Nexen Roadian GTX Review & Rating for 2024

Nexen Roadian GTX

Like other vehicle parts, the tire plays a significant role in all activities, from starting to moving and stopping.

So, choosing a suitable tire model will significantly influence both the vehicle’s performance and the safety of the vehicle operator. Among many products being sold today, Nexen Roadian GTX is one of the most optimal choices.

There are many reasons we realize that this product has all the features that a quality tire model needs. But the most typical is the ability to operate smoothly on many different terrains while maintaining unexpected stability and comfort.

With a modern structure and the appearance of many new manufacturing technologies integrated inside, this tire model can certainly easily overcome difficult roads.

The rough roads filled with gravel in the city or the town with the flat asphalt roads and even the slippery roads filled with water cannot make it difficult for the Roadian GTX.

More specifically, this product from the Nexen brand is suitable for moving in all four seasons. Therefore, you will not need to worry about using this tire model for a certain period.


We recommend this product because of its impressive durability, and even the most expensive models are fantastic.

As a year-round tire, durability is one of the most critical factors, and indeed, the Nexen Roadian GTX does not disappoint users.

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The tire can operate stably for at least 65,000 miles; it also means that you can confidently travel on a vehicle equipped with this tire model for quite a long time.

Whether traveling on normal flat roads or crossing snowy or rocky areas, the wheel’s durability does not degrade too much. The details and the surface of this product have a unique design to optimize the impact force, thereby maintaining its durability. 

So not only the tire shell but also the spikes on the surface that help increase traction also do not degrade so quickly that the tires lose their ability to operate.

Although Nexen often encounters complaints about the aftermarket mode, with Nexen Roadian GTX, perhaps this drawback has been overcome. Now, you will get the most needed and fastest support throughout the more than 65,000 miles traveled by this product.

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With the warranty support package that comes with the tire, as long as the mileage this tire model covers is not more than 70000 miles, if there is any damage, you need to contact the manufacturer to get support for necessary needs.

This tire model brings to the user is the perfect comfort during the trip. No matter what terrain you drive through, there aren’t too many factors that can affect both the comfort and the precious silence we deserve.

Test Drive

The information below will help you somewhat shape the performance of Nexen Roadian GTX on different surface conditions so that we can quickly get the proper judgment. Not only that but there is also information about other important factors such as comfort and noise level for your reference.

Dry Traction

It would be a significant omission if we ignored the performance of this tire when traveling through complex terrain under dry conditions.

Whether crossing flat paved highways or navigating rough terrain with unstable surfaces, or encountering mud, the Roadian GTX never loses its performance. 

The exceptional ability that the tire has is thanks to the quality grip spikes that the manufacturer has equipped explicitly for this four-season product.

The spikes have a symmetrical arrangement with the correct stiffness to allow the tire surface to maximize grip when in contact with the road surface. Thanks to traction optimization, this spike also plays a significant role if we move through unstable terrain such as coastal roads with a lot of sand. 

And the result that the user obtains is the excellent vehicle stability and the safety of the driver himself.

In addition, the existing texture of the surface also gives this tire an impressive but also essential ability that is stable braking performance.

Emergency braking on dry roads will not be as difficult as when it is on wet roads. But in fact, whether it’s dry or wet, in an emergency, it’s dangerous if we don’t make the most of the tire’s grip, thereby optimizing braking performance.

Another plus for the Roadian GTX’s performance on dry surfaces is the extremely high stability from the cutting grooves that minimize the impact of dangerous agents such as soil and rock. Thanks to that, the process of controlling our vehicle will be much easier and lighter.

Wet Traction

Driving a car in a wet environment is a difficult challenge, whether you are a novice or a seasoned driver. Because we will encounter many risks that affect the vehicle’s stability, thereby directly putting our safety in danger. 

The most obvious is the danger of loss of control and surface hydration causing loss of friction. But the good news for you is that this product from the Nexen brand is capable of protecting your users from harm.

If the tread allows the car to grip the ground in dry terrain, it will also penetrate the water and prevent the tire slipping off the road. We can also understand in another sense that a Roadian GTX has an impressive grip to avoid accidents while traveling on wet roads due to flooding, standing water, or melting snow.

To deal with hydration, Nexen has developed grooves with the proper depth to guide water from the tire surface and prevent this liquid from staying on the tire for too long.

If you do not know, hydration refers to the case where water or juice completely covers the surface of the cake, thereby eliminating all surface friction. 

The wheel will not work if the outer tire no longer has a connection to the road surface. So to prevent this dangerous situation, the best method would be to avoid standing water.

You will need to be careful in emergency braking on slippery roads if you are equipping this tire model for your vehicle. Unlike in dry conditions, the car will tend to skid a bit more before coming to a complete stop, and if you don’t anticipate it, you can put yourself in dangerous situations.

Snow Traction

With the structure of a specialized product for operation during the four seasons of the year, it is not too strange that the Nexen Roadian GTX can operate in snowy conditions. 

However, this tire model is not an all-terrain tire or a tire specialized in heavy snow, so you need to consider driving a vehicle with this tire installed in the above conditions.

But that’s not why we can underestimate the snowy performance that the product possesses. The first is that with quality grip and spikes, thin to medium layers of snow are not an ominous opponent when the tire quickly penetrates to stick to the road below. 

The grooves on the surface also play an essential role in preventing snow and water from melting snow from sticking to the tires and causing danger to us.

Comfort and Noise

Indeed, the Nexen Roadian GTX is not only designed to operate well in many different terrains, but this product is also aimed at providing the most comfortable experience.

With its inherent stability, this product efficiently limits problems such as shaking or bouncing too high when encountering any agent on the road. But problems are also unlikely to significantly impact the tire’s surface already measures to prevent them.

Besides, although the friction is very good with the road surface, this process of the tire will take place as quietly as possible. All thanks to the quality rubber that makes up the tire and the adequately sized grip spikes. From there, we will have the most comfortable driving hours on any road.

Should I buy It?

The Nexen Roadian GTX will be a great choice if you are looking for a tire suitable for traveling at all times of the year and has the strong performance to overcome many different terrains. Besides, the comfort and quietness coming from this product is also one reason that attracts users to choose GTX.


The above information is necessary to help you get a more objective and clear view of the Nexen Roadian GTX four-season tires and the impressive points in the product’s performance. It can be that tires play a significant role in-vehicle operation. 

Therefore, we hope that today’s article has brought you helpful knowledge, thereby making it easier to choose the right product for your needs.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below to be promptly answered.

Last but not least, don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones because chances are, one of them will need it. Thank you for reading!

Nexen Roadian GTX

This tire model brings to the user is the perfect comfort during the trip. No matter what terrain you drive through, there aren’t too many factors that can affect both the comfort and the precious silence we deserve.

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