Kumho Ecsta V730 Review & Rating: All-Season Performance Tires

Kumho Ecsta V730

Kumho is one of the top 10 tire manufacturers in the world. Most of this brand’s products have been in 160 countries around the globe, and Kumho also supplies tires for many major car manufacturers such as Ford, BMW, and Mercedes.

The Kumho tire brand is so popular with users because of its good quality at the most reasonable price and providing quick handling. Of course, the Kumho Ecsta V730 is no exception.

The V730 stands out with its performance and innovative technology loved by many. So, you will definitely be impressed with the V730.

Yet, is Kumho Ecsta as good as rumored? To explain this problem, the Kumho Ecsta V730 review will provide you with objective and useful information.

Let’s read on to discover!

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Features Highlights

Like a few other products of the same brand, Kumho Ecsta delivers year-round performance with an advanced carbon rubber compound. Thanks to this material, the tire will be “softer” even when the temperature drops.

Standing out thanks to the V-shaped design with shoulder blocks in the center and stiffer on the sides, the Kumho Ecsta provides stability when traveling in a straight line while also providing better handling characteristics.

Because the tire has dual diagonal grooves, you can rest assured because it can effectively drain water and keep it stable when driving in heavy rain. In addition, it is also very suitable for working in the snow.

Besides, as I mentioned before, Kumho Ecsta possesses optimized technology, so it helps control the tension in the best tire. As a result, it is simpler to improve strength by reducing bending and operating temperature.

One of the advantages is that this tire offers traction in wet weather and is water-resistant with four circumferential grooves and many super side grooves.

It would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Ecsta V73’s highly durable and articulated beadwork design. Thanks to that, it is advantageous to bring more comfort to the tire and reduce vibration.

Which One Does Kumho Ecsta V73 Fit For?

With the features and characteristics mentioned earlier, do you wonder if Kumho Ecsta 4X is suitable for any user or vehicle type? 

As the Kumho Ecsta V73 features an all-season tire with extreme performance, it is especially suitable for drivers looking for year-round grip and impeccable durability.

Besides, these V73 tires are for sports coupes, modern sedans, and more. In addition, I am quite satisfied with the Kumho Ecsta V73 because it makes me more confident when driving on the road, even when I don’t know what the weather forecast will be.

A composite compound of polymers, highly dispersed silica and new resins provide exceptional winter performance and operability. In addition, it also provides super flexible function and long service life.

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In general, thanks to the special compound of this tread, it provides a quick response to unexpected obstacles from road conditions.

I would like to mention a few parameters of the V730 that you can refer to understand the product better.

  • Warranty: 40000 miles
  • Max Speed: 168 mph
  • Load Range: XL
  • Load Index: 1102 lbs
  • Inflation Pressure: 50 psi

Test Drive

Above are the special features and the parameters and advantages of Ecsta V730. 

Yet, to judge objectively, it is more necessary to consider the performance of this tire in weather conditions from rain, wet to dry.

Below are the full reviews that I have drawn from my experience using the Ecsta V730. Read on to discover more:


First, let’s take a look at the mobility of the V730 tires on snowy roads. Since it’s a 4-season tire, it shouldn’t have much trouble moving on less snowy roads.

With excellent performance and super quality materials, I find the Ecsta AST V730 offers good traction and grip, so it should be able to satisfy the needs of most enthusiasts.

In addition, this tire is also very suitable when traveling on corners. So in terms of handling, the V730 does not seem to be a bad performer, but I think its performance is not as responsive as the Kumho Crugen hp71 tires.


Kumho Ecsta V730 - 2

I am quite satisfied with this product in wet conditions such as rain or humidity because it is quite good even though the material is not high-end. 

In addition, I am also very pleased with the V730’s traction on wet surfaces, but it will start to appear slippery if you do too much control.

One of the factors that the Ecsta AST V730 impressed me with when traveling in heavy rain is the pattern and groove design, which provides a stable level of resistance to the enamel.

Comfort level

In terms of comfort, the Ecsta AST V730 is quite stable, so you can safely move during use. It can absorb vibrations, so noise also performs the worst.

It’s great because I will have a very smooth ride without noise. However, in using the tires, I noticed that if the car moves on the road and is not too flat, the tire set is a problem if you go continuously for 1-2H.

Therefore, you can consider using it for passenger cars or vehicles such as Bridgestone Potenza, Pirelli P, and Michelin Pilot.

Dry performance

When it comes to dry performance, I found it not very good in rainy conditions. 

It is easy to see that with this condition, the reduced dry performance will lead to a decrease in traction. However, as long as you can adjust the appropriate speed, this will not be too big of a problem.

As soon as you keep this factor in mind, the Ecsta AST V730 will keep you safe by its average water resistance.

However, if the weather conditions are good, I am very satisfied with the dry performance of the V730 because it offers extremely high traction. 

You can accelerate strongly without any problems. Accompanying it is the ability to handle situations when encountering obstacles quickly.

In general, compared to high-end tires on the market, the V730 is quite stable because it is friendly with the budget of many users.

Is It a Budget Choice?

ECSTA V730 is a very budget-friendly product. It is quite suitable for handling tracking from wet to dry conditions.

Thanks to using a high-adhesive agent with a fine synthetic resin, it provides super-fast adhesion and response. In addition, characterized by a design suitable for the seasons, you are not too worried if thin snow appears on your path or it rains suddenly because dampness is not too big of a problem.

I am also very satisfied with the V730 because of its smooth operation and no loud noise.

Is It Worth Money?

Right before that were my experiences with products of the Kumho brand. Yet, replacing the entire tire for your vehicle will greatly affect the cost and time of replacement. The big question that most users wonder is, is it worth money?

Tire replacement depends largely on your wishes and your intended use. Here are some of the notable features that you will get as soon as you own the V730:

  • Performance: Ecsta V730 is a high-performance tire suitable for sports cars such as coupes and sedans. It offers super-powerful handling and quick handling on both dry and wet pavement.
  • Longevity: Although the material is not too high-end, the manufacturer is careful in the design and selection of tires, giving users maximum time with durable wear resistance. 

The tire also has dents placed in the groove, which is a plus point to help prolong the life and improve the ability to operate on wet roads.Wet Performance: You will hardly be able to predict whether the weather may be rainy or sunny. So as soon as you own this tire, whether the road is dry or wet is no longer a big problem because it has perfect traction and timely handling. Not only that, the waterproof ability is quite stable if the rain is not too heavy.


It can be that the Kumho Ecsta V730 is a quality tire with a reasonable price and stable performance. Besides, the longevity, comfort of use, and the ability to grip the road are also great advantages of the V730.

I also fully synthesize my experiences when traveling on snow and dry roads. Hope this information can help you better understand Kumho Ecsta V730.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns that need to be answered, please leave your comment below this article. I will reply to you as soon as possible. 

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