Toyo Proxes ST III Review of 2024: Performance & Test Drive

Toyo Proxes ST III

There has been a lot of controversy about whether cargo vehicles like SUVs or crossovers can move fast. The construction of this vehicle is specialized for transporting heavy objects, so the speed factor is often not the main focus. 

So can you look for a performance tire for these vehicles? Fortunately, the answer is yes, and the perfect choice is Toyo Proxes ST III. 

It is not surprising that many questions arise about whether this tire can serve the needs well? To verify the statement, let’s refer to the Toyo Proxes ST III review in today’s article.

Important Specifications & Features 


  • Utqg Max: 500 AA
  • Load Max: 2,094 Lbs
  • Inflation Pressure: 50 Psi
  • Tread Depth: 10.1/32″
  • Tire Weight: 6-8″
  • Rim Width: 6.5″
  • Sect Width: 9″
  • Tread Width: 6.7″
  • Overall Diam: 28.5″
  • Revs. Per Mile: 729
  • Country Of Origin: Jp
Toyo Proxes ST III - 1


For me, the Toyo Proxes ST III is a unique tire model but equally specialized. The Toyo brand has brought us a specialized product for SUVs, crossovers, and heavy trucks with many outstanding features.

Proxes ST III also has the characteristics of tires for the whole Street/Sports season. This incredible combination is probably still a strange thing to most of us. But the performance that the tire brings is really beyond my imagination. 

You can enjoy the features of high-performance season tires right in your heavy SUV. Better acceleration, response, and increased traction are features you can’t find in many other products. 

The all-season performance of the Proxes ST III is also a feature that I think has an important impact on tire performance. You can safely travel without worrying about unexpected incidents when the weather obstacles are gone.

The heaviness of the crossovers is an obsession for me when cornering with this vehicle. 

Surely there will be many other people who have problems with the weight of these models. In this case, Toyo Proxes ST III can be the solution. The texture and unique surface materials allow the tire to enhance handling and traction. 

Toyo Proxes ST III - 2

These factors have a significant impact on making driving easier and safer. In the past, only experienced drivers could travel with SUVs or crossovers. But with these supporting factors, driving the above models is much less complicated. 

Street/Sport all-season tires don’t usually have the same long-term warranties as SUV tires, so what about combos like the Proxes ST III? 

I was also quite worried about this factor until I learned that the manufacturer provides users with a deadline of 40,000 miles. 

Tires also come with some other aftermarket after purchases. Even with other SUV tires, this number is relatively high, not to mention sport tires in all seasons. 

Performance & Test

In the following part of the article, I will introduce you to the actual performance of Toyo Proxes ST III. All the characteristics, both pros and cons, come from testing in various conditions. 

To ensure the highest accuracy, my colleagues and I performed many times to increase the accuracy and objectivity of the results obtained. Through the data below, your judgment will undoubtedly be more straightforward.

In addition, I will also give you the necessary information about other equally important factors such as comfort and worthiness.

Dry traction

Street/Sport all-season tires have always been outstanding products in terms of performance in dry environments. Tires for SUVs also offer excellent dry performance. 

Of course, a product that is half SUV and half all season like the Proxes ST III will indeed inherit these characteristics.

A Toyo Proxes ST III product will consist of directional shoulder blocks and a tire compound with an unusually high amount of rubber. 

These two factors will focus on the ability to grip and operate on the dry terrain of this product from the Toyo brand. 

The thick shoulder blocks that help guide the famous heavy-duty tires will still appear on this hybrid model. With its structure, the detail helps to improve braking ability and traction, especially when cornering. 

Toyo Proxes ST III - 3

These factors give the vehicle stable performance while improving safety during the journey. Driving the car, whether on the highway, in bumpy suburbs, or even in sandy areas, will now be equally accessible. 

In addition to the cornering performance, the brake performance of the tire also has many outstanding improvements. 

As someone who has had trouble breaking a vehicle weighing tens of tons while traveling at high speed, I understand the importance of this change!

Even traveling on dry surfaces requires good braking functions, not just wet surfaces. Fortunately, Toyo has helped us eliminate this risk through the built-in functions in Proxes ST III.

I assume the drag factor with heavy vehicles is an issue that we don’t need to discuss too much about the necessity. Imagine how the vehicle can operate when the traction is not enough, let alone the acceleration. 

With the Toyo Proxes ST III, we have good traction and impressive speed. The combination of SUV and Sport tire essentials resulted in a product far exceeding my expectations.

Slippery roads

Proxes ST III is not inferior to any competitors in the same segment in terms of its ability to operate in wet environments. In a test with a water-covered surface, I could steer the SUV to the finish line in a reasonably short time. 

The critical point is that a heavy vehicle like mine can operate stably and accelerate quickly in this particular condition.

Set-up grooves with lightning grooves, tire compound, and mechanisms that increase grip give the tire this impressive performance. 

The deep groove will act as the path to bring water out of the tire surface. With no more standing water, the hydrolysis causing friction loss will also disappear. 

This mechanism helps to increase traction and eliminate destabilizing agents.

The highly stable grip of the tire also makes a significant contribution when it comes to minimizing slippage when operating at high speed. 

Believe me, it is natural for a large SUV to slip away, and the consequences will be terrible. If you don’t want to suffer directly, you should pay close attention to the grip of the 

Ice roads

The only problem with the Toyo Proxes ST III is its ability to operate in snow and ice environments. On the rare occasion of traveling to snow-covered areas, I tested the product, and the results were terrible. 

Performance even on thin snow is terrible compared to other tire models. The most effective advice with this tire model will always be never to use it to move through places with snow and ice.

Off-road driving

I do not recommend using this product for off-road driving. The nature of SUV tires and Sport tires is not suitable for us to move through unstable areas. 

All efforts will only backfire and even create complex problems that you certainly won’t want to solve. 

You can try driving the car in relatively stable areas with few obstacles but don’t try to do the same on steep slopes or where there is a lot of mud.


The amount of rubber in the Toyo Proxes ST III is twice as much as the tires. 

This feature of the product reminds me of super bouncing rubber balls. As expected, the bounce of the tire cancels out all the reactions when it collides with an obstacle. 

The less backlash, the more comfort will be. Can you safely sit on a tire-equipped vehicle all day without worrying about discomfort or pain?

Is It Worth Your Money?

To evaluate the worth of Toyo Proxes ST III, I believe you can be confident with the price you pay to own this product.

We will not need to spend too much money, even if it is cheap, to own Proxes ST III already. Taking advantage of this feature, I bought a set of these tires to replace my vehicle. For more in-depth visualization, check out this video below:

Quick Rundown Of Toyo Proxes ST III 


  • High grip
  • Works well in different conditions
  • High elasticity
  • Attractive price
  • Many sizes to choose
  • The perfect combination of SUV tires and Sport tires


  • Can’t move in the snow

Should You Buy It?

The size issue is also no longer a top concern if you use Toyo Proxes ST III. The manufacturer offers us quite a few options to suit a wide range of wheel diameters from 17 to 24 inches. 

I used to have problems choosing wheels for SUVs because of the limited size range from 20 inches to 24 inches. But with the arrival of Proxes, perhaps these worries are gone.


Toyo Proxes ST III is a great product but not for everyone. Through this article, I hope you have gained more knowledge to decide whether this tire suits you.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me via email to receive the complete answers. Thank you for reading!

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