Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx Review, Test & Ratings: Should You Buy It?

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx to become a durable on/off-road tire with solid traction and exemplary performance in many different conditions.

In reality, does this tire model meet all of the above expectations? Should you invest in such on/off-road commercial traction? 

If you are wondering about the above issues, immediately refer to the Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx review below!

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx Overview

Cooper has equipped many new technologies on Discoverer S/T Maxx. 

First, the tire has the exclusive three-layer Armor-Tek3 construction technology. 

This technology has improved the stability of the sidewalls and spikes, providing off-road power to the tire. It also distributes the force quite well, thus helping the tire wear evenly. 

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx - 2

Another proprietary technology is a rubber and silica compound with good slip resistance. A large amount of silica in the tire is quite road-friendly, providing the best daily driving experience. 

The anti-gravel sidewall is also an outstanding advantage of this Cooper model. I highly recommend this design due to its ability to self-clean the surface.

For on/off-road tires, the ability to push the rock out plays a vital role in having a safe ride. 

Finally, I am pretty impressed with the design of the ribs and tire’s side grooves. 

This design is not too new for on/off-road tires. Yet, the above equipment is still quite effective in removing obstacles such as sand, stones, and gravel. 

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx - 3

Cooper confidently says that the Discoverer ST Maxx is a durable commercial off-road tire with all the above equipment. It can withstand the impact of harsh terrain and evenly distribute the force to ensure the most remarkable life. 

Plus, the Discoverer ST Maxx promises to be an option that offers a comfortable ride experience. It will provide a smooth and quiet everyday driving experience that few on/off-road models can offer.

Real Driving Experience

When I first learned about the Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx, I was pretty impressed with the manufacturer’s equipment. 

Yet, I am still quite skeptical about applying all the above features in practice. 

To evaluate this tire objectively, I have conducted quite a few tests on dry and wet surfaces for durability and ride quality.

Dry Traction and Stability

Most of the on/off-road tires I’ve used have not been so great on dry highways. However, the Discoverer ST Maxx is an exception. 

This tire model still has the same complex compound and stiff sidewalls as many other hybrid models. As a result, its dry-road performance cannot be compared with the best highway tires. 

Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx - 1

Its grip isn’t as impressive as many highway tires I’ve used. I also had to slow down when entering tricky turns. 

However, the tire generally operates quite confidently on dry paved roads. Thanks to the design of 4-5 hybrid veins, the tire has quite a good traction and grip compared to the competition. 

Its processing power is relatively stable, which is suitable for commercial use. 

Rainy performance

I accompanied ST Maxx during the rainy season. Its performance on wet and slippery terrain is quite reliable. 

The unique pattern design on the tire surface maximizes power when traveling through flooded roads. The good waterproofness helps maintain a good bond between the tread and the road surface. 

I greatly appreciated Cooper’s cornering performance. I used to worry that the significant gaps between the lugs would make the tire less reliable in heavy rain. 

In practice, the ST Maxx cornered and steered quite well on wet roads, enough for me to have a safe ride. 

The Discoverer ST Maxx handles pretty well on wet roads. However, aerial performance remains on more tough, slippery roads such as ice and snow.

The ability to adapt to the snow of this tire is not really good. That’s why I don’t recommend using it when it’s snowing.


Like many other on/off-road tires, Cooper does not support the Discoverer ST Maxx tire wear warranty. For me, this is not a downside to worry about. 

Because after a long time of use, the anti-chip and symmetrical design still works quite well, helping the tire wear evenly and have a reasonably long life. 

The manufacturer only provides this tire model with uniform warranty service for the first 2/32″ treadwear. This service is not new in the on/off-road class, but it is reliable enough for my peace of mind. 


Durability is my favorite feature of the Discoverer ST Maxx. It met my expectations for a light truck tire.

Armor Tek3 construction technology is a feature I appreciate in this tire model. 

The sturdy three-tire design and the unique tread structure have effectively dispersed the impact force, ensuring a long service life.

I have used several models of Cooper’s class tires with a similar design. However, ST Maxx took me by surprise. Unlike its predecessors, whose tread life is only good when operating lightly, ST Maxx meets my traveling needs on harsh terrain.

I have driven over 10,000 miles with this model. I have moved through quite harsh roads such as rocks and tree roots during use.

I also keep the habit of rotating the tires to ensure even wear of the tread system. So far, I have not found any chipping or damage.

If I maintain my current driving frequency and maintenance habits, this tire model promises to be with me for 45,000 – 50,000 miles.


I have high expectations for the off-road performance of the S/T Maxx. And Cooper did not let me down.

I installed this pattern on my 4×4. During the journey, it is a reliable companion. 

On mud, Cooper ST Maxx works quite smoothly. It handles best on light mud and mixed terrain with mud and water. The water resistance and mud grip are good enough that I don’t get stuck in any situation. 

I also really appreciate the sand performance of this model. With excellent grip and self-cleaning, it was not difficult for me to move safely in the sand. 

Finally, I tested the Cooper tires on the rock. Outstanding durability helps ST Maxx always operate well on rocky terrain and sharp obstacles.

If you are a heavy-duty off-road adventure enthusiast, Cooper tires are the choice not to be missed. 

Tire comforts

To gauge the comfort of a tire, I always look closely at handling, steering, and ride quality. After a long time, I realized that comfort depends significantly on the tire weight and the speed. 

When driving at high speeds, the heaviest tire models accelerate effectively. Yet, this advantage inadvertently gives poor tire handling and driving ability. 

Fortunately, the Discoverer ST Maxx is not as heavy as the other tires in its class. 

It has better steering and handling than some competitors. The handling is not too excellent, but it is still enough to provide a comfortable driving feeling.  


Most commercial tires have a not-so-flexible compound and stiff sidewalls. This feature makes this type of tire noisy when traveling on the highway. 

Therefore, when evaluating the noise of the Discoverer ST Maxx, I did not expect too much. However, the results of the review prove otherwise. 

Tire noise is still louder than the best everyday driving options. For me, its constant chirping is not too annoying.

I was focused enough to drive off-road without being affected by the noise. 

Yet, if you are not too used to on/off-road tires, the driving experience may not be too pleasant.

Should You Buy The Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx? 

The Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx is an excellent tire in off-road situations. Tires are sturdy, durable, and perform well on rough terrain. 

In addition, this tire model is also an excellent choice to consider when traveling on paved roads. It both behaves well on the road and handles rough terrain well. 

Especially if you own a 4×4 model and regularly tow and transport, you will be satisfied with the tire’s performance.

However, if you live in an area with extreme winters or don’t need to travel on rugged trails, I wouldn’t recommend choosing the MAXX. 

Pros And Cons Of Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx 

Discoverer ST Maxx is an outstanding on/off-road tire. However, apart from the advantages, it still has some disadvantages. Here are a few things to consider to make it easier for you to choose from. 


  • Excellent dry grip. 
  • Quiet on the highway. 
  • Great for off-road driving. 
  • Handle wet roads quite well.
  • The tire is rugged and durable. 


  • Bad handling on snow. 


The article’s Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx reviews are based on my actual experience. I hope my experiences can help you make the final choice. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic, don’t hesitate to leave a comment so that I can promptly give the answer as soon as possible. 

Finally, please share this article with your friends if you find it useful.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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  1. I 100% agree with this review other than the snow performance. I have these tires on both my ram 1500 and my 4runner. I find they are one of the best tires I’ve come across for snow performance. They handle our canadian winters very well in my opinion. Great tire and I recommend to anyone looking for an on/off road tire.


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