Will A Donut Tire Fit Any Car? All Things For Beginner To Expert

A donut tire, also known as a temporary spare tire, is a small-sized spare part. The main application of this type of accessory is to use it for a short time when your car has a flat one and only works well for short distances.

You’ll have a convenient space that won’t take up too much space or be too heavy to carry around. However, with the characteristics of this tire, you will not be comfortable going long distances at your favorite speed.

You can wonder: ‘Will a donut tire fit any car?’ The answer is No. You can only replace it with donut tires when the car’s model is similar in size and style.

The article will provide you with practical information to accurately answer this question. Let’s check it out!

Will A Donut Tire Fit Any Car? 

Not all donut tires are suitable for all vehicles. It means that you cannot use one spare one for many different vehicle models and vice versa.

The reason is that each type of spare part has a unique design with parameters specific to a particular vehicle. 

These compact wheels often have pretty high pressure, can be up to 60 PSI while the maximum driving speed is only 5 mph. Therefore, the fit between the spare model and your vehicle type is key to a safe replacement.

If you try to use the wrong spare part in an emergency, things may worsen. At this point, you should call a tow truck if a suitable donut tire is not available.

Can I Repair A Donut?

It would help if you did not repair a donut. 

This spare part is a temporary replacement product that cannot be available for long. So trying to patch and repair is unnecessary.

The quality of the spare tire is lower than that of ordinary tires. With a tire with a thick rubber layer, a model that is not deep, the repair will not last long.

You don’t need to fix a donut. If you want a product that can last for a long time, choose to buy larger models.

What Is The Difference Between Full-Size Vs. Donut Tires? 

They are the same spare model but compact size suitable for temporary replacement like Donut. In contrast, full-size tires are larger-size and more durable.

The difference between these two types of spare parts is not only in size but also in some of the following characteristics:

  • More significant parts can be a long-term replacement because of better quality and longer service life. This one can also support the normal weight of many different types of cars.
  • However, this type of replacement accessory also has disadvantages such as high cost, heavy, and difficulty in storing.
  • To overcome the above disadvantages, a donut was born and can be easily found in the spare parts compartment because it is lightweight and much smaller than a standard model. Parts of this type do not have a very high quality of materials, thereby significantly reducing the cost.
  • The disadvantage is that it is not a high-quality tire, can not be available for a long time, and drives at a favorite speed. In particular, not all temporary replacement tires are suitable for your vehicle.

You can check this video for more about the compact size version:

Can I Put Air In A Donut? 

You can put air in this type of spare one. According to the standard, the pressure in this type of product should be 60 PSI. However, you should consult the manufacturer before deciding what air pressure should be in the tire.


If you have any questions about replacing tires with temporary spare parts, please refer to the following frequently asked questions:

Are spare tires specific to the car?

Each type will have specific specifications for a particular vehicle model. Any difference in load, size, or nut position can make it unsafe to use on your vehicle. So make sure the spare one you choose is for your vehicle model and manufacturer.

How to check how old tires are?

To determine the age, you can rely on the identification number, also known as the tire’s serial number. In the United States, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) prescribes an identification number consisting of the letters DOT, 8 to 13 numbers, the letter, the size, the manufacturer’s code, and finally, the week and year of manufacture export.

What is the maximum time for a new spare tire?

It depends on the type of product and your usage and storage.
In theory, a full-size one has a lifespan of 6 to 10 years. To achieve the above maximum life, you need regular maintenance to ensure the product is always in the best condition.
Meanwhile, a donut can only go 50 – 70 miles. Beyond this distance, you need to change to a new backup option. Even if you don’t use this version very often, you should replace the tire after 8 years of storage.

What can I use if I don’t have a spare tire? 

Here are some methods when you have a problem but don’t have spare parts:

Tire patching

This workaround is only possible if you have a repair kit. Once you have the essential tools, you can proceed with the repair by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Locate puncture, remove debris, if any.
  • Step 2: Fix the tire on the rim, then widen the hole. At this time, if possible, lubricate the hole.
  • Step 3: Insert the air compressor into the puncture. Then you pull the tool out, leaving only the plug.
  • Step 4: Adjust the plug to level with the wall. After that, cut the end of the plug to level with the wall.

Run with underinflated tires

You can still go a certain distance with underinflated tires, as long as the speed is below 50 mph. You also need to regularly check the pressure before deciding to drive for hours with a damaged tire.

Contact support

There are always emergency support services ready to help you 24/7. This last resort is more reliable and effective than most if you don’t have the right parts.


Will a donut tire fit any car? The above sharing must have given you a satisfactory answer. Finally, we hope you will minimize tire-related problems and always know how to handle them safely when any case can occur.

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