Toyo Open Country Q/T Review of 2024: Is It Worth Your Money?

Toyo Open Country Q/T

The tires will accompany your vehicle for thousands of miles on the road. They are a critical factor that directly decides your performance, safety, and driving satisfaction. Therefore choosing a high-quality tire is vital for any driver.

Are you searching for a premium tire to fulfill your driving needs? Did a search through the top tires reveal you to this Toyo Open Country Q/T? If the answer is yes, the information provided in this post will be helpful. 

This in-depth Toyo Open Country Q/T review tells you everything about this tire, from its qualities and features to the real performance on the road. Continue reading, and I will show you if this tire is worth buying. 

An Overview Of Toyo Open Country Q/T

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The Toyo Open Country Q/T is a premium all-season tire developed and produced by the reputable brand Toyo Tire. Its main advantages focus on user satisfaction and comfort, and various terrains. 

Toyo Open Country Q/T offers a quiet and comfortable ride even under extreme weather conditions or bumpy roads. Its amazing tread life and durability are surely a plus point to this tire. 

If you love the premium and modern tire designs, the appearance of Toyo Open Country Q/T can easily satisfy you. It features an eye-catching and modern design, suitable for a variety of vehicles, such as CUVs or SUVs. 

However, the outer look is not solely sufficient to judge the quality of the tire. Toyo Open Country Q/T also comes with excellent performance on the road. 

It allows drivers to handle and steer easily with extra comfort and traction. 

As a result, you will get more driving confidence on the road and reduce the risks of traffic accidents. The following sections will discuss its features in detail. 

Now let’s move on to discover the basic specifications of this tire. 

Important Specifications

Toyo offers buyers up to seven categories for the Toyo Open Country Q/T with different size options and thread diameters (from 16 inches to 22 inches). 

Here are the basic specifications of the standard 16-inch version:

  • Load/Speed: 100H
  • Load Id: SL
  • Sidewall: BSW
  • Tread Depth (1/32″): 12,2 inches
  • Approved Rim Width Range: 5.5 – 6.5 – 7.0
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Inflated Overall Diameter: 27,9 inches
  • Inflated Overall Width: 8,7 inches
  • Max Load: 1764 pounds
  • Max Pressure: 51 PSI
  • UTQG: 680 AA
  • Revs Per Mile: 745

Highlight Features Of Toyo Open Country Q/T

What makes the Toyo Open Country Q/T exceed its competitors and the regular mid-range tires? Does this tire possess the qualities you are looking for? This section will show you the selling points of this product. 

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A Modern And Fashionable Look 

The design of the Toyo Open Country Q/T  meets all of the requirements for a cross-touring wheel. It possesses an eye-catching and premium appearance with well-built lateral grooves and tread. 

The surface is also well polished with excellent finishes. Overall, it can increase the beauty of your vehicle, whether it is an SUV or CUV. The all-season tread compound of this tire also enhances its tread life and durability. 

In addition, the deep tread depth helps increase traction and grip when riding at high speed. You will get a smoother and safer driving experience, especially on wet and slippery road tracks. 

Performance-Enhancing Design And Construction 

Besides the good-looking design, Toyo Open Country Q/T comes with many power-enhancing features, especially on the tread construction. The first significant feature is the four circumferential grooves.

These grooves are very wide and deep, which helps the water and dust evacuate better. This feature is critical if you regularly drive on wet or snowy roads, increasing traction and avoiding slipperiness. 

The open lateral slits also help the tire drain and evacuate water more efficiently. These two factors solely are sufficient to enhance your performance on wet and slippery terrains. 

Last but not least, the tire possesses special multi-wave sipes. This design helps minimize the tread wear and damage, providing better protection for your tread.

It also improves the stopping distance and braking on wet roads, ensuring your safety when driving at high speeds. For the snowy terrains, these multi-wave sipes also increase overall traction. 

Extra Comfort With The Silent Wall™ Technology

While the regular product lines use conventional groove walls, the Toyo Open Country Q/T features the new silent walls. With the traditional groove walls, you can notice the annoying whistling sound known as the “pipe resonance.” 

It is because the airflow gets in and flows through the groove walls without getting disrupted. As a result, they will generate that annoying sound and decrease your driving comfort when driving at high speed. 

The Toyo Silent Wall technology can tackle this setback. By replacing the regular groove walls with the new silent walls, the dense perpendicular serrations will disrupt the airflows running through the groves. 

You can get rid of the whistling sound and get a more quiet and comfortable ride. This technology has gone through numerous tests, and its efficiency in reducing noise was proven.

Real Driving Experience

To fully judge the quality of a tire, you need to assess its real performance on the road. Fortunately, I had the chance to try out this premium product for quite some time. Here are my honest opinions on the experience this tire brings.

How Does It Perform On Dry Roads?

Toyo Open Country QT - 3

After numerous rides, I can conclude that the steering and handling on this tire are more than decent. The tire feels very responsive, allowing me to steer with more precision and comfort. 

I regularly drive in the town and go for expeditions in the mountains on the weekends. The tire excellently meets my demands by performing well on the off-road terrains. 

I feel like this product is a blend between the high-performance Toyo tires and the extra comfort all-season products. The rides are quiet and smooth, allowing me to listen to the music tracks or radios without interruption. 

The acceleration of the Toyo Open Country Q/T is also very good. I can accelerate and reach the top speed on the regular very quickly. When driving at high speed, the tire offers excellent responsiveness and stability. 

How Does It Perform On Wet And Snowy Roads?

I have been driving under the heavy rain a few times. The lateral grooves and sipes work efficiently to evacuate water, giving me more traction and grip on wet surfaces. I can steer and handle precisely with none to little slipperiness.

However, the tire showed some significant setbacks on the thick snow-covered terrains. The traction and grip were not good, and I was stuck in the snow a couple of times. 

A Quick Run Down Of Toyo Open Country Q/T 


  • Amazing performance on wet and dry terrains
  • More quietness and comfort with the Silent Wall™ technology
  • An attractive and modern design
  • Excellent tread life and durability


  • Poor traction on thick snow-covered roads


The manufacturer offers a tread warranty covering up to 65,000 miles for the Toyo Open Country Q/T. There is an additional 5-year warranty for the materials and workmanship of this product. 

The first 25% of the wear will be replaced for zero cost. Toyo also offers a free trial for 45 days or 500 miles in driving distance. This time is sufficient for users to experience and decide if this is the right tire for their needs. 


With the lowest price range starting from $119, the Toyo Open Country Q/T offers great value for money. Though it has limited features compared to the other high-end categories, this tire is one of the best products in this price range. 

You get a beautiful design and decent performance on any terrain. The comfort and quietness it brings are still unmatched in the medium to high tire category. 

Should You Buy Toyo Open Country Q/T?

In general, the Toyo Open Country Q/T can fulfill basically all your driving needs and purpose with a decent performance on wet and dry roads. This product is an excellent option if you want an affordable tire for your light vehicle. 

The best thing about this tire lies in its amazing quietness and comfort. It enhances users’ satisfaction on the road without sacrificing significant safety or performance. 

However, due to its limiting performance on snowy or ice tracks, I would not recommend this tire for drivers living in year-round freezing areas. 

If you want more safety and satisfaction, consider going for the winter tires.


To sum up, I would definitely recommend the Open Country Q/T for regular drivers looking for comfort and ease of handling on various terrains. Except for the extreme weather conditions, this tire can easily meet your demands. 

I hope that you have gained more insights into the basic qualities, advantages, and setbacks of the Toyo Open Country Q/T by now. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave contributive comments. 

Thank you for reading!

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