Sailun Tires Review: Are Sailun Tires Good in 2023?

When choosing tires, I always prioritize the products from famous brands. However, not everyone can afford expensive sets, and I am no exception. 

On the other hand, low-cost manufacturers quickly update technology to produce more perfect models at reasonable prices. Sailun tires are one of them.

This brand’s versions attract me with their reasonable price and impress me with some quite commendable features. If you are skeptical about the actual performance of this Chinese tire, please refer to my Sailun Tires review below!

Sailun Tires Overview

Sailun is a cheap tire brand from China. The brand first appeared in 2002. In the beginning, it specialized in supplying equipment for making tires.

Currently, Sailun focuses on manufacturing tires for a wide range of vehicles, from SUVs and crossovers to light trucks and midsize cars.

Sailun Tires Company

This manufacturer does not aim to create the perfect tires. Instead, Sailun will optimize the production process to create products with competitive prices. 

However, the quality of Sailun tires is also remarkable. Most of the Sailun tire models are certified with the PTPA seal. 

Although there are still quite a few disadvantages, the low price makes Sailun the choice of many drivers.

Sailun tires are present in more than 50 countries and regions, including the most demanding markets, such as Europe and North America. 

Why Choose Sailun Tires?

As a low-cost brand from China, many drivers are skeptical about the reliability of Sailun tires. Of course, the tire’s performance won’t be comparable with higher-end options. Yet, there are still many reasons to choose this tire. 

Impressive performance for the price

In my first test drive of Sailun models, I didn’t expect much of their performance. Despite being a cheap tire, Sailun is reliable enough for everyday use. 

Its performances are not so special. However, the quality of the tire meets the basic needs quite well.

Even some tire models are pretty prominent. For example, Sailun SH406 handles all weather conditions, or some off-road tires can hold on to harsh roads. 

Reasonable price 

Price is the most outstanding advantage of Sailun. These Chinese tire models are almost the cheapest on the market. In particular, Sailun’s light truck and touring tire line have the most competitive prices. 

Has PTPA Seal 

The PTPA seal is proof of the reliable quality of Sailun tires. To achieve this certification, tires must undergo rigorous testing and evaluation by a team of North American testing experts.

Who Makes Sailun Tires?

Parent company Mesnac. Co is responsible for the production of Sailun tires. 

This group has for many years manufactured and sold products related to automotive engineering, such as rims, engines, and electronic components. 

In the last 10 years, they entered the tire market with the most advanced technology updates.

Where Are Sailun Tires Made?

Sailun’s leading tire factories in China are Qingdao, Dongying, and Shenyang. In addition, the manufacturer also set up several factories in neighboring countries such as Vietnam. 

Best Sailun Tires

Sailun offers a wide range of tire styles to suit different driving types and uses. In every tire category, the brand has pretty reliable options in its price range. 

Passenger car

Sailun Atrezzo SH406

Sailun Atrezzo SH406

It is an all-season tire that can grip wet roads. I also appreciate the stability when cornering at high speed with tires. The tire’s high-angled blocks had to work at total capacity to handle this task well. 

The Atrezzo SH406 is also a good choice if you want a quiet, fuel-efficient ride. 

Sailun Atrezzo SVA1

Sailun Atrezzo SVA1

This tire performs well on some harsh terrain, such as rocks and slopes. I also appreciate the durability, even the wear of the tire.

In particular, Atrezzo SVA1 also owns a tire tread warranty service of up to 40,000 miles, equivalent to about 4 years. This tire model is one of the few cheap options with an impressive warranty period. 

Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX

Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX

I used to install Sailun Atrezzo SVR LX on my sports SUV. And it pretty much meets my daily driving needs regarding providing stable wet and dry handling. 

I am also quite satisfied with the quality of the tire’s ride. The growl on the tire’s surface did not affect my driving experience too much.

Even when traveling at high speed, the tire is still relatively quiet and smooth. 

Sailun Inspire

Sailun Inspire

This tire model’s advanced rubber compound is my favorite feature. 

Contrary to my imagination about the tire compound of the cheap product, the Serta Grip supports wet and dry control quite well. 

The warranty distance is also an attractive point of Sailun Inspire. Other options in the same price range only support up to 50,000 miles warranties. However, the Sailun Inspire has a deposit of up to 70,000 miles, which is quite impressive.

Commercial tires

Sailun S637

Sailun S637

S637 is Sailun’s most famous tire model, and it is also my favorite product. Its design is quite similar to some high-end commercial tire models. 

And the tire performance is also very reliable. It maintains traction in a variety of road conditions. I used the S637 for long road trips and am still quite satisfied with the tire’s experience. 

Sailun S740

Sailun S740

This model is compatible with commercial trucks. The manufacturer says it can work well on mud, snow, and ice. Yet, I do not overestimate the tire’s performance on snow and deep mud. The big tread blocks and open tread patterns are only effective in light snow conditions and not too harsh terrain. 

Sailun S753 EFT

Sailun S753 EFT

It is a midsize truck tire with an impressive design. It stands out from the rest in its class regarding the center and side slits, and open shoulder design.

These features provide the grip and durability I’ve always been looking for. In particular, according to the test results, the tire is reasonably fuel-efficient. 

Light truck tires

Sailun Terramax A/T 4S

Sailun Terramax AT 4S

Tires provide traction for pickup and off-road trucks. However, I do not overestimate the traction and grip of the tire. 

Instead, I’m more interested in the relatively smooth and quiet that Terramax A/T 4S brings. Not many cheap tires can provide a comfortable and controlled driving experience like the Sailun Terramax A/T 4S. 

Sailun Terramax HLT

Sailun Terramax HLT

The manufacturer equips the Terramax HLT with many advanced technologies, such as anti-flat tires and temporary self-healing from the inside. This unique equipment makes me quite curious about the off-road performance.

And through testing, Terramax HLT did not let me down. It supports moving at the highest speed on the most unfavorable terrain but still ensures a safe trip.

Trailer tires

Sailun S637 (Trailer)

Sailun S637 Trailer tires

Right at first contact, I was pretty impressed with the design of Sailun S637 (Trailer). It comes with sharp spikes on the surface to aid in safe acceleration.

With a robust design, these tires always maintain traction even when moving on slippery terrain at high speed. The quality of the trip also exceeded my expectations when it was quiet and smooth. 

I have used Sailun S637 (Trailer) many times for road driving. And to this day, it is still my favorite Sailun tire model. 


Sailun is a brand that is still relatively unfamiliar to many drivers. If you have any questions about this brand, leave a comment below. Or you can learn more about Sailun through the information below. 

Are Sailun tires quiet?

Sailun tires are pretty quiet. Due to the lack of proprietary noise-canceling technology, its ride quality cannot be compared with the highest-end models. However, for owners of SUVs or light trucks who often travel on the highway, the growl of Sailun tires is entirely acceptable. 

How much are Sailun tires?

Its price is relatively low. Depending on the size and type of tire, the cost will range from more than $100 – $200. Some tire models even have prices 30% lower than the average. Compared to designs from Brighstone or Michelin, these versions are usually 2-3 times cheaper. And you can save quite a bit on replacement costs every year.

How good are Sailun trailer tires?

The Sailun trailer will not have the impressive performance you expect. However, the relatively low cost, safe and reliable handling make the tire a worthy choice. 

Which is better, Sailun or Westlake?

Both Sailun and Westlake are cheap tires originating from China. The common feature of the two is that they are not too focused on improving performance. Instead, the tire only offers safe enough handling at a competitive price. I prefer Sailun over Westlake because most Sailun tires have the PTPA seal, the ride quality is quite good, and it has an impressive tread warranty in the segment. 

Final Words

I understand your confusion when standing in front of cheap tires from China like Sailun. But, not every affordable option brings a disappointing experience. 

Although still not perfect, these Chinese models are still quite suitable for every basic daily driving need. Hopefully, through the above Sailun Tires reviews, you have better understand this cheap segment tire brand and make your own decision.

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  1. I bought a set of sailun attrezzo sh406 205 65r16 tires for my 2017 chevy cruze . the cruze handled perfectly throughout 65,000 Mi. with the factory tires but the sailun tires makes the steering too touchy. I can’t take my eyes off the road for fear I will go off the road. I’m hoping after they wear down some and settle to the roads they’ll get more comfortable and if not I’ll be getting rid of them and buy a set of same tires that were on the car when I bought it which were goodyear tires.


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