Toyo Tires Review: Are Toyo tires good in 2024

Toyo has built a reputation as one of the best tire manufacturers on the planet with its reliable and premium products. You will find very high-quality tires that offer great value for money when choosing Toyo. 

So, did this famous tire brand catch your attention? Are you planning to purchase a Toyo tire for your vehicle? If the answer is yes, you should not skip this Toyo tires review.

I will discuss all the qualities, pros, and cons of Toyo to give you more insights into its products and policies. In addition, the in-depth reviews of the common Toyo product lines also help you make a better buying decision. 

Continue reading, and I will show you!

Toyo Tires Overview

Before dwelling on the policies and products of Toyo, you should grasp some basics about this famous tire brand. 

About Toyo

Toyo is a reputable Japanese manufacturer founded in 1945 with nearly one century of successful operation. The main headquarters of the company is located in Cypress, California.

Toyo manufactures tires for all types of vehicles, from SUVs and trucks to passenger cars. Its products come in various sizes and design options to flexibly meet customers’ demands and vehicle specs. 

Toyo has even made its name in the moto racing fields with numerous racing tires winning awards. The main focus of Toyo is manufacturing high-quality tires for off-road terrains or under harsh weather conditions. 

Therefore, a large proportion of Toyo’s customers are off-road terrain drivers looking for tires with sensational traction. However, the most famous thing about Toyo these days lies in its pioneering Nano Balance technology.

No competitors can develop this new technology as optimally as Toyo. It gives the Toyo tires phenomenal durability, performance, and fuel efficiency. 

Nowadays, the company gradually shifts its focus to sustainability. Its main aim is to manufacture sustainable and futuristic tires that directly benefit the global rubber economy, society, and the environment.

Industry Rating 

Industry rating is a prevalent grading system invented by NHTSA, the (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Most global brands in the tire industry follow this system, and Toyo is no exception. 

This grading system will assess a tire’s quality based on its performance on the road, regarding traction, temperature resistance, and treadwear. Traction indicates how “grip” the road gets and how it can stick to the road. 

Temperature resistance demonstrates a tire’s ability to resist harsh weather conditions and temperatures without wearing down or reducing in life span. 

These indicators are rated at four levels, AA, A, B, and C. AA means that the tire grip or temperature resistance reached the highest rating and C for vice versa. 

Lastly, treadwear helps drivers visualize the tire’s lifespan. The treadwear scores are determined by comparing them with a control tire that has a default rating of 100 scores. 

For example, if your tire has a total treadwear score of 600, it means that the tire has a 6-time higher lifespan than the control tire. The most common treadwear scores usually range between 300 and 500. 

Toyo’s Industry Rating 

So, how do Toyo tires perform following this grading system? The result is phenomenal, and they exceed the scores of most other products on the market. 

The average treadwear scores of Toyo tires range between 500 to 600, with the Toyo Versada Noir reaching a top rating of 600.

Meanwhile, the tire with the lowest treadwear score (300) is the Toyo Proxes 4. 

Yet, the other common product lines like Open Country AT II and  Extensa HP II perform exceptionally well, reading 600 and 500 treadwear scores, respectively. 

Regarding traction score and temperature resistance, Toyo tires fall into the top of the tire with mostly A and AA ratings.

There is no below the rating for all of its product lines, with the Toyo Proxes 4 bringing the highest traction. 

Why Choose Toyo Tires?

Toyo tires delivered excellent results following the NHTSA’s grading system. There are not many brands that can reach these top scores. 

The traction score of Toyo tires stands at AA and A on average, indicating that the tire will perform phenomenally on off-road terrains such as snowy, wet, or muddy roads. 

This excellent traction also gives you more comfort in steering and handling when driving on dry, balanced city roads. In addition, Toyo tires also possess phenomenal temperature resistance with mainly A ratings. 

As a result, you can use the Toyo tires all year round, from the freezing winter months to burning hot periods of the year.

The tires will stay beautiful and durable without wearing down in the long run. 

Lastly, Toyo tires possess the top treadwear score in the industry. While most other brands stand at 300 and 500 on average, Toyo tires made a difference, with many products reaching 600 ratings and above. 

For these reasons, there’s no doubt about Toyo tires’ durability and performance, especially on off-road terrains and under harsh weather conditions. When choosing this brand, you simply get the best quality and most premium tires. 

Another selling point of Toyo tires is their robust design and recognizability. These tires will add more beauty to your cars and satisfy users with sporting purposes. 

Where Are Toyo Tires Made?

Toyo puts its manufacturing facilities in China, which produce high-performance and premium tires for customers around the globe. 

It helps Toyo reduce manufacturing costs while ensuring the top qualities of its products. However, Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas is responsible for the manufacturing process of the company’s products. 

Toyo also associates with numerous manufacturers and smaller companies to distribute, market, and sell its tires around the world. 

Best Toyo Tires

So that’s basically everything you need to know about this reputable brand. Now let me walk you through some noticeable products of Toyo tires. 

Toyo Extensa A/S II

Best Toyo All Season Tire

Toyo Extensa A/S II

The tire Toyo Extensa A/S II is one of the most excellent all-season product lines developed by Toyo corporation. It offers great performance with high grip and traction on both wet and dry terrains. 

However, the things that make Toyo Extensa A/S II stand out from the other products lie in its affordability and excellent treadwear. At a medium price range, this tire brings you great features and value for every cent paid. 

The tire can last for long without wearing down or deteriorating in appearance, whether you drive it under wet or dry weather conditions. The comfort it brings is also optimal with ease of handling and steering. 

However, the tire will generate noticeable noise when you drive at high speed, so it may be convenient for drivers who love listening to music in their cars. This tire is a great choice for sedans and medium-sized cars. 


  • Affordability
  • Amazing snow traction
  • Great all-season performance
  • Excellent traction on wet and dry terrains


  • Generate a lot of noise when driving at high speed

Toyo Open Country A/T III

Best Toyo All Terrain Tire

Toyo Open Country A/T III

There is hardly a better offroad tire than the Toyo Open Country A/T II.

This all-terrain tire brings users an optimal driving experience and comfort on rough and unbalanced surfaces like mountains or valleys. 

The traction feels great on snowy and muddy terrains, as well as the dry city roads. It makes the tire feel more predictable and responsive, facilitating your steering and handling experience.  

Toyo also focuses on improving the treadwear and durability of this tire with an advanced tread design and construction. With increased lateral grooves and 3D multi-wave sipes, the tire feels very firm and stable on any terrain. 

The well-designed void area helps distribute the pressure evenly and increases the durability of the tire in the long run. With such great stability, Toyo Open Country A/T III offers comfort and an extra quiet riding experience. 


  • A robust and powerful designs 
  • Quiet riding with optimal stability
  • Advanced construction and well-distributed void area. 
  • Excellent treadwear regardless of terrain and weather


  • The grip on city’s roads is not excellent

Toyo Open Country M/T

Best Toyo Mud Tire

Toyo Open Country M/T

As a premium mud tire from Toyo, the Toyo Open Country M/T brings top-of-the-tier traction. It’s a perfect choice for off-road drivers who regularly drive through muddy or snowy roads. 

This tire possesses an aggressive tread pattern with deep siping and hook-shaped blocks. The scalloped shoulder blocks also improve traction and enhance grip on off-road surfaces.

The over-the-shoulder treat pattern is made of tough polyester for extra durability and tread life. As a result, the Toyo Open Country M/T brings excellent performance under the harshest weather conditions and ensures you a comfortable, safe trip. 

The aggressive tread design and robust appearance also bring a more aesthetic look to your vehicle, especially the offroad trucks and racing cars. However, the loud noise and instability are the setbacks that you should not overlook. 


  • Phenomenal offroad traction
  • A robust and powerful appearance
  • Good wet and snow handling


  • Loud noise
  • Low fuel efficiency

Toyo Extensa HP II

Best Toyo High Performance Tire

Toyo Extensa HP II -1

Here comes another premium high-performance tire from Toyo. 

The Extensa HP II possesses similar qualities to the Toyo Extensa HP II product lines, but it comes with more advanced features. 

Besides the excellent traction and durability, it offers greater wet handling and traction with a quiet riding experience. Toyo also improves the dry traction of this tire, giving it higher versatility for city road drivers. 

Yet, the winter handling will decrease significantly along with the tread life. You also get lower comfort and fuel efficiency compared to the Extensa A/S series. 

But at a significantly lower price range and excellent quality, there’s not much to debate about the value of this tire. It brings a balance between performance, durability, and dynamic styling. 


  • Great winter traction
  • A quiet and smooth driving experience
  • More traction on dry terrains


  • Poor winter handling
  • Reduced fuel efficiency

Toyo Proxes ST II

Street/Sport Truck Tire

Toyo Proxes ST II

What if you are looking for a balance between high performance and optimal comfort? The Toyo Proxes ST II is an honorable choice with its excellent tread life and all-season traction. 

The Toyo Proxes ST II brings the highest wet and dry traction in all of Toyo’s product lines, giving you a confident, easy, and satisfying driving experience. The quietness it brings is also phenomenal, allowing drivers to enjoy music while driving. 

This tire also provides decent performance on snowy terrains and fuel efficiency. The only weak spot lies in its low tread life, which requires maintenance from drivers. 


  • Sensational traction on wet and dry roads
  • Comfortable driving experience with minimum noise


  • Not an ideal option for off road driving
  • Decent winter handling


Are Toyo Tires Made By Goodyear?

Toyo tires are not made by Goodyear. However, Goodyear is a share owner of the Nippon Giant Tire along with Toyo Tire Corporation.

Are Toyo Tires Made In China?

The answer is yes. Most of Toyo’s manufacturing facilities are located in China due to the low production cost. However, the tires still possess great quality and reliability, just like any other brand.

Does Bridgestone Own Toyo?

Toyo owns a proportion of the shares in Bridgestone and vice versa. So it can be said that Bridgestone partly owns Toyo. In 2008, the two companies agreed to sell half of the shares they held in each other.

Which Toyo Tires Are Made In The USA?

While most Toyo products are made in China, the Open Country R/T is a rare exception. This hundred percent American-made tire is manufactured in facilities located in Georgia.

How Long Do Toyo Tires Last?

For regular street use and highway driving, Toyo tires can last approximately 72,000 Km (45,000 miles). This number equals 3,3 years of usage if you drive on a regular basis.

Are Toyo Tires Quiet?

Despite being high-performance and off-road tires, Toyo’s products are notorious for their comfortable and quiet driving experience. You can look for some extra quiet product lines like the Toyo Tire Proxes ST II.

How Much Are Toyo Tires?

The prices of Toyo tires are not low due to the brand reputation and great values they come with. They range from $115 to $325 on average, which will vary depending on the type and size of each tire.

Final Words

I hope that this Toyo Tires review can make you place more trust into this reputable brand. There’s not much to discuss about its tires’ quality and performance, especially for off-road terrains.

If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know via the comment section. Thank you for reading!

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