Do I Need Chains On All 4 Tires? Expert’s Explanation

The icy and snowy roads make people worry about the cars’ ability to hold on and look for solutions. One of the effective methods is to use chains for your car. However, do I need chains on all 4 tires?

The answer is yes. To keep your vehicle balanced and perform at its best on slippery runways, we recommend Chains On All 4 Tires.

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What Is A Tire Chain?

What Is A Chain?
What Is A Chain?

Wheel chain is the chain you use to secure around your tires. They allow your vehicle to take advantage of its weight to dig deep into the ice and snow to stay on track while driving.

Why Do You Use Tire Chain?

As mentioned above, the chain allows you to grip on icy and slippery roads.

Indeed, you have imagined or have been in a situation where you lost control of your vehicle. The ice-covered slippery roads will throw you off balance even as you try to control it.

Most people who have experienced that moment also know the overwhelming sense of relief when it is over. But if they’re unlucky, they could get into an accident, get stuck in a blizzard, possibly get injured, or worse.

Therefore, the chain was born to help you prevent that dangerous situation. Besides, you also need to make sure your car is always in good condition and well maintained. You also need to drive carefully and safely.

You should also be aware that depending on state law; you will have to see if you can use winter tires, fixed class, or, most effectively, wheel chains.

When To Use Tire Chains

Tire chains are most often used in winter when the roads are covered with snow. You will be allowed to use tire chains when your state allows it.

If you plan to travel from state to state with chains, we recommend that you understand the laws in both states. Tire chains dig into the ice and snow to help keep your vehicle on track; they can also drill into normal roads and damage them. Not only that, but it also hurts your tires.

If you don’t know when to use chains, you can ask the experts or the dealer where you bought them.

How To Drive With Chain On Tires

To drive with chains on tires, you will have to put the chain on the tire and connect the cable. You will have to put your leashes on the ground and put them behind the trunk, in the order that the yellow line ends first and right to left.

Once the fetter is centered behind the wheel, grab both ends and pull them over the top. At this point, you will feel the fetter against your shaft, and you will need to remove it with force.

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Do I Need Chains On All 4 Tires?

Chains On All 4 wheel
Chains On All 4 wheel

For your safety, we recommend that you install tire chains on all 4 tires for all vehicles if your state allows it.

Using all four tire chains on four tires will allow you to stay on the road and have the best balance possible. If the fetter is installed on only one tire, problems may occur due to imbalance.

If you only install the fetter on the front tire, your vehicle may experience unpredictable reactions during movement and braking. If you only install the rear tire, it will be difficult for you to control the car’s direction on this icy road.

Steps To Install Tire Chain

So how to install a tire chain for your car? Below we will show you how to install them in just a few easy steps.

  • First of all, you need to park the car and apply the handbrake. Then lay the leash flat to make sure they don’t get twisted.
  • Next, thread the chain over the tire while holding the top to ensure the chain is even on both sides. The next step is quite important; you have to reach behind each tire, tighten the speed hooks (“J hooks”) over the third link, and pull the chain towards the outside of the vehicle.
  • You will then have to move the car forward a few feet to tie up the rest of the leash. Continue driving 50 to 100 feet ahead and fasten the leash.
  • Finally, you have to make sure the excess links are tied with zip ties or remove them with a bolt cutter.


Do I need 2 or 4 snow fetters?

You should install all 4 snow fetters for your car to be balanced and best grip on slippery roads. Don’t fall into dangerous situations for the sake of saving money.

Which tires do you put chains on for 4 wheel drive?

With front-wheel drive vehicles, the tire chain must go on the front tire. In contrast, in rear-wheel drive vehicles, the chain must be placed on the rear wheel. Depending on the type of vehicle, you should install the tire chain accordingly. You can consult experts and sellers when buying tire fetters.

Do all-terrain tires need fetters?

Not all off-road vehicles need a tire chain because if you use a tire chain on normal roads, you can damage the road and damage your tires.

How important is 4 wheel drive?

4-wheel vehicles allow you to move anywhere without worrying about rain or shine. However, with slippery blizzard days, your car will need an extra tire chain to ensure the safety of your vehicle and yourself.

Do chains go on the front or back of 4wd?

You can install tire chains and their front and rear wheels depending on the type of vehicle. We still recommend installing on all 4 wheels for maximum efficiency.


Via this article, we have helped you answer questions about using chains on all 4 tires. Hopefully, with our sharing, you will have a safe and lucky trip.

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