The Best All Season Truck Tires: 9 Top Picks For 2024

Hi, my name is Alvin Reyes, and as an expert in automotive engineering and car reviews, I would like to offer some additional insights into finding the best all-season truck tires.

Trucks are potent vehicles with significantly superior performance and traction compared to many other models. Yet, its tires can wear out quickly if abused.

Therefore, finding the best all season tires for trucks is absolutely essential to stabilize even this heavy structure.

Accordingly, high flexibility, good enough off-road performance, and high durability will be the critical factors you need to consider to find the perfect one.

If you’re still struggling to pick one, check out the perfect versions I found. Every name on this list is the best value option I’ve ever used to meet different goals.

The Best All Season Truck Tires Reviews In 2024

As a driver with many years of experience, I know the difference between advertising and experience. So, to bring you the best products, I have personally used each tire.

The number of good all-season tire samples was quite large, so it took me almost a year to test them. During the next 3 months, further comparisons were made to increase accuracy.

The result of this long process is the list I want to introduce to you right below!

Michelin LTX M/S2

Best for Overall

Michelin Defender LTX M/S2

The Michelin LTX M/S2 is always the first product that comes to mind regarding all-season tires for the truck.

Except for the first two weeks of continuous use, I spend a day moving with the tire every month. Out of 12 tests, the tire failed once in December to meet the average performance level. It’s snowing quite heavily at the moment where I live!

The remaining 11 times, the result is the same over a distance of 20km with a relatively flat surface. Whether it’s a sunny day, a rainy night, or a beautiful afternoon, I can drive at 75km/h without much trouble.

More specifically, I tested it twice on the 6th and 7th times in rainy conditions. An incident happened with the car in front of me, and I had to brake.

At 75km/h and on the slippery surface, the tire still helps the car to stop safely after sliding about 1,6m. Fortunately, I have a habit of keeping a distance of 2 to 2,5 meters from the vehicle in front, so there are no accidents.

Compared to the old version, M/S2 has a very good anti-collision ability.

The rubber surface of the tire now receives extra flexibility. From there, it reduces the damage caused by the impact as well as increases the comfort for the user.

In a test with both M/S and M/S2, it was clear that the 2nd version was less reactive. With 4 adjacent speed bumps, this product only vibrates 2 times.

The ball hanging in front of me didn’t wobble too much either, indicating this version’s high standard of smoothness.


  • Enduring
  • Good wet operation
  • Good braking ability
  • Stable performance 


  • Unable to move steadily on heavy snow

Firestone Destination LE3

Best for Touring

Firestone Destination LE3

Touring tires are an excellent choice for long trips. Its construction is a well-balanced combination of performance and comfort.

Owning a set of quality touring tires like Firestone Destination LE 3 will help you a lot. The Destination LE 3’s wet and dry performance ranks very high in many Internet reviews.

Summer weather is always a challenge for any driver. During a trip to the coastal area, I encountered continuous rain and then sunshine.

In just about 50km, the weather changes 4 times. But whether it’s wet or dry, I keep the speed steady at 80km/h.

Even the traction of Firestone Destination LE 3 is similar on all surfaces. In theory, wet traction will usually be lower, but I found the feeling of vibration at the start of the car is almost absent.

The lower the vibration, the higher the traction of the tire is. Tires are also relatively quiet compared to many other touring products.

Although touring tires have always been known for their comfort, the LE 3 was the first product that I was able to move in the rain so smoothly.

Driving in the rain often produces a lot of annoying sounds due to increased friction to ensure stability.

Firestone Destination LE 3 also achieves the same high stability. But what’s more impressive is that this product does not cause noise when operating.

Firestone has added to the Destination LE3 the ability to operate stably on thin snow and slippery ice. 

Compared to the LE2, these changes have significantly improved the multi-surface travel performance of this touring product.


  • Stable traction
  • Impressive dry performance
  • Worthwhile wet performance
  • Moving without making noise


  • Quickly corroded

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II

Best for Comfort

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus II

The painful feeling of having to sit for hours behind the wheel is an experience that any driver must endure.

This situation is even worse when you drive continuously for long distances like me. But it’s great that this discomfort decreased sharply after I used the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II.

The pain still occurs when I sit for a long time. But now, there were no more strong vibrations. The road I am on is quite rough due to the impact of a storm. 

Also, on this dangerous road, the tire has shown another ability to resist noise. 

To ensure the car wasn’t too tilted, I had to squeeze and release the brake to increase friction constantly.

Usually, this action will make a lot of annoying noise. However, in the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II, the end result is silence.

The steering feel of the tire also helps reduce pressure on us in control. You can feel it quite clearly when you hit an obstacle or encounter a problem.

The feedback is quite honest but, at the same time, does not cause discomfort to the operator. This ability helped me quickly discover a small sinkhole right in front of my house.

The reduced rolling resistance is a detail that significantly improves the performance of the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II.

The problem of rolling resistance always causes a lot of discomfort while moving. To improve the comfort of its products, Pirelli has drastically changed part of the tire compound to reduce drag.


  • Smooth operation
  • It doesn’t make much noise
  • Good driving feeling
  • Appropriate feedback force


  • Not usable for heavy snow areas

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza

Best for Highway Stability  

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza

Many tire models face a problem when traveling a lot on the highway: the rapid decrease in durability. In the past, there was a time when I used cheap tire models to experience the difference.

Out of 8 products, 7 could not withstand the pressure of traveling below 119 km/h for 3 months. Only one product made it past the 4th month but quickly deteriorated.

I didn’t expect much from Dueler H/L Alenza until this product lasted 10 months. Even during the tire’s life, I only had to take the product in for service twice. Despite high durability, Bridgestone still provides users with this tire model with quite an extended warranty.

With models with T-H speeds like mine, the manufacturer only offers a 65,000-mile program. With Dueler H/L Alenza alone, this figure is 80,000 miles.

The braking distance of this product is suitable for safe highway travel. The slip range of the tire when braking sharply on wet roads at 120km/h is about 16 to 19m.

This figure is more improved on dry roads at 13 to 16m. The collision will be improbable if the safety distance is well observed in the range of 20 to 25m.


  • Durable
  • Long term warranty
  • Good braking distance
  • Good maximizes safety


  • It cannot operate in frozen condition

Cooper Discoverer HT Plus

Best for Tread Life

Cooper Discoverer HT Plus

If you prioritize durability, Cooper Discoverer HT Plus is the best choice. This tire model has good durability no matter what weather it is traveling in.

Cooper Discoverer HT Plus is a particular case when I can use this tire model to travel on the highway.

Usually, many products are suitable for traveling on these roads. The Discoverer HT Plus is so durable, so I decided to test the tire on a highway.

I chose the 80km road with the pavement often in high temperature. I decided on the step-by-step acceleration method instead of instantaneous acceleration to ensure safety. From 70 to 120, each speed range records the stability of Cooper Discoverer HT Plus.

The weather was quite hot then, and the road surface was reported to have reached 36 degrees and was rising rapidly.

At the top speed of 120km/h, I still didn’t see any tire expansion or explosion signs. The product, just like that, passes 80km quickly.

On the tire surface, there is a mechanism that shows the wear quite clearly for us to track. Despite my experience, I often still have trouble reading tire wear parameters on many products.

Luckily, with Discoverer HT Plus, the process takes less than a minute.


  • High heat resistance
  • Impressive wear resistance
  • Tolerating friction is quite expensive
  • The mechanism of showing wear is quite clear


  • Poor wet performance

General Grabber HTS60

Best for Wet Surfaces

General Grabber HTS60 - 1

The rains always give me a headache every time spring ends. Moving in the shower, whether in summer or autumn, feels unsafe. Perhaps from when I started learning to drive until now, I rarely have access to good rain products.

So the obsession lasted until I had a chance to use Grabber HTS60. During 2 months of summer and one month of fall, this General product’s performance far exceeded my expectations.

With the intense summer rains, the traction and handling ability of the tires were allowed to shine. Usually, heavy rains can significantly reduce the friction created at the tire surface.

Things will get worse when we encounter traffic jams and travel continuously for short distances.

I accidentally fell into this dilemma, and it was the Grabber HTS60 that helped the car always have enough traction to not fall into a dormant state. 

Its handling always allows me to wriggle through other vehicles even though the road is quite slippery. In less than 30 minutes, I was out of the traffic jam.

The manufacturer has prepared a mechanism for the General Grabber HTS60 to avoid immobilization due to flooding in the fall.

Autumn rains are easy to flood and cause hydrolysis of the tire surface. But I did not see on the surface of the Grabber HTS60 there was water clinging to it.

The quick drainage ability that the tire possesses has quickly dealt with the excess liquid that attaches to it.


  • High flexibility
  • Anti-hydrogenation
  • Good wet traction
  • Good handling in the rain


  • High price

Continental CrossContact LX25

Best for Dry Traction

Continental CrossContact LX25

However, not all tire models can achieve impressive stability like the Continental CrossContact LX25.

The Continental CrossContact LX25 version is an outstanding improvement over the LX20 with many new features. The most prominent is the more explicit indicator system.

The control lines of the indicator system are now easy to see and have an intuitive layout. You can quickly determine tire wear even if you don’t know how to read the warning lines.

Operating on dry surfaces is not difficult for most all-season truck tires.

Its dry performance is so good that I can use the tire to tow a truck with heavy cargo on top. 

I even made it a challenge to repeatedly stop and start the car to test the tire’s short drag performance.

The results are positive when the traction is still stable during 8 stops and stops.

Rolling resistance on dry surfaces is usually quite large and causes much trouble.

For better dry performance, some manufacturers have sacrificed this drag problem. However, with the CrossContact LX25, you get good dry performance without worrying about rolling resistance.

Lower rolling resistance means the engine needs less work to pull the vehicle, reducing the fuel required.

With CrossContact LX25, after about 100km, I started to pull out the fuel to observe. Compared to other good dry performance products, this tire model helps the car use up to 20% less fuel.


  • Good dry traction
  • Great little towing ability
  • Low rolling resistance
  • It helps reduce fuel consumption


  • Bad wet performance

Michelin Premier LTX

Best for Winter

Michelin Premier LTX

It sucks to go out and face the harsh environment in winter. At this time, driving is also much more complex and requires us to have tires with enough performance like the Michelin Premier LTX.

Except for tires suitable for traveling on ice, using other options is too risky. Winter road surfaces often become much smoother due to melting snow or thick ice.

Regardless of the cause, the grip ability of the tire models must be at a high level to be able to move. Premier LTX not only has the grip, but the tire control in this condition is also quite good.

Although it sounds hard to believe, I made an S-turn with this tire model. During a trip to a snowy area, I, unfortunately, got lost on a minor road.

The road here is relatively narrow with a width of 1.6m and many tricky turns, especially an S-turn at the end of the road.

Although there was a slight slip, the Premier LTX still grips very well when cornering. The identification of the steering wheel starts to stabilize gradually, and the car just moves to the finish line.

After going through the corner, I noticed that the car had moved and left a long trail in the snow. I estimate the surface to be about 4 inches thick, and the tire can still easily dig that much under the ice.


  • Good grip
  • Good crabs
  • Impressive digging ability
  • Stable performance on smooth roads


  • Not too durable

Goodyear Assurance CS Tripletred AS

Best for Budget

Goodyear Assurance CS All-Season

Quality and price are two criteria that often go together. However, some tire models are pretty cheap but also possess excellent performance.

If you do not know, it is the Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTred All-Season, a product from the Goodyear brand.

I had to double-check before buying the Assurance CS TripleTred to try it out.

Compared to a tire with such a pit and quality, the price is only half that of other products, which is too cheap.

When I brought the tires home, I still had some doubts about the quality. So I decided to test the tire with basic tests and gradually increase it. Surprisingly, even in advanced examinations, the tire results were still relatively stable.

I tried using TripleTred for S-curving, a technique that requires the tire to have all three factors: grip, handling, and good steering feel. On my first test, I failed because the tire’s responsiveness differs from the products I usually use.

By the 3rd test, I got used to it and could turn the corner quite well. The dry and wet performance of the Assurance CS is also acceptable for a cheap product.

At 90km/h, the tires’ wet and dry performance starts to have problems. However, below this level, I hardly feel any abnormality.


  • Cheap
  • Good grip
  • Enough wet and dry performance
  • Impressive handling and driving feel


  • Various control mechanism

How to choose best all season tires for truck

How to choose best all season tires for truck

You can choose the most suitable tire model by considering size, budget, and balance of the needs and driving conditions.

These factors are a combination of many different criteria. Instead of having to think about each part, you can choose to look at the whole.


Each type of vehicle will have a different wheel size to match the load capacity.

I have seen many people choose larger tires to increase performance or smaller ones to reduce costs. The result of these two options is never a good one.

A few lucky cases are just tired damage or loss of vehicle performance.

Meanwhile, more severe cases often cause severe damage to the rim. Of course, the cost to repair will be very high.

If you do not want to fall into such situations, you must consider the wheel size first. Then select products with sizes that fit the above parameters.


Cost is personal, so you need to consider your ability to pay first. If you have financial resources, it will be easier to choose the right product.

However, you also need to choose based on your needs. Avoid products with a high price tag but don’t keep up with the performance.

Not all cheap products are of poor quality, but it is not easy to find a version that meets both of these criteria.

The needs and driving conditions

We can’t always balance the needs and driving conditions. Under normal conditions, you can focus on tire models with the desired characteristics.

But when operating the vehicle in extreme conditions, the fit factor needs to be pushed higher. To choose between preference and safety, I think we will all have the same answer.


What are the longest-lasting truck tires?

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus, Michelin Defender LTX M/S, and Cooper Discoverer HT3 are among the longest-lasting products on record. Most of these tire models are good for more than 100,000 miles.

Can all-season tires be used in winter?

Most quality all-season tires can be available in winter. However, only a few products have the required stability. You should also note that only snow tires can work in heavy snowfall and low temperatures.

What do M and S mean on tires?

M and S are two wildcards for mud and snow tires. Products that work on the ground and snow will have these two symbols.

How long do all-season tires last?

All-season tires are durable products. If these tires are available at a frequency of 12,000 to 15,000 miles a year, it takes 3 to 5 years for a product to degrade.

Is it better to get all-season tires or winter tires?

All-season tires are an all-around choice as they provide consistent performance on various surfaces. Meanwhile, winter tires have their structure for operating on snow surfaces. If you choose, all-season tires will suit more needs.

Final Thoughts

Have you found the best all season truck tires for your vehicle?

I think the Michelin Premier LTX comes with snowy performance, while the Firestone Destination LE2 comes with perfectly balanced features.

Depending on your needs, you can consider and select your product suitable for different terrain and weather needs.

Pick one now and leave your comments in the comment section below!

Thank you for reading!

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