How Long Does A Donut Tire Last? Explained By Experts

Donut tires are probably no longer strange to many people, especially those who drive long distances. With the characteristics of small, compact, and light, this is an optimal choice to save space and replace conventional tires in case of failure.

So, how long does a donut tire last? A regular donut tire can only extend its life to 50-70 miles. Also, you can’t run at speeds above 70 mph with it.

This article will help you better understand how this type of tire works.

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How Long Does A Donut Tire Last? 

How Long Does A Donut Tire Last? 

This tire is only available for about 50-70 miles of driving, and their disadvantage is evident from the external structure. The reinforced rubber layer is thin, so it wears out quickly. 

When owning a donut spare tire, in addition to using it for the primary purpose, you need to preserve it to increase its life.

Unlike conventional wheels or tires, the service life is fixed according to the distance traveled. It is evident on the donuts. 

People divide the spare tire into two types: small spare and large spare.

For the small one, the type used is quite common, with the required features plus the convenience it brings. Many people consider this the most optimal solution when having problems with ordinary wheels. 

The depth of the groove and the tread surface is less, so the grip is not high, so the friction is not much. In addition, when using the above one, experts also recommend not to exceed 50 mph.

Next is the sizable spare version. A spare tire like this is comparable to a regular traveling tire. It is a large size, and both are slightly better than the donut-type backup because of the strength and size. So, this feature also means a longer time to use.

What Happens If You Drive On A Donut Tire Too Long? 

Damage is a sure thing when you use the donuts for too long. It is not natural that people call donuts a temporary one.

Like the name, the donut is only available for a short time, and it is only a must-have solution in a reluctant situation.

This tire is not suitable for long trips. The sidewall is too thin, causing tire wear to take place quickly, especially when traveling at high speed. 

The diameter is not too large, so the contact surface and friction are not high; it is difficult to control the steering wheel when entering the slippery area.

Finally, the grooves are not deep, making it impossible for the wheel to drain all the water to the outside. 

Over time, water infiltration can occur at any time, which causes hazardous consequences.

How Many Years Do Donut Tires Last Unused? 

According to research, new tires last up to 10 years. But if you want to ensure 100% safety, we recommend you not to use them with a term of 6 years or more.

The transformation process still takes place no matter how carefully you preserve them. Oxygen in the air, even mold in nature, destroys the tire every day. Although rubber has antibodies to oxygen, to be honest, it can only slow down the aging process. 

Besides, over time, rubber also gradually loses its elasticity and traction, making the quality of the product significantly reduced.

Can I Use A Donut From A Different Car?

Can I Use A Donut From A Different Car?

Of course, the answer is No. Each vehicle will have the size of a different donut.

Although the tires’ appearance is similar, this does not guarantee that they will be suitable for the type of vehicle you are driving.

If you can confirm that all the parameters are the same, it is entirely possible to change the donut tires for each other.


Should I Use a 20-year-old Donut Tire?

If I see anyone intending to use a 20-year-old one, I will discourage them. It is hazardous. Manufacturers have recommended changing tires every six years, and the maximum shelf life is ten years. The worst consequence of using a tire for too long is an accident because then it seems that the textures in the tire are no longer intact. They can be more brittle, fragile, and not resistant to the more heavy load.

Is a 10-year-old Donut Tire Safe?

For your safety, we still recommend not using the 10-year-old donut tire. You can search for damaged areas due to exposure to chemicals and environmental conditions. It makes the rubber material difficult to have elasticity, making it difficult to move. 

How long is a donut tire good for?

50-70 miles is the route that regulates the lifespan of the donut. Unlike the general rules of tires, the donut has a different rating. Because this is a spare one, there may be additional regulations for a few reasons.

Are There Different Types of Spare Tires?

There are two main types of spare one:
Large spare version: Strong, flexible construction, large size takes up more space and can be available as regular tires.
Small size spare version: is a small, compact, light-weight temporary version. But only for short travel and cannot be reused.


Personal safety always comes first. Carefully learning the information related to tires partly makes you feel secure during use. 

All the information we provide is compiled from reputable knowledge sites to trust it. We hope that you can better understand the related issues through the above knowledge. 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and we will answer as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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