How Long Can You Drive On A Donut?

Donut tires are born as a way to help prevent risks when you are on the road. The donut spare tire is a practical solution when the wheel loses pressure but only with a compact design that does not take up too much space.

So, how long can you drive on a donut? A donut can only run for 50 to 70 miles before being replaced with new tires.

The distance traveled by the donut is not much, but it still helps us to get to the maintenance shop for repair. The article below will help you to get more details.

How Long Can You Drive On A Donut?

A donut tire
A donut tire

A donut only runs an average of 50 to 70 miles to change a new tire.

Driving time depends entirely on the durability of the tires you are using. There are many different spare tires on the market, including donut tires and flat tires. These are all wheels that customers frequently choose.

We often see them used for MINI or BMW cars when it comes to flat tires. The product’s unique feature is its high durability, thick wall, which prevents more or less psi gas from escaping to the outside.

When you encounter a sharp object while driving, you can safely continue to push for about 50 miles before replacing or repairing the damaged area.

The donut spare tire is a rather small-shaped one with a narrower diameter than a standard tire. Instead of being identical to the tire of the same brand, the donut is to match the container capacity.

The quality of the spare tire is not too high; experts have advised when traveling not to drive at speeds above 50 mph and exceed 70 miles of mileage.

How Do You Drive On A Donut?

Donuts do not have all the functions of an average standard tire. Using a spare version is only a temporary solution to temporary wheel damage problems.

There will be some factors that are not too suitable, which can affect the car’s operation. So, to drive on donuts, you need to follow the following rules:

  • Stable travel speed, not exceeding 50 mph
  • Fully inflate the tire, always keep it at a safe level
  • When cornering or braking, you need to be careful to avoid danger
  • Reasonable control of the traction control system and body stability.

What Is The Difference Between A Spare Tire And A Donut?

Donuts vs. Spare tires

The difference between the two is most simply size and quality.

First, the size of the spare tire is similar to the others, but this one is quite rare when only a few cars use it.

It is a version that surpasses all aspects of the donuts, from appearance to quality inside. When you have a spare one, it’s like you have the 5th one; it works like a regular product.

Especially if the systematic process of rotating the tire takes place often, you should perform the same operation with all 5 ones to increase use time.

Donut is the exact opposite, and its shelf life is measured by the distance traveled. Compact design, the rather sketchy outer surface without enough threads and grooves.

This wheel is only suitable for short trips but cannot challenge long-distance running. In addition, you should not exceed the recommended speed or travel on the highway is a prerequisite to keep in mind to avoid damaging the tires.

You must regularly check the PSI to prevent the gas from escaping to the outside, causing an explosion when in use.

Other Related Questions

Can you drive on it for a week?

Impossible, the donut is just a spare tire invented for temporary use (Not to exceed 70 miles). When you abuse this for a long time, it not only affects the operation, driving speed, but in some cases, it also endangers yourself and others on the road.

Can you drive 500 miles on donuts?

The answer is no; according to the provisions of traffic laws, when traveling in exceptional cases, the speed of the standard car does not exceed 50 mph (especially if the spare tire has a distance of no more than 50 miles per hour) to ensure absolute safety.

What happens if you drive on donuts too long?

The bursts or damage to the engine equipment, including the transmission, will happen if you drive too long with a spare one. It is not suitable for long-term use, too much abuse will endanger your safety.

How long can you drive on a run-flat tire?

Don’t get confused between regular tires and running flat. You need to determine in which case your vehicle is being transported clearly.

If it is a standard version, when the phenomenon of air release occurs, the psi imbalance occurs, the vehicle’s travel time depends on the air leakage rate.

However, do not be too worried when this is the case because, according to the survey, the average distance traveled when the car has a problem is about 100 miles, which is quite long to find the right car repair shop.

Next is the flat one without pressure. It is quite similar to the spare tire, but its attractive feature is that it can support the vehicle’s weight quickly without gas pressure.

It is entirely true given the flat-running technology that makes it work even without psi. Suitable for similar flat situations.

Now, if you want to understand the driving technique, this video is for you:


Mastering the rules and the operation of the spare one helps ensure your safety when participating in traffic. You may feel these are pretty overlapping, but it helps a lot when you have a similar situation.

We hope the above article will help you understand tire problems. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to leave them below in the comments, we will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information. It is only recommended to ride on a spare tire for 50 miles and at about 50 miles per hour.


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