Toyo Open Country H/T II Review: All-In-One Tire For 2024

Toyo Open Country H/T II

Should you choose all-terrain or all-season tires for your high-performance vehicle? Which is the most suitable option among the many products out there? 

Want to maximize your vehicle’s performance instead of being restricted by poor-quality tires? Toyo Open Country H/T II will be the most appropriate choice to help you solve the above questions. 

Don’t miss my Toyo Open Country H/T II review below for more details on this great product. Scroll down for useful information!

Specifications & Features 


  • Load/Speed: 109T
  • Load Id: XL
  • Sidewall: OWL
  • Tread Depth (1/32″): 11.8
  • Product Code: 364720
  • Approved Rim Width Range (In): 6.0-6.5-8.0
  • Weight (lbs): 33
  • Inflated Overall Diameter (In.): 28.9
  • Inflated Overall Width (In.): 9.3
  • Max Load (lbs.): 2271
  • Max Pressure (Psi): 50
  • Utqg: 740 AB
  • Revs Per Mile: 720


Toyo Open Country HT II - 3

Open Country H/T 2 is a product that combines the unique properties of all-terrain and all-season tires to give users that high performance.

The tire is theoretically for all-terrain and all seasons as a product with the HT label. Compared to Open Country H/T, Toyo Open Country H/T II is a quality upgrade you cannot ignore.

Many new technologies and significant improvements have helped this tire model quickly gain more attention than its predecessor.

The performance of this 2nd generation product has also since improved and overcome the disadvantages that make it difficult to use.

The first factor that Open Country HT II has more improvements than its predecessor is durability. Off-road tires for high-performance vehicles often possess long-term performance, and the HT II is no exception. But long term alone is not enough to describe this product’s capabilities.

In addition to durability, the product’s ability to operate in a wet environment is also a change worth paying attention to. Moving in terrain that lacks stability for liquids has never been easy.

The new features on the Toyo Open Country H/T II reinforce performance and safety. Thereby, it gives users a feeling of peace of mind when operating the vehicle with this performance tire product.

Performance & Test

The following information will help shape the Toyo Open Country H/T II’s ability to operate on different surface conditions. I’ve used many terrain tests and done it many times to come up with the closest estimates. 

You can quickly get a proper judgment as to whether the tire is suitable for use or not. Not only that but there is also information about other important factors for your reference.

Toyo Open Country HT II - 1

Dry tarmac

The dry performance that Toyo Open Country H/T II offers is generally enough to satisfy us. Unlike many products in the same segment, there is no significant difference while the tire moves on a dry road. 

If you want a tire that offers a superior dry driving feel, I would not recommend choosing the H/T II. If you only use the product to move on flat surfaces such as highways, the tire test experience will be reasonable. 

The stable grip of the material surface gives this product stable mobility on most dry roads. Performance on the highway is the factor that benefits the most from this feature. 

As the speed increases, the grip must be improved to avoid losing control. And as I expected, the Toyo H/T II grips quite well. The two inner steel belts also contribute to balancing the friction between the tire and the road surface.

Not only when moving fast, but even when we operate the car at average speed, obstacles are the leading cause of danger. To ensure the safety of users, Toyo has used trenches to guide rainwater to remove soil and rock from the road. 

When the vehicle is operating, the obstacles accidentally drawn in will go out again instead of getting stuck. 

Wet roads

Performance on wet surfaces, as I mentioned above, is awe-inspiring. This ability and durability are characteristics that set the H/T II apart from the previous generation. 

To get this change, it is impossible to ignore the impressive improvements from the manufacturer. The tread also contributes significantly to the impressive durability that this Toyo tire model has. 

Compared to classic designs, the spikes on the Open Country H/T II have a more solid structure and are accompanied by extended shoulder grooves. This combination will give the product a unique compensating ability. 

When moving on wet surfaces, the loss of grip happens quite frequently. At the point where the grip is dangerously low, the compensatory mechanism kicks in. The spike patterns open up larger grooves for added grip. 

The response of the spike patterns is quite fast, so as soon as the grip starts to decrease, you can see the grooves opening up quickly.

Maybe I’m not really in a dangerous situation, but the mechanics on Toyo Open Country H/T II have helped me a lot. The enhanced grip also allows your vehicle to stop behind the brake. 

To combat the hydration phenomenon, the manufacturer also equips the tire with a unique deep groove system. These grooves not only help to remove obstacles on the road but also serve to drain water quickly. 

The essence of the hydration phenomenon is that the liquid completely envelops the tire surface and reduces friction. If there is not enough water to cover the entire surface, this dangerous phenomenon cannot occur.

Off-road driving

Toyo Open Country HT II - 2

During use, many other users and I noticed that the H/T II performed better in highway and off-road driving.

So the correct phrase to describe Toyo products is off-road tires for highways. 

This feature also explains why the tire’s performance in some terrains is not as strong as in many others. 

This problem is most evident when we cross some places with unstable surfaces.

The Toyo Open Country H/T II’s traction on rocky roads is unstable. Although not bad enough to be trapped deep inside, moving will be quite challenging. 

The worst is the case where there is a lot of mud. You never want to return to muddy places again while the car is still equipped with Toyo Open Country H/T II.


Comfort has never been the focus of attention from manufacturers when creating tires for high-performance vehicles. The performance achievable through a slight reduction in comfort is often more than worth it. 

But with Toyo Open Country H/T II, you can feel comfortable during the trip. 

I have bought and used this version for over 2 years with nearly 2000 kilometers of road. And, I rate its comfort better than most of the rest of the Toyo brand in my personal experience.


There are vital points to analyze when talking about the impressive durability of the Toyo Open Country H/T II. As one of the two typical features of this 2nd generation product, durability receives a lot of attention from the manufacturer.

First, we must mention the improved structure with its special silica compound that Toyo has researched and applied to Toyo Open Country H/T II. 

Changing the composition is the key to a significant improvement in tire resistance. The damage is unlikely even with direct impact with highly sharp objects such as rocks or metal fragments. 

Besides durability, controllability and performance are also increased thanks to this compound. If you are not sure about the long-term mobility of the Open Country H/T 2, the warranty program that the tire owns can convince you. 

In my mind, 60,000 km is an appropriate number, 70,000 km can be quite long, but Toyo brings a number that exceeds expectations. 

Each product sold will receive a warranty program of up to 80,000 km. Not stopping there, after-sales programs and material warranties extend to 5 years after purchase. Even if there are problems while on the move, you can now rest assured that 

Is It Worth Your Money is always there to support?

The structure, durability, and even the product’s tire compound support the need to operate in both dry and wet environments. 

You will surely get the best performance when using Open Country H/T II on your vehicle models. So spending money to own this Toyo tire model is well worth it.

At an affordable price, it’s worth replacing your worn-out tire. Comfort, durability, and excellent warranty are its outstanding advantages.

Quick Rundown Of Toyo Open Country H/T II 


  • High durability
  • Extremely good wet
  • Long warranty program
  • Acceptable comfort
  • Stable operation in dry environments.


  • The performance needs much improvement.

Should You Buy It?

Excluding the personal preference factor, if you want to own a durable tire model to serve daily needs or further travel needs, the Toyo Open Country H/T II will be the right choice. Frequent travel in wet conditions is also an excellent reason to trust this tire model.


Above is the information I think is necessary to help you get a more objective view of Toyo Open Country H/T II.

We hope today’s article has given you helpful information. If you have any other experience with this version, do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments below. Thank you for reading!

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