Top 8 Best Tires For Honda Accord of 2024: For All-Season & Terrain

The Honda Accord is one of the most popular vehicles you can find on the market today. As you probably know, it is one of the midsize sedans and has the most extended history of most Honda models.

You will quickly see it on any street. With this popularity, tires compatible with this type of vehicle are also gradually becoming popular.

So, which tire can provide both high performance, budget, and durability? Here are the best tires for Honda Accords that we are extremely satisfied using.

Let’s check them out in the reviews below!

The Best Tires For Honda Accord Reviews (Updated 2024)

Here are the honest reviews that we have drawn in the process of using and experiencing each type of tire specifically for the Honda Accord.

Michelin Premier A/S

Best for Overall

Michelin Premier AS - 1


  • Treadlife Warranty: 6 Years / 60,000 Miles
  • Size: 235/60R18
  • Max load: 2.149 lbs
  • Tire Weight: 29 lbs

Premier A/S is the first Touring All-Season tire we want to mention to you. In our experience, this tire will be suitable if you are using vehicles such as sedans, coupes, and minivans.

I used this tire for my truck. It’s good and meets a variety of uses. During my service, I noticed that it has grip even when the tires show signs of wear.

I also drove my car during cold and wet days, even with snow, and I am delighted with the grip of this tire.

Not only that, I noticed that the ability to control the driving process became more responsive when my car used Michelin. This tire uses Michelin Total Performance technology and a cutting-edge tread compound consisting of silica and sunflower oil. It is also one of the factors that help increase traction in wet and cold conditions.

I am also very impressed with the Michelin EverGrip technology that adds grooves to expand the tire’s circumference further.

As a result, as the tires wear, the rain grooves develop, and the emerging ones open up and provide better traction in the winter.

Premier A/S is a pretty perfect tire. But, in our experience, it doesn’t seem to be fully capable in the winter. So you can consider before choosing it if the weather in your place is too harsh, especially in winter.


  • Perfect traction
  • A compound consisting of silica and sunflower oil
  • Fast processing performance
  • Durable


  • Activity not so good in winter

Bottom Line

Overall with advanced compounds, you will undoubtedly be delighted with Michelin Premier. Thanks to that, you can use it with powerful performance while operating your car.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Best for Winter

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 - 470x470


  • Size: 225/50R17
  • Style: Black Wall
  • Max load: 1,477 lbs
  • Tire Weight: 25 lbs

If you live in extreme temperature conditions or are looking for a winter vehicle, the Blizzak WS90 is the product you are seeking.

The Blizzak WS90 has a broader range of uses than the Premier we mentioned before. It is suitable for you to use in sedans, coupes, minivans, and crossovers.

When learning and using Blizzak WS90, I was highly impressed with the ability to control various weather, especially on winter and snowy days.

The Edge Performance technology package that includes advanced features and linkage slots for impressive performance truly delivers on long tire life. In addition, this versatile tire also gives me a smoother ride, thereby significantly improving wear.

Compared to the old pattern, this pattern has block edges and about 15% larger contact areas, thereby ensuring better traction on ice while limiting the braking distance in low-speed driving slippery conditions.

Because the material of Blizzak WS90 is a Multi-Cell compound, it allows the tire to remove a thin layer of water when in contact with icy surfaces.

The silica in the mix is also a factor worth considering so that you can further improve your grip in snow and on ice.

In short, the Blizzak WS90 is helpful. But I think the biggest problem with this tire is the noise, especially when you’re traveling on asphalt or concrete roads.


  • Good traction
  • Good handling of high angle grooves
  • The ability to operate the car smoothly
  • Durable


  • The noise is quite loud

Bottom Line

Overall, with a good grip, the Blizzak WS90 delivers a perfect performance to operate my car even in winter weather conditions without any disadvantages.

Michelin Defender T+H

Best for Responsiveness

Michelin Defender T+H


  • Treadlife Warranty: 6 Years/60,000 Miles
  • Size: 225/50R17
  • Max load: 1,477 lbs
  • Tire Weight: 24lbs

Defender T + H tires are a perfect product and meet 4 season travel standards. First of all, I’m impressed that the Defender I+H offers excellent traction and is a tire developed for people who drive family sedans, coupes, and minivans.

If you are wondering and do not know which tire is durable, comfortable, and provides a fast response, you certainly cannot ignore this Michelin Defender.

In particular, one of the impressions that we are delighted with the Michelin Defender is the Intellisipe technology with zigzag lines combined with a new high-grade silica compound, which significantly improves the durability and longevity compared to the Defender.

This tire uses an asymmetrical design, making it more convenient for your vehicle to operate smoothly and quietly.

Another advantage of the new generation compound that makes me highly excited is that it supports wet traction, so the risk of hydrolysis is minimized.

It would be remiss if I did not mention the independent tread blocks and the zigzag tracks of this tire. Thanks to those features, you can be more assured of the ability to grip the road on slippery surfaces.

Finally, reinforced with a polyamide layer to stabilize the tread and improve steering response, the Michelin Defender performs well in most conditions; however, we did notice it had a small bump in wet traction.


  • Good wear
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Risk of hydrolysis
  • Unique compound with Intellisipe technology


  • Small bumps appear in wet traction

Bottom Line

Overall if you’re looking for a tire with quick handling, the Michelin Defender is the one you’re looking for.

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS

Best High-Performance

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS


  • Size: 215/50R17
  • Max load: 1,521 lbs
  • Tire Weight: 26 lbs
  • Overall diam: 25.5 inches

First of all, one of the advantages that we like about these Potenza RE980AS tires is that they have incredibly high performance.

That’s why it’s been developed by the manufacturer with sports car and sedan drivers in mind while providing predictive handling in dry and wet conditions.

With the perfect combination suitable for the seasons and the perfect noise reduction optimization, my small family and I can fully enjoy the travel with the most comfort and quiet.

Because the size density of Bridgestone Potenza is relatively high, it is very convenient for you to create bite edges that increase traction in slippery conditions.

Plus, since the depth of the vehicle is relatively moderate, it helps maintain my vehicle’s performance over time.

I am also delighted with the internal structure of the Potenza RE980AS with three polyester hip pads and two tread pads. Thanks to that, you can handle quickly in sudden situations such as emergency braking or a bend.

Not only that, but the Potenza also provides high speed for my car because of the increased stiff sidewall padding that resists deformation and the well-reinforced double steel belt.

Overall, the features of this Bridgestone Potenza make me very satisfied, but the biggest problem with this tire is that it is not resistant to wear. So make it a priority to use it in the summer.


  • Good performance
  • Resistance to deformation
  • Increase traction
  • Quiet operation


  • No wear resistance

Bottom Line

With its excellent features and deep tread design, the Bridgestone Potenza delivered outstanding performance to operate my car without any disadvantage.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3

Best for Ice Traction

Michelin X-Ice Xi3


  • Max load: 1,653 lbs
  • Tire Weight: 22 lbs
  • Overall diam: 25.9 inches
  • Size: 225/50R17

X-Ice Xi3 will be the perfect choice for your Honda Accord. With a third-generation winter design, it will be a great fit if you are finding a tire that can grip the road on snow and ice.

Not only that, but I am also delighted with the responsive handling of this tire on dry or wet winter days.

We always promote environmental protection, and we are happy with the feature that helps reduce  CO2 emissions. Those characteristics help my car get long-lasting performance through the winter.

Michelin X-Ice Xi3 has a rubber compound, so the tire has a higher stiffness that helps to stabilize wet and dry roads to enhance traction in snow and ice.

More specifically, the tread design also helps to improve the perfect waterproofing ability, and the combination of many micro-pumps helps to provide excellent traction on snow roads.

As the name of this tire, it is beneficial for you to operate and use on the runway.

Because of the exclusive traction of the X-Ice Xi3, we recommend that you use the X-Ice Xi3 with 4 sets to provide the perfect performance and handling characteristics.


  • Waterproof ability
  • Good traction
  • High performance
  • Quick and responsive handling


  • We need to use a set of 4 to get the best performance

Bottom Line

The Michelin X-Ice Ci3 has always been the perfect choice for my Honda Accord with its unique features and high performance. So it must be a product worth considering and using.

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Best For Wet Traction

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady


  • Size: 225/50R17
  • Max Load: 1,477 lbs
  • Tire Weight: 23 lbs
  • Treadlife Warranty:6 Years/60,000 Miles

Continue to be a tire for all four seasons with a solid finish and stable quality. One of the highlights that impressed me greatly with Goodyear is the tire material made from soybeans and the asymmetrical tread design.

With this design, I entirely focused on providing the traction needed for all weather conditions, especially on wet, rainy days.

To explain this unique, superior wet traction, we think Goodyear’s TreadLock 3D weather-responsive technology plays a big part in providing control in extreme weather conditions.

In addition, the outside of the tire has support for the ribs, so I did not have too much difficulty when entering the bends or worrying about when it rains and snows; it will be slippery.

Because Goodyear has added silica in the compound, it helps to grip the road quite well. Not only that, the tire has sweeping grooves with suitable circumference, so it minimizes the possibility of water absorption on wet roads.

In addition, Goodyear also gives me a perfect experience when traveling in snow.

Although the snow is quite deep and the underlying cover is mostly ice, this tire amazed me because it performed well. In addition, it did not affect our movement and speed too much, so overall it seemed perfect in every way.

I still want you to consider it because it appears noisy when moving on rocky or bumpy roads.


  • Perfect water resistance
  • Good performance
  • Unique compound
  • Perfect when moving on deep snow


  • There is noise when moving

Bottom Line

Overall, Goodyear is the best choice for your Honda Accord with a very innovative and unique compound.

Besides, it doesn’t appear quiet, the rest of the features are perfect, and you probably don’t have to spend too much time learning about it.

Yokohama AVID Touring-S

Best for Dry Safety

Yokohama Avid Touring S Review - 1


  • Size: 225/50R17
  • Style: Black Wall
  • Max load: 1,477 lbs
  • Tire Weight: 26 lbs

AVID TouringS is a tire developed for drivers of coupes, sedans, and minivans from Yokohama and is suitable for most small and medium-sized vehicles.

In addition, this tire provides excellent traction and is exceptionally comfortable driving with an eco-friendly impact.

Not stopping there, I am also delighted by the advanced Tri-plex and silica technology integrated into the tire to provide responsive handling on thin snow.

Not only that, because AVID TouringS delivers the ability to reduce drag and limit the vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions, it contributes to fuel savings for the car and contributes to absolute environmental protection.

Not only that, because the tire’s internal structure is a spirally wound double reinforced nylon steel belt, I am pretty assured of the stability of the highway and the durability of the car even at high speed.

With a polyester shell, you can rest assured that Geolandar provides stable strength and promotes maximum riding comfort.

Besides, I am delighted because AVID TouringS offers long tire life and a four-season grip.

Yet another plus point that perhaps I or any user loves is the ability to reduce the noise of the tire model while providing confident maneuverability.

It can be that with a highly reasonable price, Yokohama AVID TouringS offers users unique features such as abrasion resistance and year-round traction as well as effective noise reduction.

However, if you often have to go through the roads with heavy snow, perhaps the Yokohama AVID Touring S might be worth considering.


  • Dry safe
  • Good traction ability
  • Perfect Noise Giarm
  • The price is quite reasonable


  • Some obstacles when traveling on the road with heavy snow.

Bottom Line

In short, at a very reasonable price, the Yokohama Geolandar offers excellent traction and a highly comfortable operation with an eco-friendly impact.

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

Best for Braking Performance

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring


  • Size: 225/50R17
  • Max load: 1,477lbs
  • Tire Weight: 24lbs
  • Overall diam: 25.9 inches

Finally, we would like to mention one of the tires for the Honda Accord with excellent braking performance – Cooper CS5. Cooper CS5 possesses all the typical features of the All-season tires I am looking for for my Honda car.

With its smooth and quiet operation and responsive and stable handling when cornering, the Cooper CS5 surprised me with its braking performance. It is also very suitable for daily use in harsh weather such as rain or light snow.

Like a few products mentioned earlier, the Cooper CS5’s material is a composite of paired silica and is molded into a symmetrical pattern by the manufacturer.

The CS5’s interior is a single-layer high-strength polyester shell and a nylon-reinforced cord for enhanced handling, responsiveness, and durability.

Besides, this tire also has quite perfect adhesion, supports wet traction, and provides state-of-the-art water resistance.

Overall, Cooper’s features are pretty stable, but the mileage on the tires worries me because it is pretty low at only about 20000 miles. So it is more suitable if your car is only traveling short distances.


  • Perfect brake performance
  • Quick response
  • Good water resistance
  • Durable


  • Driving miles on low tires

Bottom Line

Overall, this tire meets the wide range of features you want and own. So consider choosing Cooper CS5, but it is more suitable if you only travel on sections, as I mentioned earlier.

How to choose tires for Honda Accord

Before that are the most honest reviews, we draw during the use of tires. However, for the most convenience and ease in choosing the right product for yourself, here are a few criteria and factors you need to consider to select the right tire for your Honda. Read on and find out now:

Tire type

One of the most critical factors in choosing the right tire is determining the type of tire you use. Knowing the type of tire also comes with the weather conditions where you live. Therefore, it can be easily explained that there are both summer and winter tires or snowy weather on the market today.

The more you understand this factor, the more you will limit your time. Typically, you will easily find tires on the market, including All-Season tires, winter and snow tires, high-performance tires, and all-terrain tires.

  • All-season tires: This product type has excellent traction even in wet and dry conditions. Besides, All-season tires have a significant service life. In general, they can be available in winter, but you should prioritize using specialized tires in winter to ensure the best.
  • Winter and Snow Tires: The characteristic of these tires is that most of them are of rubber compounds that help maintain grip and flexibility when the temperature drops. These models help maximize starting and stopping when the car is off slippery roads.
  • Performance tires: With this tire, you can easily handle situations more quickly and with more responsiveness even when the road is wet or dry. Besides, they also offer a more aesthetic design than the other three types of tires. However, the service life of this tire will be shorter.
  • All-terrain tires: Of course, this will give you all-terrain traction along with impeccable durability. However, it will make some noise or slight noise, so you need to consider it before buying. In addition, this tire is also relatively stable and suitable for your car in winter.


One of the common materials chosen by manufacturers to make tires is rubber or a mixture of silica.

Yet, to affirm the brand and provide users with the best products, you will quickly notice the significant difference between different brands in the market. So, pay attention to the material before choosing the right product for your car.


The sections above are our honest reviews of Honda Accord tires. You can also find out more information through a few frequently asked questions below.

How long should tires last on a Honda Accord?

Usually, a reasonable mileage for a Honda Accord tire would be around 12,000-15,000 miles per year. Therefore, these tires should be available for a maximum of about 3.5-4 years to ensure absolute safety when driving.

How much do tires for a Honda Accord cost?

The tire price is not fixed; they fluctuate frequently and depend mainly on the type and size of the product you buy.
According to the survey, the tires for Honda Accord will cost from $150 – $4370/unit. Besides, high-performance tires can be up to 500 USD.

Are Michelin tires good for Honda Accord?

The Michelin Tire for Honda Accord is the perfect combination of technology and innovation, with its unique compounds that can tackle all weather conditions without hesitation.


These best tires for Honda Accord in the article content will be useful to you. I hope you will soon choose the most suitable tire for your car. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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