Why Is My Car Blowing Hot Air Out Of The Vents?

Cars bring you convenience and a luxurious temperament. But besides that, the technical aspects of engine maintenance are also complicated for most people.

If you have been a car owner for a long time, you must have had problems with breakdowns. The question is why the car blows hot air out of the vent.

The following article will answer the question for you!

Explaining Your Car’s Ac System

Car's AC
Car’s AC

Like any object, if it has operated according to a systematic process, it is composed of small parts with separate functions. Your car’s AC system is no exception. Below are the features and functions of each name.


It is in the power section of the system, playing the core role of AC. The Compressor’s function is to suck in low-pressure, low-temperature gasses and compress them into high-pressure, high-temperature gasses.

Usually, the Compressor’s position is fixed at the belt to the engine’s crankshaft. After the conversion is available, the compressed air will be through the next AC component, the condenser.


A condenser is another name for a condenser. The condenser’s primary function is to regulate the temperature, collect heat, dissipate heat when the pressure is too high, and remove that heat from the AC system. The device is at the front of the vehicle.


The dryer in the AC system takes care of the safe maintenance of the vehicle.

During operation does not eliminate the possibility of pressurized compressed air creating liquids that drip towards the Compressor, which causes stagnation. or clog the throttle.

It is a tall black body, with two inlet and outlet points. There are small desiccant particles in the tank similar to the desiccant packs you have ever seen.

The receiver works to suck the refrigerant and filter it through the desiccant.

Expansion valve/Exhaust pipe

The throttle controls the coolant as it passes through the system. In simple terms, it’s similar to an air conditioner in a car.

The expansion valve will expand to a high-pressure expansion by bringing a low-temperature pressure refrigerant to the condenser.

Here it will be released to the evaporator.


Talking about its functional evaporator will help us think of a radiator. It is pretty similar, except that instead of distributing heat evenly, this device absorbs heat directly, reducing the heat to 32 degrees through the refrigerant.

The cooling fan in the passenger cabin takes heat from the main compartment and converts the cooled substances into vapor, venting out with the air conditioner.

For more details, check out this video below:

Why Is My Car Blowing Hot Air Out Of The Vents

Refrigerant leak

Refrigerant leak
Refrigerant leak

Refrigerant leaks are one of the most common causes of hot air blowouts. Car refrigerant here is one of the particular substances circulating on your AC system.

Its job is to absorb heat and balance the heat in the car. When the air in the cabin or compartment is too hot, it will release heat to the outside to cool the air in the vehicle.

Leakage occurs when the connecting pipes are old or punctured, not fixed in position. Refrigerants can evaporate anywhere, including in the compressor, condenser, receiver.

It’s not easy to recognize because you obviously won’t see any flying gas or a puddle of water around the leak.

The only way to fix it is to go to the repair center, and the technical staff will check and seal the leak. It may have to put dye into the system to monitor in severe cases.

Defective condenser

As a temperature regulator, it was cooling from the compressor unit. It is not difficult to say when this process fails.

It also means that the hot air circulating in the car will flow out through the vent. You will feel the hot air of the vehicle directly on your face.

The condenser is in the car’s front, located in the radiator and the grille center. Over time, dirt, debris, and impurities can stick to it, causing a fault condition, making it impossible for air to circulate, forcing the capacitor to retain heat causes weak cooling.

Another way you can identify a faulty condenser is by looking through the grid.

Broken Compressor

Broken Compressor
Broken Compressor

As mentioned above, the Compressor is considered the root of AC. Its task is to separate refrigerants in the same system. If in the event of a component failure, the unmodified substances (freezer) will not reach the condenser.

Compared to the two reasons above, the cause of the Compressor rarely occurs. A common cause of this is not using it for a long time. It would help if you left the condenser running regularly in auto defrost mode to fix it.

Electrical system problems

Another common cause is an electrical problem. If you can’t find an objective cause anymore, an electrical problem is something you should try to consider.

Anywhere, the electrical code system is always very complicated, including many cables, fuses, relays, and switches.

The main factors that cause this error are mainly from the life of the wire, or it can also be due to the sudden increase in voltage.

In a particular case, the voltage will automatically disconnect the connection to ensure safety, minimizing the possibility of harm.

During the repair, you should check all the power lines; if you do not have enough tools, we recommend you go to the center.

Broken cooling fan

Broken cooling fan
Broken cooling fan

You should regularly check the cooling fan edges; this part is often affected by outside influences such as debris in the path and dirt stuck in.

Broken cooling fan can basically cause many different consequences for your engine. The heat released from the engine will make it take longer to start and consume a lot more energy.

They will not separate the liquid heat, thereby reducing the temperature, causing a lack of humidity in the car compartment. The essential solution you can consider is replacing or permanent maintenance.

Dirty air filter

Dirty air filter
Dirty air filter

The telltale signs of having problems with the car air filter and the natural feeling from the hot air, the musty smell, or loud noise coming from the car cabin are also suspicious.

The primary agent is from the environment; oxidizing dirt makes equipment sick. Compared to all the reasons mentioned, this cause seems straightforward. You can completely fix it yourself by buying a new filter to replace it.

Tips To Take Care Of Cars That Do Not Blow Hot Air

Car Fix

Keep your engine cool

It is pretty essential, especially in the hot season. The system ensures a stable temperature and during the fixed cycle time.

According to the manufacturers, we are also responsible for rotating the system and periodically flushing the water during the specified cycle.

In addition to keeping the engine cool it is also important to regularly check the pipes and transmission belts because these parts are also prone to cracks and heat burns.

Check AC and Air Filter

Keep the air conditioning unit stable; use it intelligently and efficiently. Regularly clean the interior of the vehicle’s spare parts to minimize the traces of dirt clogging the air filter.

Depending on the time, the vehicle’s fuel consumption is also different. Liquids such as gasoline also play a large part in the cooling process, reducing the possibility of overheating.

Make sure the level of oil and liquid in your car is the right type and always in a complete state.

Suspended mind

Convincing, keeping a severe attitude when driving helps to avoid the situation that the steering wheel is misaligned, causing damage and reducing the car’s life.

Get ready for the summer holidays

Consider the vehicle as a friend after years of operating at total capacity. It would help if you gave it time to rest and enjoy the care services from the maintenance center.


There are many reasons for the question: “why cars blow hot air through the vents?” This article summarizes the technical errors that cause the above situation to encounter unnecessary problems by many people.

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