Can You Drive A Right Hand Drive Car In The USA?

In the US and most European and American countries in general, the definition of the steering wheel resting on the left seems to have become an obvious thing.

Experts have given many objective reasons, such as lower traffic accidents or helping drivers control their vision well. However, can you drive a right-hand drive car in the USA?

The answer is Yes, and it’s perfectly legal. Of course, when you use these cars, obeying the traffic laws is the same as other vehicles.

The article will provide you with detailed and interesting information on the above topic. Let’s get right into the details!

Can You Drive A Right Hand Drive Car In The USA?


Driving a car with a right-hand drive looks like we are going against the majority. But if you consider the law, this is entirely legal in some countries, specifically the United States.

There is no mandatory steering wheel structure regulation for passenger cars as long as your vehicle complies with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the NHTSA, EPA regulations.

Particularly for the US, it is not difficult for you to have your right-hand drive cars or even drive them around on the road. The above is completely valid, but in advance, you will likely encounter some unnecessary trouble when a car like this applies the directions of the left-hand car.

For example, the US’s postal service and mail delivery service mainly use cars on the right. Automakers such as SEDAN, COUPE, CAVEATS have also been offering vehicles with a steering wheel located on the right side.

How To Buy A Convenient Handlebar Car In The USA?

Through the survey, people have a majority mentality, following the consistency of the framework.

Therefore, the market demand for right-hand vehicles is not high, mainly those working in postal administration or people who love right-hand cars.

So if you want to buy a convenient handlebar car in the US, there are two ways to consider:

Post office car or antique car

Post office car
Post office car

You might want to consider buying RHD cars at first, as the postal service uses them primarily for work. Luckily, you can buy and own them now too.

Hurry up to the nearest Jeep dealer for advice. Try to find the official authorized stores from the manufacturer because they will be full of both old and new for you to choose from.

The cost of the new intact RHD cars will be pretty expensive; the specific number ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 70,000, depending on the company. For a lower price, you can head to used cars that start at as little as $9,000.

When you decide to buy a used car, you should consider carefully checking the problems of mechanical parts to minimize damage.


Imported luxury car
Imported luxury car

Importing a car is also a good idea for your reference. But please import when you fully and clearly understand the import and export laws of the United States.

American law clearly states that it is forbidden for people to buy or import any car from abroad into the country when under 25 years old. Those who violate the police, the competent persons are allowed to seize or destroy.

Although the regulation does not prohibit you from importing new RHD cars from Japan and the UK, you can also import older models from those countries to be sure and satisfy your pleasure.

Can I Convert My Car LHD To RHD?


The following is also one of two unlikely ways for you to own an RHD. If you don’t hesitate to work hard, you can give it a try by yourself.

DIY method

As a cost-effective method, you can manually replace your car with just a few thousand dollars to buy yourself a conversion kit. A conversion process is through the following steps:

  • Disassemble and reposition the steering wheel
  • Transferring the control panel system
  • Redistribution of racks and gears
  • Replacing the gear shift knob
  • Adjustable side mirror widget and viewing angle.

The steps may sound easy, but in case you are a person who has no experience and knowledge, we strongly advise you not to try. It will take time and even be dangerous if there are mistakes.

Professional method

Today’s conversion companies appear more and more. There is no denying that being repaired by expert engineers will give you peace of mind, absolute safety, but next to this problem is the price, which is high and even expensive. You could end up spending around $30,000 on the service.

For us, it’s not worth that money to buy used RHD models with great quality parts. The expert guide on this video will explain more to you!

What Are The Pros And Cons Of RHD Cars In The US?

Having a thorough understanding of the product is essential for making a purchase decision. Understand the advantages and disadvantages to see if it is worth buying or not.


  • First of all, you will become a different person when you own a particular car
  • Ensure more safety when the steering wheel is on the side of the road
  • Parking quickly and conveniently
  • Easily talk to people when stopping at red lights
  • Easily retrieve messages from the mailbox


  • Difficulty in turning left because it is impossible to see the direction of other vehicles
  • Trouble at toll booths
  • When using an RHD vehicle to carry passengers, it will make it difficult for customers to get off when you pull over
  • It can be not very comforting to drive on a two-way highway.


The above article is a collection of questions asked by many people. With professional knowledge, we have explained from the perspective of experts. We hope that you will feel satisfied with this answer.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below to be promptly answered. Thank you and see you in our next update!

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