Hankook Kinergy ST Review for 2024: Is It A All-Season Tire Worth The Money?

Hankook Kinergy ST Review

It is not too difficult to find an off-road tire on the market today. But to be honest, having a comfortable wheel when traveling long distances is not easy.

Korea’s Hankook ST is a product from a Korean corporation trusted by many users. Hankook Kinergy ST confidently claims to be the best four-season touring tire on the market, from luxurious design to outstanding functional characteristics along with modern technology.

The Hankook Kinergy ST review will surely provide you with useful information. Let’s take a closer look at the article below to learn more!


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It can be that Hankook Kinergy inevitably converges many characteristics to lead in the four-season tourist tire, in which it stands out with many features.

With the customer’s target as the travel experience, the Hankook Kinergy has stable traction suitable for many types of terrain, including light snow.

Unlike the Hankook Dynapro AT2 with a sizeable bulky design, Kinergy has a relatively symmetrical design, easy to rotate.

The tread pattern has a reasonably high endurance rating, all thanks to the combination of the silica compound and various unique components that create multi-faceted traction. The stable height balance of many tread angles also minimizes noise when the vehicle is moving.

The double filler in the rubber tire wall makes a tire become twice as sturdy. Thus, it can withstand pressure when traveling on the road; besides, the impact from obstacles does not cause much harm to KinergyST.

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From the complex and flexible materials such as rubber, it is clear that in addition to the increased durability, the braking improvisation performance with the driver is also very flexible.

The ribs are located in the center of the tire body to create the necessary stability. The uniform tread design is evenly mounted on the tire surface, increasing the contact density and saving time when stopping or turning faster.

Thanks to the tire groove, the water flows smoothly when the tire moves into a place filled with water, which is waterproof to prevent vitrification.

Pros & Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of Hankook Kinergy are important factors for an objective and honest product evaluation.


  • Good price
  • Durable
  • Long-term warranty
  • Good tires when handling noise well, commensurate comfort
  • Good grip on dry surfaces
  • Braking mode, turning corners is quite good.


  • Not suitable for use on roads covered with snow and ice.

Is The Hankook Kinergy ST Better Than The Optimo H727?

If you don’t know, the Hankook Kinergy ST was to replace the Hankook Optimo H727 version. So, Hankook ST is an upgraded version of Optimo H727. Of course, the new model always has outstanding features compared to the old one.

First, although Optimo H727 has a high roughness compared to the road surface, it is not very satisfactory in drizzly and humid conditions. The tire is slippery, does not control traction well, and the stability is once again low often occurs.

After successful research, Hankook Tire has improved many functions, from upgrading the quality of product components to installing some modern technology, which makes KinergyST enhance thermal efficiency and reduce rolling resistance, saving the car a lot of fuel.

Test Drive

You need to consider many factors when choosing tires because it is a core part of the vehicle operation. The user needs to capture the information well enough to see that it is relevant to the need he is looking for.

Understanding customer psychology, many car manufacturers have launched test drives to test the safety criteria through users. Here is the information you may need to find out the Hankook Kinergy ST reviews.

Snow or ice

As mentioned above, Kinergy ST is a good travel tire for four seasons. However, to give the most impartial advice, the natural snow and ice terrain is not too suitable for Kinergy. Why?

Although the road surface friction is quite good on dry and wet roads, the ST tires do not show their full advantage when going into places with heavy snow or slippery ice.

When the temperature is too cold, the rubber ones will shrink, reducing the traction to an average level, from which the ability to break the car to control gravity becomes more challenging than ever.

If the snow surface on the road is about 1-2 inches, meaning the amount of snow is not high, the Hankook tires can still move completely, and the snow grip is still called good operation.

But when the legal amount of snow exceeds the allowable limit, you should not drive in such conditions because the tires will struggle to stabilize the contact position between the road surface and the wheels.

That’s why if you live in an ice-covered or snow-covered area, we recommend choosing a specialized all-terrain version.

Dry road

The durability of the Kinergy ST is very high thanks to its low rolling resistance and wear-resistance performance, which allows the vehicle to operate smoothly in dry areas. All thanks to the dual buffer magnetic resonance design located on the inside, thus helping to increase grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Hankook Kinergy ST - 2

If you experience the above Hankook line, you will experience the feeling of driving an ice sports car on the road. The tread patterns, midribs, outer grooves, and braces keep the product in top condition. Strong reinforcement points ensure that the tire body will not separate during the trip.

However, some small notes, Kinergy ST is not a high-performance tire, so during use, when the speed exceeds the allowable level, the phenomenon of overload causing pressure on the steering tire can happen.

So, the thing to do is to stabilize the speed while ensuring safety when driving and limiting unnecessary risks.

In wet pavement

KinergyST’s strength is also shown well on slippery roads. Just like the vast majority of tires on the market, to quickly cross a water-filled highway, the tire must have a waterproof function and a drainage rotation mode.

In Hankook, wide grooves are running alternately between the tread blocks, creating conditions for water to accumulate in one place and then be to the outside. The vitrification phenomenon was prevented thoroughly.

The tire’s circumference is wide open, and the rims on the edge of the tire can help the tire stick more to the road.

Likewise, the fixed steel belt improves stiffness and handles movement problems. Specifically, the speed of action and the ability to handle braking are critical for bad weather and rain.

Stability while moving around turns is a factor that ensures safety when participating in traffic. Thankfully, everything on KinergyST handles very well. Overall for the low price, this tire is worth your reference.


The surface of the hard radial tire is well resistant to external impact pressure, keeping the shape stable. Make sure to stay quiet during the move.

In addition, the use of optimized pitch sequences along with acoustic engineering minimizes the noise.

Although occasional growls can be coming from the cellar, it’s not ostentatious, and you won’t even notice it because it’s masked by the wind blowing outside.

Moreover, the double-layer polyester structure is also a plus when creating comfort and smooth ride quality.

Tire wear

The product’s durability is relatively long, as it is the main feature of the Hankook to attract customers. The wear control formula helps the car save fuel, but it also increases the product’s life. Besides, the warranty of up to 70,000 miles is the highlight of the car tires company.

Should I buy Hankook Kinergy ST?

At such a price, we feel this is a good tire. In the cheap segment of a high-end company, do not mistake the product quality for disproportionate quality.

It fully converges factors such as high durability, long-term warranty, and tires that move in different locations. Therefore, you can thoroughly consider putting it in your shopping cart.

At the same time, if the primary search goal is specialized tires that go into places where heat is like snow & ice, then the Ventus V2 Concept 2 or Hankook Optimo H426 will be more suitable.


Choosing to buy equipment can be difficult, especially when tires are essential to mobility needs. The above article has provided you with some necessary information about the Hankook family of tires.

Hopefully, you can make the correct choice through the above article. Please share with us your opinion about this tire? Thank you for reading!

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