Achilles Tires Review: Are Achilles Tires Good in 2024

Achilles is a relatively new brand in the tire manufacturing industry. This brand offers various types of tires for diversified usage needs, such as passenger, commercial, industrial, and even competition tires. 

So, are you interested in Achilles products? Are Achilles tires good? Which is the most suitable product line for your vehicle and preferences? If you are wondering about these questions, don’t skip this Achilles tires review!

I will discuss all the core values, noticeable features, and utility of Achilles tires to give you an unbiased look into the quality of this brand. Also, the list of the best Achilles tires will help you make an easier purchase decision. 

Now let’s jump straight in!

Achilles Tires Overview

Achilles has built a reasonable reputation in the mid to low-end tire product lines with its attractive and versatile products. You can easily find various models with unique traits and features from this famous brand. 

Achilles Tires Overview

Obviously, the quality and performance of Achilles tires cannot compare with reputable brands that specify in producing high-end tires. However, these products often come at very high prices that may change your decision. 

Achilles understands this problem and users’ desires very well. That’s why it has developed numerous tires with decent quality and a pocket-friendly price that people with tighter budgets can easily afford. 

So, how good are Achilles tires? How do they perform on different types of terrains? Follow the sections below, and I will show you everything. 

Why Choose Achilles Tires?

Of course, the low price doesn’t always mean low quality, and Achilles tires still possess noticeable features and performances that you should not overlook. It can satisfy customers’ demands and bring a decent level of satisfaction. 


The first selling point of Achilles tires lies in their versatility. There are up to 10 product lines developed that serve a specific purpose, such as the Sport, all-season, industrial, and competition series. 

There are also tires designed specifically for winter or desert driving. If you want a smooth ride but don’t want to pay too much for petrol, the Achilles economist tire is an ideal option.

What if you own various vehicles? Achilles also offers products made for trucks, SUVs, minivans, and even racing cars. Plus, each tire also comes in various sizes, treadwear designs, and color options for users to choose from. 

Therefore, you can easily pick a tire that perfectly suits your desired appearance and vehicle style. 

Affordable Prices

If I picked the brand that offers the most value for the least amount of money, it would be Achilles. Its products’ average price is fairly low compared to the other top brands like Continental tires or Michelin.

For example, the average cost of Michelin tires ranges from $145 to more than $800, depending on the product’s series and qualities. Meanwhile, the number for Continental’s tires stands between $70 and $400 per tire. 

With Achilles, you can easily find many tires that cost less than $100 or even $50, which is many times lower than top brands’ products. 


When choosing an all-season Achilles tire for regular use, you can still ride comfortably under many weather conditions with smooth handling and steering. 

However, when facing harsh weather conditions like heavy rains or thick snow, the tires quickly show their inferior traction. There will be slipperiness and instability felt when you make the fast cornerings or brakings. 

In addition, traction is not very amazing on muddy and rough terrains, except for the winter or dessert products. However, the loud noise from those series is a significant inconvenience for drivers. 

The traction is also reliable, but don’t expect it to exceed the high-quality tires from top brands. I didn’t expect an excellent tread life from Achilles tires, but they perform surprisingly well. 

Most abrasion and scratches on city roads won’t affect the tires much, and they can stay beautiful for quite a long time. However, the damage is more severe and visible after a long trip through rugged off-road surfaces. 

To sum up, each Achilles tire series meets its purposes and can satisfy customers’ needs. For example, the economist 868 saves a significant amount of petrol while the sporting series provide good traction and power. 

Though the other aspects still need improvement, you can be content with what Achilles tires can offer at their reasonable prices.  

Who Makes Achilles Tires?

Achilles tires are developed and manufactured by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk. It’s one of the largest brands in the Indonesian tire maker industry that owns several famous brands like Corsa and Achilles. 

The brand was founded on 28 May 1988 with nearly 34 years in operation. In 2019, Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk (MASA) became a subsidiary of the reputable French tire brand Michelin. 

Where Are Achilles Tires Made

Achilles tires are made in the factory of MASA. The facility is one of the largest tire manufacturing sites located in East Cikarang, Indonesia.

Most Popular Achilles Tires

Here are all of Achilles’ tire series and noticeable features that you can consider before making the purchase decision. 

Passenger car

Achilles ATR Sport 2

Achilles ATR Sport 2

As its name suggests, Achilles ATR Sport 2 is optimal for off-road driving that requires great power, traction, and treadwear. It possesses decent wet traction with wide circumferential grooves. 

In addition, the center rib is also solid, providing a sense of reliability and safety drive. If you want a safe and satisfying performance on off-road terrains, go for the Achilles ATR Sport 2. 

Achilles ATR-K Economist

Achilles ATR-K Economist

Achilles ATR-K Economist combines the best features of an all-season tire, like smooth riding, decent comfort, safety, and affordability. It can handle wet, dry, and snowy traction very efficiently. 

This tire brings a decent performance year-round on the city’s roads. It’s also one of the quietest Achilles tires that brings you a great level of satisfaction. 

Achilles 868 All Season

Achilles 868 All Season

Achilles 868 features all-season sipes that significantly increase traction and grip on wet and slippery terrains. Its attractive appearance can easily fit any vehicle type, like sedans, trucks, and crossovers. 

The advantage of this tire lies in its durability and amazing treadwear. It can resist harsh temperatures and adapt very well to different riding conditions. 

Achilles 122

Achilles 122

The 122 series really stands out among the Achilles tires with its fantastic grip and road feedback on both wet and dry terrains. The comfort and ease of handling on this tire will surprise you. 

At such an affordable price, the values Achilles offers are just fantastic. If you want the greatest value for money, choose Achilles 122. 

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP

How about a powerful and sturdy tire that comes in a stylish tread design and trendy appearance? With the Achilles Desert Hawk UHP, your car will look more beautiful and classier. 

The additional rim guard protection also gives this tire more durability. As a result, I can ride on rough and off-road surfaces with much more confidence. 

Light truck

Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT

Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT

Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT is a perfect mid-range tire for light trucks.

It possesses an aggressive tread pattern that adds more biting edges and traction on slippery off-road terrains. 

The sidewall X-protection also makes the tire more resilient to abrasion, cuts, and pointy objects on the road. However, the loud noise generated from this tire should not be overlooked. 

Achilles Desert Hawk A/T2

Achilles Desert Hawk A/T2

Achilles Desert Hawk A/T2 features similar traits to the X-MT series, with good traction and stability on all types of terrains. The large and aggressive tread pattern gives you more safety on rough road surfaces. 

The highly dispersed silica compound on this tire also increases its durability and treadwear. 

Achilles Desert Hawk HT

Achilles Desert Hawk HT

The Achilles Desert Hawk HT is another all-terrain tire with great stability and grip, especially on dry surfaces. It also incorporates the HD Silica technology for more durability and fuel economy. 

This series is optimal for dry terrains, but the wet traction is still acceptable, thanks to the large shoulder block it possesses. 

Achilles Multivan

Achilles Multivan

Achilles developed this tire to provide users optimal utility and convenience.

The Achilles Multivan can suit various vehicles with a balance between comfort, power, and traction. 

Nevertheless, the tire still leans towards its treadwear and stability. If you are willing to sacrifice comfort for performance, the Multivan is worth considering. 


Achilles Desert Hawk HT2

Achilles Desert Hawk HT2

The Achilles Desert Hawk HT2 series brings similar features to the prior HT class, but it shows some significant improvement. The interlocking tread block allows you to perform the fast cornering more easily. 

In addition, the tire feels very smooth and stable with the help of its solid center rib and circumference grooves. 


Are Achilles Tires Made In China

No. Achilles tires are manufactured by an Indonesian tire maker named Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk (MASA). Its manufacturing facility is located in East Cikarang, Indonesia.

Are Achilles Tires Good For Stretching

The rubber compound and sidewall protection on Achilles tires are not very durable. They should do well for regular riding, but the tread will wear down quickly if you stretch it often.

Do Achilles Tires Run Wide

Achilles tires generate a lot of noise when driving at high speed or on rough and wet terrains. The economist and all-season classes bring reduced noise, but the sporting series won’t be comfortable.

How Long Do Achilles Tire Last

It depends on the tire class and surface you regularly drive on, but don’t expect too great tread life. In general, the sporting series are not so durable and may last between two or three seasons.

Does Michelin Own Achilles Tires?

Michelin purchased MASA (the marketer and manufacturer of Achilles tires in 2019) at $480 million. Therefore, Achilles is a subsidiary brand of Michelin.

Final Words

That is everything you need to know before considering an Achilles tire. I hope the details and information provided in this Achilles tires review can satisfy you!

If you have any further questions, feel free to let me know in the comment section. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

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