Best Tires For Audi A4: Top 10 Picks & Useful Buying Advice 2024

Howdy, I’m Alvin Reyes, an automotive guru who’s got some sweet tips on snagging the perfect set of rubbers for your Audi A4. As a seasoned driver, you already know that the right tires can make or break your ride.

That’s why I’m pumped to share my top 10 picks for the hottest tires on the market that’ll make your Audi A4 purr like a kitten. As a certified car nut, I’ve put these tires through the wringer to make sure they’re the cream of the crop when it comes to performance, safety, and longevity.

Whether you’re looking for smoother handling, less road noise, or pure comfort, these tires offer the ultimate trifecta of ride quality. You’ll be able to conquer any terrain, from slick wet roads to icy snowbanks, with ease and grace.

Don’t settle for mediocre tires that’ll leave you spinning your wheels. Check out my top 10 list now and revamp your driving experience with the best of the best for your Audi A4. Buckle up, buttercup, and get ready for a ride you’ll never forget!

Top 10 Best Tires For Audi A4 (In-depth Reviews)

To find the best tires for Audi A4, I have personally experienced and performed many different tests to provide unbiased judgments and assessments.

After years of reviews and experiences, I have created this list of the 10 top-rated for Audi A4. These products belong to 4 basic tire types: all-season, all-weather, summer tires, and winter tires. You just need to make the reasonable choice based on your needs.

All season tires

Want to move steadily every day? Do you need the tire to be stable and safe enough for the duration of the trip? The all-season tires will surely satisfy all of your wishes. The 4 tires below will do much better than you expect.

Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus

Continental Extremecontact DWS06 Plus

My first impression of the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus lies in the grip of this product.

The tire maintains good friction on dry terrain according to the parameters I measured. Although there is less stability in some cases, the grip is generally relatively high. The results obtained after many practical experiences differ from the manufacturer’s announcements.

Usually, I see manufacturers focusing the tire’s features on a single surface. But fortunately, Continental did not follow this general trend. Quality improvements make it understandable that the tire’s performance in wet conditions will increase. Hence, I am very confident in crossing the wettest and swampy areas.

The highly responsive steering is also the feature that makes me pay more attention to the Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus. This product offers a much lower control response time than the previous version. 

The gauges show that the tire spends less time waiting to perform its operations. I don’t get stuck serving the steering sequence operations like before. You’ll appreciate this improvement if you’re a technical driver like me.

However, after going through flooded areas, I noticed that tires tend to hold water for quite a while. The problem will significantly increase its risk of water infiltration, which can affect performance in the long run.


  • Good adhesion
  • Flexible control
  • Worthwhile wet performance
  • Limit dangerous situations on wet roads


  • High risk of water seepage

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS+

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS PLUS

Through many tests, I have found that the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS+ does not stand out in any particular respect. Instead, Bridgestone strives to maintain quality in all respects. This new all-season tire model achieves an impressive balance that almost no competitors can match.

Through detailed parameters and personal feelings, I highly appreciate its dry performance. There was no difference in the results regarding grip, stability, and braking distance on both dry and wet surfaces.

Not many products maintain such balanced performance. If you don’t drive directly, I believe you can’t guess what terrain the tire operates on.

I also pay special attention to the waterproofing ability of the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS+. 

While scrolling through a flooded area, I accidentally discovered this striking element. After some testing, I became more confident in this statement. 

However, the data does not represent the results. With the experience that I have accumulated, I believe in its ability to cross the deep waters.

The tire is not too noisy when operating. But at certain times, I noticed the product emits a large amount of sound. 

Although this error doesn’t happen often, I still get annoyed with these noises.


  • High balance
  • Good dry performance
  • High-grade waterproof
  • Wet performance has many advantages


  • Not maintaining the silence well

Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

Since starting to use Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4, I have noticed many car acceleration improvements. After much careful testing, I found the product’s impressive traction to be the most significant influencing factor.

Compared to its rivals, Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 is far superior. More impressively, its traction was stable throughout my distance, from warm-up to on-the-go.

In my experience, the force required to pull the vehicle at rest is tremendous. But this template accomplishes its task with ease with its impressive specs.

If perfect acceleration on dry or wet surfaces hasn’t convinced you, its snow-pull performance will surprise you. I can’t believe an all-season product provides incredibly consistent traction on thin snow surfaces. 

I took many measurements to get the most accurate results. Fortunately, the final answer is not too different from the tires.

The traction and its handling and control on thin snow are pretty good. Handling operations, especially braking, are all under my control. So slippage is possible, but the problem doesn’t seriously affect its overall performance.

If you choose this product, you should gradually get used to the annoying sounds. I found the tire quite noisy on most surfaces, from dry to wet to snow. This inconvenience will increase in some particular areas.


  • Good traction
  • Fast acceleration against
  • Amazing snow traction
  • Impressive thin snow performance


  • Noisy moving

Continental ContiProContact

Continental ContiProContact - 1

It was not difficult for me to find comfort driving with Continental ContiProContact. 

While not an all-season touring tire, this model kept it stable and smooth throughout my journey. I don’t intend to test the tires on treacherous roads. 

However, with all-season construction, driving under the above conditions will quickly damage your tires. I did not feel uncomfortable operating the Audi A4 on the remaining surfaces with this tire.

Low noise is also a perfect plus for this version. I tried moving at different speeds to create as many frictional patterns as possible. However, the sound meters do not notice too much variation in sound. 

In terms of performance, Continental ContiProContact performs relatively well in dry conditions. I often travel with the product in these conditions, so I know it very well.

According to my observations, it is not suitable for high-performance mobility because of its durability. Its surface degrades and loses its grip after a short time, so its road surface friction will gradually disappear along with its stability.


  • Smooth moving
  • Silent operation
  • Good dry performance
  • Stay comfortable on many terrains


  • Low durability

All weather tires

As a valuable upgrade to all-season tires, all-weather tires have a lot of improvements in weather resistance.

Although you may have to pay more for one and accept the loss of some features, this tire line is still worth your consideration for the Audi A4.

Michelin CrossClimate2

Michelin CrossClimate2

A typical all-weather model, the Michelin CrossClimate2 performs impressively across all temperature and humidity conditions. It possesses an excellent grip on two bare surfaces, dry and wet. 

I also tested its handling when continuously driving the Audi A4 to dry and damp terrain in succession. But no matter how many times you try, the results are still the same.

What impressed me the most was not the base performance but the snow performance. The engine power and the weight of the Audi A4 are excellent, which will cause apparent stability to move in thin snow areas. 

But with Crossclimate 2, you can rest assured of its impressive handling. I’ve quickly been through many snowy roads in the winter without any problems.

Although I have not had any official tests, I believe this tire climbs quite well. Somehow, the Crossclimate 2 has a reasonably stable grip on high or low slopes, while my operations and controls still work typically.

Michelin tires are famous for their expensiveness. Therefore, you will need to pay a higher fee to enjoy the versatility of Michelin CrossClimate2.


  • Impressive dry performance
  • Stable snow performance
  • The vehicle can operate on slopes
  • The wet performance serves the needs well


  • High price

Vredestein Quatrac Pro

Vredestein Quatrac PRO

It didn’t take too long for me to conclude Vredestein Quatrac Pro. The product performed exceptionally well on wet surfaces with a full range of capabilities that impressed me.

With personal experience and tests, I am sure that few tires remove water as optimally as the Quatrac Pro. I also tried measuring the time it took for the entire surface to dry. According to my display clock, the process takes a pretty short time. My tire is always dry enough to remove water quickly on wet roads.

Despite its performance on wet roads, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro is still beneficial in dry areas. I agree that the product moves quite stably in high-temperature conditions and even on normal roads.

But, I still feel a bit unsatisfied with its performance in this condition. It doesn’t have the balance that an all-weather product needs.

It operates pretty quietly at low and medium speeds. But as soon as I accelerate, the product emits boisterous sounds. If you are a person who often travels on highways, you should carefully consider this option.


  • Good waterproof
  • Quick dry surface
  • Dry performance is enough
  • Impressive wet performance


  • Noisy movement at high speed

Summer tires

Summer is a time when the weather has many unexpected changes. The high temperature and rainfall will make it difficult for you to travel with the Audi A4. A suitable summer tire model will be the best solution to overcome the problems.

Continental ExtremeContact Sport

Continental ExtremeContact Sport

The popularity of summer tires mainly comes from their impressive dry performance. Of course, a typical model like Continental ExtremeContact Sport also perfectly performs this feature. But the factor that convinced me to choose this Continental model was its outstanding durability.

High heat resistance range and high surface resistance are what almost every summer tire model possesses. But not all names have the necessary toughness of all-season tires. Most summer tire models try to increase their rigidity to withstand high temperatures. 

Only Continental ExtremeContact Sport has a balance between stiffness and toughness. Therefore, I feel that the controls with it are susceptible.

During a quick test of ExtremeContact Sport’s performance, I noted that the tire would become inactive and trapped in the material layer. Yet, the unexpectedly high stability helped it quickly pass with full power.

Continental Extremecontact Sport cannot move on snow or other complex terrains like other summer tires.


  • Enduring
  • Enough toughness
  • Impressive controls
  • High heat resistance range
  • Increased stability on soft sand


  • Not available on snow or complex terrain.

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

I always choose the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 for my car to deal with the intense summer rains.

This tire has shown me outstanding stability moving on wet surfaces. The parameters that the gauge records about the friction all give results at a higher level than I expected. For that reason, I had no trouble moving in heavy rain.

When accelerating, its wet performance also has many positive changes. I have tried speeding up several times to avoid making a mistake. After dozens of trials, I could confirm the tire’s stability on the water at high speeds. Among the summer tires I have tried, the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 is the only one with this unique ability.

Precise handling is also a notable advantage. My feeling when driving tires in dry, hot, or wet conditions is similar.

No environment causes dangerous shaking or loss of control. With the excellent grip available, the Firehawk Indy 500 is safe for your highway.

Although it has many special features, the Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 is not too expensive. Its reasonable price allows me to buy more tires to use for many years. While with the more expensive tire models, I have to split the payment into different installments.


  • Sensitive controls
  • Reasonable price
  • Outstanding wet performance
  • Maintains grip even when accelerating


  • No surface warranty

Winter tires

I will always choose snow tire models for winter travel. The construction of these products allows me to move safely despite the snow outside.

And I think you should also use this tire to avoid unexpected problems.

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

In the past, I always assumed that snow tires could only move slowly. But since my first drive with the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90, I’ve almost had to change my mind. As a speed lover, I highly recommend this product for the long haul.

The tire does not have any acceleration mechanism at all. In return, it gives users high braking and control performance. Thanks to these factors, it is easier for me to control the car even though I am speeding away at a fast speed. 

The excellent grip also plays a vital role in keeping the Audi A4 stable. Without the need for complicated gauges, my driving experience clearly showed the impressive snow performance that the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 possesses.

What remains after heavy snowfalls are puddles of water on the pavement. These factors greatly hinder snow tire models without wet performance.

But with this Bridgestone product, I had no trouble overcoming these obstacles.

It moves pretty smoothly, especially when going through giant sinkholes. But I did notice apparent vibrations when traveling in large rough areas.

Things look even worse if I drive it on a gravel road. It was almost impossible for me to stay still in the driver’s seat even though the car’s shock absorbers were working at total capacity.


  • Good grip
  • Car control is easier
  • Move quite smoothly
  • Impressive wet performance
  • Stable movement at high speed


  • Loss of smoothness on rough roads

Michelin X-Ice Snow

Michelin X-ICE Snow

The Michelin X-Ice Snow is a unique winter model. Instead of focusing much on performance, it stands out in durability and stability, so I recommend this tire for long trips through cold regions.

I have tested Michelin X-Ice Snow in the most extreme conditions with low temperatures and heavy snow cover. It was a challenging but also a wonderful experience. 

For the first time, I was able to ride with the Audi A4 smoothly on this cold runway. I don’t think winter could be any harsher to test its endurance. So, I believe that X-Ice Snow is enough to serve you most safely.

To move in such dire conditions, durability is an indispensable factor. Honestly, I was also amazed when I checked the tires after the trip. 

The surface of the tire should have worn to some extent. But here, the cover of X-Ice Snow does not appear to have as many serious problems as I imagined.

Although it moves rather noisy, I accept this drawback entirely. 


  • Enduring
  • Good wear resistance
  • Resistant to low temperatures
  • Stable movement in harsh conditions


  • Make a lot of noise

How to choose best Audi A4 tires

How to choose best Audi A4 tires

To make the accurate choices, you should focus on the 5 issues below. These factors are load capacity, speed rating, grip and traction, braking, and noise.

Load capacity

Which one will you choose between a high-capacity but expensive tire and a cheaper product that carries less? For me, my advice is to use high-load tires. 

Speed rating

Choosing a high or low-speed rating is up to your preference. But I still think moving slowly with a powerful car like the Audi A4 is hugely wasteful. In other words, high-grade tires will be more suitable for the vehicle.

Grip and traction

Choose tires that have a good grip on as many terrains as possible. This parameter is directly related to safety. Therefore, you should consider it carefully before choosing.


The Audi A4 is a relatively large car. So every time you brake, inertia will push the vehicle to move up another distance. You should choose tires with low brake travel to anticipate slippage due to weight.

The perfect tires for the Audi A4 braking performance must keep a stopping distance of less than 15m on the dry road. Of course, it will have a little error on wet, slippery, and snowy roads.

High-performance braking models often come with excellent all-terrain grip. Also, its response is proportional to how it stops in front of dangerous obstacles.


I recommend low-noise products if you don’t have to choose specialized tire models for complex conditions. Driving is a stressful and exhausting process. It would be wrong if you still had to endure the sounds caused by friction.

You’re better off avoiding highway performance models, which are nearly impossible to keep quiet on different terrains. Its noise bouncing off the cabin is often very annoying on long hauls.

Instead, it would help if you prioritized all-season touring models for the quietest experience. Yet, if loud noise is not an issue for you, all-terrain models may be more cost-effective for you with the same performance and features.


What size are Audi A4 tires?

According to the information, the Audi A4 2020 has three main tire sizes: P245/45HR18, P225/50HR17, and P245/40HR18.

How long do Audi A4 tires last?

Based on data and the relationship between force and weight acting on the tire, three years is the average time that tires for Audi A4 can operate stably.

What is the best tire pressure for an Audi A4?

To avoid tires that are too soft or too hard, you should keep the pressure stable at 30-32 PSI.

Do you have to replace all 4 tires on the Audi Quattro?

The Audi A4, Audi Quattro, and many other Audi models cannot work if all 4 tire models are not from the same category. The difference in parameters will cause the car to lose the necessary balance.

How long can you drive on Continental run flat tires?

Yes, but the action is dangerous and should only be available when necessary.


For me, the Continental ContiProContact is the version that stands out with great comfort. And what about you? Which one meets your requirements for all seasons, all-weather, summer, and winter tires?

Regardless of your choice, I hope the helpful information in this article can help you quickly find the best tires for Audi A4. If you’ve found your ideal version, don’t forget to leave a comment below to let me know.

Thank you for reading!

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