Nexen N5000 Plus Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

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If you have to choose the most prominent name among the multi-purpose Nexen tires, the Nexen N5000 Plus will be the name to choose.

The N5000 Plus version receives a lot of attention from users in the tire market today. Unlike the rest of the Nexen versions, the N5000 Plus has a harmonious balance between quality expressed through stable performance along with a reasonable price.

The most outstanding feature of these products is meeting users’ needs from basic to advanced on many terrains. Each product in this tire line is a worthy choice for us to take the time to consider as well as choose to use.

We have tested and fully evaluated this product via the Nexen N5000 Plus review article below to have authentic views for buyers, especially newbies.

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The first advantage of the N5000 Plus is its excellent compatibility with many different vehicles. From maneuverable sports cars to basic models for everyday use, this tire can be used together with this model or used as a spare tire in case of need. 

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All thanks to the fact that the manufacturer has provided us with 76 different product sizes between 15” and 22”. With such a large number of choices, your chances of finding the right tire are much higher.

Compared to other products in the same segment, it is clear that the N5000 Plus integrates more modern technologies and other quality changes in terms of design and construction. 

First of all, we have to mention the improvements in the groove to increase the efficiency of conduction and temperature distribution. Thereby helping to avoid overheating that leads to tire explosion or accelerates tire deterioration. 

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In addition, the improved groove also allows standing water on the road to circulate inside not to cause an imbalance for the vehicle.

In addition, the inherently good traction of Nexen tires is now further enhanced by the serrated layer of spikes. 

This impressive improvement not only stabilizes adhesion to unstable surfaces but also balances the center of gravity of the product as a whole.

That’s why maneuvers that require a lot of technique, such as moving on slippery roads or cornering quickly, will be much safer and easier to control.

Test Drive

To better understand the impressive performance of the N5000 Plus, the information about the ability to operate in different terrain types and characteristics below will help you.

Dry Traction

Nexen N5000 Plus works well on dry terrain, whether flats like urban roads or rough roads in suburban areas. This product from the Korean brand possesses a unique heat dissipation mechanism through deep grooves on the surface. 

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The use of these grooves is to help distribute heat faster to avoid overheating the tires, which is very common when traveling at fast speeds and creating significant friction.

Not only that, the famous paved roads with very high temperatures in the hot sun are no longer an obsession for you. The heat from the road surface to the tire will be distributed evenly instead of concentrating on a single area and causing damage.

Besides, the dirt and dust on the road will hardly have the opportunity to create too much influence on the Nexen N5000 Plus surface. This product is exceptionally durable and has mechanisms to help minimize harm and prevent negative factors from creating severe tears.

Wet Traction

Not only can it move well on dry terrain, but Nexen N5000 Plus can also operate stably even under slippery road conditions caused by water and other liquids.

The deep grooves have the effect of limiting overheating and a place to control the upward flow of water to avoid sticking too much to the tire surface. It allows the product to stabilize the friction between the surface and the road. Thereby, it creates a high grip even when moving through areas with too much water.

We all know that grip is the most critical factor and dramatically influences whether a particular tire can operate in unstable conditions such as slippery roads or not. 

With the N5000 Plus, there is not only a high-traction support feature that is deep grooves, but we also have to mention the serrated part of the spikes. We won’t need to worry that our vehicle will slide when accidentally encountering wet places with these spikes.

In addition, the combination of many features to help stabilize the vehicle, increase friction, and reduce slippage has allowed us to control the car more easily. Driving a car with flexible control will maximize safety for you and your passengers in bad weather conditions with heavy rain.

Snow Traction

Moving on snowy terrain is not an advantage of the n5000, but on the contrary, you should not use this type of tire to drive in areas with heavy snowfall.

Although the manufacturer mentions that this is an all-season product, a few tests have shown that this tire does not perform well in areas with a lot of snow.

The design of this Nexen brand tire is quite solid with a double steel frame inside. 

With the appearance of these steel belts, the tire will operate more stably and smoothly. But that’s also why the vehicle weight will increase and eventually lead to subsidence when moving through the thick snow.

In addition, the details on the tire surface, although helping to enhance the adhesion and stability of the vehicle in dry and wet conditions, become useless against the snow. 

Even, in some cases, the deep trench will have opposite effect, making it much more difficult for the vehicle to move due to too much snow stuck in the middle.


Comfort is one of the factors that cannot be ignored when considering tire models in general and N5000 Plus in particular. 

Only really quality products will bring a smooth feeling to the user even if they are moving through rough terrain with many obstacles like 

And luckily, the Nexen N5000 Plus will be a good choice if you are looking for a tire that is neither too resilient nor too rigid.

With all the comprehensive improvements, the agent’s impact, such as rocks and gravel, will not have a chance to impact the vehicle as much, or the effect will not be as pronounced as before. It also means that we will feel less ballast or squishy because the leading causes of these sensations are gone.

Even when encountering too significant and insurmountable agents, the manufacturer also gives them an extremely impressive resolution method located in the side spikes. 

These grooves have the role of reducing force impact and creating a smoother feeling by increasing the empty rate of the tire. Thereby ensuring that there will not be too many causes that can make you lose comfort.


The noise generated by the wheels will come from the impact of rocks or obstacles with the tire surface, and the other reason is the friction of the tire and the road surface. Whatever the reason, these sounds are not pleasant at all.

Fortunately, while some other tire products often make annoying noises, Nexen products in general and N5000 Plus, in particular, operate much more quietly. 

The quality upgrades not only create positive effects in terms of performance, but also on the ability to reduce noise.

Typically, the raised edge and the spike grooves have reduced the friction created, thereby limiting the generation of unwanted sounds.

Meanwhile, deep grooves and a few other mechanisms will prevent dirt from directly hitting the tire surface. It is this action that reduces most of the noise generated by the impact.

Should I Buy Nexen N500 Plus?

Nexen N5000 Plus is a wheel worth buying when it has many advantages as well as a more affordable price than many other similar products.

If you intend to buy tires to travel in many regions with different weather, the N5000 Plus will not disappoint you.

Similarly, the N5000 Plus will fulfill users’ wishes who love silence and want to achieve great comfort when traveling for long periods.

Of course, there will also be some cases where this Nexen tire model is not suitable for you. For example, if your travel needs are concentrated in areas with heavy snow, or you simply don’t like cheap products, the N5000 Plus will not be the correct answer for you.


The above is the Nexen N5000 Plus Review we think is necessary to help you get a more transparent and more objective view of the N5000 Plus tire model from the Nexen brand. 

We all know that tires have a significant impact on vehicle performance. So hope that today’s article has brought you helpful knowledge, making it easier to choose the right product for your needs.

Nexen N5000 Plus

If you have to choose the most prominent name among the multi-purpose Nexen tires, the Nexen N5000 Plus will be the name to choose.

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