Kelly Tires Review: Are Kelly Tires Good in 2024?

Referring to Goodyear, you will think of high-end tire models that cost more than the average. In addition to winning a specific position in the high-end tire segment, Goodyear dominates the market share of the low-cost tire market with sub-brands. And the Kelly tires are such one. 

The Kelly advantages are competitive price, stable performance on all surfaces, and handling some particular terrain quite well. 

If you are wondering about the actual quality of this tire, check out my Kelly Tires review below. 

Kelly Tires Overview

The predecessor of Kelly Tires is the Kelly-Springfield tire company founded in 1894 in Springfield, Ohio.

By 1935, after achieving particular success, Kelly-Springfield received the attention of Goodyear. And Goodyear fully acquired the brand in 1999.

Currently, Kelly operates as a sub-brand of Goodyear. The development goal of the brand is to create affordable products. 

The manufacturer also publishes all information regarding tire quality on the official Goodyear website and its distributors. In this way, Kelly is always completely honest about information related to product quality. 

Why Choose Kelly Tires?

There are many reasons why you should choose Kelly Tires. As Goodyear’s sub-brand, Kelly inherits the parent company’s tire manufacturing style.

With more than a hundred years of experience in the tire industry, Kelly has enough knowledge and expertise to bring products that meet customers’ needs. 

Affordable price is an advantage of Kelly Tires. It uses Goodyear’s new technologies, which features available in the high-end segment, at a much lower price. If you are a budget-conscious consumer, you will be attracted to Kelly. 

Durability is also a common feature of Kelly tires. Although not comparable to other high-end brands, the all-terrain durability of the tire is still worth noting. 

In particular, some Kelly tire models also have a warranty of up to 60,000 miles.

The distance on the road is impressive, especially compared to many cheap tire models available on the market.

Who Makes Kelly Tires?

Previously, the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company produced Kelly tires. In 1935, Goodyear bought this brand, and Kelly was a part of Goodyear’s factory. 

Currently, Kelly is the leading manufacturer of more than 54 types of tires, serving cars, trucks, and even agricultural vehicles.

This brand is also responsible for producing the country’s top custom tires. It also ranks high in the field of agricultural tires.

Where Are Kelly Tires Made?

In 1894, Kelly tires were made in a factory in Springfield, Ohio. After selling to Goodyear, the brand moved to Akron, Ohio.

Most Popular Kelly Tires

After a long time in the market, Kelly has brought various products to meet customers’ needs in many different segments. To make it easier for you to find the tire that’s right for you, I’ve rounded up some of Kelly’s best picks. 

Passenger car 

Passenger car tires are Kelly’s main product line. What these tires have in common are their affordable price, impressive ride quality, and stable handling in everyday street situations. 

Kelly Edge A/S

Kelly Edge A/S Performance

It is a premium-designed tire for SUV/Crossover, Sedan, and Coupe.

This model feels pretty good for everyday driving. On dry runways, it gives optimal response, traction, and grip. Even when I pushed the tire harder, it maintained a steady performance. 

I was also quite pleased with its wet performance. It is well waterproof to keep a strong bond with the road surface. Even when accelerating on slippery roads, this model was surprisingly stable to me.

However, when cornering, the wheel spins more. Its soft sidewalls are not stiff enough to not deform. Even so, compared to a reasonably affordable price, Kelly Edge A/S has done the near-impossible. 

Kelly Edge HP

Kelly Edge HP

Kelly does not bring much innovation to the design of Edge HP. It’s like the cheap old tires found on coupes and sedans. 

However, the tire experience brought is unique. Its ride was a lot quieter and smoother than I expected. The not-so-refreshing spike blockchain already provides efficient noise handling. Meanwhile, tiny vibrations are handled quite well, minimizing transmission to the cabin.  

Edge HP also operates stably and impressively on dry and wet roads. This model even supports handling when cornering quite well, which sometimes reminds me of performance tires. 

Finally, it would help if you considered using this tire model because the tread life is quite durable. The manufacturer has equipped it with a warranty service of up to 45,000 miles. Not many cheap tire models receive such a reasonable warranty distance as above. 

Kelly Edge AT

Kelly Edge AT

If you are looking for an affordable light truck tire, the Kelly Edge A/T is worth considering. 

With Edge AT, you do not have to spend too much money to own an all-terrain vehicle. 

Despite being a tire model for a limited budget, the Edge AT has some remarkable features. 

One is chip-resistant compound and tread, similar to famous Goodyear models like the All-Terrain Adventure. So, it has impressive endurance and performance for off-roading and highway driving. 

If you are not a passionate off-road driver, the features that Kelly equipped are more than enough to meet your needs.

In addition, you can also use Kelly Edge AT to move in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain or light snow. 

It does not provide the same excellent performance as specialized tires. However, at least it is still quite resistant to light snow, conquering steep slopes and deep puddles. 

Light truck

In addition to a product line to meet the needs of SUV and Sedan drivers, Kelly also offers better load-bearing, durable and off-road tires. These tires will be ideal for appearing on light trucks, conquering the harshest terrain with you. 

Kelly Safari TSR

Kelly Safari TSR

One of the advantages of the Safari TSR that surprised me is its grip on both highways and rough terrain. 

On the highway, the stone-patterned tire has maximized its power. I had no trouble accelerating with distinctive-looking tires like the Safari TSR.

Meanwhile, Safari TSR delivers impressive performance on harsher terrain, such as mud, sand, and gravel. It cleans itself with a reliable grip to help me avoid getting stuck on rough terrain. 

This model is also quite durable, even when I regularly drive off-road. This strength can be from the exclusive rim guard to help protect the wheel better. 

Kelly Edge H/T

Kelly Edge H/T

Edge HT doesn’t offer as impressive all-terrain handling as the Safari TSR. Instead, it supports pretty well for daily driving needs. 

It offers good grip, wear, and responsive handling on dry terrain. Meanwhile, it effectively drains the water on slippery roads, ensuring grip is maintained.

Driving the Edge H/T during the rainy season, I never lost control or had trouble handling it. 

Durability is also a commendable advantage of this light truck tire. I greatly appreciate the sturdy shoulder design that the manufacturer provides.

This feature is quite similar to high-end tire models, promising to provide impressive treadwear life. 


Here are a few questions I often get regarding Kelly Tires. If you are also curious about this famous tire brand, here is some information you should not miss. 

Are Kelly Tires made by Goodyear?

Kelly is a sub-brand of Goodyear. Kelly itself is one of the oldest tire brands in the United States. After merging with Goodyear, Kelly continued to develop and bring models of tires with many advanced features at an affordable price.

Are Kelly Tires made in the USA?

Kelly tires are made in the USA. It has manufacturing plants in Akron, Ohio.

Are Kelly Tires noisy?

The noise level also depends on the type of tire you are using. Kelly’s highway tires, like the Kelly Edge A/S, will be pretty quiet.
Whether traveling on a regular street or driving at high speed on the highway, your ride is still relatively quiet. 
Some of the higher-end options can handle sound better. Compared to competitors in the same price range, Kelly’s street tires are more smooth.
Kelly also puts a lot of effort into minimizing all-terrain tire noise. For example, with Safari TSR, the manufacturer equips asymmetrical interlocking spike blocks to eliminate noise. However, your all-terrain driving experience won’t be as quiet and smooth as expected. 

How long does Kelly Tires last?

According to some statistics, Kelly tires accompany you for more than 80,000 miles. The number may vary depending on your tire type and driving habits. 
Currently, the manufacturer provides most tires with a tread warranty from 45,000 to 80,000 miles. 

How much does Kelly Tires cost?

To own a pair of Kelly tires, you have to pay around $300. The above figure is much lower than the average price of $500/pair of tires. 
With its remarkable quality and relatively low price tag, the Kelly is the top choice of performance-conscious drivers. 


Kelly is a sub-brand of a reputable manufacturer. The products from this brand are affordable, and the quality is better than expected. Hopefully, through the Kelly Tires review, you will better understand this tire quality and will soon choose a product that suits your budget and driving habits.

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  1. Looking at your Kelly Armour SRA’s for my 31ft Holiday Rambler class A. Size 245/70R19.5. Are these tires suitable for this application? Amazon has these priced at $281. I want a good tire not a cheap tire while vacationing with family aboard. thx Dan


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