Westlake Tires Review: Are Westlake Tires Good?

Westlake may be an unfamiliar brand to many users. But if you follow cheap tire models, you can come across their products at least once. 

Westlake directed development more towards low-end rather than high-end products. So, they produce budget-friendly models with minimalist designs.

Instead of being used as the main tire, most experts consider these models as temporary replacements because of their low stability.

This cheap tire still has some advantages worth paying attention to. So what are the outstanding features of Westlake tires? 

Let’s find out in the Westlake tires review below.

Westlake Tires Overview

It is not difficult to find and own Westlake Tires products. So I bought dozens of different tire models to test. Let’s take a look at what I’ve gathered.

Westlake Tires Overview

Fuel efficiency

Energy saving is one of the outstanding advantages of Westlake models. 

When I looked deeper, I realized that the average rolling resistance of the products was relatively low. It can help increase fuel economy for tires. But, I am again worried about its grip with its low rolling resistance.

In short, I am satisfied with its fuel economy. Of course, the performance trade-off is acceptable to me.


The control that Westlake models provide to users is consistently good. Along with fuel economy, driving performance is one of the outstanding advantages of this cheap tire.

Thanks to the crossbars and sturdy shoulder blocks, these versions often respond more quickly and have better stability. As such, I easily control the vehicle in a variety of conditions.


Despite producing many models, in reality, Westlake tires usually focus on certain tire lines.

Most products are suitable for moving in many different kinds of weather. Meanwhile, touring models also regularly appear on the brand’s list.

Westlake tires’ main vehicle lines are light trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers. The company hardly provides tires for other vehicle lines.


The characteristic of Westlake tire models is that there are no characteristic cut corners. The disappearance of these details is mainly to enhance its durability. 

So, these products possess much more durability than many other cheap tires. In return, the performance and grip will be partly reduced.


The construction quality of Westlake tires is not too bad. My impression about this brand is the attempt to apply ingredients that balance costs and benefits for users. The details and layout of the tire are also extraordinarily streamlined and straightforward in many models.

Why Choose Westlake Tires?

There is a lot of controversy about cheap products like Westlake tires. Most of the arguments are that low-priced tires are not worth trusting.

Yet, through many tests, I found some of its advantages. Here are some reasons why you should consider Westlake products.

Why Choose Westlake Tires?

Low price

My first impression lies in its low selling price. You get twice as many tires from Westlake, even for the same amount. The price difference of up to 40-50% is a saving worth considering!

Westlake is the most viable option for users who cannot afford to pay well to save their budget. You can take it out of the store during the year’s extensive sales for even less.

Safe enough to ride

Despite being a cheap product, the build quality of these models is not at a low level. Some tires even outperform more expensive options.

The designs on the tires are also quite diverse to ensure stable performance.

With the above structure and features, these models will bring you safety. Of course, you must pay attention to handling and moving more carefully than other tire models.

With its basic construction and low cost, I think this tire line is worth starting to test your riding on less challenging terrain.

Move comfortably

If you love smooth-moving tires with low noise, you will have one more reason to choose Westlake products.

In this aspect, the manufacturer has done quite well with versatile designs. They made a lot of improvements to keep the tires from producing too much sound or response. I feel comfortable using this tire for a long time.

While it can’t make up for the points in terms of grip and braking performance, comfort is still an outstanding advantage that you should consider.

Who Makes Westlake Tires?

Unlike most famous tire brands, Westlake is not from a Western country. 

Instead, the name comes from an Asian country, namely China. Westlake Tires is also not an independent brand but a subsidiary of Zhongce Rubber Company.

In China, Zhongce is a well-known manufacturer of low-cost but high-performance tires. Therefore, the tire models of Westlake also have most of these characteristics, hence the name Zhongce.

Westlake has been around a lot longer than you might imagine. As early as 1995, the first product bearing this brand was delivered. Since then, Westlake has regularly launched a series of low-priced tires.

Where Are Westlake Tires Made?

Although these models are throughout the United States and Canada, none of Westlake’s factories are in these countries. 

Zhongce’s main factory is operating in China. All products from Zhongce’s sub-brands are also sourced from factories in Shanghai and Jiangsu, China.

Most Popular Westlake Tires

Here are some Westlake tires I’ve tested. With the reviews below, I am sure you will grasp the advantages and disadvantages of making the right choice.

Westlake SA07 Sport

Westlake SA07 Sport

Westlake SA07 Sport is a cheap all-season tire from the Westlake Tires brand.

With the characteristics of all-season tires, the product does not have too many difficulties in operation throughout the year.

Compared to many cheap products, its overall durability is also acceptable. I also tried using some other types of tires to compare. The results show that the durability of the SA07 Sport is remarkable.

However, it has a set of spikes that are not quality. The wear time of the spikes on the product’s surface is relatively short. In other words, you’ll need to test it regularly to avoid stability issues.

I don’t have many complaints about the quality of such a cheap model. 

Its composition and features are all worth a try. The smooth operation of the tire is also the point that convinces me of its performance.

Westlake RP18

Westlake RP18

Westlake RP18 is a quality touring tire that you can count on for long trips. The product is quite durable compared to most other Westlake models.

The improvement in structure has made the tire more resistant to environmental influences. The increased durability also enhances safety during vehicle operation.

However, on the downside, Westlake RP18 has good water resistance. Thanks to that, you will not need to worry about the phenomenon of hydration when driving. Friction is also, for this reason, always at a stable level in rainy weather.

Westlake SU318 H/T

Westlake SU318 H/B

Westlake SU318 H/T is a popular durability product from the Westlake brand. 

Not many tires in the same class can compare with the SU318 H/T for endurance. It even outperforms some mid-range models on the market.

In addition to performance, it comes with acceptable dry-road comfort for me. And this combination provides a stable long-distance experience for me.

It works pretty stably on most common daily weather patterns. However, on wet mud, its grip and steering response degrade very quickly. I have also been stuck many times in the swamp near my house because of this weakness.


Is Westlake a Chinese tire?

Westlake tires is a Chinese tire model because the owner company is a brand from China. Westlake products themselves also come from farmers in this country.

Are Goodride and Westlake the same?

It is a fact that Westlake and Goodride come from the same manufacturer with similar lines. Therefore, it is understandable that the tire models from these two brands have many similarities.

Do Westlake tires have a warranty?

Defects in features, components, or components will receive support for 6 years from the date of manufacture indicated on the tire packaging. Many low-cost tire manufacturers are also adopting this policy.

How long do Westlake tires last?

According to many studies, the average life of Westlake tires is about 40,000 miles. After going through this number, the tire will show signs of deterioration until it is no longer operable.

How much do Westlake tires cost?

Westlake Tires models range in price from $60 to $200, depending on the size and style you choose.


Westlake Tire is a controversial brand with many pros and cons. I think the Westlake models are suitable as a temporary alternative to long-term driving. 

But with a tight budget, you can still ride it with specific safety and smoothness!

In this Westlake tires review, I have helped you understand some of the pros and cons of this product line. The decision to choose will depend on your needs.

I hope this article will help you quickly pick up an ideal template.

Thank you for reading!

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