General G-Max AS-05 Review & Rating for 2024

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  • Dry 95% 95%
  • Wet 90% 90%
  • Snow 75% 75%
  • Comfort 85% 85%
  • Noise 85% 85%
  • Treadwear 90% 90%
  • Overall 87% 87%

Go back a few decades, and you’d find it extremely difficult to locate an ultra-performance tire that worked all seasons. Manufacturers raised their hands accepting defeat after finding it impossible to build an all-year tire with the then available rubber materials.

However, as expert drivers will tell you, the situation has now changed. All-season tires have not only inundated the market with their presence, but they’ve also met the expectations of drivers who want their tires to provide enough grip and traction on 365-days a year.

One such ultra-high-performance tire which is famous for its all-season utility is the General G-Max AS-05. This tire is relatively new – it came into the market only in 2017. Still, as its review is going to show you, it has built (and improved) on every aspect of its predecessor, the G-Max AS-03.

Read on to find out how the General G-Max AS-05 fared in our review.

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General G-Max AS-05 Review: Outstanding Features

This tire builds on where its predecessor, the AS-03, left off. It tries to target the market of drivers who were satisfied with the grip, traction, and responsiveness of the model that it intends to replace, but won’t mind paying if they could get something better. And as its features are going to show us, the G-Max AS-05 delivers on that promise with aplomb.

    Patented General Technologies

    Similar to the other General tires which we have reviewed, the G-Max AS-05 also has its fair share of technologies. Both the technologies which you’ll find in this tire have played their part to elevate its road grip on both dry and wet roads and increase your comfort level.

    • StabiliTread Technology: This technology works by adding increasing the on-road grip of the AS-05. It does that by increasing the footprint of the tire, which means that the surface area of the tire which would come into contact with the road will increase. As a result, the tire will experience less stress and last long.
    • Smart Grip Technology: Do you have a (bad) habit of leaving your drink on the dashboard as you’re driving? Then you need the Smart Grip technology more than others. It stabilizes the tire and decreases its vibrations. Consequently, your entire ride will become even more comfortable than before.

    Smart monitors

    Most riders come to know that their tires need replacement only when the vibrations coming out of them becomes impossible to ignore. Similar is the case with alignment – as most of us don’t notice the inclination of the tire to pull the vehicle to the left or right. With the G-Max AS-05, you can afford to be careless about these things as its built-in monitors and indicators warn you of the same.

    • Visual Alignment Indicator: This indicator is present on the circumference of the tire in the form of two additional sipes. You can locate the sipes on the opposite shoulder blocks of the tire. If you find that the sipes aren’t in alignment (one side is above or below the other), it’s time to take your wheel to the mechanic,
    • Replacement Tire Monitor: In contrast to the visual alignment indicator, which relies on your judgment, the replacement tire monitor knows humans can make mistakes. It shows a “Replacement Tire Monitor” inscription on the tire’s circumferential rib. If this indicator emerges 3 times in three seconds, your tire is in the best shape.
    • Tread Wear Indicator: Over time, you won’t be able to see some letters on the Replacement Tire Monitors, as they will begin to fade away. Just before the inscription will completely vanish, a new one will appear telling you to “Replace Tire”.

    General G-Max AS-05 Review: Test Drive

    A mere glance at its abovementioned features might have made you realize that this tire means business with its performance. Though if you still have any doubts, the performance of these tires during our test ride should dispel them.

    Treadwear and Durability

    One of the most desirable features any tire can have is longer-lasting tread life. Luckily, the General G-Max AS-05 offers exactly that. Apart from coming with a treadwear warranty of 50,000 miles, it offers the StabiliTread technology to help you achieve that warranty period.

    What this technology does, as mentioned above, is to allow the tire to have an enlarged and flat footprint to make sure it can achieve optimal road contact. This arrangement takes the pressure off the tire by allowing it to evenly distribute its weight along the road.

    Consequently, when the forces of cornering, braking, and accelerating are equally distributed along the diameter of the tire, the tread elements are stabilized and experience less tread flexing. This successfully prevents the formations of irregular wear, extending the tire’s durability and reducing its treadwear.

    Dry Performance

    Tires that are designed for on-road conditions need to provide excellent controllability at high speeds. Their structure must be such that as to withstand the pressure which comes with high speeds but not at the cost the optimal tire shape. Also, the tread needs to give superior steering control.

    Fortunately, the G-Max AS-05 offers exactly that. It boasts an asymmetric tread pattern which ensures that the tire is in contact with the road at all times. The tread features stabilized shoulder blocks and a continuous, notched center rib that maintain constant connection with the road surface.

    Other than that, this tire features polyamide reinforcement and a strengthened steel belt to ensure high-speed performance and driving safety. What both these parts do is help the tire maintain its ideal shape at high-speeds. So you can get the maximum performance out of the tire in various conditions.

    Wet Performance and Snow & Ice

    In case you need proofs, its tread design and high-silica tread compound are the two reasons why this tire’s performance on wet roads is as good as on dry tarmac. The former makes sure that as the tire is moving in rain, its built-in grooves automatically eliminate the slush and water from beneath it.

    Such an arrangement prevents hydroplaning – a potentially dangerous scenario when the tire skids on the road due to its inner slush and water removing its contact with the road surface. The high-silica tread compound, meanwhile, makes its presence felt by increasing the tire’s grip on slippery and damp tracks.

    With that being said, the performance of the AS-05 isn’t satisfactory as on other surfaces. That’s because this tire was designed with speed in mind, which is the last thing you need on a snowy surface where speed can be deadly. If you want something that could ride you through a snowstorm, look elsewhere.

    Noise and Comfort

    Two things might make your ride comfortable: vibrations and noise. On the first count, the AS-05 performs admirably like most other high-speed tires. With the odometer north of 110mph, there won’t be many vibrations disturbing your ride. If you aren’t on the driving seat, you can sleep through the ride.

    As for its noise, the AS-05 isn’t ultra-quiet by any stretch of the imagination. That’s the only feature which it shares with other ultra-high-performance tires – most of whom are anything but quiet. Still, if your car has good sound insulation – most those above 1300cc do – you won’t hear much from the outside.

    But what about cars with poor sound insulation? Well, then you’d hear a fair amount of noise on the inside. Sure, it won’t be enough to wake up the whole neighborhood as you take the car out of your garage. But it would still be easy to notice (and hate) for the passengers.

    Off-road performance

    At the cost of sounding too simplistic, we can say that this tire isn’t designed for off-road. It is made to work specifically on dry tarmac (at worst) and on paved roads (at best). You might take the risk of taking it on dusty roads, but even then, you must be extremely careful to avoid any damage to the tires.

    In other words, if you don’t want to be on the market looking for a new pair of tires within a few months of buying the AS-05, don’t take this tire for an off-road trip.

    General G-Max AS-05 Review: Conclusion

    This model offers its fair share of technologies, great driving experience, and excellent steering control even at extremely high speeds. Also, unlike its competitors offering similar features, its price tag won’t blow a hole in your pocket. Therefore, if you came to this article in search of an ultra-high performance tire – one that would work around the year (except in snowy conditions), the G-Max AS-05 has done enough to be near the top of your list.


    • Excellent steering response at high speeds
    • Smart monitors to help check the health of the tire
    • High-end on-road performance with maximum safety


    •  Not the best for off-road or snowy conditions.

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    1. I drive a BMW, 750i as well as a 535i xdrive in both. They came with Continental’s, which were run flats Don’t care for run flats, hard, brittle noisy tires, and extremely expensive. Tried to aquire Continental’s DWS,and 06 tires for Two years, no luck, back ordered, but by comparison,the G-Max AS-05, are so close of having the same ratings, I ordered them, and find it’s an excellent tire, road handing, dry or wet, quick, quiet and spirited ride. At half the price of run flats, I purchased two 4 tire sets, 100,000 miles, here I come. G-MAX AS-05 is an astronomical tire


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