Toyo Open Country R/T Review of 2024: Good On/Off Road Rugged Terrain Tire

Toyo Open Country R/T

Which off-road tire is fitting for your powerful car? Are you looking for the product to use for all-terrain? Open Country R/T will be the right choice for you.

The Toyo Open Country R/T has an awe-inspiring design and is equally sturdy. The aggressive appearance and the tire’s inner construction also provide the traction and performance needed for the user. 

This product from the Toyo brand provides not only excellent performance but also possesses many other compatible features. All these factors ensure the user satisfaction when operating the vehicle with this tire. 

Let’s read on to discover the Toyo Open Country R/T review!


Toyo Open Country RT - 2
  • Load/Speed: 109Q
  • Load Id: C
  • Sidewall: Bsw
  • Tread Depth (1/32″): 18.9
  • Product Code: 351360
  • Approved Rim Width Range (In.): 7.0-8.5-9.0
  • Weight (lbs.): 56
  • Inflated Overall Diameter (In.): 30.5
  • Inflated Overall Width (In.): 10.6
  • Max Load (lbs.): 2270
  • Max Pressure (Psi): 50
  • Utqg: N/A
  • Revs Per Mile: 681

Test Drive

The following information will help you get to know the best features of Toyo Open Country R/T under different conditions. 

You can get some idea of ​​the product’s performance through this knowledge. I have used many tests on different terrains to give you an accurate judgment. 

Therefore, you can quickly get the proper assessment as to whether the tire is suitable for use or not. ​​Let’s scroll down to continue reading now!

Dry Traction

Toyo Open Country R/T is a high-performance tire for trucks, SUVs, jeeps, and other 4×4 vehicles. Because of this need, the tire possesses many specialized features so that you can operate high-performance models. 

Fortunately, the product’s dry surface performance has also improved thanks to these unique characteristics of the tire. Even compared to competitors, this product from the Toyo brand is superior in some respects. 

Not only when operating in wet conditions but also traveling in dry places requires tires with a good grip. Understanding this need, Toyo replaced the conventional tire compound with a new one and applied it to Open Country R/T. 

Besides the significant enhancement of the rubber content, the presence of silica compounds is also an interesting detail. 

In nature, silica is a sand component and is the substance used to make bearing glass. Its toughness and durability elements are available to improve tire performance. The increased density of rubber in the tire provides much better resilience and deformation. 

Thanks to that, the grip of the product is much better than that of competitors.

In addition to the ingredients, the texture is also a significant step forward, providing impressive dry performance for this product. Instead of using the usual symmetrical design, Toyo operates an asymmetrical structure. 

Toyo Open Country RT - 1

This change helps my bike increase grip significantly while ensuring stability and flexibility. Its closed shoulders are accompanied by wider ridges that increase grip when cornering.

It would be a considerable deletion if I omitted Toyo Open Country R/T’s signature scalloped shoulder spheres. 

In the process of moving, you can hardly avoid sand, rocks, or some other agents entering the tire’s structure. Even a small factor can have serious consequences when driving at high speed. 

These spheres will help you remove dirt and debris from the tire surface. Thereby, it ends the worry about dangerous agents. 

Another factor that impressed me is the 3-layer construction, more durable chip, and cut-resistant compound. These designs increase the tire’s durability against impacts from the outside environment. 

When traveling in dry terrain, the possibility of encountering sharp obstacles is very high. Then the particular elements can maximize their protection and navigation capabilities. 

With all the above characteristics, even long facedown streets such as highways or bumpy roads, even sand cannot stop the tires. 

The performance of the car also increases and stabilizes gradually. The safety factor is that Toyo Open Country R/T has many more improvements to ensure good service for users.

According to my tests, this product’s ability to operate on dry surfaces is good. 

After several tests, I found the results remained stable. Toyo Open Country R/T has not made me feel disappointed from driving feel to stability, grip, and many other factors. 

Even if you are a person with high requirements for performance, the product easily creates satisfaction. 

Wet Grip

According to my observations and testing, the tire’s water resistance is much better than other tire models of the same class. 

With a product for the SUV line, this ability needs to receive a lot of attention. Imagine how bad it would be for a sled to go. 

Things will be even more terrible if it is an SUV that weighs tens of tons. For this reason, it is essential to pay attention to the performance and water-resistance of the tire. 

Not only protecting you and the people in the car but also protecting others is all that Toyo Open Country R/T wants to bring.

Steaming can cause a lot of danger to the driver because it reduces the frictional ability of the tires. This phenomenon is a constant obsession of experienced drivers on slippery roads.

Fortunately, the Toyo Open Country R/T’s treads are deep and flexible enough to remove water from the surface, so dirt won’t stay on them for too long.

Steaming is only available when it cannot escape. And if there is a way out, this situation will no longer be a concern for you.

Users will often have to find ways to prevent and overcome this situation if they want to move more safely. Toyo has integrated relatively large depth grooves into their tires to achieve this incredible ability. 

In dry terrain, the task of this detail is to handle rocks and soil, and in wet places, the role will change to a conduit. The amount of solution on the surface will follow this groove system and go out. 


The manufacturer’s emphasis on grip again makes sense as it increases dry performance and dramatically enhances wet performance. 

Now even when traveling at high speed, I don’t need to worry about slipping off the road. The enhanced control factor that the tire possesses also contributes significantly to performance and ease of control. 

A better feel for all the activities below will help users judge more accurately. And the result will be stable car maintenance, safety, and mobility.

Tire Comforts

Comfort is usually not a feature that receives much attention on SUV tires. 

However, I do not think this statement is true for Toyo Open Country R/T. My feeling when using the tire is positive and significant for comfort. 

Excellent elasticity can help dissipate external forces while the groove system removes all obstructions.

The feeling of smoothness also maintains stability. Not only is the smoothness increased, but the noise generated by the tire is also less.


With high-performance cars, braking is even more critical. The inertia of these products is very significant, and I firmly believe that if you only use common tires, you will need to break from a long distance to stop the vehicle. 

When the wire only calculates the operation in an emergency, it is difficult for us to prepare in time. Understanding these critical issues, Toyo Open Country R/T has made landmark improvements in many tire elements. 

The result of these actions is a much shorter braking distance. Since, it has given me a sense of security, mainly when operating under challenging situations.

Ice & Wet

Moving on snow is always a difficult obstacle that most tire products face, and Toyo Open Country R/T is no exception. This SUV tire tends to sink deep into the snow if you are traveling in areas with snow tires of about 3 inches or more. 

When the snow layer is thinner, the tire can still move, but the performance is not stable. In such slippery conditions, instability will bring unpredictable consequences. My advice is that you don’t try it if you don’t want to be stuck in the snow for hours.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Toyo Open Country R/T is a worthwhile option for you to use for a long time for your high-performance vehicle. Instead of having to replace the tire often, now with this product, I need to replace it every time it wears out. 

Toyo Open Country R/T also helps me move safely and more stable in various terrain, from simple to complex.

Pros & Cons Of Toyo Open Country R/T


  • Impressive wet and dry performance
  • Solid construction
  • Innovative tire compound
  • High ride comfort 
  • Quiet operation
  • Efficient braking and control


  • Performance poor operation on snow


The above information is essential to assist you to acquire a better transparent and objective view of Toyo Open Country R/T. We hope today’s article has given you useful facts to choose the proper product for your requirements. 

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