Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT - 470x470


  • Good resistance and walking in terrain with soil, sand, gravel.
  • Stable operation in dry road bends.
  • Has muscular tensile strength, optimal moisture resistance
  • Equipped with durable technology
  • Whisper Groves technology is quiet and comfortable to use.


  • Not good on snowy roads
  • Do not work well in the mud.
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If you are looking for a comfortable driving tire, the Cooper discoverer AT3 LT is what you are looking for. The manufacturer has applied a lot of modern technology in the product research process. Since then, a tire with unique characteristics was born.

You will see factors such as traction ability, current anti-rust status, plastic durability, or suitable noise control sensor mode during use. All will coordinate rhythmically with the exact tire. Create a solid premise to rest assured of using the product.

In the following article, let’s dive into the architecture and features that Cooper’s Discoverer AT3 LT currently has.

Tire Features

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Cooper discoverer AT3 LT is one of 3 new generation tires of the Cooper Tire family. 

The first original of the latest version of the tire line was the Cooper discoverer AT3, which was later to adapt to all types of terrain and more car designs. So, what’s so special about AT3 LT that attracts so many users?

The first feature that makes a strong impression on consumers is the texture of the tread on the car outside. A layer of light spikes with more design, more robust but still has a certain softness to ensure the smooth movement of the cake.

In addition, the function of the tread is also to help remove obstacles present on the trip, such as dirt, sand, stones, and gravel, to avoid damage to the tire.

The main ingredient that makes Cooper tires is silica compound, a key material commonly used in the automotive tire industry.

The durability technology of the equipped AT3 LT has exceptional resistance optimized for gravel roads. Persistence through many trials is proof of the successful application of new inventions.

Through the upgrade process, the product has been able to withstand high-density pressure and strong traction to help the vehicle not be damaged when pulling objects on the road. So, it balances the pressure on the exposed wheel surface with Even Wear Arc technology, thereby evening out the weight and resisting wear over a long period.

In short, the AT3 LT is a good quality off-road tire for those who specialize in challenging transport work.

In addition, some vehicles suitable for AT3 LT that you can refer to are:

  • Nissan Titan
  • Toyota Tundra, Tacoma
  • RAM 1500,2500,3500.
  • GMC Sierra 1500,2500
  • Ford F-150, F-250, F-350.
  • Chevrolet Colorado.

Test Drive

To provide the best user experience, AT3 LT has spent test drives, verifying the essentials of a standard tire. From this, the following tests can be drawn:

Dry Traction

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From the very beginning, the Cooper discoverer AT3 LT tire line has targeted drivers with heavy loads. Therefore, moving on dry roads is relatively easy with the above product.

Around the side of the wheel, there are small layers of the tread or rock ledges, and they appear evenly spaced and act as a miniature scanner to remove gravel and obstacles on the road surface. At the same time, improve the contact ability and increase the object’s traction.

One of the most noticeable things about Cooper tires is the low pressure when traveling on dry pavement. Tested on the 40-mile road, and at 19 psi, the tire is still completely unharmed; you can’t even break it when using a hard knocker.

Wet Traction

Rain makes many roads slippery, which is a frequent phenomenon that is also a concern when choosing an off-road tire because not all wheels can move in wet places. Fortunately, after improvement, you do not have to worry if you decide on Cooper’s AT3 product.

Cooper discoverer AT3 LT with deep groove designs and precise grooves help the tire grip the road better, transferring water out efficiently. The phenomenon of water damage does not occur when driving into large stagnant water areas.

The wet traction of the LT series is something that amazes many people. Tested, they may not lose traction, road friction of the tires when traveling for a long distance.

With Even Wear Arc technology attached to the car-shaped tires, increasing contact and traction will make the ability to brake quickly to stop the car in harmful conditions.

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For example, an experienced driver can still brake at 40 mph in emergencies with the AT3 LT. This number is almost the most impressive in the same segment.

Of course, the product’s texture isn’t optimal for wet, rainy roads. Tires like Cooper discoverer AT3 4S will be a better decision to refer to when the product is for specialized use in places like this.

Snow Traction

Will the AT3 LT all-terrain tires perform well on snowy roads?

In terms of fundamental aspects, the AT3 LT tire line has all the elements to make trips into snowy places.

The wheel has relatively high and hard spikes, and the exact measurement is 16.5mm for convenient movement. But the sad thing is that the AT3 LT tires don’t have the snow bite grooves to keep track of the ice, and the rubber material is not flexible enough to provide adequate traction.

Overall, it’s okay if you drive with tires on the road with little snow, but it’s challenging to deal with icy roads.

As you can see, the upper tires work at total capacity in drylands, in the rain, or on the highway. However, there was a shaking phenomenon when increasing the speed when entering the ice area. In the case of Discoverer, AT3 ALT will be more suitable than you should consider.


Designed to adapt to all types of terrain, the Discoverer AT3 LT can undoubtedly bring you the comfort you want.

Cooper Tire equips the product with exclusive Even Wear Arc technology, which maintains the balance between the wheels and the road surface and has a fantastic ability to handle obstacles independently.

The surface of the tread has a broader form, increasing the ability to contact objects up high, thereby helping the vehicle to stay stable and limit shocks when going on bumpy roads.

Overall, this is a quality product that meets the minimum of comfort you need.


Noise when in use is also something that people are concerned about. In the moving process, there is always a heavy sound in the ears, which causes a lot of trouble for people in traffic. This problem has not been wholly solved until now and can only minimize the loss of audio performance to the lowest level.

Understanding that problem, Cooper has taken advantage of the whisper grooves into the tires, ensuring that the output volume is always at a stable level and the sound is minimal.


Have you ever wondered what the parameters glued on the outside of the packaging mean? Indeed, learning the numbers or words are the indicators that inform the current condition of the wheel. The durability of the product is also within the rating scale above.

Usually, according to the regulations of the US Tire Administration, the maximum amount of wear allowed on the primary wheel surface is 1.66mm (converted to 2/32 inch). 

When you see the warning line appear, you should replace it entirely. If the above situation occurs, it can gradually cause a sudden tire explosion that is dangerous when participating in traffic.

On the AT3 LT side, the wheel has a combination of “Even Abrasion Arc” technology, so the life of Cooper tires is quite long.

In addition, the manufacturer’s warranty is six years or 60,000 miles, a long commitment compared to other brands in the same industry.

Should I Buy a Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT?

Based on the general knowledge they have provided, you probably have a partial understanding of the uses and the ingredients and features that the product has.

Compared with similar objects on the market, Cooper’s discoverer AT3 LT is superior in many aspects. 

This product works well in all types of terrain, including highways, wet and slippery places, even the comfort it brings when operating and moving. The same price is a huge plus when the AT3 LT is in the mid-range segment suitable for most budgets.

Overall, although there are a few minor defects, this is a product worth buying.


Choosing to buy a tire is an excellent decision for the movement of a vehicle. I hope that through the above content, you can find a tire that is just right for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT review!

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