. Owning such products will help maintain good stability at high rates.

A smooth tire will provide good protection on many different terrains if you use it for detours or simply moving around the house. A tire with a less rigid construction will be adequate for the task and the product cost.

ATV playgrounds

Based on the target playing field can also help you find the right tire. These will include the following landforms:

  • Sandy terrain

A sturdy tire is the most complete if you mainly use the ATV on the sand. 

This type of tire has a flexible texture and provides an adequate sand grip. It also offers impressive puncture resistance.

  • Deep mud

ATV is the perfect proposition for the requirement of moving in deep mud. 

It is becoming increasingly popular to create ferocious beasts to adapt to these harsh conditions. 

It also has super-effective traction to keep you safe on wet and icy surfaces. Structurally, it is pretty stiff and can resist punctures well.

  • All-terrain tire

With its high adaptability to many terrains, this tire is the choice of most users. 

It’s strong enough not to get bogged down in mud pits and not too tense to scare you off.

This tire is the most comfortable. It allows for many smooth and gentle rides.

If you have not found a suitable product, you can entirely refer to the models I introduced earlier. Each product has its own unique characteristics of adaptability to different surfaces.

The plies

The surface is usually cotton or polyester fibers

Each row of the braid will form a layer; the more layers, the higher the level of resistance to cuts or punctures of the product. 

So, where can we find this information? 

Through the indicators on the tire’s sidewall, you can know the exact number of layers in the tire’s texture. You can rely on that to find the right product.

Tire size

Tire dimensions will be indicated at the position of the tire’s sidewall. 

Accordingly, you must accurately observe this parameter for the proper tire selection. If you stubbornly buy larger or smaller tires, that will put constant strain on the drivetrain, and your engine will be ruined.

How to understand the number written on the tire? For example, with the parameter 28X10R15, the first digit (28) represents the tire diameter in British units. The second number (10) determines the width of the tire.

The letter R indicates the type of radial tire. The last digit (15) specifies the rim diameter in inches.


I think the above information is not enough for your desire to learn. So, I will explain this FAQs section to answer your questions and add the necessary details on ATV tires.

Are wider tires better on ATV?

Wider tires can help increase traction on all types of terrain, including sand, deep mud, snow, or uneven roads. 
Each piece of equipment can safely handle an increased size of one or even two inches above the spare tire. 
If you use too large tires, your trip will not be safe, the wheels can change direction at any time, and your movement will also be wrong.

How long do ATV tires last?

The specific life span of ATV tires depends on various factors, including frequency of use or terrain. On average, each tire can maintain about 5 years of operation without any problems.
I have owned ATV tires for 6 years and have not had to spend a dime on repair or replacement. If you’re still hesitating about this valuable investment, check out the 9 products I reviewed earlier. 

Will bigger tires make ATV faster?

That’s right, and larger ATV tires allow faster and more efficient movement. 
Yet, the recommended larger size is only about 1-2 inches. If you use a tire that is too large for the standard spare size, your vehicle will not be able to operate.

Should ATV tires be the same size all around?

Yes. ATV tires should be the same size as the wheel system for best speed and performance. I feel peace and comfort on every trip using tires of standard size and fit. It also ensures my safety on unfavorable surfaces.

Why are ATV tires so expensive?

ATV tires are expensive because raw materials are costly to manufacture. 
The cost of hiring labor for the production stages is equally high. Different from regular tires. ATV is based on new technology, and it’s like another industry.


I believe this collection of the best tires for ATV will give you more quality suggestions to pick a suitable version easily.

If you still haven’t decided on your final choice, MASSFX ATV or Roadstar All Terrain ATV/UTV are my best suggestions for overall performance.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have chosen and are satisfied with any version. Thank you for reading!

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