Lionhart tires review: Are Lionhart tires good?

Lionhart tires are one of my favorite manufacturers. There has been a lot of controversy around the low-priced tires of this brand. So, I decided to personally test many different versions of it to get the most unbiased assessment.

If you are also curious about these versions, check out my Lionhart tires review below for details. I will share all the results I got from my complex tests. 

Lionhart Tires Overview

2013 was the time when the first Lionhart tires appeared on the market. Most options at that time were limited to the turbo line only. After a while, Lionhart started to introduce more designs to choose from.

The cheap tire market is very competitive. The appearance of many poor-quality products has caused many profound effects. However, Lionhart has somewhat changed my opinion about low-cost tires.

Although not comparable to Michelin or Cooper, Lionhart still has its place!

These products can serve many of our needs. With a low price and integrated with many remarkable features, this is still the choice of many people with limited finances but still want to have a great experience on many roads.

All Lionhart Tires models are to meet European standards. As we know, only after passing multiple assessments will the tire receive the above certifications. 

Why Choose Lionhart Tires?

As I mentioned above, Lionhart Tires are not the lousy cheap tires many people think. Besides the limitations, the products from this brand still have advantages. 

These are the reasons that you should give it a try with Lionhart tires.

Low price

The most apparent advantage of Lionhart Tires lies in its low price. Many cheap tires cost only about 30% less than average. While with Lionhart, the difference can be up to 40%. When you buy tires as a set, the more discounts you get. 

The overall cost will come down significantly as a bigger bargain. Two to three sets of Lionclaw ATX2 tires will be equivalent to one from famous brand tires. Fortunately, I can even buy it at significant discounts.

Buy in a new way

As a tire expert, I know new manufacturers often have difficulty reaching customers. So, many new ideas were born to make buying and selling easier. And Lionhart is the role model that has impressed me in recent times.

It is tough to ask employees in tire shops to find Lionhart Tires in their inventory. Dealers usually only supply favorite products with high sales. Instead, you will need to order online from e-commerce sites or their official website. 

Everything you need is devices with an Internet connection and online payment cards. The desired Lionhart tires are ready for you with just a few simple steps.

Flexible approach

Lionhart shares all model information and other related information on the internet. Compared to other brands, this manufacturer is much more dynamic.

Having a lot of experience with tires, I appreciate this change because of its effectiveness. The lack of information is almost no longer a problem.

Sport design

The sporty design is essential for demanding customers to rely on to make selection decisions. Lionhart has used the most aggressive techniques for its tires to capture this factor. 

I noticed the impressive tire rim and its characteristic solidity without looking too closely. More specifically, the class hip is unique with its logo. More than just a decoration, the Lionhart styling has a positive effect on overall performance.

Who Makes Lionhart Tires?

Lionhart only uses automatic lines to target the low-price segment for their production process. It would help if you were not too strict in this regard. 

With a small brand just starting, the large factory with its production stages is quite far from its resources. The quality of their output tires received the standard test for user safety.

Where Are Lionhart Tires Made?

Like many other low-priced tires, Lionhart products come from factories in China. But, the manufacturer did not go too deeply into the specific address in this country. 

The usual reason is to avoid the user asking too many unnecessary questions. You can’t tell exactly which factory or industrial park is where the tire is made.

Most Popular Lionhart Tire Models

To make it easy for you to check out Lionhart tires, I will introduce some of the most outstanding models from this brand. I have also drawn comprehensive assessments of the 5 names below through various tests.

Passenger car

Lionhart LH-TEN

Lionhart LH-TEN

LH-Ten is a tire model exclusively for dry-performance sports SUVs. It meets my requirements for dry areas.

Compared with many in-class versions, the performance of LH-Ten is much superior. The responsiveness of the tire is always impressive in dry terrain.

I also pay attention to the warranty program that Lionhart provides for the product. Not every low-cost tire will receive a 30,000-mile after-sales service.

In my opinion, the manufacturer has tried to compensate for the disadvantages of tread life with an extended warranty period.

Despite its good dry performance, LH-Ten is useless in wet areas. I told myself that I would never use the tire in this condition again. Grip, braking as well as stability are all below the required level.

Lionhart LH-FIVE

Lionhart LH-FIVE

LH-FIVE is the most suitable choice for performance cars among the products from Lionhart. During testing, I found the tire to hold dry quite well.

Like the LH-Ten, the LH-FIVE has a full range of mechanisms to help the vehicle move more efficiently in the wet.

It also offers ideal dry performance. Specifically, this model’s speed of steering response is above my expectations. Short braking distance is also a feature that you should not ignore.

LH-FIVE will have many disadvantages, like LH-Ten, because of design similarities. It is not durable very quickly if abused on the highway continuously.

Poor wet performance is something that Lionhart has yet to overcome. Another problem is that the product moves noisily if worn to a certain extent.

Lionhart LH-503

Lionhart LH-503

The unique structure of the LH-503 helps this product to maintain stability no matter how the vehicle moves. 

I have noticed that the tire deforms very little compared to many products. So you can safely drive at high speeds instead of the constant insecurity.

Lionhart has made many improvements for the life of the LH-503 compared to the LH-Ten or LH-FIVE. These changes have had an impact when this tire line is much more durable. 

Yet, the overall durability is still average, and there are not too many mutations.

Steering response and stability are as high as usual. I found that Lionhart did a great job in this respect. On dry terrain, the improvement is not so noticeable.

Light truck

Lionhart Lionclaw ATX2

Lionhart Lionclaw ATX2

The Lionclaw ATX2 is not a bad choice for light trucks or similar vehicles. Its construction is quite solid with a suitable capacity in the price range. 

Wet performance has been much improved compared to passenger car tires. Driving a light truck is much more dangerous than in smaller models. 

And this improvement plays a significant role in increasing safety when traveling.

Lionhart Lionclaw HT

Lionhart Lionclaw HT

Lionclaw HT moves very well over many areas where stability is lacking.

I tried the tires on the highway, where the temperature is relatively high. The obtained results show that the tire still maintains stability on this surface.

Yet, the delay in controller performance frustrates me. As an experienced driver, I don’t feel this weakness has too much of a negative impact. But for the majority of newbies, it can be a headache for them.

Although the wet performance is not good, Lionclaw HT retains the required stability. It is not affected by hydrolysis. You can safely move even though the operations will be pretty tricky.


Are Lionhart tires Chinese?

The answer is yes. Although the primary market is in North America, all Lionhart Tires products are sourced from China.

How long do Lionhart tires last?

According to many data sources, this brand’s touring tires last about 50,000 miles. While performance tire products only keep stability in the range of 35,000 to 40,000 miles.

Do Lionhart tires have a warranty?

Like many other brands, Lionhart offers users a variety of warranty programs depending on the type of tire they choose.

Are Lionhart tires good for stretching?

I do not recommend stretching with Lionhart products because these tire models are not stable enough for us to perform this action.

Final Words

For me, Lionhart Tires provides tire samples you can try out or use as a spare. 

This product still has many weaknesses that manufacturers need to upgrade to optimize the driving experience. 

However, I believe that with some advantages in dry performance and braking, it is still helpful for transporting heavy materials on flat roads.Please leave your opinion in the comment below! I hope the Lionhart tires review helps you understand its pros and cons to make an objective decision!

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