Cooper Evolution Winter Review & Rating for 2024: Special Tire At A Competitive Price

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Besides the rocky and muddy areas with high mud, snow, and the terrain covered by this agent, whether thick or thin, is always one of the most difficult challenges to overcome with tires.

Because of the structural instability and inherent melting properties of snow and ice, tires must have various elements to maintain the necessary stability.

Understanding the need to move on this precarious terrain, manufacturers have launched specialized structures to operate in snowy areas.

In addition to the familiar brands for a long time, users also pay attention to Cooper Tire, a name famous for its tire models with the impressive quality compared to the price range.

In this brand’s segment of specialized products on ice and snow terrain, the Cooper Evolution Winter is probably the best quality tire. This product is not only suitable for crossing snow-covered landscapes but also can move well on many other common types of surfaces, such as dry or wet.

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Tire Features

The manufacturer has equipped this tire model with impressive features to perform well in one of the most unstable terrains outside the natural environment. And below are some notable names that we cannot ignore.

Stable design

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To know how much snowy performance a tire can achieve, we will need to be interested in the presence of the Three Peaks Snowflake (3PMSF) icon.

And of course, the Cooper Evolution Winter also owns this symbol as a testament to the ability and stability of the design that has passed various rigorous tests.

To receive this prestigious rating, the tire from the Cooper Tire brand itself must also have breakthroughs in design to maintain performance on the ice.

The most typical is the unique staggered serrated center rib specially designed to dig through the thick snow on the road surface. Thereby, it optimizes the tire’s contact area with the road surface and increases grip.

This product also features a tread section consisting of broad, stiff tread blocks on the centerline to improve steering response, stability, and performance on the ice.

Great grip

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The grip is one of the most critical factors for stable movement in the snowy terrain. Understanding this, the manufacturer has added many different elements to the Cooper Evolution Winter to maximize the grip.

These include pinholes to provide a better grip on the road surface. In addition, the use of a high-density rubber layered compound molded into a directional groove also dramatically contributes to keeping the vehicle from slipping off the road.


Not only ice but water is also a big problem that directly affects the performance of winter. We will have to deal with this liquid because snow and ice will tend to melt, just like when moving in wet terrain.

To deal with this problem, the deep grooves will act as a water path to waterproof and prevent water from sticking to the surface.


Cooper used SawTooth Perimeter Center Ribs and shoulder openings for better-wet traction and gliding. There’s also Snow-Groove technology, which distributes traction more evenly and avoids bogs in areas with high snow density.

Test Drive

It can be that tires play a significant role in-vehicle operation. Therefore, we need to know the information about the tire’s performance in many different conditions to make an accurate judgment about that product. In addition, you also need to consider a few other factors.

Dry Traction

Although a product dedicated to serving snowy conditions, Cooper Evolution Winter can still operate quite stably in dry surface conditions.

Although on flat surfaces, the product cannot deliver the desired performance compared to many other options on the market today, that’s not why we can’t deny what this tire model does.

In addition, because of the nature of a winter tire model, comparing the product with four-season wheels is never an appropriate measurement.

Basically, the grip is not a big problem that you have to worry about, especially with a product like evolution winter.

Thanks to the possession of various technologies to optimize friction and increase the contact of the tire with the road surface, the grip will always remain at the right level.

Among the valuable assistive technologies, we can mention a few prominent names. The tread pattern includes wide, stiff spike blocks on the midrib that improves steering response, stability, and straight-line tracking ability.

Accompanied by a solid outer shoulder that improves lateral grip increases friction when accelerating and especially cornering, one of the operations that require a lot of technique and high stability.

Another feature that Cooper Evolution Winter possesses to make it easier and more stable to move on dry surfaces is the compound that makes up this product.

Despite the focus on performance on snow, the rubber part with sufficient elasticity also provides the tire with the proper response to agents such as soil or sand on dry terrain.

Just like snow, the surface with many small stones will also significantly affect the friction that the tire creates, thereby greatly affecting the ability to operate.

So, the new manufacturer equips the product with a unique design to dig deeper into these surfaces to make the most of the contact and keep the friction stable.

Wet Traction

Traveling in snowy areas also means you will have to face wet or even flooded roads because of melting snow. That’s why the new manufacturer focuses on operating in wet conditions of Cooper Evolution Winter. Since then, this product has obtained stable performance even when used in stormy conditions.

The most remarkable ability of this product when operating in wet places is to keep friction and grip while effectively anti-slip. To achieve this, the cooper evolution brand has integrated into this tire model embossed details and high-roughness grips.

To preserve and optimize traction in flooded conditions, this tire model has taken advantage of SawTooth circumferential center rib technology and open shoulder grooves.

These technologies all have one thing in common: they provide the tire with an excellent ability to conduct water and repel water, thereby preventing fluid accumulation and preventing hydrolysis. Significantly, the traction and the ability to slide on slippery roads of the product are also much better.

Snow Traction

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With a product that specializes in working on snow surfaces like Cooper Evolution Winter, the performance in this type of terrain will be the highest.

However, the remarkable thing is that the tire’s stability on ice is not only pleasing but even surpasses many names from other famous manufacturers. So, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the best options for traveling in volatile environments such as snowy areas.

In fact, the manufacturer has equipped this tire model with full capabilities to handle many situations, from slippery roads to moving through thin snow and even thick snow while still keeping safe and sound.

Not only that, but the traction of this product is also an outstanding advantage when it allows our vehicle to pass through giant snow drifts without having to put too much pressure on the engine.

Thereby helping to increase the life of this part and at the same time save fuel more efficiently, one of the crucial factors when we move in cold areas.

It is all thanks to Snow-Groove, technology that creates additional edges with high density for stability and traction on snow or ice. Plus, it also prevents snow from clinging too much. many inside the tread


Cooper Evolution Winter provides the user with excellent comfort no matter what surface he moves on, thanks to the perfect elasticity of the constituent material.

Not only that, but the ability to counteract the forces of impact is also one of the reasons that so few impacts create a tremor big enough to affect us.

However, you should note that if there is too much force acting simultaneously as when moving through areas with many small stones, the smoothness of the product will be greatly reduced. Therefore, you will need to be prepared when moving through such sites.


Cooper Evolution Winter also does not make too much noise when this tire model operates no matter what terrain you are traveling on. This ability is a valuable plus point that few products can compare.


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Cooper Evolution Winter has a minimum tread depth of 2/32 inch or 1.6mm, and after this, you will need to replace another set of tires.

Because once reaching the bottom like this, the tires will not be able to provide the driver with good waterproofing, and the ability to grip the road on the snow will be seriously impaired.

Unfortunately, like many other snow tire products, evolution winter does not receive a warranty program from the manufacturer.

Should You Buy Cooper Evolution Winter?

Cooper Evolution Winter is one of the best options for us to be able to move in snow terrain and many other types of terrain. If you are not too concerned about the warranty, this is a worthy option to spend money to own and use.


Above is the information we think is necessary to help you get a more objective and clear view of the Cooper Evolution Winter review.

Hopefully, today’s article has brought you helpful knowledge, thereby making it easier to choose the right product for your needs. Thank you for following this post!

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